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Re: Success Stories (Working With LMCCo. Supplies Testimonials)

Unread post by amithyzt » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:14 am

I must post this testimonial- I laugh every time I think of it...

My first order was for a variety of general purpose oils and a few I thought would be helpful down the line, including Lucky Mojo Crown of Success oil.

On Saturday, my paw and I struggled for two hours to install a new motor in his electric wheel chair. I mean this thing would NOT line up so we could get the bolts in! We were sweaty and sore, frustrated to the point of colorful language- lol. My dad finally threw his hands up in defeat, deciding we needed a break. I ran home and grabbed my Crown of Success oil.

I anointed and prayed over both the chair and the new engine, washed my hands and anointed myself and my paw. We got back to work and the motor (previously impossible to place) slid right in and was installed in less than ten minutes. My dad hollered "D*MN! CROWN OF SUCCESS!" We couldn't stop giggling.

I worry from time to time how my folks might react to some of my beliefs and practices, especially as I consider more open displays of conjure, but in this instance the result was immediate and neither one of us could deny something miraculous had happened. What I found hilarious was overhearing a phone conversation he was having with a buddy later that evening. He was explaining what a struggle the motor had been, how much time we wasted, and the difficulties of the project... Then I hear him telling his buddy "Yeah we got it in, but we had to use magical oil." He's not only on board, but bragging to his friends! He was on the phone cooing "Croooooooooown of Success!" My mom and I lost it. He's probably going to want bottles as stocking stuffers for every manly man he knows to use while working on their four wheelers or tractors. These are tough dudes- I mean, so is my dad- so it tickles me to no end to hear him rattling off laundry lists for every "dude" task he wants to accomplish (now with Crown of Success oil)... He's gonna need his own bottle!

Thanks, Lucky Mojo! This was simple and fun, but most importantly, made my dad a believer INSTANTLY and gave us plenty of jollies. Crooooooooown of Success!
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Re: Success Stories (Working With LMCCo. Supplies Testimonials)

Unread post by ingtar » Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:01 pm

Van Van has really upped my game, I've got to say. I was starting to have more consistent success, but then I received my Van Van oil, and used it to cleanse myself of anything negative stuck to me, and be a clean slate before then using whatever oils for what I wanted to draw to me. Wow! That, along with using my new Blockbuster oil, has just made things even easier to achieve. I use it every night now to get rid of the day and prep myself for only positive things, and it's been amazing!

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Re: Success Stories (Working With LMCCo. Supplies Testimonials)

Unread post by SpellsnSuch » Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:06 pm

I recently had all sorts of bad luck.. loss of sufficient income, relationship issues, depression.. it all hit simultaneously, and I just felt like something was off... I seriously had a gut feeling that someone was messing with me.. jinxing me, etc.. So I started experimenting with hoodoo, I know it may sound cliche but I just had a feeling like this was the right path for me to take! Of course when I first started I was just going google crazy, trying spells from random sites, buying things from the neighborhood metaphysical shop (which btw had mostly things for "positive" spells, not everything I needed), and somehow I stumbled upon this site. I am SOOO grateful that I did. Lucky mojo has all sorts of curios, oils, spells, sachets, etc.. and I'm convinced that they work!

Oddly enough, the spells I have tried before finding this site really had no effect on me or my targets.. Then I found this site and everything in my life has gotten better lol. I have done some work on my enemies and myself using items from this site and the basic spells on this site as guidelines, and honestly I have had much success. Not always, but about 75% of the spells I have done worked, and rather quickly.

So far I have cast:

* a vinegar break up jar spell (did this twice and the couple broke up.. cast 1 jar spell then waited a 2-3 weeks in between time and decided to cast another jar spell.. not sure if I should have waited longer or if the second jar was necessary but I was getting impatient lol, but the couple broke up exactly 3 days after the second jar spell was cast!)

* a reversing spell (my luck improved dramatically, within the same week!)

* a honey jar spell (and guess what, ex has been rather sweet to me :D )

* banishment spells for enemies (unfortunately no luck with this one yet, but I'm still trying.. i did my own jar spell with red pepper, black pepper, nails, vinegar, and lit a black candle anointed with banishing oil... but no luck..)

* come to me/love spells (ex and I are not official, but we have gone on a few casual dates.. so maybe these love spells worked. maybe not.)

* several protection spells (and I have been in better spirits and yes i honestly do feel protected!)

So basically, yes I recommend this site and believe in the powers of hoodoo! I have also recently purchased some 7 day vigil candles to be prepared and burned on the four altars site by deacon miller, I'm excited to see some results! Has anyone used his services and have any success stories from him or his candle lighting services?

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Re: Success Stories (Working With LMCCo. Supplies Testimonials)

Unread post by Miss Athena » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:59 am

Hi SpellsnSuch,

Congratulations on your successes so far. You've done nice work.

I have had to disapprove some of your other posts as you were asking the same thing across multiple threads. Please not that this is against forum rules, and will result in a warning if it continues. Please familiarize yourself with our very simple but firm rules moving forward.

There is a thread here for Deacon Millett so please read through it as it should answer your questions about his candle altar.

I hope this helps. Good luck.
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Re: Success Stories (Working With LMCCo. Supplies Testimonials)

Unread post by Honeybeelight » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:14 am

I’m not seeing a lot of love for Cut and Clear, but I think it’s the best thing in the whole catalogue, at least for me. Before I came here (in 2004? 2005?), I had never heard a practitioner suggest that now would be a good time to stop. It was always one more candle, one more spell, while I and the rest of their customers were getting more and more wrung out and depressed.

Here, though, they’ll actually tell you, “no, there’s something better out there. Let this drop,” and a spell to help you. Miss Cat’s personal story on this is worth a read. I’m not great at love spells (yet), but Cut and Clear really works. I did one just the other day. It’s a complicated story, but after finding out how sick and bad I felt (I lost 22 pounds in two months), Deacon Millett virtually ordered me to do it. What a difference. On Saturday, I was still bursting into tears and feeling physical pain. I did one on Monday, specifically asking for the pain to be over. And boom. Two or three days later, I’m not feeling pain anymore. And this is not the first time I’ve used it and gotten great results.

So thank you, Miss Cat, for sharing your story and the spells. Guys, do not be afraid to use Cut and Clear. It is like a lemon scented whack upside the head.
Thank you, St. Michael, for your protection.

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Re: Success Stories (Working With LMCCo. Supplies Testimonials)

Unread post by neonwaosy » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:07 pm

Hi all,
I have been mixing crown of success oil in my kids lotion, so over the weekend they had a placement competition on their basketball team, she has been attending a private practice which is not their school team. I know she has improved a lot, so on the placement day, I added a a drop of I can you can't oil to her lotion that morning. And voila, their coach moved her to a much better group. From group C to A, with group A being the best. I am beyond thrilled. Thank you LM.

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