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Mojo1 Intro and help with Love

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Mojo1 Intro and help with Love

Unread post by Mojo1 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:57 am

Good morning,

Its been nearly 2 yrs since my other (male) has changed overnight mentally. There's a story behind it all but it resulted in

1. My job performance being negatively criticized and harshly disciplined and destroyed after i spent 5yrs working hard and being admired encouraged and recognized for my perfomance till i was bullied out of my job while i was pregnant. I couldn't take the company to court as my other is in the line of fire.

2. Everyone who helped, supported or looked out for me either forgot me or didnt care about anything with me overnight.

3. Lies lot of lies from honest people in my life.

4. The lost of my other person who DRASTICALLY changed overnight arguing, disagreeing, fighting, when we finally told the company we worked that I was pregnant, a few weeks later from being excited for our 1st baby he changed overnight AGAIN. The night before was I love you babe/baby and the next day was I want to break up. He would be physical with me but then tell me we are nothing, no frends, no relationship. THIS MAN TOLD ME SCREW OTHER PEOPLE WHEN I WAS PREGNANT! HE DID ME THE ABSOLUTE WORST!! He attacked me on everythong after that didnt care at all told me the worst did me the worst missed our child birth left us stranded all sorts AND EVEN WORST THINGS!!!

After spending so much cash trying to figure wth was happening and why noone else could see all the manipulation and unexplained....i was advised to light a reversible candle and a protector candle. By then i left my job and had my child, my other came, saw our child, became caring for our child, and made very little reconnection with me. He had no care, no feelings, no nothing for our history, our love, our friendship or relationship.

Around my birthday this year he spent time with me, played with our child often prior. He kept returning making mends after the candle was lit.

Then day after my birthday he changed again, harsh negative actions words against our child and me. That he dont want nothing with me and our child even put us out his vehicle and raised his hand at me while holding our child on the side of the busy road.

He stayed away and fought me not caring for our child at all. He stayed away for months, when he grumbles his way just to drop stuff my child would cry just by his presence till recently when i lit another reversible candle. Since i lit it, he's been back communicating and with his child and our child stopped crying with his presence. Still no affection no care no love no nothing for me at all, though im grateful he visits his child and they play at least.

We have so many obstacles otherwise, jealous flames we both worked with now im force to accept that he works with them and i left.

He has a toxic wife that he didnt care about at allllll even way before me now she's on a pedestal praised and recognised by him. He fears to do anything for us with us, he has us caged in our home restricting me. Its just lies and lies and manipulations and he just dont see it all.

He stopped talking to his own family, his mother who he told me numerously wrote letters accusing the wife of witchcraft, yet he is still there losing everyone thats for him.

I love him. I know he's influenced that none of the things i endured is truly him, i know him, we have been through so much before i even got with him to know how much we mean to each other. I have it all in writing, all the romantic gestures he did. The excitement when he heard our child heartbeat. THE MAN DOING ME ALL THE WORST IS NOT HIM, HE CHANGED DRASTICALLY WITH NO LOGIC NO REASON. Worst im convinced since he returned when i lit the reversing candle, twice!

But he seems lost for anything between us, empty so empty. Doing every bidding for a woman he blatantly proved meant nothing to him to both of our faces. She hates me i know that much.

I HAVE NO DOUBT A BREAKUP SPELL of every means was used on us because she opportunity as we all worked together, access to our personal belonging, she had every access to ruin my work life my being and my happiness my relationship. I'VE ALSO BEEN TOLD SHE TRIED TO HARM MY CHILD BY 2 PERSONS!!!

I did wrong because he's married but i have reasons to believe he got blessed with us for he have noone in a toxic situation, he himself still says HE IS NOT HAPPY.

I want my love back, i want whats meant for us. He needs to leave that toxic marriage.


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Re: Mojo1 Intro and help with Love

Unread post by RevJames » Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:59 am

Hello Mojo1,

Welcome to the Lucky Mojo forum! I have moved your post to the 2018 Public forum Introductions because you are explaining your situation and asking for help in various areas of focus.

Here are some forum topics that I think may answer a few of your questions:

Spells for Ex-Lover Ex-Spouse to Return Reconcile Reunite:
spells-for-ex-lover-ex-spouse-to-return ... -t650.html

Spells for More Communication Between Lovers Spouses Mates:
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Break Up and Love / Return / Reconciliation at the Same Time:
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If you read through some of these and have any further questions, post those questions in that forum topic and we'll see if we can guide you further.


Also, here are the most popular threads and some forum rules for you to look over.
And we are looking forward to seeing you on the forum.
If you ever have any questions, we are ALWAYS here for you.

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I hope these links give you some direction and good luck!
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Re: Mojo1 Intro and help with Love

Unread post by Mojo1 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 3:31 pm

Good night, i searched through the links you sent but it didnt help my doubts. Please post my on a variety of topics. I need answers from experienced persons.

So far I've:

Lit 2 double reversible candle red and black with uncrossing, jinx removal and reversible oil, compelling oil.

Lit 1 pink glass enclosed candle with love, come to me, fire of love, compelling, adam and eve & uplifting oil.

Lit 1 road opener candle with road opener, success, come to me, peace and uplifting oil.

Made a honey jar with both our names facing each other on pink paper written in red pen, tied with purple ribbon and a strand of his hair.

I tried getting him to touch the fire of love oil on the bathroom door etc but it didnt do anything....

Please assist me.

I know i have to get reconciliation oil for a red candle but please assist me where you can.

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Re: Mojo1 Intro and help with Love

Unread post by Miss Athena » Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:45 pm

Hi Mojo1,

You have been given great links by RevJames and should pay special attention to the last one on breaking up a couple while performing reconciliation work at the same time. Consider a moving candle spell to help with the first step to your goals:
moving-candle-spells-figural-plain-ques ... t9265.html

Meanwhile, do uncrossing work on yourself. You said you did this BUT included it as part of reversing work on that woman. These are two different goals. Focus on uncrossing yourself then put up protection to keep any spiritual attack from her from hitting you.

I hope this helps. Good luck.
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