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AIRR Readers and Rootworkers Who Break Curses and Jinxes

How to contact AIRR or HP for an authentic hoodoo psychic reading, conjure consultation, or magical coaching, and how to hire a root doctor.
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AIRR Readers and Rootworkers Who Break Curses and Jinxes

Unread post by DarkShadow » Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:12 am

Is there anyone you know of who's a good spiritual worker in removing blockages, hexes, curses, and doing spells?

Please let me know!!! Thank You!!!

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Miss Aida
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Re: AIRR Readers and Rootworkers Who Break Curses and Jinxes

Unread post by Miss Aida » Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:36 pm

Hello, DarkShadow ,
Just go to the AIRR page and see which rootworker does this.
Also, some Hoodoo Psychics also do this
I'm pretty sure that most of them work with this. But, they will have to give yu a reading irst
Wishing you the very best on this
Take care
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Re: AIRR Readers and Rootworkers Who Break Curses and Jinxes

Unread post by Nony65 » Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:34 am

DarkShadow- I have had a reading regarding something similar. The AIRR workers are brilliant, and as Miss Aida pointed out, there is a list of who does what you requested in the link provided. Always worth having a look :)

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Bee Faery
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Lies about me

Unread post by Bee Faery » Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:08 am

Hello, Light Workers.

I am dealing with a long-standing, on-going problem with a crazy ex-spouse of my beloved husband. We have been together 25 years, and this woman is (still) casting curses, jinxes, causing ill-health, job loss, money woes, etc. Now she is regularly attacking my 2 teen-aged children, and I think, actively working to afflict me with cervical cancer.

The problem (besides the obvious) is, that this woman has gifts of her own, and many connections to workers. She has been lying to all and sundry about why my husband divorced her, and my role (none) in that happening. Unfortunately, she has come to believe her own lies as truth.

I see that many workers in AIRR will sometimes consent to "justified" curse casting. I am afraid that since *she* believes it's justified, and she believes her own lies, she may have misled some workers into helping harm us.

Are you aware of any workers available through AIRR who are particularly skilled at seeing through this kind of deception, and willing to help?

For the record, the divorce was asked for *six months* before I met him. Four months after I met him, I went to work cleaning his house. At that time I found a doll she had made that looked like me, with a hat pin stuck through it -- and I had yet to meet the woman.

I don't wish her evil, I just want her work to stop, or at worst, rebound on her and make her stop. But it is her stated intention to see us dead.

Thanks for your insights,
Bee Faery

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Re: AIRR Readers and Rootworkers Who Break Curses and Jinxes

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:28 am

Hello, Bee Faery,

I am sorry your life has been so troubled by your husband's ex. We know that this does happen, and there are indeed obsessed people who continue to cast curses long after an affair or marriage has ended. In some cases, the curse is laid as a recurrent curse, activating at set intervals, such as at a particular time of day, time of moon phase, or season of the year. Note that if we simply curse the sender, even unto death, a "laid" or recurrent curse may continue to self-activate anyway (some of these will even continue after the death of the sender, if they were made in certain ways).

You asked if there are AIRR members who will curse your husband's ex. Yes, there are. However ...

1) Diagnosis. We will first diagnose if we can determine that there is a curse and, if so, if it is a recurrent form of curse or if it consists of current curses sent at intervals.

2) Clean up, Uncrossing, Jinx Breaking, removal of current or recurrent curses. We will try to take off and remove both current and recurrent curses from you and your family. This often is all that is needed. It is "clean" work and many more AIRR members will do this than will do cursing.

3) Binding sender from sending further curses, if applicable. This applies only to current curses; it does not affect recurrent curses.

4) Reversal of curses onto sender, provided that the sender is still alive. If we reverse without first binding, the sender may continue to send. Therefore reversing a curse (which is "clean" work) comes after binding.

5) Cursing sender. This is "dirty" work and many AIRR members will only do it on their own behalf, or for family or friends. Some will do it for social causes, but not for clients. There are AIRR members who will do it for clients, however.

I recommend that you start with a reading. Go to AIRR and look for a reader who advertises that he or she does indeed perform justified curses -- but also advertises that he or she does jinx removal, uncrossing, protection, and reversing work. Start with a diagnostic reading. The worker will guide you form there on out, according to his or her divinations and assessments.

In short, there is no way you can go to AIRR and "hire someone to curse someone." People often ask for it, but the procedure is as above.

Good luck.
catherine yronwode
teacher - author - LMCCo owner - HP and AIRR member - MISC pastor - forum admin

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Bee Faery
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Re: AIRR Readers and Rootworkers Who Break Curses and Jinxes

Unread post by Bee Faery » Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:59 pm

Thank you, Cat! I am not interested in cursing the woman, only rebounding her own work onto her. Maybe that counts as a curse?

DH and I have done some work on our own at various times, and sometimes things calm for a while, but always eventually flare up again. Rarely the same way, or the same issues every time, although there are recurring themes.

I appreciate the input, and feedback.

Bee Faery

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