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Hello and my journey to here :)

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Hello and my journey to here :)

Unread post by ThoughtsAreThings » Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:55 am

Hi all!

I wanted to make an introduction as it seems that's the preferred way of joining the forum! Here's a bit about my journey -- I have found this site several times in the past but shied away as I had mixed feelings about magic, and usually when I was looking it was for matters of the heart, and so I was conflicted about how that jives with free will and so on and so forth. Usually, I'd find links as I've been consulting with psychics for many years, and sooner or later you end up on candles and such. Way in the past when I was younger I did have someone do some work for me, but I think she was actually a scam artist, and luckily I wasn't wealthy enough to go further with the work when "the energies weren't strong enough" and I needed to buy her poor family a new fridge to resolve it. LOL.

That was many years ago. The past several years I have been involved in a rather complicated romantic scenario, and this person has been in my life for a very long time -- it was only in the more recent years that we (once again) became more than "best friends".

As difficult as it's been, its been an amazing journey in some ways as I am so much closer and more in tune with God, source energy, etc all of that. I have become a much more spiritual person x10 through this thing and learning to let go of trying to control and really trusting God with the outcome. Through that I encountered all sorts of things with andara crystals, meditation, personal development and working on myself, my fears, my limiting beliefs, etc and so on and so forth, and I ended up back at church (I identify as Christian) and found that's what seemed like the most "real" in a spiritual way, not sure I can really explain it.

Anyway! So the other factor of all of this is delving more into Law of Attraction and what it truly is and means. I had practice or attempted a few times in the past, and I wasn't successful -- which made me doubt things like this even more. My introduction like most was from The Secret but that barely scratches the surface of what I have found it to truly be, and how you really need to resolve all of your own doubts if any powers of intention will work for you. That led me to finding a book called Pussy Whip, which is about using LOA and remote influence. The author quotes a bunch of sources and so one of them - Neville Goddard - actually is very Christian and relates the Bible to intention, and he believed the Bible wasn't historical but actually all parable, and that all stories are lessons in intention and using our personal power/God-given ability to create. His writings and lectures seem right in line with what I've read about HooDoo so far, so if you haven't checked him out you might be interested!

And all of that finally led me back here. I was looking for any kind of info on this thing she suggested I do with sugar and honey and ended up on one of your pages about honey jars. :)

A week or so later I came back because knowing what I know now and believing what I believe I 100% believe in this work! And I love how it puts personal power in our own hands, as opposed to having to pay someone else to do it. It's a way of having some control/influence in a dignified manner.

I have just made my first order after reading article after article after forum post after forum post til about 2 AM last night :D lol.

I do have some questions which I will ask in more appropriate threads -- but that's it, thanks for reading. :)

Love and Light
True love is unconditional

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Re: Hello and my journey to here :)

Unread post by Sister Jean » Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:45 pm

Hello ThoughtsAreThings,

Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so glad the information from Lucky Mojo has helped you, and we're happy to have you on the forum!
Thank you saints and spirits!
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