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Crystal Silence League Testimonials (Thank You, CSL)

Pray on behalf of others and post your own prayers so that pastors, deacons, CSL members, and helpful people can pray for you.
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Re: Crystal Silence League Testimonials (Thank You, CSL)

Unread post by Mags_and_the_Moon » Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:01 pm

Thank you, CSL!

Last week, I asked for healing prayers for my friend's father who has been hospitalized for the past few weeks and on dialysis upon arriving at the hospital. I received an update yesterday that his health is gradually improving; he is still in the hospital but doing better, and they believe he will be able to come home before too long. :)

This is the father of the friend I am currently working on, the friend being the guy that I want a long-term, committed and monogamous relationship with.

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Re: Crystal Silence League Testimonials (Thank You, CSL)

Unread post by lavender » Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:14 pm

The Crystal Silence League has been nothing short of miraculous. I am writing to ask one more thing. I'm so low I can't do this any more. I spent 6 years recovering from an accident then immediately after I had ovarian cancer and now I had a mammogram and was asked to return for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound and it looks bad but they are unsure. So I have to have a biopsy. It's about a 50-50 chance. Please, I have a rescue dog who needs me and has no one else and a disabled brother who also needs me and has no one. I could go now if it wasn't for them. I don't have any fight left in me, I can't. I'm sad, scared, alone, totally alone in all this. Please I ask that there be no cancer in my left breast upper left quadrant. I've had so much physical pain, I've lost my tolerance for that too. Please I ask there be no more pain, no more disability and no more cancer. I've gone through it by myself and I can't anymore. I'm so exhausted. I want to lie down in the road and give up. Please walk with me (even if you just visualize doing so) and I ask for your prayers, positive healing thoughts and meditations. I could use any healing thoughts. I send you much love and blessings in return. Please give me peace and hope and strength. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who read and care and help those of us at the end of our abilities and to Miss Cat and others for this site.

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