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Very new to this, and very unsure.

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Very new to this, and very unsure.

Unread post by stormysepia » Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:49 am

Hello all,
I'm not sure where to start - but I am a totally green newbie to everything in this world (this particular lifestyle and forum), and I don't even know where to start.

I must say I find the forum a little overwhelming - but mostly due to how active it is, which is a good thing! But that means it's hard to wade through everything, and I'm not sure where I should be posting, where I should be inquiring, or even what I should inquire about.

Like others, trying circumstances have led me to considering these types of options as solutions, but I come from social groups where, not only do i have no exposure to this, but it has largely been vilified. If not told it's out rightly dangerous, then the next sentiment would be that it's all just preposterous, and a waste of time/money.

I've tried to nurture an open mind, but I've had a hard time learning about the values of the magick/hoodoo/wiccan world, and how they do, or do not fit with more mainstream faith lifestyles.

I also would like to apologize if i say anything offensive - I'm not even sure of the language i should be using here. I hope to counter my ignorance with knowledge that is unbiased - and I had hoped that maybe the users of this forum could make some suggestions?

I've had it drilled into me that this is a frightening, dangerous, wicked or fraudulent world, but i'd like to learn more. So many here seem to have such positive motivations, I feel there must be more to your world than that.
Is there anyone who would be open to just having a dialogue with me about... well, almost everything?

I wonder how far into this lifestyle and belief system one has to be before having someone do work for them,
how much of your daily life will be touched by the actions you've requested
how compatible this belief system is with other forms of theism
...and much more.

I have been dealing with so much for so many years, and I don't even know which issue to address first. I prayed the way I normally do to the god i pray to, and i prayed desperately this time . I pray for help or for a change, and then in a moment of not knowing what else to do, I petitioned - "if there's anything or anyone out there that can help me... please find me and let me know."
And now I'm posting this here.

I see some of the same language about dedication and prayer used here towards your belief systems that I have heard in other faith groups - it occurred to me that there's some of the same mindset involved, but influence by different beliefs. Or some similar ones - i have found that there is some overlap, depending on which sources I go to for information.

I'd like to believe there is hope for me and my situations.
I'd like to find out if i can find any of that here.

Again, a giant apology to anyone who is annoyed with the length of this message, or if anything expressed was inappropriate.

I hope I can find help for me here.

Good day to all!


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Re: Very new to this, and very unsure.

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:41 pm

Hi, Stormy.

Thanks for introducing yourself. I think i can give you some good pointers toward finding the information you want. At the end of this message i will supply links to further reading.

First, this is not a "lifestyle" forum nor is it a "Wicca" forum. It is a forum for the discussion and teaching of African American folk magic, as practiced primarily (but not exclusively) in a Protestant Christian context. We are not particularly interested in "other forms of theism" because hoodoo is basically Protestant Christian folk magic as practiced in the black communities of America, and we are not supportive of attempts to change that. We do have members and guests from all sorts of cultures and religions, but they know who we are and what we practice, and if they don't like it, they will happily find a different forum, one more relevant to either their religion or their form of magical practice.

Second, although the folk magic of black Americans is indeed a "belief system," in an anthropological sense, we don't deal with it that way in this Forum. We are working in this tradition, and like birds flying, we don't stop to ask, "what is the composition of air?" We do have one Forum thread for discussions of that subject, and i will link to it below.

Third, we are not here to teach or force a "belief system" on you. You need not receive initiations or undergo a catechism to join the community of those who practice hoodoo -- but you must show respect for black American culture in general and for folk magic in general, or you will not be permitted to post here. In other words, we are NOT here to debate the "validity of a belief" with anyone -- we are too busy discussing the tips and tricks of African American folk magic!

Fourth, i am sorry, but this forum does not support a private messaging service. If you want dialogue, just ask -- but understand that it will be public and it is searchable via Google.

Okay, now the links:

Basic Understanding of Traditional African American Hoodoo
basic-understanding-of-traditional-afri ... 19287.html
This thread starts with links, but goes on for 3 pages of posts about the subject. Read the links and ask questions if you have any.

Hoodoo & Religion: Voodoo Wicca Santeria Witchcraft Atheism
hoodoo-religion-voodoo-wicca-santeria-w ... 10231.html
Nine pages of discussion in this thread. If you have questions, just ask!

Theories About How/Why Magic/Psychism Works -- or Doesn't
theories-about-how-why-magic-psychism-w ... t6722.html
Six pages of discussion. If you have questions, just ask!

Ethics: Moral Justification Before God, "Black Magic," Karma
ethics-moral-justification-before-god-b ... 13051.html
Three pages of discussion, and if you have a question, just ask!

In the next post, i will append the usual list of links we give to newcomers.

Again, welcome to the Forum and i hope you enjoy your time here.
catherine yronwode

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Re: Very new to this, and very unsure.

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:45 pm

This is our standard welcome message and will contain some more information for you.

Welcome to the forum and to the Lucky Mojo family!

I am posting the most popular threads and some forum rules for you to look over.
And we are looking forward to seeing you on the forum.
If you ever have any questions, we are ALWAYS here for you.

These are links to general information on Hoodoo and to give you a jumping off point.

Hoodoo History:







Conditions and how we can address them:

Here is some info on how the Forum is set up. It is divided into four parts:

1) News and Announcements about the Lucky Mojo Curio Company and this site.

2) Lucky Mojo Spiritual Supplies and how to use them, listed in threads by product type and product title.

3) Life Conditions and Situations, with recommended Lucky Mojo products, spells, and advice.

4) The Online Hoodoo Community, including sites, events, and outreach sponsored by Lucky Mojo.

When you post, it helps your moderators, who are recompensed volunteers, if you post in the area of the board that is best suited to the archival of your question or comment. That way moderators will not have to move your post or merge it into ongoing threads.

If you can't find a post you made, it may have been moved or merged. Go to your profile by clicking on your name and "search recent posts" -- you will find it.

Within each board section there are STICKY threads -- ones that always stay "stuck" to the top. These are popular discussion-threads that you can read and add to if your questions or comments fall into one of these oft-broached topics. If you don't see a "sticky" that relates to your question, feel free to start a new thread in the relevant section.

We do have a few "thou shalt not" rules here, and they can be found in the Forum Rules link at the top of each page. Most important for newbies are these four common errors to avoid:

1) Please do not come here asking for our formulas for conjure oils or for instructions on how to use spiritual supplies that you bought at a grocery store or at a competitor of ours; this is the Lucky Mojo Forum and is financially supported by the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.

2) Please do not spam the moderators by sending multiple duplicated private messages asking for personal help outside the board; many of our moderators do perform readings and rootwork spell-casting for clients, but they are professionals and you should approach them as you would any other professional.

3) Please do not post illegal copies of material from other web sites or from books.

4) Please do not post put-downs of any group of people based on their religion, race, or national origin, including derogatory comments.

5) Please do not start new topics.

6) Please do not quote people.
catherine yronwode

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Re: Very new to this, and very unsure.

Unread post by stormysepia » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:55 pm

Thank you so very much for your patience in your reply to me.
You're direction on what to read has really cleared up so many of the questions I had, and I feel a little embarrassed now at how wrong I was about so many things.
I've still got a lot to figure out, but I will look through the forum- now that I've had some guidance on how to find things, and will see what I can find out.

Your kindness is very much appreciated,

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Re: Very new to this, and very unsure.

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:19 pm

You're welcome!
catherine yronwode

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