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Anima Sola Spiritual Supplies Questions and Answers

All about Lucky Mojo religious supplies, church goods, and altar tools, plus prayers to God, angels, spirits, saints, and deities.
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Marie Laveau
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Re: Anima Sola Spiritual Supplies Questions and Answers

Unread post by Marie Laveau » Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:07 am

Hi everyone here,

Maybe there 's a bit of confusion here. The Anima Sola is not a woman in my opinion, unless you are praying to a only spirit.
Well, I believe it has something to do with all those souls who still are in the Purgatory but haven't reached the Glory of Heaven yet. Please check me if I'm wrong.

In my location there's a huge devotion not to Anima Sola, to all those blessed souls of Purgatory instead. They're not in Hell, they're just people who has died but need to purge their sins if they want to reach the light and peace and finally go next to our Lord and Creator. They can be our ancestors, our departed beloved ones, our friends, etc...

As far as I know, they need a lot of prayers but it would not be recommended ask them for petitions, because it's a proof as I have seen in my location, you're not going to sleep properly and you're not going to be quiet. They're very miraculous, but you have to pray for them every day, if you don't, they are comming to wake you up in a violent way. A friend of mine prayed for them to be awaken to a certain hour to do an exam and he was awaken being dropped off from the bed. Another friend of mine's mom is a very devoted to them but she has to pray for them everyday because she petitions personal issues and when she does not, a violent beat wakes her up just as a reminder not to forget prayers. The blessed souls of Purgatory are not bad, are not evil entities, but treat them with a huge respect because they're dead people who are in a holy place as the Purgatory is trying to reach the light purging their sins as everybody of us are sinners, not perfect people. When we die we're going to go to Purgatory as well.
So they haven't reached the "saint" condition yet. They need a lot of light and prayers. When you need a particular petition to God, they're going to help you but don't ask them favours personally to intercede for you.
It can be a very scary.

In Catholic tradition, is Our lady Of Mount Carmel, Nuestra Señora del Carmen (who has a huge devotion in my location), the one in charge to save the blessed souls of Purgatory every Saturday, so she takes them next to our Lord and they have been finally saved. If you're a devotee of la Virgen del Carmen, maybe the Purgatory rings you a bell ;)

It has been this year exactly when I have discovered the devotion of la Virgen del Carmen after witnessing my neighbors house's been robbed my thieves. That episode happened two days before the Virgen del Carmen day (16th of July) and I went to church to pray to God to protect my home. The priest gave me a scapulary of her, I have been using the scapulary as a weapon against thieves being hanged on the window. She has helped me. It's curious, my mom and my grandmoms have been truly devotees of her but I never put attetion to her even it has been my favourite Mary's advocation of all (a very beautiful image). As if I had started to feel a connection to her, I dreamed with her. Finally, she started to call me.

This is my contribution to this topic if anybody needed some advice.

Thanks to all you people.

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Re: Anima Sola Spiritual Supplies Questions and Answers

Unread post by JayDee » Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:13 am

Here is a link to the information provided by LM on the saint as well: http://www.luckymojo.com/animasola.html
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