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Curse of Revenge Against Gossiper Back-Biter Liar Libeller

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Re: Curse of Revenge Against Gossiper Back-Biter Liar Libeller

Unread post by thelight1 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:29 pm

Thank you JayDee,

i am 100% sure there is drug usage involved.. he was introduced to (this certain drug) by one of his very bad influences "friend", now im sure they are all doing it together.. and i think that HE wants to believe he has everything under control, and maybe at one point he did (everyone parties at some point in their life im sure), but now things are just so bad. and i think he is in major denial about the severity of this situation. so does my root worker. He is a very successful CEO of a huge huge multimillion dollar company, so i guess he would not like to admit he does not have control over a situation.

as for illegal activity.. well, if she's sleeping with multiple older men for money, then yes, illegal activity is present as well.

i do not know if she did anything magical to him.. anything is possible i suppose..

i have my root worker doing IS on him, and break up work + destruction on their relationship, and another separate destruction run of vigils just for her. I also have my root worker doing break up work for him and that very bad influence "friend" who keeps getting him to go into that bar + destruction for their friendship as well.. this work has been going on since august (continuous runs of vigils).

Whenever I can afford it, i also purchase the same vigils from MISC to back up the work my root worker is doing.. i have a roommate now, so i can not do much work here.

i have a vinegar jar i keep in my bathroom that i shake several times a day, at least once during the hours of mars. i usually have had GREAT results with vinegar jars in the past, so it is frustrating to have to do all this work, for so long, and just see them get into little spats here and there...

that is why i was wondering if there was a specific spell anyone knew about or products to expose her for what she truly is.. but i guess if destruction and break up work are your suggestions then im already doing all i can.. i will ask about the cast off evil products per your suggestion or switch up the petitions for the destruction vigils, and i will try to be more patient. thank you.

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Re: Curse of Revenge Against Gossiper Back-Biter Liar Libeller

Unread post by JayDee » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:37 pm

thelight1 ,

Thank you for the clarity of the situation. I am not shocked to hear this with a CEO, I have a friend in Seattle who told me about being at a party where major CEO from a 500 company were all doing coke and other big drugs in a 5 star hotel. Its the lifestyle. You are probably fighting that image as well. I can say that Miss Aida who is wonderful at cursing work and has wrote a book on cursing and break up work are worth their gold in value to order on cursing work, break up work and the level of creativity and use of items for this work.

Crossing work book: http://www.luckymojo.com/cursingandcrossing.html
by Miss Aida
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