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LMHRHour CHAT LOG October 13, 2019 When Spells Go Bad

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LMHRHour CHAT LOG October 13, 2019 When Spells Go Bad

Unread post by nagasiva » Sun Oct 06, 2019 3:01 pm


When Spells Go Bad with cat yronwode

You can listen here:
https://www.blogtalkradio.com/luckymojo ... -on-101319

Or here:

The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour with ConjureMan Ali, guest co-host Lady Muse, and special guest catherine yronwode

10/13/19 14:55 docmurphy1 :D
10/13/19 14:55 nagasiva We're in!
10/13/19 14:55 docmurphy1 Hiya!
10/13/19 14:59 missathena Hello everyone
10/13/19 14:59 luminariastar Hiya Folks!
10/13/19 14:59 angelael Hello
10/13/19 15:00 nagasiva Hi everybody!
10/13/19 15:00 catherine-yronwode MUSIC!
10/13/19 15:00 docmurphy1 Lalala la laaaa...lala..laaa...
10/13/19 15:01 nagasiva It's a special unusual show!
10/13/19 15:01 docmurphy1 I was thinkin.. this is a new flip to have miss cat as the guest, huh? :)
10/13/19 15:02 nagasiva Yes! We're on the road, so it's also *experimental*
10/13/19 15:02 docmurphy1 This'll be fun!
10/13/19 15:03 catherine-yronwode I get to guest when i write a new book, but rarely otherwise. This is a topic near and dear to my heart
10/13/19 15:03 catherine-yronwode Love to Ali and Lady Muse for co-hosting!
10/13/19 15:03 nagasiva Lady Muse from Blue Flag Roots Radio!
10/13/19 15:03 catherine-yronwode Love to Papa Newt for announcing.
10/13/19 15:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Love to Cat!
10/13/19 15:04 catherine-yronwode I wear a stock size 8 1/2 shoe
10/13/19 15:04 nagasiva Deacon Millett too!!
10/13/19 15:04 catherine-yronwode Deacon Millett will be there!
10/13/19 15:04 nagasiva November 1-3, 2019
10/13/19 15:04 missathena I wish I could come out for the grand opening!
10/13/19 15:04 nagasiva House of Self-Empowerment!!!
10/13/19 15:05 catherine-yronwode Post the address, please...
10/13/19 15:05 nagasiva Whew!! Over 300$
10/13/19 15:05 catherine-yronwode THREE raffle baskets worth $300.00 each
10/13/19 15:06 nagasiva 11am!!
10/13/19 15:06 nagasiva House of Self-Empowerment! At: https://www.houseofselfempowerment.com/
10/13/19 15:06 catherine-yronwode Address -- speak it verbally, please
10/13/19 15:06 catherine-yronwode Raffles at 3:00 PM.
10/13/19 15:07 docmurphy1 hey ! I like my rock! ;)
10/13/19 15:07 ghia hello peeps
10/13/19 15:07 nagasiva Here's the HSE Fb Event:!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/2278566702456331/
10/13/19 15:07 nagasiva Search in Facebook for the event "House Of Self Empowerment Grand Opening Weekend Celebration!"
10/13/19 15:07 catherine-yronwode Please post the STREET ADDRESS!
10/13/19 15:07 nagasiva 14335 Hesperia Rd Suite 115 Victorville Ca. 92395
10/13/19 15:07 nagasiva Done.
10/13/19 15:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Genuine Black and White Magic of Marie Laveau,
10/13/19 15:08 nagasiva Suite 115
10/13/19 15:09 nagasiva 1 Nov at 11:00am – 3 Nov at 17:00
10/13/19 15:10 onikimuse Greetings Everyone!
10/13/19 15:10 nagasiva Genuine Black and White Magic: http://www.luckymojo.com/blackandwhitemagic.html
10/13/19 15:10 nagasiva The links will be available in the HTML download of this chat at the end of the show.
10/13/19 15:10 onikimuse Finally got the chat working on this end whooo
10/13/19 15:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I love bottle spells, looking forward to this book
10/13/19 15:10 nagasiva Lara Rivera
10/13/19 15:11 nagasiva Valley Springs, CA
10/13/19 15:11 missathena Oh wow, it does look like an angel!
10/13/19 15:11 docmurphy1 I have about a 15 second delay between the forum and what I'm hearing... so if my comments seem late, that's why...doh...
10/13/19 15:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Right!
10/13/19 15:12 nagasiva Valley Springs California 95252
10/13/19 15:12 onikimuse https://www.facebook.com/events/2278566702456331/
10/13/19 15:12 trollt Hi nagasiva!
10/13/19 15:12 luminariastar My town looks like a trumpet
10/13/19 15:12 trollt Awwww, romance!!
10/13/19 15:12 docmurphy1 HI!!!
10/13/19 15:12 nagasiva Hi there! :)
10/13/19 15:13 onikimuse https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... amp;type=3
10/13/19 15:13 nagasiva Our Discussion Panel Topic today:
10/13/19 15:13 nagasiva When Spells Go Bad: Failed, Broken, Messed Up Altarwork: What does it mean and how do i fix it?
10/13/19 15:14 catherine-yronwode Due to long talk, if we are short on caallers, i would prefer to run over and take only one call...
10/13/19 15:14 nagasiva I'll make sure.
10/13/19 15:15 docmurphy1 Do spells ever just "run out of gas", or juts expire, even if you keep working them?...
10/13/19 15:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sounds good to me. We can extend our conversation and take 1 caller
10/13/19 15:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour cats will be cats
10/13/19 15:17 nagasiva Work at the altar. altarwork and pets. http://forum.luckymojo.com
10/13/19 15:17 nagasiva Animal Is Attracted To or Messing With Altar Space or Spells
10/13/19 15:17 nagasiva animal-is-attracted-to-or-messing-with- ... 10576.html
10/13/19 15:18 nagasiva Food offerings might become the meal for a roving pet.
10/13/19 15:19 nagasiva Taken as a sign that God does not approve or that the spell is bad.
10/13/19 15:19 nagasiva Some consider the animal as accepting the blessing.
10/13/19 15:20 nagasiva Altars / alta / high things. Ground altars may not be set before pets. Otherwise it may be expected that the pet will eat it and that's fine.
10/13/19 15:21 nagasiva Cooking and altarwork; goes wrong
10/13/19 15:22 nagasiva ConjureMan Ali, catherine said she'd like to omit the first client tonight. I see that the one client who provided their area code 707-387 has called in and you can take her for the second client only.
10/13/19 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thanks, nagasiva. That's the plan
10/13/19 15:22 nagasiva Magnificent.
10/13/19 15:23 docmurphy1 Food offerings i have learned to cover... still works...
10/13/19 15:23 nagasiva Some might perceive children putting out the work as a negative sign from God.
10/13/19 15:24 nagasiva If the candles go out and won't light, it can be taken as a negative sign.
10/13/19 15:24 nagasiva Not ordinary events, but spiritual events. Why did i light this candle, what do i want? At what moment does the candle go out?
10/13/19 15:25 nagasiva What was being said? The aim? The ally for the spells?
10/13/19 15:25 nagasiva Vigil candle, wick is off-center, words or pictures are burned, that's a sign; examine the words which were burned.
10/13/19 15:26 nagasiva E.g. if the word 'truth' is burned out, there's some untruth; if 'blessing' there's a lack of blessing; if photo eyeballs burn out the spell does not want to be seen by the person in the photo.
10/13/19 15:26 nagasiva The plate broke under the candle! Physics led to the plate breaking. Use a candle-stand unless you are watching or the item you're using you know it to be fire-safe. Metal plates (brass, stainless steel). If a candle cracks this, something is not wrong except wrong tools (noobie mistake).
10/13/19 15:27 missmichaele Everything is a sign ... for somebody. Inthe big broad world, not every sign is for you.
10/13/19 15:27 gr8fuldiana Hello everyone! Love this topic!
10/13/19 15:27 nagasiva When offerings are left too long, flies are attracted, things rot. A sign of your inability to handle your own work.
10/13/19 15:27 nagasiva Fruitflies all over it! What does it mean? It means that the spell wasn't completed correctly so as to avoid this.
10/13/19 15:27 nagasiva Saying a prayer wrong. What does it mean that you can't say the prayer. Not that God hates you. Stop and figure out what was the word i stumbled on? It may indicate that the spell may need to be reconsidered.
10/13/19 15:27 catherine-yronwode Pets, children
10/13/19 15:27 catherine-yronwode Candles go out
10/13/19 15:27 catherine-yronwode Offerings go bad
10/13/19 15:28 catherine-yronwode Non-fire-safe candle holders break
10/13/19 15:28 nagasiva Negotiate the place in which to take stock of the situation in perspective.
10/13/19 15:28 nagasiva Timing, clutter, strategy
10/13/19 15:28 catherine-yronwode Lady Muse -- timing.
10/13/19 15:29 catherine-yronwode Analysis of what went wrong. And not just laming it on simple physics.
10/13/19 15:29 catherine-yronwode Divine on forces that are breaking up your work
10/13/19 15:29 nagasiva Protection foils the work
10/13/19 15:30 docmurphy1 I have been trying to get a new job/better living. Been doing work, and have had magical friends helping with spellwork... and all of it broke, cracked, fell.. all. Couldn't help but think something was really fighting my efforts to better myself financially... it was so weird...
10/13/19 15:30 nagasiva If starting money spell while Saturn and Neptune conjuction on your Sun.
10/13/19 15:31 nagasiva Timing because of larger cosmic forces that have nothing to do with the specific local circumstances.
10/13/19 15:31 missmichaele For non-astrologers, wuld something like the Farmer's Almanac help you with magical timing?
10/13/19 15:31 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Absolutely!
10/13/19 15:31 nagasiva Yes, even protection of the spellcaster!
10/13/19 15:31 nagasiva Why did the spell break down, divining what went wrong.
10/13/19 15:32 nagasiva Pendulum is a good way to divine.
10/13/19 15:32 nagasiva Put your pendulum over the candle that went out.
10/13/19 15:32 dr-sweets get rid of the mother or get rid of the spell...lol
10/13/19 15:32 nagasiva Evaluating the problem aspect of the spell constructed.
10/13/19 15:33 nagasiva Paddling against and paddling with the current.
10/13/19 15:33 nagasiva The Way may not be aligned to the work.
10/13/19 15:33 catherine-yronwode Trying to barbeque in the rain
10/13/19 15:33 missmichaele lol :)
10/13/19 15:34 catherine-yronwode Try a different method of spell.
10/13/19 15:34 nagasiva You may take the sign of failing spellwork as a need to adjust.
10/13/19 15:34 nagasiva Use local dirt!!!
10/13/19 15:34 catherine-yronwode Laying out powders (outdoors) brings up anxiety. Be smart about it.
10/13/19 15:34 gr8fuldiana Miss Michaele i love your avatar pic! So happy!
10/13/19 15:35 nagasiva That should tell you something!!
10/13/19 15:35 missmichaele I tend to spill "good stuff" powders on my workbench!
10/13/19 15:35 nagasiva Signs as thwarting. Do something different.
10/13/19 15:35 nagasiva Going to a graveyard to collect graveyard dirt.
10/13/19 15:35 nagasiva Get arrested, caught.
10/13/19 15:35 dr-sweets ....car breaks down when going to get holy water....it happened...lol
10/13/19 15:36 missmichaele Yep, I was reluctant to go to graveyards for this reason. Afraid not of the dead but of the living.
10/13/19 15:36 nagasiva Homework sometimes includes the problems.
10/13/19 15:36 nagasiva Searched for hours and could not find the grave.
10/13/19 15:36 nagasiva They found a different spirit. The famous grave was hidden.
10/13/19 15:37 nagasiva The operations of fate.
10/13/19 15:37 nagasiva It may not have been possible and for the best as it worked out.
10/13/19 15:37 nagasiva Hi gr8fuldiana, thanks for signing up for our show today.
10/13/19 15:38 nagasiva Spell with lucky bamboo.
10/13/19 15:38 nagasiva Discovered with the spellwork!!
10/13/19 15:38 nagasiva She became friends with that person!
10/13/19 15:38 nagasiva Compatible workers finding one another out.
10/13/19 15:38 gr8fuldiana Thank u! Good story.
10/13/19 15:38 nagasiva Bottle spells, food spells, personal contact spells, bathing, charm/talisman/mojo.
10/13/19 15:39 nagasiva If you're way of working isn't working is failing, try another method.
10/13/19 15:39 docmurphy1 Baths!!
10/13/19 15:39 nagasiva They forget that 'less is best'.
10/13/19 15:39 nagasiva All you need is a pinch. The powder doesn't have to be a 50 pound bag.
10/13/19 15:40 nagasiva Yes, can conceal it a bit.
10/13/19 15:40 catherine-yronwode Less is best -- a pinch to throw down, blow a dusting. Mix w/ local dirt
10/13/19 15:40 missmichaele Spread that local dirt thinly, too, so it isn't noticed.
10/13/19 15:40 nagasiva Lucky Mojo doesn't know what colour your dirt is!
10/13/19 15:40 nagasiva Blow the powders.
10/13/19 15:41 nagasiva Want an attraction spell. "You put a lot of that perfume." Cut it to lighten the scent to avoid being too obvious.
10/13/19 15:41 nagasiva Gentle that out with a carrier oil.
10/13/19 15:41 nagasiva Try it out! Keep practicing!
10/13/19 15:42 nagasiva Develop the skill of knowing what's necessary.
10/13/19 15:42 gr8fuldiana A gallon! Lol
10/13/19 15:42 nagasiva WTH in envelopes!!
10/13/19 15:42 nagasiva Sneaky trick need not include a huge volume.
10/13/19 15:43 nagasiva For paperwork, just a bit and flick it off before sending!
10/13/19 15:43 nagasiva If there's resistance, don't force it!!
10/13/19 15:43 missmichaele Sneaky trick *can't* include a huge volume. So much harder to conceal.
10/13/19 15:43 gr8fuldiana Hence the "sneaky" part of the sneaky trick!
10/13/19 15:43 nagasiva Spirit is saying 'No!'
10/13/19 15:44 nagasiva Forcing or the fear of getting caught. If you use the wrong thing, try again. If you start slow you will be less susceptible to error.
10/13/19 15:44 nagasiva Someone saw/touched my mojo. Remake it. In the toilet? Why bother, make a new one!
10/13/19 15:45 nagasiva What is this? Ruined the spell; consider salvaging its contents, but if terribly discovered or soiled, then abandon and start with new materials.
10/13/19 15:45 nagasiva Don't play it cheap. Get a new one because of errors.
10/13/19 15:46 nagasiva Being caught. Looking around will draw attention.
10/13/19 15:46 nagasiva Be natural and discreet.
10/13/19 15:47 catherine-yronwode A true violation cannot be overlooked or repaired.
10/13/19 15:47 nagasiva But with other forms of magic, watch for signs. Discovery, changing.
10/13/19 15:47 docmurphy1 People are so inattentive these days with their cellphones and all, I find that they don't notice what you're doing magically anyway...
10/13/19 15:47 catherine-yronwode If a lover puts out your love candle. That's a sign/
10/13/19 15:47 nagasiva Warning, change course! Consider doing a divination to see if the circumstances have also changed.
10/13/19 15:48 nagasiva Maybe the answer is do it again, stronger!!
10/13/19 15:48 catherine-yronwode A spell CAN fail. Both from within your work (candle breaks) or from without (lover snuffs your love candle)
10/13/19 15:48 nagasiva Use a more powerful magical object which is an element of the spell.
10/13/19 15:48 nagasiva Spell failure signs?
10/13/19 15:49 nagasiva Within your work: candle goes out, glass breaks, ants. Within your work.
10/13/19 15:49 nagasiva Can failure because the person you're working on literally stops it themself.
10/13/19 15:49 nagasiva Can fail
10/13/19 15:49 nagasiva The target puts out the candles which were working on him.
10/13/19 15:50 nagasiva The person i'm working on is on the phone and the person who is the object of the spell is giving a bad sign.
10/13/19 15:51 nagasiva When they are spiritual or signs from nature: a bird shits on your head right after the spellwork.
10/13/19 15:52 nagasiva Working on spell and driving and at stoplight. "Johnny stucks ass!" very attuned to the work you're doing.
10/13/19 15:52 nagasiva The sign is associated by proxy.
10/13/19 15:52 nagasiva Stop and recollect yourself and say "Why am i working on this? What do i want?" Signs are against me, can i try again later?
10/13/19 15:52 nagasiva 'What I tell you three times is true.'
10/13/19 15:53 nagasiva If it is repeated 3 times then Miss Cat is convinced to change course.
10/13/19 15:53 nagasiva 3 negative signs
10/13/19 15:53 nagasiva The altar catches fire!
10/13/19 15:53 catherine-yronwode Are a sign for reconsideration ...
10/13/19 15:54 gr8fuldiana Yes i have ConjureMan Ali, i can't get back to your PM
10/13/19 15:54 nagasiva The honey jar spills all over the altar.
10/13/19 15:54 nagasiva That happens, gr8fuldiana. I have been careful about private messages.
10/13/19 15:55 missathena We hear that all the time on the forum
10/13/19 15:55 nagasiva Salespeople might tell you "It has to break so it will get worse before it gets better!"
10/13/19 15:55 nagasiva (Let me sell you another candle service.)
10/13/19 15:56 missmichaele And then the client shares that with all her friends and it becomes an ignorant magical proverb.
10/13/19 15:56 nagasiva What is a clear sign of it being time to stop the spellwork?
10/13/19 15:56 catherine-yronwode Yes, Miss Michaele! It becomes a local community "truth." even though it makes no sense in terms of magic or religion or spirituality.
10/13/19 15:56 nagasiva The negativity has to be removed.
10/13/19 15:57 nagasiva The way that the spell is happening is showing up as a failed course.
10/13/19 15:57 nagasiva Sweet on top of sour won't work out. Need to remove the sour.
10/13/19 15:58 missmichaele If you sweeten a cheater to you, you've got yourself a cheater who treats you real nice.
10/13/19 15:58 nagasiva Your closest family members will also give you signs.
10/13/19 15:58 nagasiva If your mother says "Oo I hate that guy!" that should be a sign to you.
10/13/19 15:59 nagasiva https://www.luckymojo.com
10/13/19 15:59 catherine-yronwode Diana: My partner has a 18 month son that he's always trying to see. The child's mother keeps throwing up excuses to why she and the baby can't meet with him. He signed over physical custody a year ago, but it was never intended on his end to be permanent. Is it the time to bring up the custody issue yet, or is the timing wrong? She has more financial resources than he does. We're concerned that her attorney may bring up his substance abuse treatment from the past. That's why he hasn't re-opened a custody discussion. Additionally, whenever he has, she's got a knee-jerk reaction.
10/13/19 16:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour we were chatting in the chatroom :)
10/13/19 16:00 nagasiva http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
10/13/19 16:00 nagasiva http://www.crystalsilenceleague.org
10/13/19 16:01 nagasiva Hanged Man
10/13/19 16:01 catherine-yronwode Ali: Hanged Man -- the time is not yet right, for sure.
10/13/19 16:01 catherine-yronwode Blocked.
10/13/19 16:02 nagasiva ConjureManAli and Miss Cat are using a 'Smith-Waite' or 'Rider-Waite' Tarot deck created by Pamela Colman Smith in coordination with Arthur E. Waite and published by the Rider Company.
10/13/19 16:02 nagasiva 4 of Swords
10/13/19 16:03 catherine-yronwode 4 of S "not dead, only sleeping."
10/13/19 16:03 gr8fuldiana Totally on point
10/13/19 16:03 gr8fuldiana That's me! I'm a leo
10/13/19 16:03 catherine-yronwode Queen of Swords, the lady on the lion throne.
10/13/19 16:03 nagasiva Queen of Wands
10/13/19 16:04 catherine-yronwode Sorry Queen of Wands (i typed it wrong and described it right!
10/13/19 16:04 catherine-yronwode Sunflowers.
10/13/19 16:04 gr8fuldiana And i I have a child and I'm older, too!
10/13/19 16:05 catherine-yronwode Yes, you are a LEO, that is right.
10/13/19 16:05 gr8fuldiana That's what i was thinking too! A year..
10/13/19 16:05 catherine-yronwode You can help him.
10/13/19 16:06 nagasiva Leo: The Queen of Wands the lady on the Lion Throne
10/13/19 16:06 nagasiva Recently signed up!
10/13/19 16:07 nagasiva The year you take will bring you to the strength of the Queen of Wands
10/13/19 16:07 nagasiva First Card: The Lovers
10/13/19 16:07 nagasiva The two of you bonded very strongly with an angel overhead (Uriel).
10/13/19 16:07 nagasiva You will well during this time of waiting to bond and strengthen one another.
10/13/19 16:07 nagasiva You need not be the guide and the one who makes it all happen.
10/13/19 16:08 nagasiva But it will require strength.
10/13/19 16:08 nagasiva Not yet time to do anything. Not time to explode.
10/13/19 16:08 nagasiva Love, held within balance.
10/13/19 16:08 nagasiva Second Card: 2 of Cups
10/13/19 16:09 nagasiva We don't know if he will give his heart completely to her.
10/13/19 16:09 nagasiva 'The Betrothal But Not Yet the Marriage'
10/13/19 16:09 nagasiva Communication and healing through talk and speech.
10/13/19 16:09 nagasiva Sexual healing.
10/13/19 16:09 nagasiva Basic love, communication.
10/13/19 16:09 nagasiva Third Card: Justice
10/13/19 16:10 nagasiva Probably will go before a court of some kind.
10/13/19 16:10 nagasiva You must be prepared.
10/13/19 16:10 gr8fuldiana These cards are AMAZING!!!!!
10/13/19 16:10 nagasiva You must not pursue, humiliate or damage her in any way.
10/13/19 16:10 nagasiva Sue not for total custody, do what is fair.
10/13/19 16:11 nagasiva Don't ask for too much because you will only be given what is fair.
10/13/19 16:11 nagasiva You will do well to have a lawyer.
10/13/19 16:11 nagasiva He cannot untie himself.
10/13/19 16:11 nagasiva The Queen of Wands will do the work.
10/13/19 16:12 catherine-yronwode Lovers, 2 of Cups, Justice.
10/13/19 16:12 gr8fuldiana So no one seeing that joint custody wont happen?
10/13/19 16:12 catherine-yronwode Lady Muse does use a Lion as the symbol of the House of Self Empowerment!
10/13/19 16:13 catherine-yronwode Good sign that Diana is an HRCC student.
10/13/19 16:14 catherine-yronwode Make sure he has all of his paperwork in place, i's dotted and t's crossed.
10/13/19 16:14 catherine-yronwode 3 skull candles per month, white for him, black for her, brown for judge.
10/13/19 16:14 papa_newt https://www.luckymojo.com/products-candle-skull.html
10/13/19 16:14 missmichaele I don't think anybody makes brown skull candles, but you can take a white one and drop brown wax on it.
10/13/19 16:14 nagasiva I've locked this week's sign-up thread and started one for NEXT week. You can sign up now for next week's show!
10/13/19 16:15 nagasiva If you wish to be selected to be a client on NEXT week's show, you can sign up at the Lucky Mojo Forum at: lmhrhour-free-readings-october-20-2019- ... 92868.html
10/13/19 16:15 nagasiva then call (818) 394-8535 and press 1 to raise your hand to be on the show.
10/13/19 16:15 nagasiva Crucible of Courage
10/13/19 16:15 catherine-yronwode I think i could get Clayton to make me a batch of brown skulls! And it is a great idea.
10/13/19 16:15 nagasiva Great idea.
10/13/19 16:15 nagasiva Three Skull Candles.
10/13/19 16:15 nagasiva Shut up the opponent's attorney.
10/13/19 16:15 nagasiva Slippery Elm Bark
10/13/19 16:15 nagasiva Alum
10/13/19 16:16 nagasiva Red Pepper (Cayenne)
10/13/19 16:16 nagasiva Mortal and Pestle
10/13/19 16:16 catherine-yronwode Black candle opponent and opponent's attorney Slippery Elm, Alum, Red Pepper. Mix and powder,
10/13/19 16:16 papa_newt http://www.herbmagic.com/deers-tongue.html http://www.herbmagic.com/solomons-seal-root.html
10/13/19 16:16 papa_newt https://www.luckymojo.com/crucibleofcourage.html
10/13/19 16:16 nagasiva Brown for the judge.
10/13/19 16:16 nagasiva Little John to Chew
10/13/19 16:16 nagasiva Honey
10/13/19 16:16 catherine-yronwode Brown for the judge, Dill Little John, honey We have the powder!
10/13/19 16:16 nagasiva Dill!
10/13/19 16:17 catherine-yronwode Honey will slow the burn, but this is okay.
10/13/19 16:17 papa_newt http://www.herbmagic.com/slippery-elm-bark.html http://www.herbmagic.com/alum-powder.html http://www.herbmagic.com/pepper-red-flakes.html
10/13/19 16:17 nagasiva Judge can see that your sweetheart has been changed.
10/13/19 16:17 papa_newt http://www.herbmagic.com/little-john-to ... owder.html
10/13/19 16:17 catherine-yronwode Three candles for nine days (burn in sections)
10/13/19 16:17 nagasiva Planetary Hour Calculator
10/13/19 16:17 catherine-yronwode Planetary Hour Calculator
10/13/19 16:17 nagasiva Layers of spellwork.
10/13/19 16:18 nagasiva Push this energy in the positive direction
10/13/19 16:18 nagasiva Burn all at the same time.
10/13/19 16:18 catherine-yronwode All at the same time,
10/13/19 16:18 nagasiva Deer's Tongue on the Brown Candle.
10/13/19 16:18 catherine-yronwode Deer's Tongue on the brown one is my addition.
10/13/19 16:19 catherine-yronwode FANTASTIC spell by Lady Muse! One for the ages.
10/13/19 16:19 nagasiva Yes very complete!
10/13/19 16:19 trollt Hey that's me!
10/13/19 16:19 nagasiva Miss Elvyra and Miss Phoenix are over there on the sidelines dancing to the Dreamy music.
10/13/19 16:19 onikimuse thanks for the addition Miss Cat!
10/13/19 16:19 gr8fuldiana What a fantastic amazing spell and readings!!!!!!!!!
10/13/19 16:19 nagasiva https://www.luckymojo.com
10/13/19 16:20 gr8fuldiana I'm so pleased. Than k u all!
10/13/19 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour All the best, Diana!
10/13/19 16:20 nagasiva Not exactly a spell: things to do when spells go wrong.
10/13/19 16:20 onikimuse You are always Welcome!!!
10/13/19 16:20 nagasiva Not a hard shut down.
10/13/19 16:20 nagasiva A spell that goes wrong because the cat knocked the glass over.
10/13/19 16:20 nagasiva Breaking glass or candle.
10/13/19 16:20 nagasiva Within the spell rather than outside the spell.
10/13/19 16:21 nagasiva If it is as simple as a forgotten word, or a stumble and things dropped,
10/13/19 16:21 gr8fuldiana Ive often burned the skull candles down till a tea light can fit into the hole, and continue to work the candles with tea lights for ongoing work
10/13/19 16:21 nagasiva You need a 'soft reset'!
10/13/19 16:21 nagasiva Where you force-quit the program and start the program again.
10/13/19 16:22 nagasiva Stop right where you are, prayerful position to the universe, God, Goddess "Let me collect my thoughts." Turn around 3 times.
10/13/19 16:22 nagasiva Look at the mess, clean it up, start again.
10/13/19 16:22 nagasiva Chinese Wash in water.
10/13/19 16:22 onikimuse If that works for you then go with it
10/13/19 16:22 nagasiva A little Van Van Oil in water.
10/13/19 16:22 nagasiva If breakage, and it can wait, pick up all the pieces, put them aside.
10/13/19 16:22 nagasiva Put a little Van Van Oil on it.
10/13/19 16:23 nagasiva In dealing with group workings they referred to "Coyote!"
10/13/19 16:23 nagasiva Soft reset and move on.
10/13/19 16:23 papa_newt https://www.luckymojo.com/chinese-wash.html https://www.luckymojo.com/oil-van-van.html
10/13/19 16:23 nagasiva If my words have been wrong, I speak from my heart.
10/13/19 16:23 nagasiva Don't curse the cat, the wind, etc.
10/13/19 16:23 onikimuse you can always let it burn for 9 mins each day and snuff out (do not blow) and continue each day for 9 mins
10/13/19 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Cursing the wind is considered very bad luck in Middle Eastern folklore
10/13/19 16:23 docmurphy1 We say Hail Eris!
10/13/19 16:24 nagasiva If it is a real problem, like altar catches fire, HARD reset.
10/13/19 16:24 nagasiva Shut down, unplug, 30 seconds, power back up.
10/13/19 16:24 nagasiva A complete teardown of the altar to the bricks. Replace altar cloth.
10/13/19 16:24 nagasiva Repair?
10/13/19 16:24 gr8fuldiana Onikimuse THANK YOU! The 3 of u are in my opinion the BEST at giving thorough rootwork advice on the fly. The BEST!! Omg I'm so grateful! Gr8ful!
10/13/19 16:24 nagasiva Is anything cracked and broken? Buried? Trashed?
10/13/19 16:25 nagasiva Statue falls and breaks? Bad sign! Don't just glue his head back on.
10/13/19 16:25 nagasiva Give it to the Goodwill.
10/13/19 16:25 nagasiva Get another instead.
10/13/19 16:25 nagasiva Wash the space with Chinese Wash or Van Van Oil in water.
10/13/19 16:25 nagasiva Re-dedicate it.
10/13/19 16:25 nagasiva Hoodoo Shrines and Altars, by Miss Phoenix LeFae
10/13/19 16:26 nagasiva https://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooshrinesandaltars.html
10/13/19 16:26 papa_newt https://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooshrinesandaltars.html
10/13/19 16:26 nagasiva Start with a simple candle of praise, devotion, don't go right back to the spell.
10/13/19 16:26 nagasiva Offering to your deity, ancestors, then wait at least a day, sleep on it and come back and work it again.
10/13/19 16:26 gr8fuldiana ConjureMan Ali, once again, amazing work and your readings are so spot on! I'm so thankful for the work you all to for the community. I'm very grateful
10/13/19 16:27 nagasiva Cooking metaphor too: clean up first before beginning again.
10/13/19 16:27 gr8fuldiana Thank you miss cat and nagasiva! Thank you Papa Newt!!!
10/13/19 16:27 nagasiva Two classes of restart.
10/13/19 16:27 nagasiva Depending on the severity of failure.
10/13/19 16:27 docmurphy1 Great show everyone! Thanks! Good night!
10/13/19 16:28 nagasiva It is fun.
10/13/19 16:28 tony-eye Thank you all, have a great night.
10/13/19 16:28 luminariastar Great show! Very good info! thank you.
10/13/19 16:28 nagasiva The fastest reader in the world!
10/13/19 16:28 missathena Great show, very practical advice!
10/13/19 16:29 catherine-yronwode Thanks to all in the Chat Room -- angelael, doc murphy, diana, luminaria miss athena, miss michaele and more!
10/13/19 16:29 docmurphy1 Yay!!!
10/13/19 16:29 luminariastar G'night <3
10/13/19 16:30 luminariastar i love y'all!
10/13/19 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thanks everyone for a lovely show!
10/13/19 16:30 papa_newt Thank you everyone for joining us.
10/13/19 16:30 nagasiva https://www.facebook.com/events/2278566702456331/
10/13/19 16:30 onikimuse Good Night!!!!
10/13/19 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Safe travels Miss cat and Nagasiva!
10/13/19 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour see everyone next week!
nagasiva yronwode
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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG October 13, 2019 When Spells Go Bad

Unread post by GoldenRule » Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:02 pm

1) Diana
a. GoldenRule
b. Diana, possibly "gr8fuldiana"
c. Diana

2) 707; Sonoma County

3) long-time listener; recently I've been in the chatroom

a. Yes, several in-person readings w/miss cat
b. Another
c. About a year ago
d. Yes

5) No

6) question--

My partner has a 18 month son that he's always trying to see. The child's mother keeps throwing up excuses to why she and the baby can't meet with him. He signed over physical custody a year ago, but it was never intended on his end to be permanent.

Is it the time to bring up the custody issue yet, or is the timing wrong? She has more financial resources than he does. We're concerned that her attorney may bring up his substance abuse treatment from the past.
That's why he hasn't re-opened a custody discussion.
Additionally, whenever he has, she's got a knee-jerk reaction.

7) next week, 10/13/19
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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG October 13, 2019 When Spells Go Bad

Unread post by shal_john » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:55 am

1) Your name: shal_john

A) You name on the Lucky Mojo Forum: shal_john

B) Your Blog Talk Radio caller name (if different):

C) How do you want your name to be pronounced on the radio? As is

2) Your area code and GENERAL LOCATION (don't post your full phone #, without your area code we cannot recognize you or take your call; please give at least a state!): Houston texas

3) Your history with the radio show: I called 5 years ago

A) Have you ever been on the radio show before and received a reading and/or rootwork recommendations?


B) If "Yes," are you calling back to report updates as we may have requested?


C) About when did you have that radio reading?


D) Have conditions changed since that reading?


4) Your history with our readers

A) Have you ever had a private reading from ConjureMan Ali or Miss cat before, either about this issue or another situation?


B) If "Yes," was it about this situation or another situation?

C) About when did you have that private reading?

D) Have conditions changed since that reading?

5) Your history with other readers

A) Have you gone to other readers or rootworkers about this situation?


B) If "Yes," who and when?

6) Please give us a brief description of your situation (please be brief! LIMIT TO 4 SENTENCES):
I am divorced 2 times.Finally after 5 years living alone 1 man wants to marry me .
Will this marriage going to last. Is he good for me and daughter.This person is also living alone for 5 years after divorcee.
I am virgo
he is libra.

7) On what date will you be in the radio show queue?

Oct 13 2019

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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG October 13, 2019 When Spells Go Bad

Unread post by nagasiva » Sun Oct 13, 2019 3:13 pm

We've taken all the calls we can for this week's show, but you can sign up NOW for next week at:

lmhrhour-free-readings-october-20-2019- ... 92868.html
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