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TNYKS CHATLOG Jesus, Cloves, Mediumship September 29, 2016

Professor Porterfield and his crew of Radio Sidekicks present traditional Rootwork and Conjure, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya.
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TNYKS CHATLOG Jesus, Cloves, Mediumship September 29, 2016

Unread post by nagasiva » Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:04 pm

Tonight on The Now You Know Show
Episode 77: Jesus, Cloves, & Mediumship.
on the LMC Radio Network is airing on 09/29/16
at 9pm EST / 6pm PST
See the details and set a reminder at:

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lmcradione ... mediumship

An exciting variety broadcast that covers all things hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure including Jesus, Cloves, and Mediumship.

"From deep in the heart of Texas, where the stars at night are big and bright, comes The Now You Know Show, with Prof. Charles Porterfield, here to tell it like it was and how it is, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya!"

Tune in or call in at (323) 642-1214 and learn valuable lessons about the practice of hoodoo, conjure, and throwing roots with a skilled practitioner who brings a lifetime of experience to the task of teaching newbies and entertaining old-time practitioners alike.

Professor Porterfield is a talented rootworker, a dedicated founding member of AIRR, a gifted reader, and one of our dearest friends. We are proud to sponsor him in this adventure.

At Professor Porterfield's TheNowYouKnowShow.com web site, you can find updates and information on the show -- or, to access episodes directly, just go to The Now You Know Show at Blog Talk Radio.

Listen online, call in by phone 323-642-1214, Skype, or 'Click-to-Talk' via a computer interface. Join in chat using a registered BlogTalkRadio account.

*** (19:21:23):Welcome to the the LMC Radio Network Chat Room.

2016-09-29 19:25:23 the LMC Radio Network Early bird
2016-09-29 19:25:40 the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 45 minutes and counting.
2016-09-29 19:27:15 gabrielle swain Just being here now. :D
2016-09-29 19:27:15 the LMC Radio Network :D
2016-09-29 19:27:45 the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 33 minutes and counting.
2016-09-29 19:27:51 the LMC Radio Network I miss counted
2016-09-29 19:38:14 the LMC Radio Network T-minus 22 minutes and counting.
2016-09-29 19:45:15 catherine yronwode Hello, and hey -- i think i sussed out why Cloves go with Jesus -- Clever!
2016-09-29 19:45:21 the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 15 minutes and counting.
2016-09-29 19:45:25 the LMC Radio Network :)
2016-09-29 19:50:24 the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 10 minutes and counting.
2016-09-29 19:52:26 Papa Newt Good evening, everyone.
2016-09-29 19:52:28 the LMC Radio Network (})
2016-09-29 19:55:28 gabrielle swain (})
2016-09-29 19:55:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Did my best for the promos, will look again in a moment for anything missing.
2016-09-29 19:55:42 the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 5 minutes and counting.
2016-09-29 19:55:54 the LMC Radio Network They should all be done, caught them earlier
2016-09-29 19:56:20 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Great!
2016-09-29 19:57:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti AIRR Birthday: 09/30/67 Candelo Kimbisa
2016-09-29 19:57:17 Ghia (}) HB Candelo
2016-09-29 19:57:49 the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 2 minutes and counting.
2016-09-29 19:58:03 ChristyXP (})
2016-09-29 19:58:10 Ghia Hail Jesus!(F)
2016-09-29 19:58:19 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti (})(})(})(})(})
2016-09-29 19:59:21 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti So are they waving hello or goodbye, since they're fading?
2016-09-29 19:59:43 Ghia intradimensional, hard to telllll
2016-09-29 19:59:51 the LMC Radio Network we are GO, FLY!
2016-09-29 20:00:02 catherine yronwode LMC!
2016-09-29 20:00:02 the LMC Radio Network Sound is LIVE!
2016-09-29 20:00:32 Ghia didn't catch sound will refresh as usual
2016-09-29 20:01:04 ChristyXP refreshing worked for me
2016-09-29 20:01:08 catherine yronwode The Syncopated Clock.
2016-09-29 20:01:17 Ghia yes as usual
2016-09-29 20:01:25 catherine yronwode The Views and Opinions...
2016-09-29 20:01:33 the LMC Radio Network ALL ABOARD!
2016-09-29 20:01:49 Ghia (F)
2016-09-29 20:02:00 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti ::recently cleared my browser (Firefox) cache and cookies to see if it improves sync-opation:: Seems good. I may have to restart computer too.
2016-09-29 20:02:06 catherine yronwode And now ... The Orange Blossom (Very Special) Special!
2016-09-29 20:02:12 ChristyXP Woo-woo!
2016-09-29 20:02:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yellow Rose?
2016-09-29 20:02:34 catherine yronwode From deeeep in the heart of where the eyes of Texas are upon us!
2016-09-29 20:02:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh yes.
2016-09-29 20:02:43 Ghia (L)(L)(L)
2016-09-29 20:02:50 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Eyes of TX.
2016-09-29 20:02:53 catherine yronwode It's The Now You Know Show!
2016-09-29 20:03:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti (F)
2016-09-29 20:03:15 catherine yronwode Professor Porterfield!
2016-09-29 20:03:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti He is!
2016-09-29 20:04:17 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Like little hermit crabs!
2016-09-29 20:04:26 ChristyXP highs in the 70's (L)
2016-09-29 20:04:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I *LOVE* the Romper Room MIRROR
2016-09-29 20:04:43 catherine yronwode Romper Room Meeer.
2016-09-29 20:04:50 Papa Newt :D
2016-09-29 20:04:56 Ghia Romper Roommmmm!
2016-09-29 20:05:04 Alicia H *waves*
2016-09-29 20:05:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I cried when i wasn't named.
2016-09-29 20:05:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL
2016-09-29 20:05:14 catherine yronwode Hellooooo!
2016-09-29 20:05:17 Papa Newt Hello Professor! :D
2016-09-29 20:05:20 Ghia HelllOOOO
2016-09-29 20:05:26 shalomintlmin hello back
2016-09-29 20:05:30 Alicia H yay crafts!
2016-09-29 20:05:38 missmichaele Cooking is a craft, right?
2016-09-29 20:05:50 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh yes, still eloping!
2016-09-29 20:06:00 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Honeymooned!
2016-09-29 20:06:03 Ghia Congrats!
2016-09-29 20:06:16 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Wink has the night off!
2016-09-29 20:06:17 ChristyXP hooray!
2016-09-29 20:06:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Foggiburgers?
2016-09-29 20:06:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Charlie Witherspoon.
2016-09-29 20:06:47 catherine yronwode Charlie Witherspoon
2016-09-29 20:06:48 Ghia (lol)
2016-09-29 20:07:21 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hemispheric News!
2016-09-29 20:07:24 Ghia gosh this makes me happy :)
2016-09-29 20:07:46 ChristyXP auspicious days to bake, miss michaele! keep on cookin' :)
2016-09-29 20:07:56 gabrielle swain have a hole digging party!!!
2016-09-29 20:08:21 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 10 second delay from phone, doing well!
2016-09-29 20:08:27 missmichaele Bread machiiiiiine ... Maybe I'll make some of that extra hearty whole wheat/poppyseed bread that was such a hit last week :)
2016-09-29 20:09:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti H.M.S. Nelson
2016-09-29 20:09:55 Ghia cyanide hmm I remember that slightly
2016-09-29 20:09:56 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Dubuya
2016-09-29 20:10:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Assalam alaykum, Candelo!
2016-09-29 20:11:01 ChristyXP happy birthday candelo!
2016-09-29 20:11:30 Ghia <:o)
2016-09-29 20:11:59 ChristyXP lucky numbers!
2016-09-29 20:12:45 Papa Newt Fun!
2016-09-29 20:13:08 Ghia Hail Jupiter!
2016-09-29 20:13:17 Papa Newt 13 - 21 - 27 - 33 - 39 - 42
2016-09-29 20:13:35 catherine yronwode Thanks, Papa Newt!
2016-09-29 20:13:49 Papa Newt 242 - 337 - 975
2016-09-29 20:13:56 Papa Newt You're welcome
2016-09-29 20:13:59 catherine yronwode 242 (i like that one), 337, 975
2016-09-29 20:14:15 Papa Newt 4 of Spades. The Sick Bed.
2016-09-29 20:15:37 Ghia (F)
2016-09-29 20:15:40 ChristyXP (L)
2016-09-29 20:15:45 catherine yronwode Mrs. Loretta Neumann with "Cooking with Miss Loretta"
2016-09-29 20:15:57 catherine yronwode Is she going to have to learn some Jewish dishes now?
2016-09-29 20:16:11 Papa Newt :)
2016-09-29 20:16:30 catherine yronwode She's messed up six checks, so used to being Miss Loretta Evans.
2016-09-29 20:16:57 catherine yronwode She says, "I have been requested to make a public apology. "
2016-09-29 20:17:22 catherine yronwode She gave a recipe for Goulash with cream cheese. She will never do that again.
2016-09-29 20:17:33 Ghia (lol)
2016-09-29 20:17:38 gabrielle swain Seriously cracked up
2016-09-29 20:17:53 catherine yronwode Hungarian Goulash -- now the REAL thing! And i think i know where she got it.
2016-09-29 20:18:01 Ghia yup
2016-09-29 20:17:55 the LMC Radio Network Hungarian Goulash for 4
2016-09-29 20:18:23 the LMC Radio Network Ingredients 1.5 to 2 pounds of beef shin or shoulder, or any tender part of the beef cut into half inch cubes, 2 tablespoons oil or lard, 2 medium onions, chopped, 2 cloves of garlic,"
2016-09-29 20:18:53 catherine yronwode With a parsnip already! WOW.
2016-09-29 20:18:49 the LMC Radio Network 1-2 carrots, diced, 1 parsnip, diced, 1-2 celery leaves, 2 medium tomatoes, peeled and chopped, or 1 tbs. tomato paste,"
2016-09-29 20:19:15 the LMC Radio Network 2-3 medium potatoes, sliced, 1 tablespoon Hungarian paprika powder (sweet), 1 teaspoon ground caraway seed, 1 bay leaf, ground black pepper and salt according to taste, and water"
2016-09-29 20:19:28 catherine yronwode With Caraway! This *is* the real thing.
2016-09-29 20:19:28 Ghia can we order it on Amazon?
2016-09-29 20:19:39 Ghia the ghoulash?
2016-09-29 20:19:35 the LMC Radio Network Instructions: 1. Heat up the oil or lard in a pot and braise the chopped onions in it until they get a nice golden brown colour.
2016-09-29 20:19:45 catherine yronwode I wish.
2016-09-29 20:19:53 the LMC Radio Network Instructions: 2. Add the beef cubes and sauté them till they turn white and get a bit of brownish colour as well.
2016-09-29 20:20:01 Ghia yeah, like just send it :)
2016-09-29 20:20:17 the LMC Radio Network 3. Sprinkle the braised onions and meat with paprika powder while stirring them to avoid burning the spice.
2016-09-29 20:21:00 the LMC Radio Network 4. The meat will probably let out its own juice, let the beef-cubes simmer in it while adding the grated or crushed and chopped garlic, the ground caraway seeds, some salt and ground black pepper, the bay leaf, pour enough water to cover the content of the"
2016-09-29 20:21:14 the LMC Radio Network pan and let it simmer on low heat for a while.
2016-09-29 20:21:34 catherine yronwode Somebody is very particular -- and we know who!
2016-09-29 20:21:44 the LMC Radio Network 5. When the meat is half-cooked (approx. in 1.5 hour) add the diced carrots, parsnip and the potatoes, the celery leaf and some more salt if necessary (vegetables tend to call for more salt). You’ll probably have to add some more (2-3 cups) water too.
2016-09-29 20:22:08 Ghia sounds so complicated!
2016-09-29 20:22:07 the LMC Radio Network 6. When the vegetables and the meat are almost done add the fresh tomato cubes or paste and the sliced green peppers. Let it cook on low heat for another few minutes. You can remove the lid of the pan if you want the soup to thicken.
2016-09-29 20:22:21 the LMC Radio Network 7. Bring the soup to the boil.
2016-09-29 20:22:58 Ghia can we just ask you to send us a recipe card with a self addressed envelope with a stamp
2016-09-29 20:23:47 Ghia Thanks Mrs, um ....
2016-09-29 20:23:58 Ghia N.
2016-09-29 20:24:14 ChristyXP LOL send a SASE and get a hard copy of the recipe?
2016-09-29 20:24:23 Ghia yeah
2016-09-29 20:24:31 gabrielle swain Spirit in the Sky
2016-09-29 20:24:37 Ghia Fave song
2016-09-29 20:24:44 Ghia JEESUS
2016-09-29 20:24:52 gabrielle swain Can't remember the artist
2016-09-29 20:24:54 ChristyXP I knew you'd get that one Mom :D
2016-09-29 20:24:58 catherine yronwode Spirit in the Sky ';
2016-09-29 20:25:05 Ghia (F)(H)(H)
2016-09-29 20:25:25 gabrielle swain Something iike Norman Greenbaum
2016-09-29 20:25:32 catherine yronwode Norman Greenbaum -- a JEWISH GUY!
2016-09-29 20:25:49 catherine yronwode And he lives locally -- Petaluma, i think.
2016-09-29 20:26:07 gabrielle swain Yup, Christy I was there. lol
2016-09-29 20:26:47 catherine yronwode I think this is a cross-cultural reference on Miss Loretta's marriage to Count Ghoulash (Mr. Neumann).
2016-09-29 20:27:27 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Had to restart, Jesus RESURRECTED MY COMPUTER.
2016-09-29 20:27:35 catherine yronwode LOL!
2016-09-29 20:27:37 Ghia Hail Jesus
2016-09-29 20:27:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I'm reminded of Primus and hotrods.
2016-09-29 20:28:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Way better sound from these speakers than the tiny phone speakers.
2016-09-29 20:28:12 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Spirit in the Sky
2016-09-29 20:28:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti WTG!!
2016-09-29 20:28:53 catherine yronwode Aw, he gave us BOTH a brownie.
2016-09-29 20:29:03 ChristyXP yay!
2016-09-29 20:29:20 gabrielle swain Oh Yeah!
2016-09-29 20:29:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti profporterfield@gmail.com
2016-09-29 20:29:35 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Beat out Papa Newt!
2016-09-29 20:29:47 catherine yronwode He is taking letters and questions via email at that address.
2016-09-29 20:30:14 Papa Newt I stepped away from the computer. :D
2016-09-29 20:30:30 catherine yronwode I love Norman Greenbaum...
2016-09-29 20:30:46 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Love of Westerns!
2016-09-29 20:31:09 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Not some native American? Hm. A cowboy, hm.
2016-09-29 20:31:34 catherine yronwode Norman Greenbaum wrote the song with reference to Western movies and Texans dying with their boots on.
2016-09-29 20:32:16 catherine yronwode Troll, a Jesus fan with a Jewish family, asks how Prof. Porterfield how he as a Jew views Jesus.
2016-09-29 20:32:16 Ghia nice questions, indeed
2016-09-29 20:32:33 catherine yronwode And troll -- you can post that letter in sections RIGHT NOW, please?
2016-09-29 20:32:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Sure just a sec.
2016-09-29 20:32:59 Ghia succinct
2016-09-29 20:33:09 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Question:
2016-09-29 20:33:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti How do you relate your hoodoo practice (which as i understand it is a primarily Christian activity) to your religious dedication as a Jew?
2016-09-29 20:33:20 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Do you regard Jesus as a rabbi ancestor, ghost, or spirit, as an intercessor to G-d? As an exemplar prophet or human being? Is he the son of G-d? Do you think that he died for your sins?
2016-09-29 20:33:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Do many of your spells call upon Jesus, or the Blood of Jesus, to cleanse, wash, or otherwise purify you or your clients?
2016-09-29 20:33:36 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Do you think you get more Jewish or Old Testament-based clients on account of your religious adherence and way of working hoodoo in this regard?
2016-09-29 20:33:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Thank you,
2016-09-29 20:34:00 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Troll Towelhead,Grand Mufti of Satanism, Jesus-fan with Jewish family.
2016-09-29 20:34:07 catherine yronwode G-d because he knows you to be Orthodox or Hassidic, not like his Reform wife who spells it God. :-)
2016-09-29 20:34:31 catherine yronwode He is a very kindly and respectful guy.
2016-09-29 20:34:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.facebook.com/satanistgrandmufti
2016-09-29 20:34:59 catherine yronwode A child-religion to Judaism.
2016-09-29 20:35:06 catherine yronwode but not childish.
2016-09-29 20:35:38 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti TNK, Tanakh
2016-09-29 20:36:01 catherine yronwode Gimme that old-time Testament, gimme that old-time Testament, gimme that old-time Testament, it's good enough for me
2016-09-29 20:36:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoobiblemagic.html
2016-09-29 20:36:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hoodoo Bible Magic, by Miss Michaele and Professor Charles Porterfield
2016-09-29 20:36:26 catherine yronwode It was good enough for Moses, it was good enough for Moses, it was good enough for Moses, and it's good enough for me.
2016-09-29 20:36:46 Ghia (H)(F)
2016-09-29 20:36:47 catherine yronwode It was good for the Hebrew prophets, it was good for the Hebrew prophets, and it's good enough for me.
2016-09-29 20:37:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Thank you for saying so. I guessed that. When invited to ask questions.....
2016-09-29 20:37:32 catherine yronwode Prof: "Jewish folk magic is part of the admixture of hoodoo." Truth.
2016-09-29 20:37:34 gabrielle swain We had a discussion about this at the house about a month ago.
2016-09-29 20:37:49 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti It's a fascinating subject to me.
2016-09-29 20:38:12 catherine yronwode Along with Native American, European, and other traditions, on a strong core of African practice.
2016-09-29 20:38:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti King Solomon Wisdom
2016-09-29 20:38:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Adam and Eve Root
2016-09-29 20:38:28 Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/kingsolomonwisdom.html
2016-09-29 20:38:30 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yes!
2016-09-29 20:38:35 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti No Matthew Oil
2016-09-29 20:38:42 Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/adamandeve.html
2016-09-29 20:38:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Not a lot of St. Peter Bath Salts
2016-09-29 20:39:00 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti No Pauline Powders
2016-09-29 20:39:01 gabrielle swain The guys in the band don't even tell the same story.
2016-09-29 20:39:20 catherine yronwode Lots of hoodoo products have Old Testament names -- Moses Oil, even that old time product King David the Fearless Floor Wash (i love that one!)
2016-09-29 20:39:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Tough nut to crack, Professor, indeed.
2016-09-29 20:39:39 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti mishigah?
2016-09-29 20:39:42 catherine yronwode No First Thessalonians Room Spray
2016-09-29 20:39:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL catherine!
2016-09-29 20:39:57 catherine yronwode mishegas -- craziness (Yiddish)
2016-09-29 20:40:21 catherine yronwode a mishegas is what mishuggeneh people make.
2016-09-29 20:41:09 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Good choices, Professor!! Those detours lead to hours of dispute no doubt.
2016-09-29 20:42:07 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yay admixtures!
2016-09-29 20:42:08 catherine yronwode Also spelled meshugenah and meshuggana and so forth and mishegos and misheggas
2016-09-29 20:42:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ah! I've seen those spellings.
2016-09-29 20:42:24 gabrielle swain Thank you, beloved son.
2016-09-29 20:42:49 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I couldn't believe that when i first heard that! Aghast!
2016-09-29 20:43:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 'can pass' is a phrase particularly used for those with lighter skin, yes.
2016-09-29 20:43:42 catherine yronwode Jews are another kind of Black. I have heard that both from Jews and from Black Americans.
2016-09-29 20:44:25 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Storytime!
2016-09-29 20:44:40 ChristyXP Is this story about my family?
2016-09-29 20:44:40 catherine yronwode Also many Black people are surprised when many (if not most) American Jews tell them that they know that Moses and Jesus and so forth were Black.
2016-09-29 20:44:44 ChristyXP ah hell
2016-09-29 20:44:47 ChristyXP I knew it
2016-09-29 20:44:53 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh my!
2016-09-29 20:45:03 catherine yronwode East Texas, near The Middle of Nowhere.
2016-09-29 20:45:04 gabrielle swain Amen, Christy.
2016-09-29 20:45:27 catherine yronwode Into The Piney Woods to visit The Wife's Maternal Grandmother.
2016-09-29 20:45:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Tickled PINK!
2016-09-29 20:45:37 gabrielle swain I call it Eastbejesus, Texas.
2016-09-29 20:45:59 ChristyXP (lol)
2016-09-29 20:46:23 ChristyXP You can do a much better impersonation of my aunt
2016-09-29 20:46:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 8-|
2016-09-29 20:46:29 ChristyXP I've heard it
2016-09-29 20:46:34 catherine yronwode She made a room for them, cooked food, and she told the family ... and her daughter (Christy's Aunt) called and told Grandmother, ""Momma, don;t you know that he's a Jew?""
2016-09-29 20:46:38 Ghia color lol
2016-09-29 20:46:57 catherine yronwode And Grandmother replied, ""I don't care what colour he is -- he's a man, isn't he?""
2016-09-29 20:47:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Wow! Harpo is cute!
2016-09-29 20:47:30 catherine yronwode But Charles looks very Scottish to me.
2016-09-29 20:47:31 gabrielle swain TRUE
2016-09-29 20:47:49 catherine yronwode The South is just strange.
2016-09-29 20:47:59 gabrielle swain From his father, Catherine.
2016-09-29 20:48:11 catherine yronwode I was once asked in the South if i was Amish -- because i wore a bandanna.
2016-09-29 20:48:14 missmichaele To me lean/tall/smart/blond mostly reads Scandinavian.
2016-09-29 20:48:32 Ghia I have clients from OHIO who are very against all but regular white, horrid
2016-09-29 20:48:46 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti YES!
2016-09-29 20:49:02 catherine yronwode regular white -- HAHAHA. But watch out for those ""irregular"" whites, LOL!
2016-09-29 20:49:03 Ghia what they call regular acceptable white...not jewish
2016-09-29 20:49:22 catherine yronwode Ooooh. ""regular acceptable white"" now. Yep.
2016-09-29 20:49:46 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh no!
2016-09-29 20:49:53 catherine yronwode The average expert on Judaism is not a Jew. LOL!
2016-09-29 20:49:53 Ghia it is there all over thats why Trump has support
2016-09-29 20:49:56 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti How do they become this type of expert?!?!
2016-09-29 20:50:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Sounds somewhat self-appointed.
2016-09-29 20:50:07 catherine yronwode They read the BIBLE, Troll.
2016-09-29 20:50:14 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh dear.
2016-09-29 20:50:28 catherine yronwode They read it through and through and through and through. (Happy birthday, Jerry Lee Lewis)
2016-09-29 20:50:32 Ghia these clients never mention the Bible, btw
2016-09-29 20:50:45 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti What? TYPES of Jews?
2016-09-29 20:50:47 Ghia black jews
2016-09-29 20:50:57 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti ;)
2016-09-29 20:51:19 catherine yronwode They have almost never heard of Reform, in my experience.
2016-09-29 20:51:24 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I'm sorry, that sounds pretty terrible.
2016-09-29 20:51:26 missmichaele Or Abayudaya Jews in Uganda
2016-09-29 20:51:40 catherine yronwode Right, missmichaele.
2016-09-29 20:51:51 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Jewish experts in Hermeticism explain that Kabbalah is all about magicK.
2016-09-29 20:52:36 ChristyXP a LOT of books
2016-09-29 20:52:48 ChristyXP ovr 6'
2016-09-29 20:52:50 catherine yronwode Yep, i am not too Talmudic, fer shure.
2016-09-29 20:52:55 missmichaele OMG-d SACRED WRIT INVASION AT THE PROFESSOR'S HOUSE
2016-09-29 20:53:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL MissM-ch-lcatherine
2016-09-29 20:53:18 yronwode I like straight up Davidic stuff.
2016-09-29 20:53:28 Ghia I had the Zohar in hebrew, but I gave it to a jewish client for her sons
2016-09-29 20:53:51 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Not supposed to be whispering with the Dead.
2016-09-29 20:54:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti No necromancy.
2016-09-29 20:54:18 Ghia well I live across from the graveyard
2016-09-29 20:54:19 catherine yronwode Charles is so Orthodox that he does not practice necromancy.
2016-09-29 20:55:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 'Superstitious', even Jewish folk magic.
2016-09-29 20:55:23 catherine yronwode https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maimonides
2016-09-29 20:55:25 Ghia wow what a great pontification :)
2016-09-29 20:55:51 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Not a messiah
2016-09-29 20:56:16 catherine yronwode Moshe ben Maimon the Rambam.
2016-09-29 20:56:48 catherine yronwode A medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher and astronomer -- who abjured ""superstition"" or folk magic.
2016-09-29 20:57:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Didn't happen: cucumbers wanting to ripen and present for a salad for the rabbi.
2016-09-29 20:57:52 Ghia :D towel
2016-09-29 20:58:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Nice discernment, Professor!!
2016-09-29 20:58:23 Ghia belief is....
2016-09-29 20:58:30 catherine yronwode The Prof does not think that Jesus died for his sins. But ""he might have died for YOUR sins."" LOL!
2016-09-29 20:58:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ah! Atonement for sin.
2016-09-29 20:58:53 catherine yronwode I have a very sticky keyboard. Sorry.
2016-09-29 20:58:57 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti het
2016-09-29 20:59:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I love that.
2016-09-29 20:59:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Miss the target.
2016-09-29 20:59:12 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti That's how i regard my vows.
2016-09-29 20:59:27 Ghia I'm sorry it was a control tactic cooked up by criminal minds
2016-09-29 20:59:31 gabrielle swain Agree, Troll.
2016-09-29 20:59:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Atonement via action.
2016-09-29 20:59:51 catherine yronwode No original sin in Judaism. You can transgress, but you were not born in sin, we believe.
2016-09-29 20:59:58 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti :D :D
2016-09-29 21:00:03 catherine yronwode Bob and Ray are being channelled right now!
2016-09-29 21:00:24 catherine yronwode He is speaking for the dead (but not WITH the dead!)
2016-09-29 21:00:25 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Faith not by works?
2016-09-29 21:00:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ah! Acts! Not by faith.
2016-09-29 21:01:03 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yay save the environment.
2016-09-29 21:01:12 Ghia Faith is not an Action , agreed
2016-09-29 21:01:23 Ghia Mitzva
2016-09-29 21:01:24 catherine yronwode This is indeed "the great divide." Jews believe that ACTS tell the storyof your life and faith is optional. Christianity teaches that faith alone can save and that bad acts can be transcended in a death-bed confession.
2016-09-29 21:01:47 ChristyXP tikkun olam
2016-09-29 21:02:15 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Making amends.
2016-09-29 21:02:25 Ghia also i see jewish acts of kindness in society are not seen, they are more personal, it seems
2016-09-29 21:02:35 catherine yronwode So we Jews always try to DO good, and that is why a person with no faith in God (e.g. an atheist) who was born Jewish is still a Jew.
2016-09-29 21:02:39 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Rashashana, Yom Kippur
2016-09-29 21:03:01 catherine yronwode Jewish New Year and Jewish Day of Atonement.
2016-09-29 21:03:14 gabrielle swain Hey Troll, doesn't this ""by actions"" sound Very Buddhist?
2016-09-29 21:03:29 missmichaele Re environment: Revelation 11:18 was always one of my favorite verses even as a conservative Christian: God's wrath comes ""to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.""
2016-09-29 21:03:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti gabrielle, I've heard the emphasis on actions from most religious at some point, yes. Satanists, even some(?) Christians. Buddhists sometimes too.
2016-09-29 21:03:46 Ghia well I think the buddhist temples initiates praying all day do help as well tho
2016-09-29 21:04:21 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Charity
2016-09-29 21:04:24 catherine yronwode Funding educational institutions is a popular Jewish act of goodness. So is providing food for the poor and medical care for all. Also in my family, it was a popular act in the 19th century to pay for watering fountains for dray horses and carting dogs.
2016-09-29 21:05:03 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti rabbi / teacher
2016-09-29 21:05:04 catherine yronwode Jesus was a rabbi (teacher) and a carpenter. A rabbi is not apriest.
2016-09-29 21:05:10 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti sensei / master
2016-09-29 21:05:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Not a priest
2016-09-29 21:05:15 catherine yronwode A rabbi is a sensei, not a priest.
2016-09-29 21:05:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Not a priest of the Temple.
2016-09-29 21:06:03 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Rabbi Man!
2016-09-29 21:06:11 catherine yronwode Most / many rabbis have historically had a trade -- leather-worker, architect, etc.
2016-09-29 21:06:21 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Absolutely.
2016-09-29 21:06:24 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Kal-El
2016-09-29 21:06:28 catherine yronwode Jews invented comic books. See Kal-El.
2016-09-29 21:07:24 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Tried to create Reform Judaism 1000+ years too soon.
2016-09-29 21:07:39 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti With the Gabriel angel announcing it.
2016-09-29 21:07:43 catherine yronwode Wikipedia: Superman's Kryptonian name, ""Kal-El"", resembles the Hebrew words קל-אל, which can be taken to mean ""voice of God""
2016-09-29 21:07:51 Ghia Osiris story
2016-09-29 21:08:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Zeus, or Osiris, yes!
2016-09-29 21:08:07 Alicia H Mithras
2016-09-29 21:08:31 catherine yronwode Wikipedia: The suffix ""el"", meaning ""(of) God"", is also found in the name of angels (e.g. Gabriel, Ariel), who are airborne humanoid agents of good with superhuman powers.
2016-09-29 21:08:52 Ghia Catholicism is high Paganic
2016-09-29 21:09:01 catherine yronwode Wikipedia: The Nazis also thought Superman was a Jew and in 1940 Joseph Goebbels publicly denounced Superman and his creator Siegel.
2016-09-29 21:09:38 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yes, different relationship.
2016-09-29 21:09:42 catherine yronwode High Paganic -- GREAT TERM, Ghia!
2016-09-29 21:10:00 Ghia to get the power and the money , that's all still works however you want to use it in work
2016-09-29 21:10:12 catherine yronwode Yes, Charles calls upon Jesus. (Also we call upon Elijah in our Jewish spells!)
2016-09-29 21:10:28 catherine yronwode And Elijah was not the son of God, either!
2016-09-29 21:10:41 missmichaele Some Spiritualists refer to Jesus as "Our Elder Brother"
2016-09-29 21:10:54 catherine yronwode https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elijah
2016-09-29 21:10:54 Ghia he is the super witch
2016-09-29 21:11:06 missmichaele Jesus is The Root Man of the Bible
2016-09-29 21:11:15 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti There you go, Miss Michaele.
2016-09-29 21:11:31 catherine yronwode Wikipedia: Yahweh [...] performed many miracles through Elijah, including raising the dead, bringing fire down from the sky, and taking the prophet up to heaven ""by a whirlwind"".
2016-09-29 21:11:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Bezerker!
2016-09-29 21:11:48 Ghia take me up Jesus
2016-09-29 21:11:51 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I was chuckling!!
2016-09-29 21:11:53 catherine yronwode The other Jews are laughing their heads off!
2016-09-29 21:12:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I expanded that to BEAR-zerkers.
2016-09-29 21:12:12 catherine yronwode The bald-headed ghost who kills people with bears! YESSSSS!
2016-09-29 21:12:16 Ghia (lol)
2016-09-29 21:12:36 missmichaele and the bears "killed forty-two...of their number." It was a mob.
2016-09-29 21:12:48 Ghia (lol)
2016-09-29 21:12:52 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh yes, the saintification.
2016-09-29 21:13:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Guests and the lines of demarcation.
2016-09-29 21:14:01 catherine yronwode Elisha: And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them. 2 Kings 2:24
2016-09-29 21:14:07 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Excellent! Jewish COS-play.
2016-09-29 21:14:23 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Saint angels.
2016-09-29 21:14:36 catherine yronwode The resemblances between Elijah and Elisha are occasionally so great, that it is scarcely surprising the one prophet is confused with the other.
2016-09-29 21:14:50 ChristyXP and who might show up at your bris
2016-09-29 21:14:50 catherine yronwode Elijah gets the wine and seat and the open door. Also he dresses in green.
2016-09-29 21:14:52 ChristyXP :D
2016-09-29 21:15:12 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 99 parts!
2016-09-29 21:15:23 Ghia saw a gasket fly there.....:O
2016-09-29 21:15:30 catherine yronwode From http://www.xenos.org/teachings/?teaching=179
2016-09-29 21:15:30 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL Ghia.
2016-09-29 21:15:40 catherine yronwode Elijah came from rustic Gilead beyond the Jordan River, and was probably from a relatively poor home. Elisha, on the other hand, came from Abel Meholah in Israel proper, and appears to have had a wealthy upbringing (12 oxen).
2016-09-29 21:16:07 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti It's self-consistent boundary-guarding with respect and barring.
2016-09-29 21:16:10 ChristyXP (}) switching to phone cuz I have to head out to pick up dinner
2016-09-29 21:16:10 catherine yronwode Elijah seems to have been a man of moods—experiencing great emotional swings between euphoria and depression. We see no such evidence of this in Elisha, who was probably more even-tempered. [Except for the BEARS!]
2016-09-29 21:16:11 Ghia Ramblin Man soon to play I think...
2016-09-29 21:16:32 catherine yronwode Elijah was a hairy man (2 Kings 1:8), while Elisha was bald (2 Kings 2:23) [thus the BEARS!]
2016-09-29 21:16:38 Ghia by Christy :)
2016-09-29 21:17:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com/thesportinglife.html
2016-09-29 21:18:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Right!
2016-09-29 21:18:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Cultural tradition identifying Jews as powerful sorcerers.
2016-09-29 21:18:27 catherine yronwode xenos.org: Most of [Elijah's] ministry was directly confronting powerful worldly figures (Ahab; Jezebel; Ahaziah). Elisha, on the other hand, dealt mainly with common people whose names we will never know—a widow, a laborer, a Shunnamite woman, etc.
2016-09-29 21:18:39 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Wow!
2016-09-29 21:18:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti That's GREAT!
2016-09-29 21:18:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Religion's EDGE!
2016-09-29 21:18:54 Ghia hahah funny about the sorceror
2016-09-29 21:19:05 catherine yronwode xenos.org: most of Elijah's miracles were dramatic and judgmental on apostasy (DROUGHT; FIRE FROM HEAVEN). By contrast, most of Elisha's miracles were modest and deeds of compassion [except for the BEARS!]
2016-09-29 21:19:10 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti There are stories amongst Muslims supporting it.
2016-09-29 21:19:41 catherine yronwode I too have been told by Muslims that they seek me out because "Jews are sorcerers."
2016-09-29 21:19:45 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Back to basics.
2016-09-29 21:20:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yow, Lucky Jew, like touching the hair of African Americans.
2016-09-29 21:20:44 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 'corners of your garments' - prayer shawl.
2016-09-29 21:20:55 shalomintlmin Yasssssssssssssssssssssss
2016-09-29 21:20:59 catherine yronwode Touch the corners of his garment (in the NT) means the corners of his prayer shawl.
2016-09-29 21:21:00 missmichaele Some of those who feel the Christian Church has lost its way leave and find some healing in neoPaganism; come back to Jesus again. that was my path.
2016-09-29 21:21:22 catherine yronwode People touch Jews because they think they are "lucky."
2016-09-29 21:21:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Good luck will rub off!
2016-09-29 21:21:34 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti (chimney sweep)
2016-09-29 21:22:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yes, it's not due to your work and dedication.
2016-09-29 21:24:21 missmichaele I always thought whatever truth was in those ""positive stereotypes"" was more along the lines of ... growing up in a musical family like the Bachs.
2016-09-29 21:24:44 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL
2016-09-29 21:24:45 missmichaele ... Chili Doritos and diet Coke aren't kosher?
2016-09-29 21:25:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Pork skins!
2016-09-29 21:25:21 catherine yronwode You're not allowed to eat that. -- I get that ALL THE TIME. I happen to like oysters and bacon. The OYSTER FEST! The Youth Park Bar-B-Que
2016-09-29 21:25:31 catherine yronwode Scarfing oysters!
2016-09-29 21:25:37 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL Yah! She taught ME how great oysters are!
2016-09-29 21:26:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Greatest Law!!
2016-09-29 21:26:10 catherine yronwode Dude, if Jews told Christians the 10 Commandments, we'd be WHIPPED OUT OF TOWN.
2016-09-29 21:26:34 catherine yronwode And the shrimp!
2016-09-29 21:26:46 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Never?!
2016-09-29 21:27:07 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh if you know you're going to do again, don't try to atone.
2016-09-29 21:27:07 catherine yronwode OMG -- Charles admits he has never atoned for eating shellfish on Yom Kippur because he knows he'll do it again.
2016-09-29 21:27:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti That is totally reasonable.
2016-09-29 21:27:18 Ghia (F)
2016-09-29 21:27:18 catherine yronwode We don't do ""Catholic style"" confessions!
2016-09-29 21:27:34 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Aligning the will!
2016-09-29 21:27:38 catherine yronwode And sin again. And confess again. And sin again.
2016-09-29 21:28:00 catherine yronwode So no atonement for eating shellfish until or unless you really will not be doing that again.
2016-09-29 21:28:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Right!!
2016-09-29 21:28:14 missmichaele LOL
2016-09-29 21:28:18 Ghia (lol)
2016-09-29 21:28:22 catherine yronwode I once went to Las Vegas and ate 42 shrimp!
2016-09-29 21:28:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti That's how *i* feel too! I never was supposed to not eat 'em.
2016-09-29 21:28:30 catherine yronwode While playing Keno!
2016-09-29 21:28:33 catherine yronwode At the table!
2016-09-29 21:28:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I wanna come and eat too!
2016-09-29 21:28:54 missmichaele And the reason that non-repentance works (absent harming other humans) is that HELL is NOT AN OPTION.
2016-09-29 21:28:57 gabrielle swain We are fighting over the oysters and shrimp.
2016-09-29 21:29:00 Ghia (lol)
2016-09-29 21:29:01 catherine yronwode Charles will win -- he is bigger than me!
2016-09-29 21:29:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh!
2016-09-29 21:29:07 missmichaele Bets, hell -- I will be AT THE TABLE. EATING SHRIMP.
2016-09-29 21:29:14 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti His 2 to your 1.
2016-09-29 21:29:15 missmichaele FIGHTING Y'ALL FOR THE SHRIMP.
2016-09-29 21:29:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yes, that's interesting.
2016-09-29 21:29:41 catherine yronwode Oh, you silly man-- i eat my oysters WHILE I WEAR MY TICHEL!
2016-09-29 21:29:46 catherine yronwode Fuck'em!
2016-09-29 21:29:51 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL CAT!
2016-09-29 21:30:10 catherine yronwode Fuck 'em isf they can't take a joke!
2016-09-29 21:30:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Aww, he's lady-hearted.
2016-09-29 21:30:26 catherine yronwode A shande fur die goyim!
2016-09-29 21:30:29 catherine yronwode Oy!
2016-09-29 21:30:32 catherine yronwode Oy veh!
2016-09-29 21:30:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti He avoids enablement.
2016-09-29 21:30:49 catherine yronwode He doesn;t want to make a shande fur die goyim.
2016-09-29 21:31:16 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I see.
2016-09-29 21:31:20 catherine yronwode If we just act like them, they will just accept us.
2016-09-29 21:32:02 catherine yronwode Nope. They can pick us out of the herd and hurt us at will, so let's eat our oysters and fuck 'em
2016-09-29 21:32:18 catherine yronwode They will never accept us.
2016-09-29 21:32:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I will and hope to set an example.
2016-09-29 21:32:38 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Thank you, Charles!
2016-09-29 21:32:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Very much.
2016-09-29 21:32:53 catherine yronwode That's his struggle, and manyJews do struggle with it. I have compassion for that.
2016-09-29 21:32:55 Ghia (F)
2016-09-29 21:32:55 gabrielle swain Applause!
2016-09-29 21:33:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hoots, hollers, thank you.
2016-09-29 21:33:16 Ghia (F) jesus is just awright
2016-09-29 21:33:30 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Jesus is Just All Right By Me
2016-09-29 21:33:36 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti With Me
2016-09-29 21:33:44 catherine yronwode Jesus Is Jus Alright
2016-09-29 21:33:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Jubilee Singers
2016-09-29 21:34:10 gabrielle swain Great cover
2016-09-29 21:34:19 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Gospel Choir of Philadelphia
2016-09-29 21:34:21 Ghia Jubilant Choir eEnsamble
2016-09-29 21:34:31 catherine yronwode No, this is either the original version or a gospel cover -- not the pop version(s)
2016-09-29 21:34:32 missmichaele Great chord progressions --- minor key happy music, yes?
2016-09-29 21:34:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Wu, is that right? I was close.
2016-09-29 21:35:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 1966!!
2016-09-29 21:35:15 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Just like catherine said.
2016-09-29 21:35:25 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Art Reynolds Singers!
2016-09-29 21:35:28 catherine yronwode The Art Reynolds Singers. I forgot that.
2016-09-29 21:35:36 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Send out a signal!
2016-09-29 21:35:41 Ghia (F)
2016-09-29 21:35:45 gabrielle swain Wow! never would have thought that.
2016-09-29 21:35:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Education! News! Information and Entertainment to all!
2016-09-29 21:36:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti In the vanguard!
2016-09-29 21:36:34 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti In the universe!
2016-09-29 21:36:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti No END to the surprises!
2016-09-29 21:36:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LMC!
2016-09-29 21:37:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Right! Fit and Foxy!! Madame Nadia and Susan Barnes!!
2016-09-29 21:37:14 Ghia Yoga class? on Wednesdays?
2016-09-29 21:37:17 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Divination and You!
2016-09-29 21:37:24 catherine yronwode Thanks Troll -- and time to rerecord the announcement
2016-09-29 21:37:40 catherine yronwode Mediumship -- forbidden to Charles, no doubt.
2016-09-29 21:37:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ghost in the Graveyard Blues
2016-09-29 21:37:45 Ghia Robert Johnson
2016-09-29 21:37:49 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Robert Johnson
2016-09-29 21:38:16 missmichaele Love this voice
2016-09-29 21:38:21 catherine yronwode Lonnie Johnson sound again -- but it's that other guy -- we had him last week -- Papa Egg Shell? He sounds just like Lonnie Johnson.
2016-09-29 21:38:25 Ghia (H)
2016-09-29 21:38:31 missmichaele Such a pretty song and SO CREEPY
2016-09-29 21:38:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh? Not Robert Johnson?
2016-09-29 21:38:54 catherine yronwode No, absolutely no Poor Bob.
2016-09-29 21:38:58 catherine yronwode Listen to the guitar.
2016-09-29 21:38:59 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hm!
2016-09-29 21:39:02 Ghia this guy is more nasaly
2016-09-29 21:39:37 catherine yronwode This guy is playing like Lonnie Johnson and his voice is similar, as is his melodic line, but he is more brusque on the inter-line guitarstrokes.
2016-09-29 21:39:39 missmichaele Shotguns and pistols? What kind of ghosts are those?
2016-09-29 21:39:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Can't Sleep No More Blues
2016-09-29 21:40:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ridden by the Nightmare Blues
2016-09-29 21:40:19 catherine yronwode Papa Egg Shell -- that's who i think he is -- unless it is Lonnie Johnson. But it's a different, cheaper model of guitar.
2016-09-29 21:40:27 catherine yronwode Haunted House Blues?
2016-09-29 21:40:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Good guess.
2016-09-29 21:40:40 catherine yronwode No more like a Stella type guitar.
2016-09-29 21:41:08 catherine yronwode OH SHIT, this WAS Lonnie Johnson -- damn i am losing my touch.
2016-09-29 21:41:10 Ghia nice
2016-09-29 21:41:11 Papa Newt http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/C ... Mediumship
2016-09-29 21:41:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Blue Ghost Blues!
2016-09-29 21:42:22 catherine yronwode I am going to have to do some extended listening and comparison between Lonnie Johnson and Papa Egg Shell, obviously.
2016-09-29 21:42:46 catherine yronwode Mediumship, "Your mother didn't kill me -- i did it myself" ???!!!
2016-09-29 21:42:53 catherine yronwode WTF?
2016-09-29 21:43:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti :D
2016-09-29 21:43:12 catherine yronwode Spiritualist church, psychic chruches support Mediumship.
2016-09-29 21:43:19 catherine yronwode Talk fast, Proffy!
2016-09-29 21:43:24 catherine yronwode Seances.
2016-09-29 21:43:26 Ghia I'm sure it was just said as an ""example""
2016-09-29 21:43:39 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti seance, mediumship
2016-09-29 21:43:50 catherine yronwode Psychic readers. Seances on Wet Afternoons LOL
2016-09-29 21:43:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ouija!
2016-09-29 21:43:58 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti WEE-JEE!
2016-09-29 21:43:59 missmichaele Well, that leaves California out for the foreseeable future
2016-09-29 21:44:09 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Not quite related to SQUEE-JEE
2016-09-29 21:44:14 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti automatism
2016-09-29 21:44:21 catherine yronwode https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seance_on_a_Wet_Afternoon
2016-09-29 21:44:35 Ghia I think a hybrid board would be great!
2016-09-29 21:44:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Check out the Talking Board Museum!
2016-09-29 21:44:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti planchette
2016-09-29 21:45:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti glossolalia
2016-09-29 21:45:06 Ghia UOuiji Squegee
2016-09-29 21:45:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti speaking in tongues
2016-09-29 21:45:41 Ghia yes and throw cowrie shells
2016-09-29 21:45:41 missmichaele (background google-fu on ""blue ghost"" turns up, among other things, Noodler's Ink in the color "Blue Ghost")
2016-09-29 21:46:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti automatic writing
2016-09-29 21:46:15 catherine yronwode Speaking in tongues, possession, angelic languages.
2016-09-29 21:46:16 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti possession, channelling
2016-09-29 21:46:56 catherine yronwode Ooooh, rough on Pentecostals ! "Someobody stole my Honda."
2016-09-29 21:47:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti indian spirit guide
2016-09-29 21:47:38 Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/indianspiritguide.html
2016-09-29 21:47:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti pre-investigation by the medium.
2016-09-29 21:47:59 catherine yronwode Mediumship in hoodoo ... but be careful of pre-investigation by the supposed medium.
2016-09-29 21:48:10 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti like possession, some folks can fake it.
2016-09-29 21:48:25 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ramtha, J.Z. Knight
2016-09-29 21:48:25 catherine yronwode Channelling -- warning: Ramtha. Look it up.
2016-09-29 21:48:40 catherine yronwode https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Z._Knight#Ramtha
2016-09-29 21:48:53 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Scarey stories!!
2016-09-29 21:49:10 Ghia and the other character out there starts with a B
2016-09-29 21:49:14 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Started with PYRAMIDS on her head.
2016-09-29 21:49:23 catherine yronwode Wikipedia: According to [J. Z.] Knight, Ramtha was a Lemurian warrior who fought the Atlanteans over 35,000 years ago.
2016-09-29 21:49:33 missmichaele Oh gawwwd, I can't help laughing. ... Did she do the raspy voice, too? and the accent?
2016-09-29 21:49:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2016-09-29 21:50:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Cloves
2016-09-29 21:50:04 Papa Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/cloves-whole.html
2016-09-29 21:50:09 Ghia love cloves
2016-09-29 21:50:27 catherine yronwode Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner -- the Thousand Year Old Man! = Ramtha!
2016-09-29 21:50:33 missmichaele Brasil 66?
2016-09-29 21:50:34 catherine yronwode Cinnamon and Cloves
2016-09-29 21:50:50 catherine yronwode missmichaele, what a great guess (or knowledge?)
2016-09-29 21:51:00 Ghia yes Brazil it reminds me of Black orpheus
2016-09-29 21:51:27 missmichaele And now I can't remember what other Brasil 66 song was wildly popular in my youth
2016-09-29 21:51:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/wi ... Mediumship
2016-09-29 21:51:40 Ghia nice
2016-09-29 21:51:59 catherine yronwode Sergio Mendes -- as presented by Herb Albert (of the Tijuana Brass)
2016-09-29 21:52:08 catherine yronwode Use Cloves to stop gossip.
2016-09-29 21:52:16 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Red candle, studded with cloves
2016-09-29 21:52:21 catherine yronwode Cloves represent the NAILS of the crucified JESUS!
2016-09-29 21:52:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yes!!!
2016-09-29 21:52:35 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti That's where i figured he was going with that.
2016-09-29 21:52:51 catherine yronwode Warm a candle and stud it with cloves. (Practice on a ham) (or an orange)
2016-09-29 21:52:59 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti And mediumship might also be connected to Jesus, but we'll depart from that....
2016-09-29 21:53:05 catherine yronwode To make a Pomander!
2016-09-29 21:53:16 Ghia I already did it it got moldy :(
2016-09-29 21:53:25 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Pomander, yes.
2016-09-29 21:53:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Great friendship spell!@
2016-09-29 21:54:04 catherine yronwode Friendship charm: two people wear small bags w 7 cloves each until the string breaks and you will be friends for life.
2016-09-29 21:54:33 Papa Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/cloves-whole.html http://www.herb-magic.com/five-finger-grass.html http://www.herb-magic.com/cinnamon-chips.html
2016-09-29 21:54:37 Papa Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/irish-moss.html
2016-09-29 21:54:43 catherine yronwode retired pair of lucky dice, cloves, cinnamon, etc.
2016-09-29 21:54:51 catherine yronwode to make a lucky mojo.
2016-09-29 21:54:58 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooherbandrootmagic.html
2016-09-29 21:55:06 catherine yronwode Why cloves, Perfesser?
2016-09-29 21:55:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti There he goes!
2016-09-29 21:55:09 catherine yronwode The NAILS!
2016-09-29 21:55:13 catherine yronwode I was right!
2016-09-29 21:55:33 Papa Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/thyme.html
2016-09-29 21:55:51 Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/hoyts.html
2016-09-29 21:55:54 catherine yronwode A ROMAN method of execution.
2016-09-29 21:55:57 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Important distinction because sometimes Jews are blamed for that.
2016-09-29 21:56:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I liked that song too.
2016-09-29 21:56:19 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL
2016-09-29 21:56:29 catherine yronwode Out of Thyme. (Baby, baby, bay, you're out of thyme!) and Sergio Mendes will return NEXT WEEK with Herb Albert!
2016-09-29 21:56:33 gabrielle swain Lounge lizard
2016-09-29 21:56:49 Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/oil-lady-luck.html http://www.luckymojo.com/specialoilno20.html
2016-09-29 21:56:58 Ghia (H)(lol)
2016-09-29 21:57:11 gabrielle swain NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016-09-29 21:57:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Get her to ask a question or two!
2016-09-29 21:57:16 catherine yronwode No, not Macarthur Park by Richard Harris! NOOOOOOO!
2016-09-29 21:57:26 Papa Newt :D
2016-09-29 21:57:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti She can torment you with the question and you can retaliate with the music.
2016-09-29 21:57:59 Ghia :-*(H)<:o)(F)(L)
2016-09-29 21:58:07 gabrielle swain I think he did it for the money, silly goose.
2016-09-29 21:58:09 Papa Newt profporterfield@gmail.com
2016-09-29 21:58:10 catherine yronwode All of October -- taking letters and questions!
2016-09-29 21:58:37 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti profporterfield@gmail.com
2016-09-29 21:58:41 catherine yronwode send them to profporterfield@gmail.com
2016-09-29 21:58:50 catherine yronwode Not even the beginning of the end...
2016-09-29 21:58:50 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.songlyrics.com/henry-thomas/ ... me-lyrics/
2016-09-29 21:58:57 Ghia (})
2016-09-29 21:58:59 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://gburnsjugband.bandcamp.com/track/railroadin-some
2016-09-29 21:58:56 the LMC Radio Network *pant pant pant* went over!! Ack.... Troll asks too many excellent questions!
2016-09-29 21:59:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=81353
2016-09-29 21:59:15 Alicia H *waves* great show!
2016-09-29 21:59:20 the LMC Radio Network Glad you could HEA ir Aicia honey!
2016-09-29 21:59:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Such a great response! Sorry for the multi-Q challenge. You handled it well.
2016-09-29 21:59:54 the LMC Radio Network Thank you for the wonderful questions!
2016-09-29 22:00:12 catherine yronwode Cut Off, Texas!
2016-09-29 22:00:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti My pleasure.
2016-09-29 22:00:21 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Jam-packed!
2016-09-29 22:00:26 the LMC Radio Network *pant pant pant*
2016-09-29 22:00:36 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti ::processing::
2016-09-29 22:00:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Still playing on the phone.
2016-09-29 22:00:47 catherine yronwode Great show. Thanks, goodnight -- and don't let the bears getcha!
2016-09-29 22:01:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti That's how it works: it will finish out to like 2:15.
2016-09-29 22:00:55 the LMC Radio Network I wont mock bald men so I'm safe :)
2016-09-29 22:01:14 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti So archive versions will be complete.
2016-09-29 22:01:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I had the phone in parallel.
2016-09-29 22:01:46 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti CHICAGO!
2016-09-29 22:02:15 the LMC Radio Network capturing now
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