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LMHRHour CHAT LOG September 16, 2018 Water Magic

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LMHRHour CHAT LOG September 16, 2018 Water Magic

Unread post by nagasiva » Sun Sep 09, 2018 3:02 pm


Water Magic with Madame Pamita

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/luckymojoh ... mita-91618


The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour will be on the air!! At 3pm PT, 6pm ET, catherine yronwode, ConjureMan Ali, and special guest Madame Pamita of AIRR will provide 90 minutes of free readings, free spells, and conjure consultation, giving listeners an education in African-American folk magic.

We begin this show with a Discussion Panel focussed on the topic of Water Magic.

*** (16:45:24):Welcome to the Lucky Mojo Curio Company Chat Room.

2018-09-16 16:59:31 Alchemical Artisans Hour Hiya Folks~
2018-09-16 17:00:39 catherine yronwode Hello!
2018-09-16 17:01:02 catherine yronwode Hi Newt, Ali, Pamita, and all!
2018-09-16 17:01:30 Madame Pamita I'm in! Hi everyone!
2018-09-16 17:02:48 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I can set you up differently if you like, with a remote unit (NOT as good sound).
2018-09-16 17:02:54 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Squeaky Sunday!
2018-09-16 17:03:05 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Welcome to the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour!
2018-09-16 17:03:10 ONikiMuse Greetings Everyone!
2018-09-16 17:03:16 Lucky Mojo Curio Company The Longest-Running Hoodoo Rootwork Show in the Universe!
2018-09-16 17:03:29 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Hey i see you in the chat, Madame Pamita!
2018-09-16 17:03:30 Madame Pamita I don't think i've EVER ordered ONE thing!
2018-09-16 17:03:31 Madame Pamita :D
2018-09-16 17:03:31 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Great!
2018-09-16 17:03:47 Lucky Mojo Curio Company <l---- nagasiva on the studio board tonight.
2018-09-16 17:03:49 Papa Newt http://forum.luckymojo.com
2018-09-16 17:03:53 Lucky Mojo Curio Company http://forum.luckymojo.com
2018-09-16 17:03:56 Lucky Mojo Curio Company JayDee!
2018-09-16 17:04:18 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Yay Rev Ernest!
2018-09-16 17:04:41 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Hundreds of thousands of posts!
2018-09-16 17:04:47 Madame Pamita the forum is SUCH a great resource!
2018-09-16 17:04:48 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Thousands of users!
2018-09-16 17:04:54 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 24/7 online!
2018-09-16 17:05:09 Lucky Mojo Curio Company It's all about HOODOO!
2018-09-16 17:05:23 Lucky Mojo Curio Company China, India, UK, France, Venezuela!
2018-09-16 17:05:52 Lucky Mojo Curio Company It's a coalition of interests! Look for the appropriate part of the forum!
2018-09-16 17:05:57 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Post your question!\
2018-09-16 17:06:32 Lucky Mojo Curio Company It's an outlet for the Lucky Mojo shop, so treat it kindly as such. :)
2018-09-16 17:06:38 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Thank you Madame Pamita!
2018-09-16 17:06:50 Lucky Mojo Curio Company One of our longest-time posters!
2018-09-16 17:07:06 Lucky Mojo Curio Company We did a software revision, it's spiffy..
2018-09-16 17:07:12 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I'm making avatars/badges.
2018-09-16 17:07:20 Madame Pamita can't wait to check it out!
2018-09-16 17:07:21 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Contact me in Facebook
2018-09-16 17:07:33 Lucky Mojo Curio Company https://www.facebook.com/nagasiva.yronwode
2018-09-16 17:07:39 Lucky Mojo Curio Company :D
2018-09-16 17:07:50 Lucky Mojo Curio Company This is my photo that i want put in my badge!
2018-09-16 17:08:06 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I'm dedicated to folk magic!
2018-09-16 17:08:11 Madame Pamita Nagasiva is so kind!
2018-09-16 17:08:35 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I handled the AIRR members already there! About to finish the LMCCo shop folks next when i get their preferred photos.
2018-09-16 17:09:07 Lucky Mojo Curio Company WARNING: the studio board is now ahead by about 20-30 seconds. I'll try to adjust. Give me a heads-up if i err.
2018-09-16 17:10:55 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Our Special Guest tonight is Madame Pamita (she's in the chat!).
2018-09-16 17:11:06 Lucky Mojo Curio Company She's in AIRR too!
2018-09-16 17:11:22 Lucky Mojo Curio Company She's a musical performer also! Great guitar and singer!
2018-09-16 17:11:59 Eye of Newt http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/in ... ame_Pamita
2018-09-16 17:12:43 catherine yronwode She has a shop in the LA Area -- address, please?
2018-09-16 17:12:46 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Look for Madame Pamita's Videos!!
2018-09-16 17:13:04 catherine yronwode She has written a book on tarot, title please?
2018-09-16 17:13:11 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Cheap Chick! (group)
2018-09-16 17:13:22 catherine yronwode She has a youtube channel -- URL, please?
2018-09-16 17:13:35 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Madame Pamita's Magical Tarot: Using the Cards to Make Your Dreams Come True
2018-09-16 17:13:46 Eye of Newt https://www.youtube.com/user/MadamePamita
2018-09-16 17:13:55 Lucky Mojo Curio Company http://www.parlourofwonders.com
2018-09-16 17:13:58 Eye of Newt https://www.parlourofwonders.com
2018-09-16 17:14:22 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 5 is totally my number.
2018-09-16 17:14:35 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 5503 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles
2018-09-16 17:15:11 catherine yronwode Lucky Mojo Oils! ""A Hoodoo COnvenience aStore""
2018-09-16 17:15:38 catherine yronwode Order on line and pickup at the back of the shop!
2018-09-16 17:15:43 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Today's Discussion Panel Topic is WATER MAGIC!!
2018-09-16 17:16:13 Lucky Mojo Curio Company The book!!
2018-09-16 17:16:17 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Wuhu!!
2018-09-16 17:16:36 Eye of Newt Madame Pamita's Magical Tarot: Using the Cards to Make Your Dreams Come True
2018-09-16 17:16:42 catherine yronwode Weiser published her book.
2018-09-16 17:17:07 Eye of Newt We have your book at the Next Millennium here in Omaha, Madame Pamita. Wonderful book!
2018-09-16 17:17:10 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Tarot Spells, affirmation
2018-09-16 17:17:15 catherine yronwode Magical uses of tarot cards in the New Thought and affirmative magic way.
2018-09-16 17:17:38 Lucky Mojo Curio Company If you wish to be selected to be a client on our show this week, you can sign up at the Lucky Mojo Forum at lmhrhour-free-readings-september-16-201 ... t91287.htm
2018-09-16 17:17:39 Lucky Mojo Curio Company then call (818) 394-8535 and press 1 to raise your hand to be on the show.
2018-09-16 17:17:46 Lucky Mojo Curio Company All 5 Tentacles!
2018-09-16 17:17:58 Madame Pamita an octopus with five legs
2018-09-16 17:19:45 Lucky Mojo Curio Company We have 1 sign-up today (Tia) and i don't see her in the call-in queue yet. Sign up now for your reading and rootwork advice or we may extend our Discussion Panel and only take 1 client tonight.
2018-09-16 17:20:09 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 1 hour 10 minutes remain in our show.
2018-09-16 17:20:19 Eye of Newt Looks like I cannot fix the browser I'm using fof the Papa Newt account. I will post links and such through this account for the remainder of the show.
2018-09-16 17:20:23 catherine yronwode I am okay with extending the panel.
2018-09-16 17:20:47 Lucky Mojo Curio Company If you're in the call-in queue now and want a reading and rootwork advice, press 1 to be on the air and we'll try to take you as one of our clients.
2018-09-16 17:21:07 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Thanks, Miss cat, i'll give a status update as we get close to transitional time.
2018-09-16 17:21:09 catherine yronwode I wish i had a different keyboard, though. This one is LOUD and the keys are so worn i cannot see the letters. (sob sob sob)
2018-09-16 17:21:41 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I can deliver one (yours from upstairs if you like). I can NOT hear it like i ordinarily hear your keyboard.
2018-09-16 17:22:01 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I'll deliver now.
2018-09-16 17:22:08 catherine yronwode Can i request an airlift of my refilar keyboard down to the Porch of Exile?
2018-09-16 17:22:26 catherine yronwode Water is life. Water is available to everyone.
2018-09-16 17:23:09 catherine yronwode Natural water, baths, teas, hydrosols, floorwashes...
2018-09-16 17:23:48 catherine yronwode Keyboard swap accomplished! THANK YOU, Siva, Lord of Technology!
2018-09-16 17:24:27 Lucky Mojo Curio Company It was like an Indianapolis 500 Pit Stop!!
2018-09-16 17:24:31 Lucky Mojo Curio Company :D :D :D
2018-09-16 17:24:39 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoospiritualbaths.html
2018-09-16 17:25:00 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Hoodoo Spiritual Baths, by Aura Laforest
2018-09-16 17:25:37 catherine yronwode Aura Laforest's ""Hoodoo Spiritual Baths"" covers teas, baths, floor washes, and more.
2018-09-16 17:25:54 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Rainwater, timing too!
2018-09-16 17:26:10 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Specialization of magical tool.
2018-09-16 17:26:14 Eye of Newt May Day rain water! :)
2018-09-16 17:26:31 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Right, or the dew from Spring Equinox!
2018-09-16 17:26:39 catherine yronwode Holy Water is not exclusive to the Catholic Church, as many newcomers believe -- and there is also natural holy water -- spring water, ceremony day water, eclipse rain water, full moon rain water.
2018-09-16 17:26:57 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Oh cool, yes, Martial Water.
2018-09-16 17:27:04 catherine yronwode May Day Dew, an old tradition in many European families.
2018-09-16 17:27:17 catherine yronwode Thunder Storm water in War Water,
2018-09-16 17:27:27 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Stump Water!
2018-09-16 17:27:35 catherine yronwode and Snow water and glacial ice water.
2018-09-16 17:28:24 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Oh yes snow, glacial ice.
2018-09-16 17:28:34 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Get hail water! :D
2018-09-16 17:29:00 Miss Gaye hurricane water
2018-09-16 17:29:27 Lucky Mojo Curio Company We've got a single person in the call-in queue from area code 205. Is someone in the chat that individual?
2018-09-16 17:30:02 Lucky Mojo Curio Company If you are a guest, then you can join the chat by registering via BlogTalkRadio.com and confirming by email, or via Facebook or Twitter. You may have to refresh the page once registration is confirmed.
2018-09-16 17:30:18 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Ooo! Hurricane water.
2018-09-16 17:30:37 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Soak it! Right.
2018-09-16 17:31:27 Lucky Mojo Curio Company http://www.luckymojo.com/warwater.html
2018-09-16 17:31:46 Ann92054 hi
2018-09-16 17:31:50 Lucky Mojo Curio Company http://www.luckymojo.com/hotfoot.html
2018-09-16 17:32:43 catherine yronwode Stir lightning water with a piece of Lightning Struck Wood that was split diown with an iron or steel hatchet to supercharge it, or use an iron nail -- and use it in War Water.
2018-09-16 17:32:55 Alchemical Artisans Hour There is a dowser (Raymon Grace) who prepares a specially blessed ""seed water"" that will entrain other waters that it's added to. I've found it to be very useful in spellwork.
2018-09-16 17:33:08 catherine yronwode The movement of the tides -- in and out, always an old way to work.
2018-09-16 17:33:42 Lucky Mojo Curio Company It looks like we'll extend our discussion panel topic into our first client's time and take our single client from our call-in queue. We've got one caller on the line and i'll check them out.
2018-09-16 17:34:07 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Depends on whether you're in a COVE or not also.
2018-09-16 17:34:21 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Near a river OUT to sea is likely to be carried away even if floating.
2018-09-16 17:35:15 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 55 minutes remaining.
2018-09-16 17:35:31 Lucky Mojo Curio Company We're extending our Discussion Panel Topic into our first client's time.
2018-09-16 17:35:53 catherine yronwode Weight the bottle to float out and not come back by poking a hole in the lid, as it takes on water it will snk.
2018-09-16 17:36:19 catherine yronwode Bury bottles in the sand at high tide mark for a cyclical monthly spell.
2018-09-16 17:36:35 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Nature is TWISTY!
2018-09-16 17:36:37 Lucky Mojo Curio Company :D :D :D
2018-09-16 17:37:17 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 53 minutes remain.
2018-09-16 17:38:04 catherine yronwode Bottles thrown in the river float downstream!
2018-09-16 17:38:38 Eye of Newt http://www.southern-spirits.com/blancha ... ghway.html
2018-09-16 17:38:42 Eye of Newt There you go.
2018-09-16 17:40:09 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I could not get our call-in queue person to answer the phone and confirm that they wanted to be on the show as a client. Is there anyone else who wants to be on the air? Tia, our one sign-up hasn't arrived yet.
2018-09-16 17:40:16 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 50 minutes remain.
2018-09-16 17:40:59 Alchemical Artisans Hour It stands to reason that you should, if possible, choose a pretty deep river, LOL
2018-09-16 17:41:06 California Sister Very interesting written paper!
2018-09-16 17:41:06 Lucky Mojo Curio Company We've got one sign-up but they haven't called in (yet?). :)
2018-09-16 17:41:41 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Teas and Tisanes!
2018-09-16 17:41:44 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Right!
2018-09-16 17:41:52 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I think that will be in The Red Folder?
2018-09-16 17:42:17 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Or it's in The Black Folder. http://www.luckymojo.com/theblackfolder.html
2018-09-16 17:42:34 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Yes, i got some great freezer photos for our promos!!
2018-09-16 17:43:52 catherine yronwode madame Pamita's ""Teas and Tisanes"" will be in the upcoming Red Folder book!
2018-09-16 17:44:09 catherine yronwode Freezer trays for teas. Muslin bags are your frineds!
2018-09-16 17:45:32 catherine yronwode Footscapings in water for ruling a man.
2018-09-16 17:45:41 Lucky Mojo Curio Company More than half our show having transpired, we have less than 45 minutes remaining.
2018-09-16 17:45:56 catherine yronwode Capture their bath water!
2018-09-16 17:46:14 Lucky Mojo Curio Company OR capture your own and deploy it to others.
2018-09-16 17:46:17 catherine yronwode Waters to spinkle -- invisible work!
2018-09-16 17:46:20 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Water their plants!
2018-09-16 17:46:23 Eye of Newt Super Soaker :D
2018-09-16 17:46:37 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Super Soaker!! Great!
2018-09-16 17:46:41 Madame Pamita papa newt! you're so funny!
2018-09-16 17:46:58 Madame Pamita you can also do gem elixirs!
2018-09-16 17:47:13 Eye of Newt Sometimes you might have to lay a trick that you can't quite reach.
2018-09-16 17:48:15 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoospiritualbaths.html
2018-09-16 17:48:50 Eye of Newt Laundry Sprinkler http://www.luckymojo.com/mojocattools.html#sprinkler
2018-09-16 17:48:54 catherine yronwode Spritzing sassy children in play!
2018-09-16 17:48:59 Alchemical Artisans Hour paper tea bags fall apart in the washing machine, so I would like to suggest using a cloth bag for washing
2018-09-16 17:49:35 catherine yronwode Teas and Tisanes in the laundry or bath crystals in the rinse cycle of the laundry -- Love Me in the sheets and pillow cases.
2018-09-16 17:49:39 Eye of Newt http://www.herbmagic.com/rosemary.html http://www.herbmagic.com/licorice-root.html
2018-09-16 17:49:53 Alchemical Artisans Hour yes! pillowcases~
2018-09-16 17:49:54 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Our client tonight will be California Sister (who i in our chat!), calling from area code 415 in California.
2018-09-16 17:50:07 catherine yronwode Okay! When?
2018-09-16 17:50:11 Eye of Newt What was the third item that ConjureMan Ali said he used for a client?
2018-09-16 17:50:11 Alchemical Artisans Hour Ironing water
2018-09-16 17:50:27 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I'll give you a heads up, in about 7 mins or so.
2018-09-16 17:50:38 catherine yronwode Steam iron -- old-fashioned, but a true way to work.
2018-09-16 17:50:46 Alchemical Artisans Hour but don't put it in the iron- it can corrode the innards, use a spray bottle
2018-09-16 17:50:57 catherine yronwode Right.
2018-09-16 17:51:18 Alchemical Artisans Hour I killed a really good expensive iron that way
2018-09-16 17:51:25 catherine yronwode Rolling the clothing.
2018-09-16 17:52:38 catherine yronwode For those who still iron their clothes.
2018-09-16 17:52:57 catherine yronwode Water for scrying -- black bowl with clear water.
2018-09-16 17:53:39 catherine yronwode Also for the projective branch of crystallomancy -- sending mesages.
2018-09-16 17:53:43 Alchemical Artisans Hour also, wash your crystal ball with infusions- blue vervain, mugwort, gem elixirs
2018-09-16 17:53:47 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Papa Newt, here is Calif Sister's situation (we'll take her straight from the call-in queue): ""I am a student. Had to move from CA to VA 5 years ago due to husband's job. He lost the job last year. Struggling to find another
2018-09-16 17:54:16 Eye of Newt Thank you.
2018-09-16 17:54:18 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 36 minutes remain in our show, about 4 mins from our client.
2018-09-16 17:54:33 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I am a WATER SIGN!
2018-09-16 17:54:37 Lucky Mojo Curio Company :D :D
2018-09-16 17:54:40 Madame Pamita me too!!
2018-09-16 17:54:48 Alchemical Artisans Hour you scorpio, you, LOL
2018-09-16 17:54:49 Madame Pamita i'm a cancer so i'm a water baby!
2018-09-16 17:55:24 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Toilet water usage in hoodoo!
2018-09-16 17:55:34 Madame Pamita everyone does water magic - throwing a penny in a wishing well or a fountain!
2018-09-16 17:55:34 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Scorpio advice.
2018-09-16 17:55:37 Alchemical Artisans Hour I'm a dry person, astrologically speaking, but water scrying still works for me, and very well too
2018-09-16 17:55:38 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/mojocatbaths.html
2018-09-16 17:55:51 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/mojocatbaths.html#special
2018-09-16 17:56:04 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/oil-van-van.html
2018-09-16 17:56:09 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Our client will be Calif Sister, calling from (?) California, area code 415.
2018-09-16 17:56:17 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 34 minutes remain, 2 mins from client.
2018-09-16 17:56:50 Alchemical Artisans Hour I carry spritzer bottles with doctored waters, for this reason
2018-09-16 17:57:28 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Salt water.
2018-09-16 17:57:37 Madame Pamita the universal solvent
2018-09-16 17:57:39 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Can be initialized as well.
2018-09-16 17:57:46 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Formatting tools.
2018-09-16 17:57:50 catherine yronwode Using hand and face washes between spells when working for clients -- Van Van drops on the water traditional for this.
2018-09-16 17:57:53 Madame Pamita check out dr. emoto's experiments of putting intention into water
2018-09-16 17:57:58 Alchemical Artisans Hour water is easily imprinted
2018-09-16 17:58:16 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Bumper music is coming up!
2018-09-16 17:58:32 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Bumper music is ON!
2018-09-16 17:58:52 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Client is Calif Sister, 415 fro our queue and in our chat!
2018-09-16 17:58:59 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Calif Sister: ""I am a student. Had to move from CA to VA 5 years ago due to husband's job.
2018-09-16 17:59:01 Lucky Mojo Curio Company He lost the job last year. Struggling to find another.
2018-09-16 17:59:10 Lucky Mojo Curio Company http://www.luckymojo.com
2018-09-16 17:59:19 Lucky Mojo Curio Company http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2018-09-16 17:59:26 Lucky Mojo Curio Company http://www.crystalsilenceleague.org
2018-09-16 17:59:51 catherine yronwode Dissolving prayers in water, to bath or drink -- written on paper or written on a plate or written in beet juice in the bathtub, and washed into the water
2018-09-16 17:59:56 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Courageous!
2018-09-16 18:00:01 Lucky Mojo Curio Company She came from our chat!
2018-09-16 18:00:27 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Oh wow!
2018-09-16 18:00:51 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I'll tell you!
2018-09-16 18:01:38 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Calif Sister: ""I am a student. Had to move from CA to VA 5 years ago due to husband's job.
2018-09-16 18:01:39 Lucky Mojo Curio Company He lost the job last year. Struggling to find another.
2018-09-16 18:01:49 Lucky Mojo Curio Company We miss you Ca Sister!
2018-09-16 18:02:53 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Right. Orientation to her actual desires. Which sequence of readers? Hm. Ah!
2018-09-16 18:02:57 Lucky Mojo Curio Company There ya go.
2018-09-16 18:03:11 Lucky Mojo Curio Company How to find another?
2018-09-16 18:03:16 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Whether he will find another?
2018-09-16 18:03:22 Lucky Mojo Curio Company What are the prospects?
2018-09-16 18:03:31 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Non-profit organizations.
2018-09-16 18:03:34 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Capricorn
2018-09-16 18:04:00 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Miss cat and ConjureManAli are using 'Smith-Waite' or 'Rider-Waite' Tarot decks created by Pamela Colman Smith in coordination with Arthur E. Waite and published by the Rider Company.
2018-09-16 18:04:05 Lucky Mojo Curio Company First card: 2 of Wands
2018-09-16 18:04:35 Lucky Mojo Curio Company He'll need a helper.
2018-09-16 18:04:41 Lucky Mojo Curio Company A recruiter, a friend, a jobsite.
2018-09-16 18:04:45 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Something to help him.
2018-09-16 18:04:52 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Perfect for non-profits.
2018-09-16 18:05:11 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Indicates a delay.
2018-09-16 18:05:29 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Card two: 6 of Wands
2018-09-16 18:05:35 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Victory, can get that help.
2018-09-16 18:06:03 Lucky Mojo Curio Company He must be prepared to out-class other people.
2018-09-16 18:06:18 Lucky Mojo Curio Company He will have to best *somebody* to get that job.
2018-09-16 18:06:36 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I Can You Can't more than Steady Work
2018-09-16 18:06:41 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Some competition but he can win it.
2018-09-16 18:06:58 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/products-i-can-you-cant.html
2018-09-16 18:07:07 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Third card: Judgement
2018-09-16 18:07:43 Lucky Mojo Curio Company When the new job comes in he will feel great renewal.
2018-09-16 18:08:20 Lucky Mojo Curio Company A birth, a serious change in life.
2018-09-16 18:08:25 Lucky Mojo Curio Company An awakening of some sort.
2018-09-16 18:08:29 Lucky Mojo Curio Company You're on the right track.
2018-09-16 18:08:53 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Need a helper, network of friends, best a competitors, call on Archangel Gabriel
2018-09-16 18:08:56 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/archangelgabriel.html
2018-09-16 18:08:56 Lucky Mojo Curio Company WATER
2018-09-16 18:09:11 Madame Pamita angel of communication
2018-09-16 18:09:11 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Announcing things.
2018-09-16 18:09:24 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Just under 21 minutes remain in our show.
2018-09-16 18:09:35 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Madame Pamita is also using the Gypsy Oracle Cards, aka the Sibella della Zingara, a Lenormand deck, associated with the famous reader, Madam Lenormand.
2018-09-16 18:10:10 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 20 minutes remain in our show.
2018-09-16 18:10:24 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Love, Lord, Marriage
2018-09-16 18:11:00 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Somebody he knows who he has a love for.
2018-09-16 18:11:01 catherine yronwode 2 of w, 6 of W, Judhement -- needin a helper, a network of friends, triumph over a competitor, and the assistance of Gabriel, rebirth, renewal.
2018-09-16 18:11:34 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Through the love or friendship connection.
2018-09-16 18:11:42 catherine yronwode Exactly -- Madame Pamita sees the same thing -- networking, connection, friend.
2018-09-16 18:11:53 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Needs to be a referral.
2018-09-16 18:12:02 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Maybe a recruiter he LOVES!
2018-09-16 18:12:10 catherine yronwode Or a head-hunter -- a personal connection.
2018-09-16 18:12:35 catherine yronwode Signing of a contract says Pamita.
2018-09-16 18:12:42 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Something will be done formally.
2018-09-16 18:12:46 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Contract-related.
2018-09-16 18:13:02 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Not likely temp-work, but commitment-oriented.
2018-09-16 18:13:15 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 17 minutes remain.
2018-09-16 18:13:38 catherine yronwode He's a Gemini and will change jobs more than once -- cA Sister is a Capricorn and wants more stability.
2018-09-16 18:13:51 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Masculine, male energy.
2018-09-16 18:13:59 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Maybe a brother or cousin or something.
2018-09-16 18:14:16 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Very clear, Madame Pamita!
2018-09-16 18:14:40 catherine yronwode Ali: two-step work.
2018-09-16 18:14:52 catherine yronwode Allies, Archangel Gabriel.
2018-09-16 18:15:12 catherine yronwode Picture of Archangel Gabriel set up in a work space.
2018-09-16 18:15:24 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I've locked our sign-up thread for today's show and started a thread at the Lucky Mojo Forum for next week's show. You can sign up for next week NOW!
2018-09-16 18:15:37 Lucky Mojo Curio Company If you wish to be selected to be a client on our show NEXT week, you can sign up at the Lucky Mojo Forum at lmhrhour-free-readings-september-23-201 ... t91482.htm
2018-09-16 18:15:39 Lucky Mojo Curio Company then call (818) 394-8535 and press 1 to raise your hand to be on the show.
2018-09-16 18:15:52 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 2nd Seal of Jupiter
2018-09-16 18:15:55 catherine yronwode 2nd seal of Jupiter to increase glory and riches.
2018-09-16 18:16:11 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 14 minutes remain.
2018-09-16 18:16:48 Lucky Mojo Curio Company What is essential on that list, not what's trivial.
2018-09-16 18:16:50 catherine yronwode Write down his wishes for the job, being exact -- regarding pay, commute time, promotion opportunities, on back of the seal. Shortm concise, distilled essence of his desires.
2018-09-16 18:16:54 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Cinnamon
2018-09-16 18:16:59 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Frankincense, Myrrh
2018-09-16 18:17:09 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Incense Charcoal Disk
2018-09-16 18:17:22 Eye of Newt http://www.herbmagic.com/cinnamon-chips.html http://www.herbmagic.com/frankincense.html http://www.herbmagic.com/myrrh.html
2018-09-16 18:17:26 catherine yronwode Pinch of Cinnamon, Frankincense, and Myrrh, on the seal, folded up.
2018-09-16 18:17:32 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Thank you Eye of Newt!
2018-09-16 18:17:35 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/incense.html#charcoal
2018-09-16 18:17:42 Eye of Newt Yoou're welcome!
2018-09-16 18:17:43 catherine yronwode On Charcoal between two candles.
2018-09-16 18:17:46 Lucky Mojo Curio Company http://www.luckymojo.com/products-archa ... briel.html
2018-09-16 18:18:07 catherine yronwode As Incense burns, call out to Gabriel.
2018-09-16 18:18:06 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Half at Crossroads
2018-09-16 18:18:17 catherine yronwode half the ash at crossroads to draw to you
2018-09-16 18:18:26 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Half, Gravel Root, Lodestone, Sugar, Deers Tongue, Bay Leaf
2018-09-16 18:18:28 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I missed one or two.
2018-09-16 18:18:38 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Eek
2018-09-16 18:18:56 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Magnetic Sand, Pyrite
2018-09-16 18:19:00 Eye of Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/pyrite-grit.html http://www.herbmagic.com/gravel-root.html http://www.herb-magic.com/lodestone-grit.html
2018-09-16 18:19:09 catherine yronwode Other half of ash goes with Gravel Root, Lodestone Grit, Mag Sand, Sugar, yrite, Deer;s Tongue, Bay Leaf in a mojo hand.
2018-09-16 18:19:10 Eye of Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/magnetic-sand.html
2018-09-16 18:19:17 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Bumper music is coming up!
2018-09-16 18:19:32 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Bumper music is ON!
2018-09-16 18:19:38 Eye of Newt http://www.herbmagic.com/deers-tongue.html http://www.herbmagic.com/bay-leaves.html
2018-09-16 18:19:53 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Running a little behind schedule, but we can do our Network Schedule Announcement next and make do!
2018-09-16 18:20:09 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/oil-steady-work.html http://www.luckymojo.com/oil-crown-of-success.html
2018-09-16 18:20:24 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Next up: Papa Newt will bring our Madame Pamita to get our Free Spell!!
2018-09-16 18:21:04 catherine yronwode Logo of buusinness or non-profit under cadle dressed with Steady Work and Crown of Success oils
2018-09-16 18:21:07 catherine yronwode Papa Newt after the dance!
2018-09-16 18:21:11 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Rose of Jericho Water
2018-09-16 18:21:13 catherine yronwode Then the FREE SPELL!
2018-09-16 18:21:26 catherine yronwode Rose of Jericho Water! Resurrection plant!
2018-09-16 18:21:47 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Nice, Madame Pamita!
2018-09-16 18:21:58 catherine yronwode The water you use to bring the plant back to life is potent in and of itself.
2018-09-16 18:22:00 Lucky Mojo Curio Company A Rose of Jericho plant, dried.
2018-09-16 18:22:07 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Dish
2018-09-16 18:22:18 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Spring water etc
2018-09-16 18:22:27 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Coins
2018-09-16 18:22:31 Lucky Mojo Curio Company denomination array
2018-09-16 18:22:36 catherine yronwode of varied denominations
2018-09-16 18:22:37 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Indian Head Cent
2018-09-16 18:22:41 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Mercury Dime
2018-09-16 18:22:47 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Stones!
2018-09-16 18:22:56 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Citrine, Pyrite
2018-09-16 18:23:00 catherine yronwode Stones -- stones last long -- citrine, pyrite
2018-09-16 18:23:02 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/lawkeepaway.html http://www.luckymojo.com/silverdime.html
2018-09-16 18:23:05 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Fool's Gold
2018-09-16 18:23:13 catherine yronwode Job's Tears
2018-09-16 18:23:16 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Job's Tears, Allspice
2018-09-16 18:23:19 catherine yronwode Allspice
2018-09-16 18:23:24 catherine yronwode Cat's Eye Shell
2018-09-16 18:23:28 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Cat's Eye Shell (GREEN!)
2018-09-16 18:23:31 Eye of Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/mojocatherbs.html#mineral http://www.herb-magic.com/pyrite-chunk.html
2018-09-16 18:23:52 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Change the water every other day, every third day, save the water.
2018-09-16 18:23:58 catherine yronwode Change water every other day or every third day. Save the water.
2018-09-16 18:24:12 Eye of Newt http://www.herbmagic.com/allspice-berries.html http://www.herbmagic.com/jobs-tears.html http://www.herb-magic.com/cats-eye-shell-green.html
2018-09-16 18:24:16 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Pour it into a SPECIAL bottle!
2018-09-16 18:24:23 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Maybe a money bottle special.
2018-09-16 18:24:35 Lucky Mojo Curio Company A bottle you ordinarily keep money in!
2018-09-16 18:24:36 catherine yronwode Sprinkle around the home or business.
2018-09-16 18:24:43 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Money jar
2018-09-16 18:24:55 Alchemical Artisans Hour A green bottle or jar
2018-09-16 18:25:04 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Me too; minerals!
2018-09-16 18:25:14 Lucky Mojo Curio Company O my! The Vita Jewel Company
2018-09-16 18:25:20 Eye of Newt Oh yes!
2018-09-16 18:25:24 Eye of Newt I have.
2018-09-16 18:25:23 Lucky Mojo Curio Company She's going all New Age on us!
2018-09-16 18:25:29 Madame Pamita yes - gem elixir makers
2018-09-16 18:25:40 Madame Pamita these are to make gem elixirs
2018-09-16 18:25:46 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I've heard of that Madame Pamita. Really? Hm!
2018-09-16 18:25:59 Madame Pamita yes- gem infused waters
2018-09-16 18:26:11 Lucky Mojo Curio Company VitaJuwel perhaps!
2018-09-16 18:26:20 Madame Pamita i have a how to guide on my site under instruction
2018-09-16 18:26:43 Lucky Mojo Curio Company At the 2 minute and 55 second mark i'll start the show's End music.
2018-09-16 18:27:01 Lucky Mojo Curio Company End music coming up!
2018-09-16 18:27:19 Lucky Mojo Curio Company End music is ON!
2018-09-16 18:27:34 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Jericho Road!
2018-09-16 18:27:39 catherine yronwode http://www.vitajuwel.us/en/
2018-09-16 18:27:44 Lucky Mojo Curio Company There you go.
2018-09-16 18:27:52 Lucky Mojo Curio Company New Age is fun!
2018-09-16 18:28:03 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I broke my teeth on New Age and adore it.
2018-09-16 18:28:07 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Papa Newt can take us out1
2018-09-16 18:28:15 California Sister Thank you All! (L)
2018-09-16 18:28:23 Lucky Mojo Curio Company :D :D :D :D
2018-09-16 18:28:27 Alchemical Artisans Hour Great show, as always
2018-09-16 18:28:30 Madame Pamita you're so welcome cali sister!
2018-09-16 18:28:37 Alchemical Artisans Hour TY
2018-09-16 18:28:49 catherine yronwode Broke your teeth?
2018-09-16 18:28:59 Madame Pamita cut your teeth maybe?
2018-09-16 18:29:08 catherine yronwode AH! Cut your teeth!
2018-09-16 18:29:12 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 60
2018-09-16 18:29:16 catherine yronwode LOL!
2018-09-16 18:29:18 Alchemical Artisans Hour I cut mine on new age too- (it was a '70s thing)
2018-09-16 18:29:25 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Oh that's it, cut
2018-09-16 18:29:26 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Yes!
2018-09-16 18:29:31 Alchemical Artisans Hour G'night
2018-09-16 18:29:47 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I was a New Age baby!
2018-09-16 18:29:57 Alchemical Artisans Hour me too, LOL
2018-09-16 18:29:58 Lucky Mojo Curio Company 14
2018-09-16 18:30:26 Madame Pamita bye everyone! <3 <3 <3
2018-09-16 18:30:38 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Whew, still strange time on this here studio clock.
2018-09-16 18:30:46 Lucky Mojo Curio Company But i set it right so we wouldn't be cut off.
2018-09-16 18:30:56 Madame Pamita thanks again you guys! <3
2018-09-16 18:30:57 catherine yronwode Madame pamita would be great on the radio if she didn't already have her own FABULOUS Youtube channel! We are luck to have her visit us here in audio-land!
2018-09-16 18:31:09 Lucky Mojo Curio Company We want Madame Pamita!
2018-09-16 18:31:13 Lucky Mojo Curio Company We want Madame Pamita!
2018-09-16 18:31:17 Lucky Mojo Curio Company :D :D :D
2018-09-16 18:31:28 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I'd do her studio board.
2018-09-16 18:31:29 Madame Pamita i also do a Q&A chat on youtube and instagram at 5PM pacific so i'm a busy bee!
2018-09-16 18:31:41 Lucky Mojo Curio Company I'll bet! Incredibly busy.
2018-09-16 18:31:43 catherine yronwode We surely do want her back on this show again and again!
2018-09-16 18:31:43 Madame Pamita :) love you guys!
2018-09-16 18:31:51 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Again and again!
2018-09-16 18:31:55 Madame Pamita bye! gotta run
2018-09-16 18:31:55 Lucky Mojo Curio Company <3 <3 <3
2018-09-16 18:32:00 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Tah tah!
2018-09-16 18:32:02 catherine yronwode We love you too, madame pamita! You are so cool!
2018-09-16 18:32:04 Lucky Mojo Curio Company (L)
2018-09-16 18:32:20 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Capturage care?
2018-09-16 18:32:26 catherine yronwode Okay, time for siva to do his thing, and then ... the log capturage!
2018-09-16 18:32:30 Lucky Mojo Curio Company Capturing.
nagasiva yronwode
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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG September 16, 2018 Water Magic

Unread post by MysticTieya » Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:04 am

‪If you've been wanting to get in as a caller on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show, this is your chance!‬

‪Go to this link 2013-radio-show-pre-call-ids-f70.html‬

‪and look for Find the next upcoming date (e.g. "Radio Show Pre-Call ID: For June 30, 2013" or "Radio Show Pre-Call ID: For July 7, 2013"). ‬

‪You can also find this thread quickly by using the Forum Search function with the words "Radio Show." The most recent post is likely to refer to next week's show. Please complete the form below WITHOUT coloured or bolded text or special markings, enlarged fonts, etc.‬

‪Here's what we will need to know (this same form is the first post in each week's thread, in case you miss it here): ‬

‪1) Your name: Tia‬

‪A) You name on the Lucky Mojo Forum: _____________________mystictieya‬

‪B) Your Blog Talk Radio caller name (if different): _____________________‬

‪C) How do you want your name to be pronounced on the radio? _____________________tea-ah‬

‪2) Your area code and GENERAL LOCATION (don't post your full phone #, without your area code we cannot recognize you or take your call; please give at least a state!): 919 NC‬

‪3) Your history with the radio show: had a couple readings and I listen frequently‬

‪A) Have you ever been on the radio show before and received a reading and/or rootwork recommendations?‬

‪Yes/No _________________yes‬

‪B) If "Yes," are you calling back to report updates as we may have requested? ‬

‪Yes/No. no‬

‪C) About when did you have that radio reading? ‬

‪When __________________‬

‪D) Have conditions changed since that reading?‬

‪Yes/No _________________‬

‪4) Your history with our readers‬

‪A) Have you ever had a private reading from ConjureMan Ali or Miss cat before, either about this issue or another situation? ‬
‪Yes/No _________________no‬

‪B) If "Yes," was it about this situation or another situation? ‬

‪This situation/Another situation _________________‬

‪C) About when did you have that private reading? ‬

‪When? _________________‬

‪D) Have conditions changed since that reading?‬

‪Yes/No _________________‬

‪5) Your history with other readers‬

‪A) Have you gone to other readers or rootworkers about this situation? ‬

‪Yes/No _________________‬

‪B) If "Yes," who and when? _________________‬

‪6) Please give us a brief description of your situation (please be brief! LIMIT TO 4 SENTENCES):‬

‪_Id like a love reading. I just need guidance.I am married and I am leaving. I also had a connection with another man at my previous job but it fizzled out. I would like to know if leaving my husband is truly good for me or if I should move on... maybe to this other man. If you all see me on my own I am also fine with that. ‬

‪7) On what date will you be in the radio show queue? Sept 16‬

‪Remember these times and dates when you call:‬

‪Radio Show is on Sunday at 3:00 PM Pacific Time, 6:00 PM Eastern Time‬

‪Call-in Number to be a guest or to listen via telephone:‬


‪If you call, press "1" to alert the hosts that you wish to be placed in the queue and heard as a caller on the show.‬

‪We cannot guarantee that we will take your call, but we will take those callers who have signed up on the Forum before any others, and adding your information to this thread at the Lucky Mojo Forum will help us pre-screen and identify callers by area code and name.‬

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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG September 16, 2018 Water Magic

Unread post by nagasiva » Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:11 pm

We've taken all the clients we can for today's show, but you can sign up for NEXT week now at:

lmhrhour-free-readings-september-23-201 ... 91482.html
nagasiva yronwode
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