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Unread post by Vida » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:41 am

Hello and thank you for creating such a great community!

A few words for myself. First, excuse my English. I am Eastern European and not a native speaker...

So, I was born and baptized as an Eastern Orthodox Christian, however my family is mostly atheist. My mother was interested in occult since I remember myself, I also had grandmothers who were believed to be "oversensitive" and "superstitious". As a kid I loved to read my mother's books about Astrology, Tarot, Alternative medicine, but in time I just thought this is a kind of a nonsence, created to make people follow something and stopped paying so much attention. I have always had prophetic and weird dreams, can feel when something good or bad is gonna happen, can feel the people around me, their attitude, their pain, their hidden personality...

So, here me now. After a huge 360 degree change of my life within a week when I was 30 (after some reading I realized this was exactly the period of my Saturn return), I suddenly felt urge to read about the mysteries again. I needed to belong somewhere and to believe to something again. So, I felt Witchcraft is probably my path, since it is closer to my own believes in Nature, Energies and Universe itself. During learning about Witchcraft, Wicca and Folk magic I came across Hoodoo and I really liked the simplicity of its rituals. Already tried a few with a great result, but I need to learn much more and to know how to use my energy wise. Here I hope I can find the answers and start my new life.

Best wishes!

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Re: Hello!

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:08 am

Hello, Vida, and welcome to the Lucky Mojo Forum.

Hoodoo is a very deep and complex form of folk magic, and i recommend that if you wish to learn more about its history and its structure, as well as its place in African-American culture, you should, as one who comes from a highly different culture, do some outside reading and study.

This online book i am writing, "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice" is a simple start -- just click each link and read each page and you will learn a lot:


For information on the herbs, my Herb Magic site, although it is a sales catalogue, will provide you with more information than many other sites. Start on this page, and click each link in turn, then read about the roots and herbs that make rootwork what it is:


When it comes to books, we have published a number of simple, inexpensive, easy to understand guides to the various beliefs, methods, spells, and customs of conjure. We sell most of these books for $9.00 each, but if you buy a dozen at a time, they cost you only $7.00 each and you get a 13th book for free.

A list of all our books is here:

catherine yronwode
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