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TNYKS Chat Log September 17, 2015

Professor Porterfield and his crew of Radio Sidekicks present traditional Rootwork and Conjure, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya.
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TNYKS Chat Log September 17, 2015

Unread post by Rev Ernest » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:09 pm

07:45:31 PM the LMC Radio Network enter the room
07:49:53 PM catherine yronwode enter the room
07:51:06 PM catherine yronwode Hello!
07:51:12 PM AshKowalkowski enter the room
07:51:57 PM Guest1900 enter the room
07:52:37 PM AshKowalkowski (})
07:52:44 PM the LMC Radio Network (})
07:53:46 PM Papa Newt enter the room
07:54:12 PM Ghia enter the room
07:54:54 PM Ghia just listened to the premiere episode while I waited Black Pepper !!!(F)
07:55:09 PM the LMC Radio Network Hope you enjoyed it.
07:55:16 PM Ghia Great!
07:55:27 PM the LMC Radio Network T Minus 5 minutes and counting
07:56:13 PM Guest1952 enter the room
07:56:18 PM Guest1954 enter the room
07:57:29 PM Guest1900 quit the room
07:58:15 PM Troll Towelhead GMS enter the room
07:58:22 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Arriving.
07:59:45 PM the LMC Radio Network T Minus 1 minutes and counting.
08:00:35 PM Papa Newt quit the room
08:01:02 PM Guest1954 quit the room
08:01:04 PM Guest2042 enter the room
08:01:05 PM the LMC Radio Network do yoou all have sound
08:01:12 PM Papa Newt enter the room
08:01:13 PM Ghia sound!!!
08:01:40 PM Papa Newt quit the room
08:01:41 PM catherine yronwode Sound THREE ways (siva's room, my room, cell phone!
08:02:44 PM Papa Newt enter the room
08:03:13 PM catherine yronwode -- now reduced to my room only, siva on cell phone cooking dinner (eggs over easy with peas and cheese).
08:04:59 PM Ghia quit the room
08:05:18 PM Ghia enter the room
08:05:37 PM Ghia was agreat show Candelos corner :)
08:05:56 PM catherine yronwode Met a man selling ravens? I
08:06:12 PM catherine yronwode Strange Western mosic. LIVE NEWS BULLETIN!
08:06:13 PM Papa Newt quit the room
08:06:18 PM catherine yronwode Breaking News!
08:06:53 PM Papa Newt enter the room
08:06:53 PM Guest1952 quit the room
08:07:07 PM catherine yronwode Veteran radio newscaster -- Phil Patchy Fogg was released from custody in Thunder Bay ... Live in Lansing now "Wheat or be Wheaten!"
08:07:17 PM Candelos Corner Radio enter the room
08:07:17 PM catherine yronwode Phillip Fogg -- PATCHY!
08:07:45 PM catherine yronwode Addition of bread and bread products being added to meat products.
08:09:24 PM Guest2146 enter the room
08:09:28 PM catherine yronwode Corruption at the highest levels ... clandestine wheat in meat products! in Michigan, Illinois, and Kansas. BREAD!
08:09:47 PM Papa Newt quit the room
08:10:38 PM catherine yronwode Imagine a hamburger patty that is little more than a bun on a bun!
08:11:15 PM Candelos Corner Radio (})
08:11:18 PM catherine yronwode Six police officers invaded his hotel room and destroyed the evidence he had accumulated.
08:11:31 PM Ghia (})
08:11:52 PM catherine yronwode WOW! He was SERIOUS....
08:12:29 PM catherine yronwode ... read the ravens on the steps of the statehouse, you have got to be kidding!
08:13:33 PM catherine yronwode LOL!
08:13:50 PM catherine yronwode And now, Wink Winkerson!
08:14:41 PM catherine yronwode Plant aboveground crops and slaughter livestock...
08:15:19 PM catherine yronwode 16 Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
08:17:37 PM catherine yronwode Lucky Numbers!
08:17:40 PM Ghia (F)
08:19:05 PM catherine yronwode 6 19 22 25 38 50.
08:19:34 PM catherine yronwode 313 532 672.
08:20:17 PM catherine yronwode 2 of Clubs: a Handshake. Partnership and team effort.
08:20:55 PM Ghia (F)(H)(F)
08:21:00 PM catherine yronwode "The Pusher Man."
08:21:31 PM Ghia <:o)8-)<:o)(H)
08:21:34 PM catherine yronwode Curtis Mayfield (?)
08:22:00 PM Ghia SuperFly
08:24:49 PM Guest2042 quit the room
08:26:10 PM catherine yronwode Congrats to Ghia, too!
08:26:38 PM Ghia :P
08:26:49 PM Ghia I am Here
08:27:24 PM Ghia putting my seat belt on
08:30:47 PM catherine yronwode The topic tonight is addiction -- to alcohol and drugs -- in various "magical communities."
08:31:41 PM Ghia I dreamt of a woman in New Orleans....she told me her story and why she had to go do
08:32:05 PM catherine yronwode Oh, i have heard that one from a number of rootworkers and readers! "I been working so hard, i need a drink!"
08:32:15 PM Ghia heroin
08:33:12 PM Ghia yes if the Work makes you say you need that, ain't right
08:34:39 PM catherine yronwode Heard 'em say, "End the day, time to smoke a joint."
08:37:14 PM catherine yronwode If reading and rootwork stress you out in a way that a "regular" job did not, you may need to step away from reading and rootowork did not, then get away from the work and address your addiction, as related to reading and rootwork!
08:37:20 PM Ghia actually audo playback halted you for a second :)
08:37:38 PM Guest2146 quit the room
08:38:33 PM catherine yronwode But if your "regular" job had you drinking or using every day, then get to AA or NA -- it's not the psychic work that is the problem.
08:42:30 PM catherine yronwode Fewer people in the chat room tonight than in the entire history of this show -- why? Telling truth about alcoholism and drug abuse.
08:42:47 PM Ghia (F)
08:43:46 PM catherine yronwode I think there are folks afraid of names being called....
08:44:36 PM catherine yronwode .... and truth being told about some well known spiritual people.
08:44:37 PM Ghia good Clearing
08:45:42 PM catherine yronwode I know some of whom he speaks -- or just like the ones he is referencing.
08:46:03 PM Ghia hey i did clean the toilet today, man :)
08:46:10 PM catherine yronwode LOL!
08:46:55 PM catherine yronwode Reading while drunk. I have seen this, even paid for such readings, unknowingly. For real.
08:47:47 PM catherine yronwode If this was you BEFORE you got into spiritual practice, stop the spiritual practice until you straighten yourself out.
08:47:57 PM Ghia and i do wash my hands now, Professor Porterfeild. but I am not a worker, however...:)
08:48:07 PM catherine yronwode Oh, ***, Ayahuasca -- i lost a good colleague to that one.
08:49:22 PM Ghia don't have to ever do ayahuasca again, learnt what I needed to see and know
08:49:35 PM catherine yronwode Go to the crossroads and meet the Devil drunk. hahaha.
08:49:51 PM Ghia o goodness it has happenned
08:50:23 PM Ghia fine lines around the crossroads...for lords sake
08:50:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Also called in, seeking dinner, found, finally returned!
08:50:57 PM Ghia I dig Prof. porterfeild so much :)(F)(F)(F)
08:51:00 PM catherine yronwode "He grows it in his basement ..."
08:51:19 PM Troll Towelhead GMS quit the room
08:51:30 PM Troll Towelhead GMS enter the room
08:52:35 PM catherine yronwode Insisting on alcohol or drug use during spiritual work is parallel to sexual abuse during spiritual work -- misuse of power.
08:52:39 PM Ghia Truth is truth...the Now you Know Show....true to
08:52:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Cf. Andrew Weil, The Natural Mind
08:53:20 PM catherine yronwode "A stoner on vacation" LOL!
08:53:38 PM Troll Towelhead GMS psychonautics.
08:53:44 PM Ghia I'd be dead
08:53:55 PM catherine yronwode YES!
08:54:20 PM Troll Towelhead GMS toads?
08:54:38 PM Ghia rather be dreamin
08:54:48 PM catherine yronwode "Getting tripped out is not the same as magic, no matter how many jaguars you see or how many frogs you lick..."
08:55:18 PM Ghia hahaah. I am a former acid queen from long ago, serious
08:55:33 PM Ghia old lady now
08:55:49 PM catherine yronwode "Dear Little Aleister"
08:56:13 PM Ghia o was i supposed to admit that?
08:56:26 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Alan Watts, Chogyam Trungpa, etc.
08:56:33 PM catherine yronwode "Your spiritual enlightenment does not make less addictive."
08:56:42 PM catherine yronwode Ghia! Love!
08:56:48 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Carlos Castaneda?
08:57:17 PM catherine yronwode "Your spiritual enlightenment does not make heroin less addictive."
08:57:49 PM catherine yronwode "Every tool has a cost."
08:58:24 PM Ghia (lol)
08:58:46 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Without the insight needed to use the tool.\
08:59:23 PM catherine yronwode "Heart attack season" when the old men -- who have the tool -- try to shovel snow like young men... "because the cost of the tool is the strength to use it."
08:59:34 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Neuro-transformative.
09:00:15 PM catherine yronwode "People getting tripped out and thinking they're birds."
09:00:21 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Nicotine, alcohol, hard substances, pharmaceuticals are far worse hazards / problems than psychedelics.
09:00:28 PM catherine yronwode "We have a lot of alcoholism."
09:00:47 PM Ghia I am a Vulture tho...
09:01:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Repetitive behaviour, habitual action.
09:01:14 PM Ghia just can't lift off to fly with the flock...yet...
09:01:31 PM Troll Towelhead GMS He's pontificating!!
09:02:02 PM catherine yronwode He is begging folks to stop!
09:02:17 PM Ghia I have met those people that have real bad reaction to not have any alcohol. thank god I never saw anyone suffering fron heroin
09:02:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS ::holding wig::
09:02:44 PM catherine yronwode My uncle was a heroin addict. It was sad and terrible.
09:02:49 PM Ghia I have felt their pain sympathetic
09:03:05 PM Ghia so sufferring
09:03:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I've known some casualties of all types of substances, psychedelics, pot, meth, alcohol, all the rest, many nicotine self-destroyers. Totally agreed regarding this pontification.
09:03:51 PM catherine yronwode "If you are going to a worker and it becomes obvious to you that worker is drunk or stoned while working for you ..."
09:03:52 PM catherine yronwode "Stop going to that worker!"
09:04:35 PM catherine yronwode "And somebody right now is winding a noose for my ass."
09:06:38 PM catherine yronwode "If you would get in the passenger seat of a car with someone who is drunk, go ahead -- but if you would not, then do not have such a one do your magical and spiritual work for you."
09:07:02 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Some people may live for ordeals or have less care and concern for themselves and so engage that kind of risk.
09:07:04 PM Ghia (lol)(F) right on tho
09:08:01 PM Ghia anyone who doesn't understand the nature of moving energy benefit or curse...well
09:08:29 PM catherine yronwode This stands aside from spiritual possession, drumming, trance, or other altered states -- it is about the worker's regular abuse of alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and such.
09:08:32 PM Ghia say I have done things for myself and got hit....
09:08:54 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The usual explanation from those who enjoin that kind of thing is that they associate the 'power' of their experience is enhanced or amplified by their addictive substance.
09:09:05 PM Ghia learn for oneself exactly why its ***ed up work...
09:09:36 PM catherine yronwode It stands apart from the worker having relaxation time with alcohol or drugs. It is about actual addiction, about a worker who drunk or stoned while working your case.
09:09:56 PM Ghia (F)
09:10:19 PM Ghia absolutely correct
09:11:30 PM Ghia (F)(H):-*(L)
09:11:41 PM catherine yronwode Steppenwolf (?) The Pusher (?)
09:11:49 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Good guess.
09:12:09 PM catherine yronwode Tomstones in their eyes (an homage to Bob Dylan)
09:12:12 PM the LMC Radio Network 100% correct
09:12:32 PM catherine yronwode Haven't heard this in decades!
09:12:37 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (lol)
09:12:54 PM Ghia I don't think i ever heard it old tymers
09:13:12 PM catherine yronwode Yep, old tymer here.
09:13:18 PM catherine yronwode Old Thymer...
09:13:29 PM Ghia (lol):-*(F)
09:13:32 PM Ghia hahaha
09:13:35 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :)
09:13:49 PM catherine yronwode Slurgy heroin music.
09:14:17 PM Candelos Corner Radio quit the room
09:14:55 PM Ghia my friend died finally from some bad stuff he showed me in a dream...then i found out it was true
09:15:36 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Slurgy? Hm, never heard that term before. Appropos.
09:15:47 PM catherine yronwode Oh, that is sad. My uncle just a street junkie, totally useless. He had been an artist and poet.
09:16:08 PM catherine yronwode Pronounced Slur-jee.
09:16:12 PM Ghia he played music like that.....when I found out many years ago and put his stuff outside...he was in Marilyn manson
09:16:14 PM Troll Towelhead GMS He's just trying to send out a signal.
09:16:30 PM Ghia No I got it
09:16:41 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I was referring to the next sound clip. :)
09:16:54 PM Ghia appreciated, Prof Porterfeild is a right on Man
09:17:05 PM Ghia OK
09:17:09 PM catherine yronwode I was there...
09:17:33 PM Troll Towelhead GMS See?
09:17:36 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :D
09:17:51 PM Troll Towelhead GMS In the vanguard!
09:18:15 PM Troll Towelhead GMS In the UNIVERSE!
09:18:26 PM Troll Towelhead GMS All the necessary light!
09:18:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS No END to the surprises!
09:19:00 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Etc. http://www.lmcradionetwork.com
09:19:16 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh yes!!!
09:19:17 PM catherine yronwode Changes are coming!
09:19:32 PM Troll Towelhead GMS It means i'll need to record it again.
09:19:46 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh isn't she special?!
09:20:14 PM catherine yronwode She is soooo sweet.
09:20:36 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Double-You-Double-You-Double-You! Oh that's the Count.....
09:20:46 PM Ghia (F)
09:21:02 PM catherine yronwode Brang yer little ones
09:21:05 PM Troll Towelhead GMS And the Labyrinth!!
09:21:27 PM Troll Towelhead GMS So small!
09:22:08 PM catherine yronwode Dubya Dubya Dubya
09:22:13 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Dubya-dubya-dubya, yes.
09:22:32 PM catherine yronwode Bah-Bye!
09:22:37 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Bah-bye!
09:22:37 PM Ghia (lol):D:P
09:22:45 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (F)
09:22:47 PM Ghia killin
09:22:55 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery!
09:22:59 PM Ghia Loretta
09:23:02 PM catherine yronwode Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery!
09:23:34 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Not the Talking Heads.
09:24:00 PM catherine yronwode "It was based out of experience."
09:24:23 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Sending out a signal.
09:24:59 PM the LMC Radio Network *nods along*
09:25:34 PM Ghia dreamland OK
09:25:35 PM catherine yronwode Lovely ... music
09:25:37 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (lol):D(lol):D(lol):D(lol):D(lol):D
09:28:08 PM the LMC Radio Network *claps along*
09:30:41 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Bishop Ronald Elwood Hill Brown, Faith Tabernacle Deliverance Temple
09:30:42 PM catherine yronwode Bishop ... Brown .... type it out, Professor!
09:30:46 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Savannah Georgia.
09:30:50 PM catherine yronwode Thanks, troll!
09:30:53 PM Troll Towelhead GMS "Down By the River"
09:30:58 PM the LMC Radio Network Bishop Ronald Elwood Hill Brown
09:31:12 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Spiritual Bathing
09:31:12 PM catherine yronwode Spiritual Bathing!
09:33:23 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Y
09:33:23 PM catherine yronwode Remnant from African pactices. Influence from Christian practices too; in turn influencesd by Judaism, which winds all the way back into African practice.
09:33:53 PM catherine yronwode bathing in the Bible.
09:34:05 PM Guest2863 enter the room
09:34:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Royal bloodbath!!
09:34:18 PM Guest2863 quit the room
09:35:30 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Bodily refreshment, bodily cleansing, and spiritual cleansing
09:36:00 PM catherine yronwode Washung hands before you eat.
09:36:03 PM Ghia trying to stay up to hear it now
09:37:09 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Some of us also eat with our hands. :)
09:37:35 PM Ghia yes i was just talking about a Rabbi, and him asking for water...they asked him to do the prayer before the Urban League breakfast, and none of the people knew why he wanted thet
09:37:51 PM Ghia years ago
09:38:04 PM Ghia and he asked for bread
09:38:05 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Ablutions.
09:38:15 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Before prayers as in Mosque.
09:39:00 PM catherine yronwode The social aspect of bathing as well.
09:39:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Women's bathing.
09:39:38 PM Ghia I'm a hairdresser my hands are constantly washed and I started washing them between clients which i stopped but i am going to do that again, because of Prof p's washing thing episodes ago :)
09:40:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS mikvah
09:40:53 PM Ghia right i am doin that
09:41:14 PM Troll Towelhead GMS baptism
09:41:43 PM Troll Towelhead GMS John the *Baptist*
09:42:22 PM Troll Towelhead GMS sprinkling!!
09:43:57 PM vees enter the room
09:44:02 PM vees quit the room
09:44:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Water, prepared
09:44:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS prayer, drawing and dispensing
09:44:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS feed it to your husband!
09:45:39 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/hooodoospiritualbaths.html
09:45:39 PM Ghia mmm water...opens up alot of thoughts
09:45:48 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoobiblemagic.html
09:45:54 PM Troll Towelhead GMS To the kitchen?
09:45:55 PM catherine yronwode Great little book by Aura!
09:46:03 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Very, yes.
09:46:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Tie me kangaroo down, sport!
09:46:10 PM catherine yronwode Tie Me Kangaroo Down!
09:46:26 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The Four Marsupials!
09:46:34 PM Ghia funny
09:46:42 PM catherine yronwode What was his name? Rolf ...
09:46:44 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I LOVED this song in kindergarten!!
09:46:59 PM Ghia nevr heard this not even on Dr. Demento
09:47:01 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Tie me kangaroo down!
09:47:11 PM catherine yronwode Rolf someone. An unlikely name for an Austriliyan
09:47:25 PM Troll Towelhead GMS We had an Australian today in the shop!!!!!!
09:47:57 PM catherine yronwode Yes, BRAD the AUTRILYAN came to see us in the shop today!
09:47:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Mind me platypus duck, Bill!
09:48:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Play yer didgeree doo, Blue!
09:48:22 PM the LMC Radio Network too cool
09:48:32 PM Ghia o gosh i hope I can go tosleep after this!!!! :P
09:48:32 PM Troll Towelhead GMS He's a student of Miss cat's!
09:48:40 PM catherine yronwode Rolf ... Rolf ... it's no use. Rolf SOMEONE.
09:48:45 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Tan me hide when i'm dead, Fred!
09:48:57 PM Troll Towelhead GMS That's it hangin' in the shed!
09:49:04 PM catherine yronwode Rolf?
09:49:06 PM Troll Towelhead GMS What fun.
09:49:06 PM Ghia (lol)(lol) ridiculous!
09:49:20 PM catherine yronwode 3/4 ...
09:49:32 PM Ghia that was our reward!
09:49:34 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Rolfsomeone!
09:49:36 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Harris!
09:49:37 PM catherine yronwode Harris. What a BORING name!
09:49:48 PM catherine yronwode No wnder i only remembered the Rolf part!
09:49:52 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Witch grass? Hm.
09:50:09 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Sure, Harris, is Knot memorable!
09:51:55 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Laughing Cow!!
09:51:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Baby Bells!
09:52:33 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Liberating ancestor!
09:53:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Doodles!
09:55:08 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooherbandrootmagic.html
09:55:18 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Ah just the end of the beginning!
09:55:23 PM catherine yronwode Nice show!
09:55:37 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Temperant and responsible!
09:55:40 PM the LMC Radio Network thank you very much
09:55:47 PM Ghia (F) I made it I LOVE this song!!!!
09:55:49 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Vibrant and heart-felt!
09:56:15 PM Ghia I'm on the caboose!
09:56:16 PM the LMC Radio Network Blog Talk's unique problem tonight i that it would not broadcast any sound to me, so I had to do the show "deaf" as we used to call it.
09:56:26 PM Ghia Oh!
09:56:44 PM the LMC Radio Network been a long time since I did that *laughs*
09:56:48 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I think i do it that way every week.
09:56:58 PM Troll Towelhead GMS But i don't have the speaking part.
09:57:08 PM the LMC Radio Network you are a stealy eyed old radio hand then my friend
09:57:18 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I'm not the Emcee!
09:57:29 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Though i may add a few to the can in the coming moons.
09:57:33 PM Ghia (})(L) on the twain outta site....:)
09:58:01 PM Ghia <:o)<:o)
09:58:20 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Key change!!!
09:58:23 PM catherine yronwode KEY CHANGE!
09:58:27 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :D
09:58:36 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Capturage commencing.
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