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MISC Love Romance Marriage Reconciliation Candle Services

Learn about the church's prayer services and candle services, and offer testimonials regarding the church's spiritual outreach ministry.
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Re: MISC Love Romance Marriage Reconciliation Candle Services

Unread post by Sister Jean » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:35 am

Hello BBBunnyXx,

MISC resumes burning candles for clients on July 14th (the one year anniversary of the church burning), Deacon Millett continues his offerings at his Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary. So you may want to first contact Lucky Mojo and Deacon Millett.

if you feel like he's nervous about committing you could try a Crucible of Courage candle combined with a Love Me candle with the specific petition that he commit to you.

Good luck!
Thank you saints and spirits!
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Re: MISC Love Romance Marriage Reconciliation Candle Services

Unread post by Rev Ernest » Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:28 am

When writing out petitions for romance, love, marriage, and sexuality, it always helps if you name the person on whom you are working. This person is the subject of your focused desire.

If you send photos of both you and the subject, we will print them out and make them part of the label for your candle.

If you give us the subject's date of birth in your petition, our database program will automatically calculate the subject's zodiac sign, and if you give us YOUR date of birth, it will do the same for you. Then, when lighting the candle or reading the outcome of the burn, we will be able to use our knowledge of simple Sun-sign astrology to visualize the two of you as a couple, even if you do not send photos to be affixed to the glass.

If you send photos PLUS the birth dates of both you and the subject, we will have the fullest information upon which we can focus: names, dates, Sun-signs, and graphic visualizations of the two of you.



Here is how to contact MISC:

Order candles here with Paypal and upload your petitions at the same time:

If you wish photos attached to your candles, email photos here:

If you wish to communicate with a candle-server about your service, email the deacons here:

For all other church communications, email pastors here:

Telephone for direct information:

Church hours:

Frequently Asked Questions about Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Services

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Click here for Candle Ministry Services at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church


Join the World-Wide Prayer Network at The Crystal Silence League


Best of luck to you and I look forward to being of service.
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