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Brea - Longstanding Multiple Area Bad Luck

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Brea - Longstanding Multiple Area Bad Luck

Unread post by Brea » Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:07 pm

Please forgive me if this should be broken up into separate topics. I thought it would be relevant and have the most chance of complete assistance by including the various areas of concern.

This affects literally every aspect of my life and goes back to childhood.

From the time I was a child no matter how hard I worked, no matter how much of a good person I was I could never get ahead and no one would ever give me a break. It literally feels like God has his blessings for everyone else but me.

Most areas of my life are currently failing despite my best efforts.

I am intelligent, mindful and truly try to be kind to everyone. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be successful. What makes matters worse is I am surrounded by people who are given opportunities by other people I know. Opportunities they will not give to me despite how hard I work.

They fawn all over these unappreciative women who happen to be skinny. I see this pattern a lot... these people all say how nice I am, hardworking etc but they never do anything to give me business or help me but they’ll go out of their way to help the skinny bitchy ones.

I am very pretty but I am heavy. But I don’t think that is even the problem... at one time I was a lingerie model and I didn’t get the help then either... there’s just something about me... ever since I was little that I’ve had to work twice as hard and nothing is given to me. . I believe this negative energy is also what attracted my bad marriage and may be partially to blame for my current lack of pathways out.

My situation is currently grim with consistent bad luck. In 2013 I bought A house with the hopes I could finally get my husband to leave. ( he would live in new house, I would stay in old. He is such a negative slob I couldn’t take living with him anymore... this was supposed to be my perfect solution. A month later a pipe broke and destroyed the first floor and basement I had to fight my own insurance company for three years... ( paying two mortgages at once because the house wasn’t liveable. )

During this time my husband lost his job and things got much worse. While fixing the damage to the house we uncovered a ton of things the home seller covered up. Literally every system needed replacement... We are currently suing the seller for lying on the sellers disclosure.

I took out a loan on my family property to pay for the repairs and pay mortgages so I could get him out of my house. STUPID MOVE!! He still doesn’t have a job , the loan is maxed and I have no way to pay it back until my other house gets rented. ( my mom’s house... described below.)

We Were living in new house and working on it to get finished. Had to put our old house up for sale and he refused to let me stay there while it was being shown. The house I had wanted to stay in... it was a beautiful house... didn’t sell... no offers.

Last September husband freaked out and started destroying the new house. Ended up hitting my hand with a lamp tearing a big chunk of my skin.

I left and went back to our old house. I loved it!!! It was clean and beautiful and I was stress free.

Was there three months. My health was improving, losing weight. Could have friends over bc it was clean etc. Then the well pump went on the other house and husband came to old house. Now it is trashed! Well pump finally fixed but he keeps finding reasons not to go back to the new house.

During this time i had my mom’s house that had a rentor in it. They had paid consistently for two years. They stopped paying and trashed the house. Needed all new windows, plumbing repairs, every room painted etc.
my husband was supposed to be working on it since he’s unemployed. He knows construction.

He had procrastinated so long I hired someone to get it done so I could either move in myself or get it rented.

My engine blew. So I had to rely on him to meet with the contractor and let him in, deliver parts he needed etc.

He sabotaged it. Wouldn’t answer his phone and didn’t have parts there. Guy quit and charged me $600 for his wasted time. I got NOTHING done for that $600!

House has been vacant for a year and a half... 😥 Finally got my car back but by this time it was too late. Contractor refused to come back he was so upset with my husband. Money gone so had to rely on husband to do the repairs again... at least until money came in again.

My husband finally got a job as a delivery person in June. Pay was terrible but at least he was working. Got into a bad car accident. Totaled his car. I bought him a $1000 junk car his friend said was in good condition so he would go back to the other house. ( he couldn’t move back into it without transportation... it’s in a more rural area) Not so... had to put $1000 into it so far. He hasn’t worked since.

There had been one thing after another taking my money and my options for freedom. After I paid for my engine, my door wouldn’t open $600, then the shocks another $300. Then my dog got sick and died. 😥 $1800.

The one house is currently in foreclosure and the other not far behind.

I don’t know to approach my situation. It seems like all roads are closed. He is an albatross I cannot get rid of or away from. Everything I’ve tried has failed.

There are many options that could get me out of the situation. I just need one or a combination to actually come through for me.

#1. My ideal dream is to get him a good paying job far away. Move his things out of the new house and get a rentor in there or get it sold. Repay some of my loan money... this also get him far away from me so he can’t come back!

#2. For one of the highly connected people I know to introduce me to the right people. Then I could pay someone to finish my mom’s house and have my business successful so I can repay my loan. I could just walk away from the other properties... if he loses them both it’s his problem.

#3. To sell the old property to a developer for a good profit. ( it sits on over an acre of land and if re-zones could easily be perfect for condos) then I could buy my own house and he’d have enough to pay the back mortgage due. I’d give up all claim to that house. )

#4. To win a good settlement from the lawsuit. Enough to pay back what is owed for past mortgages and finish the other house. I’d let him keep the new house, I’d take old house, get my rental done and get a roommate to help with my mortgage.

For many years I have struggled trying to get my husband to just do the things he is fully capable of doing... he can build or fix anything and is highly skilled and trained. He can easily do high level jobs. We have put out thousands of resumes and I even paid a resume writer to redo his resume. I believe he doesn’t want to work... he energetically repels all potential opportunities. I’ve changed my focus to empowering my situation and that hasn’t worked either... every attempt at cleaning things up have been sabotaged by him. It’s a catch 22. He sabotages my chances at freedom and being around him gives me bad luck and drains my money.

Every one of these scenarios involves me getting my freedom from him and a clean beautiful house to live in. I need help!

At the very least I need him to go back to the new house and get it cleaned up so we can sell it before we lose it.

I need my own space. He is the king of chaos. I can’t even bring friends to my house because he is such a disgusting slob!

How can I get a miracle?
I don’t have money for a reading... not yet. However if someone can help get money flow started I could do one later.

I welcome all suggestions. Thank you!

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Re: Brea - Longstanding Multiple Area Bad Luck

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Wed Nov 14, 2018 12:54 am

Hello, Brea, and welcome to the Lucky Mojo Forum.

Than you for your introduction of yourself. I am sorry you are having so much trouble, but you have broached too many topics, as you yourself noted.

We cannot address your PROBLEMS per se -- we are here to help you with ROOTWORK.

So break it down for us. Start with what rootwork advice you want, one issue per post, one post at a time. You can copy and paste what is relevant to each topic, then find the right topic thread and don't just VENT, post a QUESTION.

Remember, this is not a personal consultation hot line -- it is a customer service bureau for home practitioners of African American folk magic who are looking for help with spells.

Next, you can get a free reading on our weekly radio show -- but only ONE QUESTION at a time. You are limited to FOUR SENTENCES in asking your question and we will provide two free readings plus a free magic spell or rootwork recommendation.

The Radio Show signups are here:

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Thanks for understanding.

Additionally, we give away FREE books and spiritual supplies every Friday. The notifications are here:


Please read the Forum Rules here:


Good luck to you.
catherine yronwode
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Re: Brea - Longstanding Multiple Area Bad Luck

Unread post by Brea » Wed Nov 14, 2018 6:23 am

Thank you! I’ll do that. So glad this forum is here to help.

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