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Miss Phoenix Author's Special (2 Books) Questions and Answers

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Miss Phoenix Author's Special (2 Books) Questions and Answers

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Fri Jan 10, 2020 7:49 pm

Miss Phoenix Author's Special (2 Books)
by Miss Phoenix LeFae

Use in Magic:
The Miss Phoenix Author's Special brings together two essential collections of traditional conjure methods and magic spells. In "Hoodoo Shrines and Altars: Sacred Spaces in Conjure and Rootwork" you will learn dozens of time-honoured and modern ways to set up your own home altar for veneration or spell-casting, while in "Cash Box Conjure: Hoodoo Spells for Luck and Money," Miss Phoenix presents more than one hundred ways to bring in luck and money, improve your finances, and increase your business success.

Spell Methods:
Lucky Mojo Books are filled with authentic and easy to follow instructions for practical spells of magic and fortune-telling. Enhance your success in love, luck, happiness, and wealth by learning time-tested folkloric traditions of hoodoo, rootwork, psychic reading, spiritual sorcery, and herbalism.

Product Details:
In this two-volume collection -- a total of 192 pages! -- Miss Phoenix will show you the foundations of altar work and bring your prosperity spells to a new level of abundance. These two books regularly sell for $9.00 each (a total of $18.00). Pay only $8.00 each when you buy both as a package deal -- a total of only $16.00 (a savings of $2.00). Order the "Miss Phoenix Author's Special" and you will receive one copy each of these 96-page books:

• Hoodoo Shrines and Altars by Miss Phoenix LeFae
• Cash Box Conjure by Miss Phoenix LeFae

Format: Two 96-page books (192 pages), trade paperbacks, illustrated
Publisher: LMCCo
Publication dates: 2015, 2018
ISBNs: Various
Tagged: Spells and Magic, Specials

Miss Phoenix Author's Special (2 Books)



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