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hi hi...


hi hi...

Unread post by gert666 » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:44 pm

age 22.
i have been a witch i think since i was very little. i heard a call.
i follwed that path out through many different religions, breakdowns and more. now i practice a craft that i don' tknow what you would call it, kind of a mixed bag of all kinds of things. currrently reading the Greek MAgical Papyri, and it is breathtaking. i would recommend it to everyone! this is by far MY FAVORITE SITE on the whole internet.... i want to give a whole-hearted salute to cat yronwode for creating this fantastic and precious resource.
in school, a group formed naturaly, five girls. one was gifted with talents in love, one was gifted with abilities of dreaming. i have tried a lot, and it seems my area of special concern seems to be making bad things happen to people. i do not wish to say that it is what i like best or what i would pick out if i had my druthers, but it is the arena of greatest success for me. if anyone has guidance to share on the subject of curses and jinxes, as well as divination up to and including astral projection and meditation, i would welcom it with open heart and an open mind.
i hope everyone has a great day and all...

happy hunting!
Thank you St. Martha, slayer of dragons


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Unread post by Turnsteel » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:51 pm

Hello. Welcome to the forum. Do not be ashamed of being gifted for hurting people. It is a necessary thing all too often and as someone that is good at crossing and the like let me say that having the gift for it and doing it doesn't automatically make you a bad person.


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Unread post by gert666 » Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:58 pm

to be quite honest,
i wish things weere back like they were when i first felt an urge to take on the craft, but i have trouble having faith sometimes and this causes my work to go off at wrong angles, if at all. every now and then i feel that i lack the passion to be a truly powerful witch, to dedicate myself to this particular path, or that i had it but lost it somewhere.
my point is (sorr i talk so much! ) does anyone have a sort of "re-initiation" ritual or meitation that they would like to share with me? something to renew myself, to renew an oath. or any guiding words, even.


ps. i would like to commend this site once again, for providing valuable literature, insight, and inspiration during my ownefforts in the craft as i'm sure it has ohers.

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Re: hi hi...

Unread post by Jinglepop » Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:01 am

Hello there 666!

I'm new here too. Wow! Are you a Wiccan? I got "called" at the age of 12 or so by a Pagan cult.

I was ever exposed to these nature-loving people. Gentle, and with a very firm hand. My dominant element here is fire! Though I was warned that I've got to control the aspects of it. Chinese horoscope, Dragon, and a fire dragon.

Leo. Fire again. Japanese horoscope, fire. Palmistry, my hands are hot to the touch. Fire.

Isn't Hoodoo cool? I feel that all magicians and stuff should be in touch with all magical cultures in the world. A perfect marriage of traditional and neo.

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