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Look Me Over Sachet Powders Questions and Answers

Discussions about how to use Lucky Mojo sachet powders and natural mineral dusts for sprinkling, blowing, and dressing papers.

Look Me Over Sachet Powders Questions and Answers

Unread postby Grasshopper » Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:19 pm

I decided to make this topic since I noticed that it was absent in this forum.

I have both a testimonial and a question.

I used the powder today, and wow, I noticed that people were definitely eyeing me big time. Interesting observation - I received attention from both men and women (I'm a male) .

So, does this mean Look Me Over has a multiple uses for both sexes? I'm assuming it does based off of my experience.
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Re: Look Me Over Sachet Powders Questions and Answers

Unread postby Miss Athena » Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:26 pm

Hi Grasshopper,

Congratulations on all the attention!

Yes, Look Me Over can have mutiple uses, just as you experienced. Pray your petition when you apply it and ask it to work towards your specific goal, and hopefully you will see that take shape.

Good luck.
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Re: Look Me Over Sachet Powders Questions and Answers

Unread postby catherineyronwode » Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:41 am

Look Me Over Sachet is used for general attraction. A person or item sprinkled or dusted with it will garner attention from both men and women -- not only for sex, but for sales, career promotions, and job-getting. For this reason it is blended with sex or money or success powders as needed or desired. Popular combinations are

Look Me Over plus Cleo May for escorts

Look Me Over plus Money Drawing for items in a shop

Look Me Over plus Steady Work for getting hired

Look Me Over plus Love Me for dating

Look Me Over Sachet Powders



You can order right here in the Forum by clicking on the blue Add To Cart button.
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