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Curses for Financial Ruin, Job Loss, and Bankruptcy

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Re: Curses for Financial Ruin, Job Loss, and Bankruptcy

Unread post by luckyinlove » Wed Jul 22, 2020 9:39 am

pardon my username. I requested to change it with no change yet. I need help in figuring out what to do here. I live near DC and I don't know where all the root workers or experienced seers are hiding but I can't find any and the ones who know little want to charge up to $1000 per job with cleanses starting a few hundred under that. But I need help and I've never done any kind of this work before but since I'm inexperienced I don't want to be had and need a suggestion of an experienced person to help or explained little by little how to do this. My situation since the beginning of this month is here.

Unread post Fri Jul 17, 2020 2:46 pm

My ex bf of almost 6 years and I had a long distance relationship. He promised marriage and I met him when he had nothing. I didn't care and supported his hard work ethic.

He now owns a successful business and invests heavily into real estate. He's a very clever and cunning man and cheated on me through the years. I kept giving him second chances because I didn't want to lose him and felt in love with him.

After finding him cheating again as he kept me on the side to fall back on he shunned me out completely, humiliated me by telling me he had already told his friends we broke up a long time ago, that I was nothing in his life, that he questioned if I'd really been a virgin when I said I was (I was) and told me to move on with my life and just dumped me to the side as if I meant nothing after 6 years. That was in late May.

He is now dating someone new who used to weigh 80 pounds more. He had always put down fat women and I was scared to gain any weight. This new woman is still losing weight so he doesn't mind her being fat at all. She doesn't care if he cheated or that he is a liar bordering on narcissism when I told her and he threatened that he had enough money to sue me for defamation when I was telling truths.

The new woman doesn't believe me or does and has enough low self esteem to just stay with him. He is a very manipulative man. He for sure participates in tax fraud, always posts fake reviews for his business, and doesn't care for the safety of anyone but himself (lax covid restrictions and dated people during covid while cheating on me). He was reported by an employee for that.

I did a reading and was told that he'd have a baby in the next 6 months, felt no love for me, the baby would possibly be with this new woman or another and that he'd have some good fortune in his work. He'd also buy a house in the next coming months. I want to prevent all that from happening. I want him to feel as humiliated/hurt as I felt.

I'm new at this but I really want to cause him financial ruin and to go back or go to worse in how he was when I met him. I want to freeze his sexuality so he doesn't get it up and can't get his new gf pregnant.

I want them both to break up and possibly have her gain back the weight she lost.

I'd also like him to come back and ask me for forgiveness and become more loving/caring towards me.

I don't think I'd go back after all that but I'd like to see his feelings for me again.

I'm new at this and don't know where to start. If anyone can explain the work like I'm a 2nd grader, I'd be very grateful.

He also threatened legal action for defamation because he says i spread a rumor about him which were truthful rumors about his cheating to his friends family and the woman he's dating. Any help please. Need help asap.

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Re: Curses for Financial Ruin, Job Loss, and Bankruptcy

Unread post by Miss Athena » Thu Jul 23, 2020 2:41 pm

Hello luckyinlove,

You have many questions about many different types of spells, only one of which is related to this topic you are posting within. I will answer that one here, then direct you elsewhere on the forum for your other questions.

In future, please limit your post to one subject, to keep the forum areas on topic.

There are many spells in this thread where you can learn how to curse someone for financial ruin. Please read through the posts here for advice and ideas, and I am sure you will come across at least one spell that speaks to you. If you still have questions about performing that spell, feel free to ask us here.

For breaking up a couple, please read the posts in the following topic:
general-break-up-separation-hot-foot-qu ... 23938.html

To cause weight gain, read the posts here:
curses-to-cause-weight-gain-baldness-to ... 17394.html

You say you want him to come back but then you said you don't want to take him back. You need to be focused and clear about your goals for spells to stand a chance of success. That said, for ideas on reconciliation, read the posts here:
spells-for-ex-lover-ex-spouse-to-return ... -t650.html

You also said you would like someone to "explain the work like I'm a 2nd grader" and that is called magical coaching, which is a paid service by professionals and not something we can provide for free here on the forum (especially given the wide array of spells you are interested in learning). To book a magical coaching session with one of the professional rootworkers from the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR), please go here:

I hope this helps. Good luck.
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