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A Big Thank You

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A Big Thank You

Unread post by bythebeautifulsea » Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:06 am

Hello, Everyone! I want to start out by saying I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the Lucky Mojo community. I want to personally thank cat yronwode, all the members of AIRR, and everyone who works for the company for creating such an amazing resource. Over the past year, I have used the Lucky Mojo products and generous information on the Lucky Mojo website and forum to create dramatic, positives changes in the life of my family. The obstacles we have overcome, and the change in our circumstances is truly remarkable; this journey has also led to incredible spiritual growth within me.

A little about me....I am a Pisces on the cusp of Aquarius, Scorpio rising, Sagittarius moon. I was raised Catholic and everyone in my family is very spiritual and spiritually gifted to one degree or another. I have some natural medium abilities, not like some people, but I occasionally have seen spirits, beginning as a child, more often I see energy "patterns" and colors around people and things/areas. I began dreaming true at a young age, and my Nana taught me how to read cards (playing cards) when I was about 16. I began reading tarot and practicing folk magic a few years later. I have been doing the work for about 20 years on an as-needed basis, it came very naturally and intuitively to me. For several years I have been very busy with family life, and wasn't working with spirit regularly. I am married to a wonderful man and we have two beautiful, sweet young sons, ages 5 and 1.5. So I've been pretty busy! But about a year ago I was led back to the work (and to Lucky Mojo) out of necessity.

We were in a very bad situation concerning my husband's work and family (he works for a family business.) Several family members, including siblings, were trying to force him and his brother out of the business. They did everything they could to turn their parents who run the business and the key executives against my husband. It was awful, we were under severe duress and seemed about to lose everything, he was about to lose his job and all future potential in the company he'd worked so hard for. People he'd never done anything to were actively persecuting him with their lies. Through the grace of God and a lot of work, with the help of many saints and spirit allies I have been able to turn this terrible situation around. There were so many ups and downs and it took working daily on a many different people from many angles for about 9 months. But the conspiracies and slander were all found out by those that mattered most. The family members working against my husband are all leaving the company permanently and moving out of state. I asked that they find their blessings elsewhere,and they are moving on to other good opportunities, leaving us in peace, and my husband and his brother will be running the company when his parents retire. Several of the ring leading executives and evil allies have retired or left the company, the others have been put in their place/demoted and my husband is finally getting the respect and credit he deserves. Increased prosperity seems imminent. Most importantly our family is at peace and feels safe after a year of constant strain,worry and anguish. Good things are happening every day and slowly but steadily we are moving closer and closer to the life we've dreamed of. I've shifted my focus to prosperity, home and healing work now, as well as work to help other family members, specifically helping my Dad with getting a work of his published (trying to assist on both the spiritual and mundane level). I am also continuing to work on harmony at my husband's company and better relationships and communication between all of us.

I feel I have been extremely empowered and blessed throughout this experience. I have forged relationships with a number of spirit allies and been so blessed to get to know and work with amazing saints and guides. Our family has grown strong in spirit and in our relationships, our bonds have deepened and we have all matured greatly. My husband has deepened his relationship with Spirit greatly as well. I want to thank Devi Spring, Ms. Melanie and Miss Aida who each did email readings/consultation for me. And I also have to thank Missionary Independent Spiritual Church for lighting candles for me. I feel like I have learned so much from each and every member of AIRR who has ever been on the Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, I have listened to hundreds of the archived recordings and learned so much, I am going to listen to them all. I It is amazing to me how the one I pick to listen to on any particular day always seems to have a message or working for me. I have a growing library of the books published by Lucky Mojo and very much want to take ms. cat's course this fall, I think I just need to schedule an interview. I've already told my husband that we are making a family trip to California for the Hoodoo Heritage Festival in May 2017...he and my boys can watch the trains run, they LOVE trains :)

Anyway, I thought it was time to finally introduce myself to the forum and community that has been such a big part of my life for almost a year. Much gratitude and many blessing to you all, I am honored to be here.
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Re: A Big Thank You

Unread post by Sister Jean » Thu Aug 11, 2016 6:37 pm

Hello bythebeautifulsea,

Thanks for officially introducing yourself! We're glad to have you :) That's great to hear that the Lucky Mojo community has helped you so much!
Thank you saints and spirits!
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Re: A Big Thank You

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:03 pm

bythebeautifulsea --

What a wonderful introduction. I am so glad that you are finding ways to get what you want through spirit-led folk magic.

Thanks for the kind works about me and my colleagues. I hope you do become a student and we do meet some day.

Best to you and yours.
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