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MISC Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Testimonials

How to have MISC set vigil lights for you, tend them as they burn, and send you candle reports when the work is done.
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Re: MISC Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Testimonials

Unread post by Starshotheart » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:36 am

I usually watch from afar but I had to say something so I made an account! I ordered multiple crossings on my abusive ex and almost everything I asked for happened. Before the candle work she was straight up lying to people about me, but after everything she desperately wanted to talk. She's stubborn as all hell and to see her suddenly come back and struggle to get me to forgive her, it was wild. Even past that, she didn't get into her first choice college, she lost all her friends, she hates herself even more, and she's been absolutely alone with her thoughts. After years of getting what she wants with no questions, months of insulting and manipulating me and mistreating the people that once called her a friend, she's finally gotten just a bit of what she deserves.

Thank you guys so much for your candle work! I will definitely be going to you guys for all my hoodoo needs.

Also, Rev Ernest, keep up the good work! Your readings are always clear and I can tell you put a lot of care into your work :D

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Re: MISC Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Testimonials

Unread post by Beachykeen » Thu Aug 29, 2019 12:47 pm

Reverend Ernest is really good! Unfortunately in my case, my bad candle reading was correct.

I had a Come to Me run placed on a special someone. It started out well with the first few candles, but suddenly went to pot with candles 5 and 6. Because of the giant hurricane coming to our mutual vacation destination, my special someone is LITERALLY not coming to me this weekend as planned. 😔

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