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TNYKS Chat Log September 3, 2015

Professor Porterfield and his crew of Radio Sidekicks present traditional Rootwork and Conjure, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya.
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TNYKS Chat Log September 3, 2015

Unread post by Rev Ernest » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:11 pm

07:37:30 PM the LMC Radio Network enter the room
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07:44:58 PM Ghia (F)
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07:50:36 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (})
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07:50:47 PM ChristyXP (})
07:51:10 PM ChristyXP Hey baby, I don't know if my phone is muted
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07:52:02 PM ChristyXP hmm this window is not the pm window :D
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07:53:04 PM the LMC Radio Network (})
07:54:22 PM gabrielle swain howdy everyone
07:55:02 PM the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 5 minutes and counting!
07:55:11 PM the LMC Radio Network Hello, hello
07:55:11 PM ChristyXP Hi Mom!
07:55:20 PM Ghia (H)(H)(H)
07:55:29 PM AnaGabriela0 (})
07:55:38 PM gabrielle swain Hey daughter in law lol
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07:58:02 PM FionaBenjamin Finally made a live one!
07:58:12 PM Ghia (F)
07:58:25 PM themalikot enter the room
07:58:27 PM ChristyXP Hooray! Hi Fiona!
07:58:54 PM the LMC Radio Network T-minus 1 minute and counting!
07:59:11 PM Ghia like Space travel
08:00:07 PM FionaBenjamin :D
08:00:15 PM Ghia quit the room
08:00:38 PM Ghia enter the room
08:00:45 PM ChristyXP Sound!
08:01:01 PM gabrielle swain yay!
08:01:21 PM the LMC Radio Network ALL ABOARD!
08:01:30 PM ChristyXP Woo-woo!
08:01:37 PM Ghia love this show!!! its like chrismas
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08:02:37 PM Ghia (F)
08:03:25 PM Ghia :D:P:D
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08:04:16 PM Papa Newt enter the room
08:04:33 PM Papa Newt Finally made it!
08:04:36 PM Papa Newt Hello evryone.
08:05:14 PM ChristyXP Hi Papa Newt!
08:05:19 PM ChristyXP (F)
08:05:30 PM PaigeZaferiou enter the room
08:05:37 PM Papa Newt Hello, Christy. (F)
08:05:42 PM catherine yronwode hello!
08:06:17 PM ChristyXP I think she's in Kentucky
08:06:20 PM Papa Newt Hello, Miss Cat!
08:06:26 PM catherine yronwode Kim Davis!
08:06:28 PM Ghia (L)(})
08:07:22 PM catherine yronwode Funny thing is, MCCo has, over the years, had THREE different clients names Kim Davis -- one in Oklahoma, and two in Texas! This chick ain't one of 'em, i am happy to say!
08:07:36 PM Ghia :D
08:07:40 PM Susan Barnes enter the room
08:08:01 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Religious freedom to impede the rights of others through one's participation in public service? Hm. :|
08:08:03 PM catherine yronwode LMCCo, that it ,,,
08:08:48 PM catherine yronwode Hello, Papa Newt!
08:08:52 PM Ghia love the thorny path of truth
08:09:51 PM Ghia l
08:10:57 PM Ghia sick
08:11:20 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yes.
08:11:26 PM AnaGabriela0 WOW, just check my recent post on FB related to that...
08:11:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Don't apply, depart.
08:11:37 PM gabrielle swain oh please
08:11:46 PM Troll Towelhead GMS WOW
08:11:48 PM Papa Newt ^o)
08:11:49 PM Ghia to not go with the system, your own problem for working in the system...wtf
08:11:52 PM FionaBenjamin Wait.. did I hear that right
08:11:53 PM Troll Towelhead GMS This is stupendously stupid.
08:12:05 PM FionaBenjamin They are comparing this to the Nazis?!
08:12:31 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Insanely, lyes.
08:13:05 PM Troll Towelhead GMS He is saying that they are "taking Christians out of public offices" by rendering judgements about the laws of the land.
08:13:09 PM FionaBenjamin I thought I misheard. Amazing.
08:13:44 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Further, he is saying that the 'slippery slope' of this is that they will next be drumming Christians out of counties or the country, then killing them.
08:14:30 PM AnaGabriela0 I thought religion should not be mixed with politics; civil rights should not be stoped by any kind of "religious believes"
08:14:35 PM themalikot how dare they lol
08:15:50 PM FionaBenjamin I guess this would be a bad time to bring up her divorces.
08:16:12 PM Troll Towelhead GMS "Mixed" marriages.
08:16:44 PM FionaBenjamin Yes Prof!
08:16:49 PM Troll Towelhead GMS We *try* to have it, yes.
08:17:09 PM themalikot if they cared so much about christians they would care about why theres a string of arsons in black churches in america...
08:17:26 PM themalikot but we all know why that is
08:17:33 PM Susan Barnes Right on, Professor!
08:17:51 PM Troll Towelhead GMS She doesn't, as Clerk, have the ability to affect those arsons.
08:18:03 PM Troll Towelhead GMS She can, as Clerk, impede the marriages of those whom she opposes.
08:18:09 PM themalikot i know this....
08:18:25 PM themalikot i was comenting on those who are praising her for saying shes a champion/martyr of christian values
08:18:30 PM Troll Towelhead GMS His product is conservative religion.
08:18:56 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The interest is exporting it, universal applicability.
08:19:00 PM Troll Towelhead GMS To the NEWS ROOM!
08:19:07 PM Papa Newt In Omaha?! I'm only two hours away! lol
08:19:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Chet Brink!!
08:19:17 PM ChristyXP toasted bread scandal coming soon!
08:20:04 PM catherine yronwode QUIT SMOKING!
08:20:37 PM ChristyXP today and tomorrow auspicious days to quit smoking, begin a diet, and cut hair to discourage growth
08:20:52 PM Troll Towelhead GMS September 7th, JOHANNES GARDBACK's birthday
08:21:20 PM Troll Towelhead GMS September 9th, DEVI SPRING's birthday
08:23:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Now the Lucky Numbers!
08:24:23 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yah!
08:24:38 PM Papa Newt 5 - 8- 19- 24 - 27 - 39
08:24:54 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.professorporterfield.com
08:25:11 PM ChristyXP Wow you are way, way in the future this week Papa Newt
08:25:18 PM Papa Newt 569 - 897 - 919
08:25:52 PM AnaGabriela0 Lots of 9
08:26:00 PM ChristyXP Three of Diamonds
08:26:03 PM ChristyXP a benefactor
08:26:15 PM Papa Newt :D
08:26:16 PM FionaBenjamin Honesty is always a great policy. :D
08:27:55 PM BeyondtheSunAstrology enter the room
08:30:24 PM catherine yronwode Port Chicago, California!
08:30:53 PM catherine yronwode Nah, it's Port CHicago....
08:31:08 PM BeyondtheSunAstrology I'm banking on that 789 this evening Professor P. LOL
08:31:46 PM catherine yronwode Road to City and Back Downhome ...
08:32:06 PM ChristyXP Road to city, country, and down home or just because it's out in the woods doesn't make it that much better
08:32:25 PM ChristyXP ack hard to type with cat in lap LOL
08:32:43 PM FionaBenjamin Kitty! :D
08:32:54 PM Guest2544 enter the room
08:34:41 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The Silent Spring
08:34:58 PM gabrielle swain rachel carson
08:35:38 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Golden Age
08:35:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Tell us about the indigenous ecologists.
08:36:20 PM Candelos Corner Radio enter the room
08:37:51 PM Troll Towelhead GMS 'Failed' is probably an evaluation that they discontinued, like a marriage.
08:38:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS That they were sustained in some duration is important and a success of a sort.
08:38:15 PM themalikot quit the room
08:39:45 PM catherine yronwode "The Golden Age of Hoodoo" -- always said to be earlier than when you first got involved!
08:40:06 PM themalikot enter the room
08:43:47 PM themalikot LOL
08:44:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Orientalism?
08:44:19 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Exoticism become ordeal
08:44:21 PM catherine yronwode Turn into a raven ....?
08:44:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yes Ayahuasca.
08:44:34 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Carlos Castaneda
08:44:36 PM FionaBenjamin Oriental Hoodoo.
08:44:42 PM FionaBenjamin o_o
08:44:51 PM themalikot smh
08:45:33 PM catherine yronwode So sad for the Orientalists -- "hoodoo takes place here in America."
08:47:54 PM FionaBenjamin You sound just like my husband right now with that accent lol.
08:48:21 PM catherine yronwode That accent is Spoooooky.
08:49:00 PM FionaBenjamin That accent is exactly how my husband sounds haha. And if I don't understand, he just yells it louder and says it slower as if it will help lol.
08:49:35 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Whoopi Goldberg
08:50:05 PM catherine yronwode "Y'all got any peyote?" HAHAHA!
08:50:27 PM catherine yronwode Fiona, wait'll he does YOUR voice!
08:50:50 PM themalikot if it doesnt adapt than it wont grow and spread
08:51:06 PM FionaBenjamin Oh boy!
08:52:10 PM catherine yronwode "The End of Hoodoo" is based on this not being "The Golden Age of Hoodoo."
08:52:37 PM catherine yronwode Atlanta not a big city ... and black people don't live in Detroit???
08:52:43 PM themalikot LMAO
08:53:34 PM themalikot ppl forgot a lot of southerners moved around the country
08:53:44 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Maybe they don't have the Jungian land blood.
08:53:44 PM themalikot esp. northward
08:53:59 PM catherine yronwode I remember being called out by a WHITE hoodoo "expert" because i was not "Southern born" and i asked, "but what about the Motor City?" and she really did not get it.
08:54:11 PM themalikot smh...yikes
08:54:32 PM Troll Towelhead GMS A caricature
08:54:37 PM catherine yronwode That's what opened my eyes to this sick paradox of "authenticity."
08:54:50 PM catherine yronwode Hoodoo Cosplay.
08:54:50 PM Ghia (F)
08:55:18 PM ChristyXP Create a Hoodoo Character!
08:55:19 PM catherine yronwode "Create a Hoodoo Character!" with your host Aloyious Wilson!
08:55:28 PM Ghia (lol)
08:55:47 PM catherine yronwode A front man to sell your products!
08:55:52 PM catherine yronwode 3 contestants!
08:56:01 PM Ghia (6)
08:56:01 PM catherine yronwode Mary!
08:56:09 PM catherine yronwode Name a component.
08:56:23 PM catherine yronwode A TOP HAT! That's RIGHT, Mary!
08:56:47 PM catherine yronwode John Bigelow.
08:56:53 PM catherine yronwode Name a component!
08:57:10 PM ChristyXP LOL
08:57:14 PM catherine yronwode Stooopid accent and say wrong words and a creey laugh!
08:57:20 PM catherine yronwode creepy!
08:57:21 PM Ghia (lol)
08:57:39 PM catherine yronwode 3rd contestant, all-time champion -- Wayne!
08:57:53 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Dr. Firefly? Hm.
08:58:03 PM catherine yronwode The most important component.
08:58:09 PM catherine yronwode An ANIMAL NAME!
08:58:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Dr. Animalname.
08:58:19 PM catherine yronwode Surgeon Toad!
08:58:28 PM catherine yronwode Correct!
08:58:44 PM catherine yronwode Professional title and animal name wins!
08:58:52 PM catherine yronwode Mystery surrogate!
08:59:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Doctress Slothtongue
08:59:08 PM Ghia (lol):D(6)
08:59:14 PM Troll Towelhead GMS It's a he.
08:59:27 PM Ghia hilarioussss
08:59:27 PM catherine yronwode Portraying the composite character. -- Top Hat, with chicken bones, a coat ragged, full of holes
08:59:48 PM Ghia <gonna dye laffin
08:59:56 PM Ghia hahahahah
08:59:58 PM catherine yronwode His name -- spelled wrong! Misspelled easy words and spelled hard words correctly!
09:00:06 PM catherine yronwode Creepy ancient accent!
09:00:13 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Ejamicated.
09:00:15 PM ChristyXP Nice!
09:00:17 PM catherine yronwode Edjumacated! Your fast cars!
09:00:17 PM Ghia (lol)
09:00:24 PM catherine yronwode Compueterized machines!
09:00:31 PM Ghia so funny
09:00:36 PM catherine yronwode We LIVE it!
09:00:49 PM Ghia (lol)(lol)
09:00:56 PM catherine yronwode 12 page pamphlet, love offering of 59.95!
09:01:23 PM ChristyXP (lol)
09:01:29 PM catherine yronwode Sir John Guilgide
09:01:35 PM catherine yronwode WOW.
09:01:42 PM Troll Towelhead GMS https://www.facebook.com/elder.grandmothers
09:02:04 PM catherine yronwode The cult (ure) of the Elder Grandothers....
09:02:34 PM catherine yronwode My genuine tripple strength Thor mojo!
09:02:57 PM Troll Towelhead GMS That's a homework taboo standard (the Thor bag, or the Oil of Oya).
09:03:03 PM ChristyXP Hmm... I could be Mama Marmoset... or maybe Mama Meerkat?
09:03:18 PM catherine yronwode Mama Marmoset! Pleeease!
09:03:33 PM themalikot hence lama candles on the southside in chicago
09:03:49 PM Ghia (F)
09:04:13 PM Ghia yeah dig it Prof Porterfield
09:04:21 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Sister Snipe
09:04:34 PM catherine yronwode Right -- the Lala Temple -- based on the reproduction of the Chinese reproduction of the Tibetan temple that was built for the 1933 Chicqago World's Fair -- selling Japanese incense.
09:04:40 PM themalikot lol...
09:04:43 PM catherine yronwode Lala = Lama. Sorry...
09:05:07 PM themalikot right, i loved that place, Catherine
09:05:27 PM Ghia (F)
09:05:27 PM catherine yronwode Me too, and the owners were ... Polish-Russian Jews!
09:05:35 PM ChristyXP Stevie Wonder Living for the City
09:05:42 PM catherine yronwode Christy wins it!
09:05:45 PM themalikot really? i had no idea
09:05:58 PM themalikot thats crazy lol
09:06:00 PM Ghia <:o):-*(L)
09:06:04 PM catherine yronwode Yes, their name was Kanovsky (not sure of the spelling)
09:06:13 PM Ghia (H)
09:06:43 PM catherine yronwode They got the contract to sell Japanese briquet incense at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair and named their shop after the concession they had at the fair.
09:06:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Dr. Duckbilled Platypus
09:07:03 PM catherine yronwode Originally theyr were pharmacists, i believe.
09:07:06 PM the LMC Radio Network He's got more sense than many!
09:07:20 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Professor Piranha
09:07:22 PM catherine yronwode They sold herbs and roots for medicine in the earlier days.
09:07:32 PM the LMC Radio Network Jurist Jaybird
09:07:39 PM themalikot im loving this background, i never knew they were so old
09:07:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS On a roll now. Brother Brontosaurus.
09:07:54 PM the LMC Radio Network Deacon Duck
09:07:59 PM ChristyXP I like Professor Porcupine :)
09:08:01 PM catherine yronwode I have a box of their original "!933 World Fair Lama Temple Incense"
09:08:02 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Pope Pelican
09:08:08 PM ChristyXP Oooh Deacon Duck is a good one
09:08:11 PM the LMC Radio Network Madame Muskrat
09:08:24 PM catherine yronwode Miss Musk-Ox.
09:08:31 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Rabbi Rabbit
09:08:38 PM the LMC Radio Network Sister Scallop
09:08:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :D
09:08:57 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Lama Llama
09:09:02 PM the LMC Radio Network SCORE!
09:09:05 PM the LMC Radio Network Troll wins!
09:09:06 PM Ghia wasnt this song a theme song for a sitcom?
09:09:19 PM catherine yronwode Troll wins!
09:09:22 PM ChristyXP haha Lama Llama!
09:09:35 PM Troll Towelhead GMS La Madama Lenormand
09:09:57 PM ChristyXP Bishop Brown Bear?
09:10:20 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Grand Poobah Greenjeans
09:10:40 PM the LMC Radio Network important part of this song too often cut out by radio stations
09:10:47 PM Troll Towelhead GMS It is.
09:10:56 PM 4freckles enter the room
09:11:30 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Jomo Jackalope
09:11:53 PM catherine yronwode Indeed, rarely played that part of the song on the radio!
09:12:41 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Barrister Basking Shark
09:13:05 PM ChristyXP :D
09:13:21 PM Troll Towelhead GMS What's that signal>
09:13:41 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (@)
09:13:47 PM ChristyXP In the Vanguard!
09:13:49 PM Troll Towelhead GMS In the vanguard!
09:14:04 PM AnaGabriela0 I am missing Dr. Love :P
09:14:24 PM catherine yronwode I think this is one of Charles's best voice impressions. He sounds just like my husband!
09:14:33 PM Troll Towelhead GMS IN THE UNIVERSE!
09:14:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS What?! Charles is Troll Towelhead?
09:15:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Lama of Yamas!
09:15:13 PM catherine yronwode Yes! He is also Fiona's husband!
09:15:13 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Se crets of Scriptural Sorcery!
09:15:37 PM ChristyXP Rev. Clay Evans
09:15:41 PM catherine yronwode Rev. Clay Evans.
09:16:42 PM themalikot the Lord's on the mainline
09:16:48 PM Ghia (F)
09:16:51 PM the LMC Radio Network Put your hands together!
09:17:30 PM Ghia (L)
09:17:34 PM FionaBenjamin Charles is making rounds doing everyone's husbands today lol
09:17:45 PM the LMC Radio Network including Christy's
09:17:57 PM Troll Towelhead GMS LOL
09:17:58 PM FionaBenjamin So glad I caught this live. Great way to start off a Friday morning. :D
09:18:00 PM FionaBenjamin haha!
09:18:01 PM ChristyXP Indeed!
09:18:03 PM Papa Newt Got my fan from MISC out!
09:18:13 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :D
09:18:15 PM the LMC Radio Network Put your hands together!
09:18:16 PM Guest2544 quit the room
09:18:16 PM Ghia Lordy
09:18:17 PM the LMC Radio Network Power!
09:18:19 PM the LMC Radio Network Power!
09:18:27 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (lol)
09:18:34 PM catherine yronwode https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clay_Evans_(musician)
09:18:36 PM Ghia O lORDY
09:19:08 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (lol)(L)(lol)(lol)(L)(Tp)(lol)
09:19:10 PM ChristyXP Power!
09:19:22 PM Ghia POWAHHH
09:20:13 PM Ghia no show like this one: Bless!
09:20:59 PM Mr Nero enter the room
09:21:02 PM Papa Newt Amen!
09:21:13 PM gabrielle swain Amen!
09:21:17 PM Ghia Hallleylujah
09:21:24 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Amaen!
09:21:28 PM catherine yronwode Amen!
09:21:28 PM 4freckles Amen
09:21:29 PM ChristyXP Amen!
09:21:55 PM Mr Nero quit the room
09:22:07 PM ChristyXP Fellowship Missionary Independent Baptist Church in Chicago
09:22:08 PM themalikot Heey, Amen!
09:22:19 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Dissolved into Screamin' Jay for a m moment there.
09:23:52 PM themalikot quit the room
09:23:57 PM Ghia I Plead the Blood of Jesus?
09:24:11 PM ChristyXP Luke 10:19
09:24:23 PM Papa Newt 12 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.
09:24:27 PM ChristyXP John 14:12
09:24:30 PM Troll Towelhead GMS John 14:12
09:24:47 PM Guest3078 enter the room
09:25:38 PM Papa Newt Luke 10:19 19 Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you
09:25:54 PM themalikot enter the room
09:25:56 PM Ghia weetchcraft as I call it and revere it
09:26:49 PM Ghia (F)
09:27:34 PM themalikot Amen Prof. Porterfield~
09:28:09 PM catherine yronwode "My Jewish ancestor." Yup. My collatoral cousin.
09:28:19 PM Papa Newt Revelation 12:11New King James Version (NKJV) 11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death
09:28:20 PM Ghia (F)
09:28:46 PM Guest3078 quit the room
09:28:49 PM Papa Newt Romans 10:10New King James Version (NKJV) 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
09:29:02 PM Papa Newt (That was Romans 10:10 that was said, right?)
09:29:14 PM Papa Newt Thanks.
09:30:35 PM catherine yronwode According to geni.com, Jesus of Nazareth is my 18th cousin 70 times removed.
09:32:09 PM Papa Newt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgQJ16KAk_E
09:32:25 PM Papa Newt O The Blood of Jessus by Rev. Clay Evans.
09:33:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The kitchen?
09:33:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS In the KITCHEN?
09:33:24 PM Guest3140 enter the room
09:33:26 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Pencil Lead Blues?
09:33:36 PM Ghia Great!!! I feel youse is a neighbor!!!
09:33:36 PM catherine yronwode Bo Carter!
09:33:42 PM Papa Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/raccoon-penis-bone.html
09:33:49 PM Candelos Corner Radio (L)
09:33:53 PM Candelos Corner Radio quit the room
09:34:05 PM catherine yronwode My Pencil Won't Write No More.
09:34:08 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Howdy Candelo.
09:34:25 PM Ghia I have an old pencil lead holder and some lead...I think I still have it , antique
09:34:33 PM FionaBenjamin Candelo :D
09:34:45 PM Ghia :-* Candelo
09:34:48 PM catherine yronwode (Troll, you were thinking of Lead Pencil Blues by Johnnie Temle)
09:34:56 PM catherine yronwode Same topic....
09:34:56 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I was!!
09:35:08 PM catherine yronwode Temle = Temple
09:35:56 PM catherine yronwode His mama's always tippin' from home ... because the lead's all gone, his pencil won't write no more...
09:36:34 PM catherine yronwode Thank you! A big Bo Carter fan here!
09:36:39 PM FionaBenjamin And a pressure cooker
09:36:47 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Eek!
09:37:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS They had 'em hanging outside the "Skeleton Key" horror film kitchen!
09:37:10 PM Papa Newt http://www.blogtalkradio.com/luckymojoh ... otworkhour
09:37:14 PM catherine yronwode Tonight's show was brought to you by ... YOU!
09:37:18 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Somie kind of dng mobile!
09:37:39 PM Papa Newt 8/30/14 Episode http://www.blogtalkradio.com/luckymojoh ... aida-83015
09:37:46 PM catherine yronwode And a great sit-in co-host you were too!
09:37:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS LOL!
09:37:51 PM Papa Newt *8/30/15
09:37:57 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Thanks Papa Newt!
09:38:13 PM Papa Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/raccoon-penis-bone.html
09:38:33 PM Papa Newt You're welcome.
09:38:34 PM FionaBenjamin Coyotes :D
09:38:37 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Baculum
09:39:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Coon Dong
09:39:57 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Why Raccoons Professor?!?!
09:41:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I like to focus on interesting questoins, and uninteresting questions.
09:41:44 PM catherine yronwode And a large bone for the size of their body -- studly and well hung!
09:42:01 PM Troll Towelhead GMS That's what i'd understood too Mrs. yronwode. :)
09:43:39 PM catherine yronwode Yep, coyote a bigger being, but has a thinner bone -- racoon has a heftier and longer bone.
09:44:45 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/hoyts.html
09:45:00 PM Troll Towelhead GMS 20$ bill, Hoyt's Cologne
09:46:06 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Initiated by Hoodoo Cultists? Oh ok.
09:46:21 PM Papa Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/raccoon-penis-bone.html
09:46:58 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Mammallian biology!
09:47:02 PM catherine yronwode Mammalian Biology!
09:47:16 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/raccoonpenis.html
09:47:56 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooherbandrootmagic.html
09:47:56 PM Ghia :-*(L)
09:47:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/dvd-blood-jesus-lying-lips.jpg
09:48:05 PM BeyondtheSunAstrology (})
09:48:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Spencer Williams!
09:48:22 PM BeyondtheSunAstrology quit the room
09:48:22 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Great devil too1
09:48:41 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/mojocatdvds.html
09:49:05 PM the LMC Radio Network Hope you all enjoyed the show and thank you all for joining me here each week.
09:49:10 PM catherine yronwode Thanks for all the links, Papa Newt and Troll
09:49:12 PM ChristyXP Great show!
09:49:18 PM AnaGabriela0 Gracias for a great show!
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09:49:29 PM Papa Newt Excellent show, Professor. Thank you.
09:49:30 PM gabrielle swain Excellent as alwas
09:49:31 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Marvelous mentions and ministrations!
09:49:37 PM Ghia (F)
09:49:43 PM catherine yronwode Very funny show this week -- i loved the game show, "Hoodoo Cosplay."
09:49:48 PM Papa Newt You're welcome Miss Cat. Happy to help out.
09:50:00 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Congratulations on returning to the Current of BTR sanguinity.
09:51:00 PM Papa Newt Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone.
09:51:01 PM Ghia love this end song :)
09:51:11 PM ChristyXP Wonderful to see everyone. Hope y'all have a fantastic rest of your night! (})
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09:51:32 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Chatlog capture.....
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