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TNYKS CHAT High, Low Magic, Psalms, Calamus March 30, 2017

Professor Porterfield and his crew of Radio Sidekicks present traditional Rootwork and Conjure, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya.
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TNYKS CHAT High, Low Magic, Psalms, Calamus March 30, 2017

Unread post by nagasiva » Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:52 pm

Episode 92: High and Low Magic, Book of Psalms, & Calamus

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lmcradione ... ms-calamus

We won't be stopped! So we're going to try it again tonight!

Tonight on a brand new The Now You Know Show
on the LMC Radio Network is airing on 03/30/17 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST

An exciting variety broadcast that covers all things hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure including the Book of Psalms and Calamus.

"From deep in the heart of Texas, where the stars at night are big and bright, comes The Now You Know Show, with Prof. Charles Porterfield, here to tell it like it was and how it is, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya!

Tune in or call in at (323) 642-1214 and learn valuable lessons about the practice of hoodoo, conjure, and throwing roots with a skilled practitioner who brings a lifetime of experience to the task of teaching newbies and entertaining old-time practitioners alike.

Professor Porterfield is a talented rootworker, a dedicated founding member of AIRR, a gifted reader, and one of our dearest friends. We are proud to sponsor him in this new adventure.

At Professor Porterfield's TheNowYouKnowShow.com web site, you can find updates and information on the show -- or, to access episodes directly, just go to The Now You Know Show at Blog Talk Radio and join in chat using a registered BlogTalkRadio account.

*** (19:49:07):Welcome to the the LMC Radio Network Chat Room.

2017-03-30 19:50:17 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Arrived.
2017-03-30 19:50:23 the LMC Radio Network T-minus 10 minutes and counting.
2017-03-30 19:55:25 the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 5 minutes and counting.
2017-03-30 19:55:42 Ghia (F)
2017-03-30 19:56:26 missmichaele ::looks at smiley board::
2017-03-30 19:56:39 missmichaele ::no cats. will stick to speech::
2017-03-30 19:57:34 missmichaele greetings all - glad to be here
2017-03-30 19:58:24 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Helloooo! (})
2017-03-30 19:58:37 the LMC Radio Network T-minus 2 minutes and counting.
2017-03-30 19:59:59 the LMC Radio Network T-minus 1 minute and counting.
2017-03-30 20:00:04 KolbieStonehocker hey everybody (})
2017-03-30 20:00:35 ChristyXP (})
2017-03-30 20:00:49 the LMC Radio Network We are GO, FLY... Sound is LIVE!
2017-03-30 20:01:06 the LMC Radio Network if you havw trouble hearing the show please refresh your browser.
2017-03-30 20:01:15 Ghia HOORAYYYYY
2017-03-30 20:01:23 Candelos Corner Radio nsala malecu
2017-03-30 20:01:30 ChristyXP We are go for sound! :D
2017-03-30 20:01:46 Ghia (F)(})(L):-*
2017-03-30 20:01:47 ChristyXP Hey Candelo!!! (F)
2017-03-30 20:01:54 the LMC Radio Network aleichem shalom brotehr and welcome back!!!
2017-03-30 20:02:05 Ghia cant wait for Miss Loretta
2017-03-30 20:02:09 catherine yronwode Hi, all. I will be listening but not chatting much as i am also working on fine-tuning some typesetting.
2017-03-30 20:02:25 the LMC Radio Network Hi catherine!
2017-03-30 20:02:34 catherine yronwode Hello!
2017-03-30 20:02:41 catherine yronwode Got sound!
2017-03-30 20:02:51 Ghia tha twain
2017-03-30 20:03:00 Ghia YAYYYY
2017-03-30 20:03:07 ChristyXP Woo-woo!
2017-03-30 20:03:24 Ghia <:o)(H)(F)
2017-03-30 20:03:28 missmichaele Wonder what Miss Loretta is cooking up tonight.
2017-03-30 20:03:53 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Wu wu!
2017-03-30 20:04:02 Candelos Corner Radio im back y'all !
2017-03-30 20:04:08 Ghia So Happy to hear Ya!
2017-03-30 20:04:14 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Assalam alaykum, Candelo!
2017-03-30 20:04:29 Candelos Corner Radio malecu nsala !!!
2017-03-30 20:04:35 Ghia welcome back Candelo
2017-03-30 20:04:42 Lynna Albert Hello all... (F)
2017-03-30 20:05:44 TwoMoons (})
2017-03-30 20:05:53 Ghia YAYYYY!
2017-03-30 20:05:55 shalomintlmin Hello everyone
2017-03-30 20:05:56 catherine yronwode We were worried, Candelo. We thought they had been put into detention!
2017-03-30 20:06:19 catherine yronwode Dr. Love is intruding....
2017-03-30 20:06:20 Ghia candelo is slippery enoff to not
2017-03-30 20:06:28 catherine yronwode Ghia -- true!
2017-03-30 20:06:49 TwoMoons ya Candelo has too much love surrounding him to be caught in any trouble
2017-03-30 20:06:50 catherine yronwode Patchy Fogg reading the news.
2017-03-30 20:06:53 Ghia slipppery elm
2017-03-30 20:07:06 Ghia slipp
2017-03-30 20:07:16 Candelos Corner Radio the king does not hang !!! the ninjas failed again ! :S
2017-03-30 20:07:26 Ghia LOL
2017-03-30 20:07:36 catherine yronwode Candelo -- love ya!
2017-03-30 20:07:50 Candelos Corner Radio lave ya too !!!
2017-03-30 20:07:57 Candelos Corner Radio oops love
2017-03-30 20:08:05 catherine yronwode Hahaha!
2017-03-30 20:08:12 Ghia not too many operating on your level, kudos
2017-03-30 20:08:13 missmichaele Yay I was planning to start some tomatoes. Some Polish early-season variety and a paste tomato
2017-03-30 20:08:18 catherine yronwode William H. Seward bought Alaska.
2017-03-30 20:08:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I hope i got this to ya already, but just in case, AIRR Birthdays: 3/25/ Miss Aida, 3/26 Ms. Melanie
2017-03-30 20:08:32 catherine yronwode Seward's Folly.
2017-03-30 20:08:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Seward's Folly (any relation to the Professor?)
2017-03-30 20:08:50 Ghia Happy Belated Days
2017-03-30 20:08:53 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti (Professor Seward)
2017-03-30 20:09:50 catherine yronwode I know, Troll, every time i look up Professor Sweard i get either Alaska or Dracula!
2017-03-30 20:10:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL
2017-03-30 20:10:06 catherine yronwode Sweard = Seward
2017-03-30 20:10:31 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti A doctor Seward in Stoker?
2017-03-30 20:10:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti AIRR Birthdays: 3/25/ Miss Aida, 3/26 Ms. Melanie
2017-03-30 20:10:52 missmichaele John Astin -- Dear Gomez :)
2017-03-30 20:11:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Lucky Numbers!
2017-03-30 20:11:44 ChristyXP Lucky Numbers!
2017-03-30 20:11:47 Ghia (F)
2017-03-30 20:12:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hi ChristyXP! (L) What does the XP stand for?
2017-03-30 20:12:51 TwoMoons Windows XP lol?
2017-03-30 20:13:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.professorporterfield.com
2017-03-30 20:13:04 Ghia xtra special
2017-03-30 20:13:12 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 1-5-14-22-31-45
2017-03-30 20:13:18 ChristyXP I think I tried to do Christy-P or Christy_P and BTR changed it automagically
2017-03-30 20:13:55 Ghia new start
2017-03-30 20:13:57 catherine yronwode The number 1 is a rare number in the world of lucky numbers.
2017-03-30 20:14:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I was thinking something similar, Ghia.
2017-03-30 20:14:40 catherine yronwode stalled?
2017-03-30 20:14:48 catherine yronwode No sound,
2017-03-30 20:14:54 catherine yronwode coming back...
2017-03-30 20:15:08 catherine yronwode Missed the 3-digit lucky numbers.
2017-03-30 20:15:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 131-434-555?
2017-03-30 20:15:17 catherine yronwode Chisty, do you have them?
2017-03-30 20:15:24 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti It was on my retina-scan.
2017-03-30 20:15:24 catherine yronwode Ah, good.
2017-03-30 20:15:27 TwoMoons 131, 424, 555
2017-03-30 20:15:31 missmichaele Call your congressmen, too -- ""hope in matters large and small"" :)
2017-03-30 20:15:38 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Close 4*2*4
2017-03-30 20:15:49 catherine yronwode Mmmm, close -- and i think Two Moons wins!
2017-03-30 20:16:03 catherine yronwode SOUND IS BACK for us.
2017-03-30 20:16:03 TwoMoons (F)
2017-03-30 20:16:19 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Flower for Miss Aida.
2017-03-30 20:16:20 catherine yronwode Next up, Miss Loretta!
2017-03-30 20:16:25 Ghia I LOVE MISS Loretta!
2017-03-30 20:16:26 ChristyXP Cooking with Miss Loretta!
2017-03-30 20:16:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti (F)
2017-03-30 20:16:52 Ghia Best
2017-03-30 20:17:42 catherine yronwode Crock Potology!
2017-03-30 20:17:54 Ghia New BOOK!!!
2017-03-30 20:17:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Care and Cleaning of Crock-Pots!
2017-03-30 20:18:03 catherine yronwode (Nextweek)
2017-03-30 20:18:18 Ghia Crock Pot Reading....LOL
2017-03-30 20:18:20 catherine yronwode Don't fear your Crock Pot. It is not scary like a pressure cooker!
2017-03-30 20:18:45 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Multi-potting!
2017-03-30 20:18:46 catherine yronwode It's not goona do anything to ya!
2017-03-30 20:19:03 Ghia Harem Crock Potting!!
2017-03-30 20:19:10 catherine yronwode Do i need three or four crock pots (reminds me of multiple mojos!)
2017-03-30 20:19:15 the LMC Radio Network All-In One Crock Pot Pork Chop Dinner
2017-03-30 20:19:28 catherine yronwode I AM HUNGRY!
2017-03-30 20:19:41 the LMC Radio Network INGREDIENTS: 4 - 5 pork chops, 4 - 5 medium russet potatoes or red potatoes, cut into wedges, 5 - 6 mini frozen ears of corn, 1 - 10.75 oz can condensed golden mushroom or beefy mushroom soup, 1 - small - medium onion sliced, 1 - cup sliced mushrooms,
2017-03-30 20:20:03 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Me too, after the vying for the Snickerdoodle, i'll venture out for eggs.
2017-03-30 20:20:09 Ghia serve it up Lorretta!
2017-03-30 20:20:37 Ghia love the dialogue!
2017-03-30 20:20:42 the LMC Radio Network olive oil, to sear the pork chops, steak seasoning, salt to taste, 2 - tablespoons butter, aluminum foil.
2017-03-30 20:20:44 Ghia o crap
2017-03-30 20:21:00 missmichaele YAY Golden Mushroom Soup! One of the best prefab meat sauces I know
2017-03-30 20:21:08 Ghia start catering Miss loretta!
2017-03-30 20:21:20 the LMC Radio Network DIRECTIONS: Season pork chops with steak seasoning on both sides. Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add a bit of olive oil.
2017-03-30 20:21:45 the LMC Radio Network When the pan is hot, place the pork chops in the skillet and sear the chops. Turn the pork chops over and sear the other side. Remove to a plate and set aside.
2017-03-30 20:22:01 Ghia her Mom taight her
2017-03-30 20:22:31 the LMC Radio Network Add the pork chops to a 6 quart crock pot that has been lightly sprayed with non-stick spray. Pour the golden mushroom soup over the pork chops, scatter the onions and mushrooms on top.
2017-03-30 20:22:42 Ghia say , why arent cha my neighbor
2017-03-30 20:23:00 the LMC Radio Network On a sheet of aluminum foil add the potato wedges, add one tablespoon butter and sprinkle a bit of Steak Seasoning on top. Gather the ends of the foil together to make a foil pouch.
2017-03-30 20:23:24 the LMC Radio Network Using a second sheet of aluminum foil add the ears of corn. Add another tablespoon of butter (and a bit of salt or season salt if you like) and gather the ends to make a second foil pouch.
2017-03-30 20:23:42 the LMC Radio Network Place the potato pouch directly over the pork chops and gravy. Add the corn pouch on top of the potato pouch.
2017-03-30 20:23:53 ChristyXP Miss Michaele, I agree - Golden Mushroom soup is pretty awesome :)
2017-03-30 20:24:02 the LMC Radio Network Tightly cover the crock pot and turn on low. Cook for 6 hours (depending on your crock pot) or until the pork chops are fully cooked and the potatoes and corn are tender.
2017-03-30 20:24:46 Ghia 8-| OHHHH
2017-03-30 20:24:58 Ghia Yummmmm!
2017-03-30 20:25:08 catherine yronwode This sounds soooooo good!
2017-03-30 20:25:48 ChristyXP But if you do need to make like, three different cheese dips, one of the crockpot manufacturers makes a three-pot crockpot
2017-03-30 20:25:57 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Be sure to crimp your edges!
2017-03-30 20:26:03 catherine yronwode Wow.
2017-03-30 20:26:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Buh-bye!
2017-03-30 20:26:06 Ghia crimp
2017-03-30 20:27:05 catherine yronwode High and Low Magic
2017-03-30 20:27:07 Ghia Yakk
2017-03-30 20:27:17 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti High and Low Magic, Or Who You Tryin' To Fool With That, It's Just a Wheel That Keeps Goin' Round.
2017-03-30 20:27:24 catherine yronwode Oh, that giy. Something Michael Claton Thomas.
2017-03-30 20:27:24 Ghia Dig Ya Prof port
2017-03-30 20:27:28 Candelos Corner Radio spinning wheel
2017-03-30 20:27:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Spinnin Wheel, Blood Sweat and Tears. You always play this.
2017-03-30 20:27:33 catherine yronwode Gabiella always gets his name
2017-03-30 20:27:46 Candelos Corner Radio blood sweat and tears
2017-03-30 20:27:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I always used to guess Three Dog Night.
2017-03-30 20:27:52 Ghia Love IT
2017-03-30 20:28:04 catherine yronwode John Michael Clayton?
2017-03-30 20:28:07 the LMC Radio Network I play it very rarely :P
2017-03-30 20:28:11 catherine yronwode Claton Thomas Moore?
2017-03-30 20:28:22 catherine yronwode YOU PLAY IT ALL THE TIME!
2017-03-30 20:28:23 Ghia yeah i woulda said # dog
2017-03-30 20:28:26 ChristyXP David Clayton Thomas
2017-03-30 20:28:32 the LMC Radio Network David Clayton-Thomas
2017-03-30 20:28:37 Candelos Corner Radio i got it lol
2017-03-30 20:28:38 catherine yronwode David Clayton Johnson
2017-03-30 20:28:46 Ghia love this song i was 7
2017-03-30 20:28:49 Candelos Corner Radio blood sweat and tears lol
2017-03-30 20:28:52 catherine yronwode Clayton Moore Thomason
2017-03-30 20:29:04 the LMC Radio Network 3 out of 92 aint ""all"" anything :P
2017-03-30 20:29:13 the LMC Radio Network David Clayton-Thomas
2017-03-30 20:29:15 Ghia CAWWWW
2017-03-30 20:29:22 Candelos Corner Radio <:o)
2017-03-30 20:29:41 catherine yronwode Jazzy!
2017-03-30 20:29:45 Candelos Corner Radio best gruop ever lol
2017-03-30 20:29:59 Ghia this som
2017-03-30 20:30:14 Ghia ng song was the bomb of the day
2017-03-30 20:30:15 catherine yronwode Maybe i am confusing it with the song about death.
2017-03-30 20:30:21 catherine yronwode ???
2017-03-30 20:30:21 the LMC Radio Network yes you are :D
2017-03-30 20:30:29 catherine yronwode Oh.
2017-03-30 20:30:28 the LMC Radio Network that is ""when I die""
2017-03-30 20:30:36 catherine yronwode I see,
2017-03-30 20:30:44 catherine yronwode same group?
2017-03-30 20:30:45 the LMC Radio Network yes ma'am
2017-03-30 20:30:49 Candelos Corner Radio i got the whole cookie !!!
2017-03-30 20:30:55 catherine yronwode Ah.
2017-03-30 20:30:56 Ghia Yakkk
2017-03-30 20:31:02 Candelos Corner Radio :D
2017-03-30 20:31:12 catherine yronwode Ach du liever Augustin
2017-03-30 20:31:16 catherine yronwode lieber
2017-03-30 20:31:39 Ghia Congrat Mn
2017-03-30 20:31:44 Ghia Men
2017-03-30 20:31:52 catherine yronwode Why do they play Ach Du Liber Augustine atthe end of this song?
2017-03-30 20:32:09 catherine yronwode Candelo and Troll win!
2017-03-30 20:32:18 Candelos Corner Radio yeah !!!
2017-03-30 20:32:32 missmichaele Ach, du lieber Augustin! All is lost, lost, lost! ... quoted from that Grimm fairy story about the swineherd
2017-03-30 20:32:40 catherine yronwode A carousel. Oh, now i get it. Sheesh.
2017-03-30 20:33:04 Ghia (lol)
2017-03-30 20:33:22 Ghia I will be there in spirit
2017-03-30 20:33:27 catherine yronwode Thank you, Miss Michaele. I thought i was losing my mind.
2017-03-30 20:33:36 ChristyXP But I have a SASE!
2017-03-30 20:33:52 catherine yronwode Pueblo Colorado! I remember that!
2017-03-30 20:34:05 catherine yronwode High and Low Magic
2017-03-30 20:36:17 missmichaele *blink* is Peter Sellers in the house now? ;)
2017-03-30 20:36:47 TwoMoons haha i love peter sellers
2017-03-30 20:36:53 catherine yronwode High and Low Magic and ""Good Old Fashioned Racism."" Especially in its Victorian-Colonialist aspects.
2017-03-30 20:37:04 Ghia the Prof talks about the age of no one knows and charlantry comes in'
2017-03-30 20:37:18 catherine yronwode Of course, to have a civilization, you must have pottery!
2017-03-30 20:37:27 Ghia takes you ar if you believe
2017-03-30 20:37:34 Ghia far
2017-03-30 20:37:56 catherine yronwode If you don't have basket-making, you're not a real civilization. And you must have the wheel!
2017-03-30 20:38:32 Ghia the archeology and anthropology designs. Modded for Graham Hancock the author , so know
2017-03-30 20:39:05 Ghia i am deep into it
2017-03-30 20:39:16 catherine yronwode Graham Hancock!
2017-03-30 20:39:26 catherine yronwode An interesting author, indeed.
2017-03-30 20:39:56 Ghia the societies ran for themselves and their own findings, History has been re wriitten....
2017-03-30 20:40:12 Ghia my ase
2017-03-30 20:40:16 Ghia base
2017-03-30 20:40:44 Ghia I hve been at some of the deepest issues
2017-03-30 20:41:14 Ghia bastards never even went to the lov\cations i did go
2017-03-30 20:41:24 catherine yronwode The secret word: ""Intelligentsia""
2017-03-30 20:43:04 missmichaele <clutching pearls> Who ever lets racists suck cock? That's an art and a privilege.
2017-03-30 20:43:15 Ghia Thats why i have respect for Prof Porterfield I know what is Truth
2017-03-30 20:43:25 catherine yronwode Jeffrey beauregard PICKETT JACKSON Sessions -- a Harper Lee character come to life!
2017-03-30 20:43:39 TwoMoons hahaha miss michaele, love it
2017-03-30 20:43:41 catherine yronwode Miss Michaele! LOL!
2017-03-30 20:43:42 shalomintlmin we do too Ghia
2017-03-30 20:44:00 catherine yronwode Magic is the last bastion of colonnialism!
2017-03-30 20:44:09 Ghia (lol)
2017-03-30 20:44:35 catherine yronwode Low and dark arts versus ""Enlightened spirituality."" Right on.
2017-03-30 20:45:05 missmichaele We would never do anything so dark. But you better know who *can,* because:
2017-03-30 20:45:11 missmichaele Let favour be shewed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness: in the land of uprightness will he deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the LORD.
2017-03-30 20:45:15 missmichaele #NAME?
2017-03-30 20:45:17 Ghia :D
2017-03-30 20:45:23 catherine yronwode They will appropriate the magic of people of colour and ""clean them up"" -- graveyard dirt becomes mullein!
2017-03-30 20:45:35 Ghia I love my Graveyard
2017-03-30 20:46:03 catherine yronwode At least we tried, a f u c k i n little bit.
2017-03-30 20:46:09 missmichaele Our graveyard is a lovely place with redwood trees and hundred-year-old tombstones.
2017-03-30 20:46:22 Ghia yes wonderful
2017-03-30 20:46:28 TwoMoons Ah yes, the bambi-wiccans
2017-03-30 20:46:34 catherine yronwode Tell us about the people in Where-the-Heck Texas, Professor Porterfield!!!!
2017-03-30 20:46:59 catherine yronwode The ""enlightened ones down bythe old M-K-T tracks.
2017-03-30 20:47:34 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I love Bambi.
2017-03-30 20:47:54 catherine yronwode People who have divided up the words hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure
2017-03-30 20:47:57 catherine yronwode HAHAH!
2017-03-30 20:48:16 Ghia oops sorry for the caps!
2017-03-30 20:48:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Alan Moore!!!
2017-03-30 20:48:49 TwoMoons Yes, everyone loves Bambi. I meant more sort of the 'blonde whispy california girl named bambi who wears a crystal, has an oil diffuser, and is hence a wiccan' type
2017-03-30 20:48:51 catherine yronwode Hoodoo is the teenybopper word, root work for herbs and tinctures, and the conjure folks -- very sinister people who like to use the skins of toads. Books covered in toad skins.
2017-03-30 20:48:55 Ghia looking for power any where they think they can
2017-03-30 20:48:59 Ghia sad
2017-03-30 20:49:01 catherine yronwode Underlit photos. Alan Moore fans!
2017-03-30 20:49:16 missmichaele Alan Moore? the ""V for Vendetta"" guy?
2017-03-30 20:49:22 catherine yronwode I not only know who Alan Moore is, i edited his scripts!
2017-03-30 20:49:31 catherine yronwode Yep. Him.
2017-03-30 20:50:03 catherine yronwode Maaaaaal formationonononon.
2017-03-30 20:50:22 Ghia (H)
2017-03-30 20:50:48 TwoMoons oh now you're talking to my obsession with photocopying lol
2017-03-30 20:51:07 catherine yronwode A photocopy of a photocopy until you either end up with a completely white paper or a completely black paper.
2017-03-30 20:51:14 TwoMoons petition paper fun! PAPER IN MY SHOE, hands down, my favorite book
2017-03-30 20:51:56 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Intercultural fusion!!
2017-03-30 20:52:11 catherine yronwode When people from outside a culture bring their own cultural beliefs into a practice, they alter it to fit their colonialistic ""norms.""
2017-03-30 20:52:29 catherine yronwode Colonization and gentrification!
2017-03-30 20:52:43 catherine yronwode Hoodoo gentrification!
2017-03-30 20:53:04 TwoMoons Yes, don't use a tongue in the spell, use a lemon. I saw that on the internet yesterday.
2017-03-30 20:53:14 missmichaele If you're gonna do that better be honest and straight-up start your own church of the Cao Dai type.
2017-03-30 20:53:23 catherine yronwode Candle work is now probably the mst popular form of hoodoo. At the expense of the LOSS of other forms.
2017-03-30 20:53:51 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Roman Catholicism?
2017-03-30 20:54:03 catherine yronwode Folks barely know how to do foot track work these days.
2017-03-30 20:54:15 Ghia (lol)
2017-03-30 20:54:23 missmichaele <shaking head> I always always give the client simple OLD spells to do.
2017-03-30 20:54:29 catherine yronwode The beauty of the candle, the fascination of the fire, the descent of the holy breath into the physical?
2017-03-30 20:54:31 catherine yronwode NO!
2017-03-30 20:54:49 catherine yronwode It's EASY.
2017-03-30 20:54:58 ChristyXP LOL
2017-03-30 20:55:18 ChristyXP Wake up at dawn and bathe?!?! But can't I just light a candle?
2017-03-30 20:55:20 Ghia Gosh so Mucjh Love Prof Porterfield!
2017-03-30 20:55:25 TwoMoons I'll tell you what, I am very into foot track work, it's free. However, it takes a lot of time to do foot track work, and the whole time I'm doing it I focus on my intent. I've found it to be super powerful
2017-03-30 20:55:39 catherine yronwode It's something that's for white people to do. And THAT is solid gold truth.
2017-03-30 20:55:48 ChristyXP and that's how she makes her dumplings, too! they are delicious :D
2017-03-30 20:55:52 TwoMoons haha Christy that's right!
2017-03-30 20:56:16 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti What about suburban and urban folks of colour?
2017-03-30 20:56:49 ChristyXP Mrs. Professor Porterfield :D
2017-03-30 20:56:50 catherine yronwode Suburban and urban people of colour tend to still do older-type spells.
2017-03-30 20:57:17 Ghia Hail to the Missus
2017-03-30 20:57:18 catherine yronwode Harry is ""Mr. Miss Michaele."" LOL!
2017-03-30 20:57:35 ChristyXP Haha that's not what happened! When I met Harry, I said, ""Hi! Are you Mr. Miss Michaele? I'm Mrs. Professor Porterfield"" :P
2017-03-30 20:57:52 catherine yronwode People lose their minds! Aoaoaoaoaoah!
2017-03-30 20:57:53 TwoMoons I have to say, sometimes I'm shivering my ass off while I ""air dry"" lol
2017-03-30 20:58:16 Ghia (lol)
2017-03-30 20:58:38 catherine yronwode FOlks have called nagasiva ""Mr. Cat.""
2017-03-30 20:58:50 missmichaele I just wear some cozy clothes that I'm going to wear all day long when I have to air dry in the cold.
2017-03-30 20:59:49 catherine yronwode If you won't get up and take a bath at dawn, i guess that jinx wasn't so bad after all!
2017-03-30 21:00:07 TwoMoons miss michaele I move around even waving my arms while I say the psalms super loud lol
2017-03-30 21:00:23 Ghia (F)
2017-03-30 21:00:51 TwoMoons now I usually just grab a candle heater (clay pot over a candle)
2017-03-30 21:00:52 catherine yronwode Go get their foot print ""WHAAAT?""
2017-03-30 21:01:11 missmichaele Sometimes I only get a chance to wipe a linoleum floor where someone stepped, right after they move away. I alway ssay something about ""Oh, I thought I saw a spot there.""
2017-03-30 21:01:24 catherine yronwode I don't want to go out and put stuff in the YARD
2017-03-30 21:01:30 TwoMoons lol yesssss miss michaele
2017-03-30 21:01:43 Ghia :D
2017-03-30 21:01:50 catherine yronwode He would notice.
2017-03-30 21:02:09 catherine yronwode I know you got my drawers! JEZEBEL!
2017-03-30 21:02:12 missmichaele A communal laundry room makes a great excuse for ""not knowing"" where your target's drawers disappeared to
2017-03-30 21:02:17 Ghia hey Be Enpowered
2017-03-30 21:02:23 TwoMoons He ain't gonna notice nothing. I just tell my neighbors i'm planting bulbs. I plant bulbs year round lol but they don't know the difference
2017-03-30 21:02:24 Ghia AMEN
2017-03-30 21:02:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti AMEN!!!!
2017-03-30 21:02:35 shalomintlmin Amen
2017-03-30 21:02:35 TwoMoons AMEN!!
2017-03-30 21:02:45 catherine yronwode High and low used to be on the OUTSIDE.
2017-03-30 21:03:13 missmichaele Wait, they want to go naked in the dark and they won't steal a pair of drawers? WTH?
2017-03-30 21:03:16 catherine yronwode They was fancier than that ***. They wanted to run off into the grove and Hail Astarte!
2017-03-30 21:03:33 TwoMoons good point miss michaele.
2017-03-30 21:03:48 catherine yronwode They laughed at it. I can testify to this, all through the 1990s on the internet.
2017-03-30 21:03:59 missmichaele People, learn your magic from smart people who had nothing left to lose and little else to use.
2017-03-30 21:04:06 catherine yronwode Made fun of it all the time.
2017-03-30 21:04:59 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti DIRT and REMAINS!!!
2017-03-30 21:05:20 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti BODY and EXCREMENT!!!
2017-03-30 21:06:03 catherine yronwode They often called hoodoo oils ""coloured water"" -- no idea why; if they had ever opened a bottle they would know the liquid was not water.
2017-03-30 21:06:05 missmichaele Now, I wonder what Cab CAlloway meant when he sang ""The highbrows are swingin' with the lowbrows....""
2017-03-30 21:06:17 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Highbrow, yes!!
2017-03-30 21:06:30 missmichaele Maybe their first exposure to condition oils was herb-free Indio brand.
2017-03-30 21:06:41 catherine yronwode Grease and hair and some little leaves.
2017-03-30 21:06:42 Ghia great dissertation prof!
2017-03-30 21:06:56 Ghia AMEN
2017-03-30 21:07:03 catherine yronwode But even that is still an OIL, Miss Michaele.
2017-03-30 21:07:08 missmichaele Right
2017-03-30 21:07:10 shalomintlmin Amen again
2017-03-30 21:07:18 Ghia AEN
2017-03-30 21:07:21 catherine yronwode High and low is now on the INSIDE
2017-03-30 21:07:24 Ghia AMEN
2017-03-30 21:07:34 missmichaele HIGH AND LOW IS NOW ON THE INSIDE. Let the PRACTICAL school the ARTSY-FARTSY IGNORANT.
2017-03-30 21:07:36 catherine yronwode They wanted to do what we are doing.
2017-03-30 21:08:22 catherine yronwode Give me themagic, babay!
2017-03-30 21:08:30 Ghia Yaaakkk
2017-03-30 21:08:32 TwoMoons Is that how ""Wiccadoo"" came into being? Professor talked about them before
2017-03-30 21:08:36 Ghia Hahahaah
2017-03-30 21:08:48 catherine yronwode They're all 'called' to it.
2017-03-30 21:08:55 catherine yronwode My spirits told me...
2017-03-30 21:09:17 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Spiriualism has 'generic Indian guides'.
2017-03-30 21:09:18 catherine yronwode But do their spirits have names? What spirits told them?
2017-03-30 21:09:33 catherine yronwode Troll, not really -- they are named.
2017-03-30 21:09:53 catherine yronwode Pops Jones. He had a real name.
2017-03-30 21:10:11 missmichaele And then there is the question of ""Do your spirits even know what they're talking about?""
2017-03-30 21:10:20 missmichaele I've rejected spirit messages before because they were just ignorant.
2017-03-30 21:10:21 Ghia hhahaha exit Stage left LOL
2017-03-30 21:10:33 catherine yronwode Miss Michaele, now THAT is on pint!
2017-03-30 21:10:57 catherine yronwode The Goddess wants me to learn hoodoo! WHY?
2017-03-30 21:11:10 Ghia (F)
2017-03-30 21:11:39 TwoMoons Goddess? For Hoodoo? Hmmmm.
2017-03-30 21:11:48 catherine yronwode Was your spirit a dog ... or was it a coyote?
2017-03-30 21:11:53 missmichaele I've had clients' ancestors, during bone readings, tell my clients to ""beware of that girl you're married to"" -- coon dong, etc -- when the client is years deep into a happy, faithful marriage.
2017-03-30 21:12:00 catherine yronwode Marie Laveau told me to practice hoodoo.
2017-03-30 21:12:09 missmichaele And I generally suspect an ethnic issue.
2017-03-30 21:12:26 catherine yronwode Uh-oh -- i have lost sound.
2017-03-30 21:12:30 catherine yronwode TROLL?
2017-03-30 21:12:42 catherine yronwode AH, sound is back!
2017-03-30 21:13:03 TwoMoons Martin Coleman ""Communing With The Spirits"" addressess all of that
2017-03-30 21:13:05 catherine yronwode And are you on that medication right now?
2017-03-30 21:13:21 catherine yronwode I don't see why i can't. It's an open system.
2017-03-30 21:13:57 catherine yronwode Can you not show a little respect?
2017-03-30 21:14:11 missmichaele I stressed out about collecting graveyard dirt for the first time, because I was afraid of getting *caught* by the *living.* I got over that.
2017-03-30 21:14:21 Ghia (F)
2017-03-30 21:14:22 TwoMoons If they don't cross the bridge, they won't be able to even do anything, it won't work. I wonder why they bother? There's no way they get results
2017-03-30 21:14:32 catherine yronwode You haveto cross the bridge.
2017-03-30 21:15:13 catherine yronwode I could write two f u c k i n books with the stuff you can do with Epsom Salts!
2017-03-30 21:16:00 TwoMoons I(L)JAZZ
2017-03-30 21:16:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti low down mojo blues
2017-03-30 21:16:24 Ghia Robert johnson?
2017-03-30 21:16:35 TwoMoons Ghia that was my first thought too
2017-03-30 21:16:50 Ghia its that other guy...
2017-03-30 21:17:05 missmichaele Tommy Johnson? :)
2017-03-30 21:17:17 catherine yronwode Blind Lemon Jefferson
2017-03-30 21:17:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti skip james
2017-03-30 21:17:23 catherine yronwode (Paramount shellac!)
2017-03-30 21:17:35 catherine yronwode Low Down Mojo Blues
2017-03-30 21:17:54 catherine yronwode Good guess, Michaele, but listen to the Texas accent. Not Mississippi
2017-03-30 21:18:10 catherine yronwode Tommy and Lemon both tenors
2017-03-30 21:18:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ty
2017-03-30 21:19:28 catherine yronwode So, in sum, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Low Down Mojo Blues, on Paramount.
2017-03-30 21:19:31 missmichaele I just get a general impression of tone and style. Only for a very few performers so far; but there is a slowly expanding list of ""people who sound like Nobody Else""
2017-03-30 21:19:47 catherine yronwode My cookie!
2017-03-30 21:20:02 missmichaele Is it rugelach? or an Eccles cake?
2017-03-30 21:20:11 catherine yronwode Ecles cake!
2017-03-30 21:20:32 TwoMoons my oven is broken, i have GOT to get it fixed... i haven't baked in like six months. my neighbors are complaining, wanting cookies and brownies
2017-03-30 21:20:35 catherine yronwode I have to get a good singer to perform my Eccles Cake jingle for the radio network.
2017-03-30 21:20:53 missmichaele somebody who can play concertina would be great :)
2017-03-30 21:21:11 catherine yronwode Yes!
2017-03-30 21:21:23 Ghia oh nice
2017-03-30 21:21:25 TwoMoons That's badass!!
2017-03-30 21:21:30 catherine yronwode I really need a trio, like the Carter Family.
2017-03-30 21:21:35 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL
2017-03-30 21:21:48 TwoMoons lol
2017-03-30 21:22:15 Ghia <:o)
2017-03-30 21:22:19 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti highway blues
2017-03-30 21:22:24 catherine yronwode ON SACRED GROUND with Khi Armand had returned to Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
2017-03-30 21:22:37 catherine yronwode Now Troll has to record the spot AGAIN!
2017-03-30 21:22:41 ColieKraft I'm so excited to hear On Sacred Ground is back on!
2017-03-30 21:22:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti highway 61
2017-03-30 21:22:54 TwoMoons i'll have to sign up through blogtalk for the reminder email for that show, it's the only way i can remember
2017-03-30 21:22:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti robert johnson
2017-03-30 21:23:07 Ghia You took my answer
2017-03-30 21:23:11 missmichaele Sounds too late for Robert Johnson...?
2017-03-30 21:23:37 Ghia sounds too clean
2017-03-30 21:23:51 missmichaele Yeah, that's part of why I say ""too late.""
2017-03-30 21:24:06 TwoMoons I was just thinking, there's not enough scratch
2017-03-30 21:24:19 missmichaele But also the style doesn't sound quite as ""sweet"" as music sounded before about 1925..? '27?
2017-03-30 21:24:27 Ghia unless they redid it
2017-03-30 21:24:46 missmichaele When I hear a high clear voice like that I always think ""J B Lenoir""
2017-03-30 21:24:49 Ghia early 60s
2017-03-30 21:25:16 catherine yronwode The song is ""61 Highway,"" (not ""Highway 61)
2017-03-30 21:25:32 catherine yronwode The singer is, i think, Son Ford. Pretty obscure
2017-03-30 21:25:52 missmichaele I've never even heard of Will Batts
2017-03-30 21:26:12 catherine yronwode Will Batts! OF Course -- the companion of Frank Stokes!
2017-03-30 21:26:32 catherine yronwode Will Batts, half of the Memphis Shieks.
2017-03-30 21:26:47 catherine yronwode Only really known for accompanying Frank Stokes. I missed that entirely!
2017-03-30 21:26:53 Ghia I got the Bible magic Book
2017-03-30 21:27:08 missmichaele Ghia, how are you liking it?
2017-03-30 21:27:16 missmichaele I learned so much writing that
2017-03-30 21:27:45 Ghia I do but its hard to get into the vibe of it, and thank Miss Michaele :)
2017-03-30 21:28:36 Ghia you know i have alot of other things going on, and I know i have that tool :)
2017-03-30 21:28:37 missmichaele It took me a long time to come around to the use of the Bible and calling on Jesus, Ghia.
2017-03-30 21:28:54 catherine yronwode Books of Psalms.
2017-03-30 21:28:55 missmichaele I used to say that Jesus and I had a staring contest that lasted years :)
2017-03-30 21:29:24 catherine yronwode Psalms 23 is the best known
2017-03-30 21:29:49 Ghia its not anything about that :) its about where my conscioussness is focused, it is all manifesting tools
2017-03-30 21:29:56 missmichaele You can still buy psalteries -- little stringed harps. My parents once had some to sell.
2017-03-30 21:30:04 catherine yronwode Goodness and Mercy -- the border collies!
2017-03-30 21:30:21 TwoMoons Acrostic??
2017-03-30 21:30:36 catherine yronwode Ah, those little pasateries, i remember them well.
2017-03-30 21:30:57 catherine yronwode pasateries = psalteries! (Guess i am hungry)
2017-03-30 21:31:30 catherine yronwode Yep, it's a puzzle, actually, in Hebrew.
2017-03-30 21:32:04 missmichaele These psalteries look like the ones my parents sold: https://www.etsy.com/listing/290296117/ ... p-header-2
2017-03-30 21:32:21 catherine yronwode https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psalm_119 This psalm is one of about a dozen alphabetic acrostic poems in the Bible. Its 176 verses are divided into twenty-two stanzas, one stanza for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet
2017-03-30 21:32:37 Ghia oh those re real cool Miss Michaele
2017-03-30 21:32:47 catherine yronwode within each stanza, each of the eight verses begins (in Hebrew) with that letter.
2017-03-30 21:32:54 catherine yronwode #NAME?
2017-03-30 21:33:35 catherine yronwode Yes, those are the little psalteries i recall.
2017-03-30 21:33:42 Ghia sorry for cap lock
2017-03-30 21:35:09 catherine yronwode Everyone was an Enery
2017-03-30 21:36:18 catherine yronwode Yes, the idea that divorce is ""modern"" and dates to Henry the 8th is false -- Jews always allowed divorce -- a get.
2017-03-30 21:36:52 catherine yronwode The Catholics forbade it, but still it existed.
2017-03-30 21:37:44 catherine yronwode Devilled Eggs with Paprika sprinkles have appeared, courtesy of the Gran Mufti of Satanism!
2017-03-30 21:38:00 Ghia nice Cat
2017-03-30 21:38:12 catherine yronwode THANK YOU, Troll Towelhead!
2017-03-30 21:38:35 Ghia I can only eat so many before i never want to see another :)
2017-03-30 21:38:53 Ghia eastertime
2017-03-30 21:39:02 catherine yronwode I love them/ The paprika on these is excellently fragrant!
2017-03-30 21:39:04 missmichaele Psst -- Troll -- try them with minced onion, curry powder and lemon juice and a garnish of mango chutney sometime.
2017-03-30 21:39:16 Ghia Oh lovely!
2017-03-30 21:40:20 TwoMoons I love paprika, people tell me it has no smell. I tell them to get a nose that works.
2017-03-30 21:40:50 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti So the use of the Psalms wasn't about colonization or about gentrification.
2017-03-30 21:40:51 Ghia lots use it for self service self centeredness i ear in my hair shop some example
2017-03-30 21:40:53 catherine yronwode Hoodoo use of the Psalms comes almost literally from Shimmush Tehellim -- The Secrets of the Psalms.
2017-03-30 21:40:56 Ghia hear
2017-03-30 21:42:03 catherine yronwode And let up not forget ... Joshua Trachtenberg. LOL!
2017-03-30 21:43:27 catherine yronwode Trachtenberg (193): ""The book Shimmush Tehillim, ""The (Magical) Use of the Psalms,"" the most popular work on this subject, opens with the words, ""The entire Torah is composed of the names of God...
2017-03-30 21:43:36 Ghia yes why would you us Psalms?
2017-03-30 21:43:51 catherine yronwode ...and in consequence it has the property of saving and protecting man.
2017-03-30 21:43:59 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Birchers probably are still around, yes.
2017-03-30 21:44:16 catherine yronwode Trachtenberg: ""This little work—frequently reprinted in pocket size, and translated into several European languages—achieved the distinction of being placed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum of the Catholic Church.""
2017-03-30 21:45:19 missmichaele And when you're done hating Jews for the moment, just go die in a fire before your next hate session, mmmkay? Thanks.
2017-03-30 21:45:27 Ghia :-* gota crash Love Ya!
2017-03-30 21:45:31 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti You have an argument with them about the identity of that Jewish carpenter, i'll bet. They call that rabbi ""God"".
2017-03-30 21:45:45 Ghia ROBERT JOHNSON
2017-03-30 21:46:10 Ghia cMON IN mY KITCHEN
2017-03-30 21:46:11 catherine yronwode Only the trinitarians do, Troll. Jesus did not claim that name and the Unitarians disavow it.
2017-03-30 21:46:15 Lynna Albert Goodnight Ghia... (})
2017-03-30 21:46:23 catherine yronwode Ghia gets the cookie!
2017-03-30 21:46:27 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Come On In My Kitchen, Robert Johnson.
2017-03-30 21:46:39 Ghia i got that on an old tape Goodnite!
2017-03-30 21:46:41 the LMC Radio Network Ghia gets the cookie!
2017-03-30 21:46:54 Ghia :-*
2017-03-30 21:47:05 Ghia dat right
2017-03-30 21:47:19 Ghia goonight
2017-03-30 21:47:24 catherine yronwode Trachtenburg reports ""a tradition that when a city is endangered it may be saved by reciting in order all those Psalms whose initial letters spell out the name of the city."" Cool, huh?
2017-03-30 21:47:38 catherine yronwode Them danged acrostics!
2017-03-30 21:47:47 catherine yronwode Nighty night, Ghia.
2017-03-30 21:48:12 missmichaele Mr. Miss Michaele is ravenously hungry, gotta go feed him. Goodnight all
2017-03-30 21:49:54 Lynna Albert Goodnight Miss Michaele (F)
2017-03-30 21:50:00 catherine yronwode Calamus -- ""erect"" is an apt term.
2017-03-30 21:50:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Calamus the POWER plant!
2017-03-30 21:50:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti By Miss Michaele!
2017-03-30 21:51:22 catherine yronwode A fabulous scent!
2017-03-30 21:51:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Wonderul indeed.
2017-03-30 21:52:07 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I believe it!
2017-03-30 21:53:53 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 1 quart reduced to 1 pint
2017-03-30 21:53:56 ColieKraft Can you brew calamus in a tea to dominate a lover?
2017-03-30 21:54:40 catherine yronwode Also known as SweetFlag.
2017-03-30 21:57:24 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Didn't Trachtenberg use the term ""superstition"" too?
2017-03-30 21:57:39 TwoMoons I will be there!
2017-03-30 21:57:51 TwoMoons Can't wait!!
2017-03-30 21:57:59 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.hoodooheritagefestival.com
2017-03-30 21:58:09 catherine yronwode Tickets on sale!
2017-03-30 21:58:24 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.missionaryindependent.org
2017-03-30 21:58:50 TwoMoons Great show, thank you professor
2017-03-30 21:58:49 the LMC Radio Network Thank you all for joining me here each week!
2017-03-30 21:58:56 the LMC Radio Network Thank you!
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