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St. Cosmos and St. Damian

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St. Cosmos and St. Damian

Unread post by Janis » Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:54 pm

Today we celebrate St. Cosmos & St. Damian's day in Rio de Janeiro, and they are related to children, health and prosperity here. In this day people who are thankful to them go to the streets and distribute candies to children in small bags with their figures, asking the Saints to bless and protect their kids, homes and jobs (usually shops). St. Cosmos & St. Damian are also syncretised to the Ibeji and even to Exu Mirim in Candomblé/Umbanda. So first I want to ask the Saints to bless us all and our homes, bringing prosperity and good health. Secondly, I have a small doubt: I didn't find any specific oil to anoint a novena candle for them (or a simple offertory pink or blue candle), so I wondered if it would be ok to use Angelica Root oil, or if there is a more indicated oil or herb. Also if it would be fine to anoint a holy card (with their figure and or prayer) with this oil (to keep in the child's room for protection).

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Re: St. Cosmos and St. Damian

Unread post by Papa Newt » Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:02 pm

The best oil to use if you do not see a specific oil for a Saint would be All Saints Oil.
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