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Birds as Omens: Hawk, Crow, Dove, Wren, Owl, Sparrow, Etc.

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Re: Birds as Omens: Hawk, Crow, Dove, Wren, Owl, Sparrow, Etc.

Unread post by LVAngel » Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:20 am

Thank you all for your responses and great information. My husband assured me the bird skeleton was already in the yard and it must have gotten blown over to my altar by the summer night breeze. I’ve added the skeleton to my altar. It looks scary up there. Do you think I should remove it?

The feather is very special to me and I believe with all my heart it was a gift. In fact, last night we were watching the sunset when a black raven came down to drink out of our pool. I’ve never seen ravens in our yard. This is super exciting and I’m doing a deep dive into google to learn all I can. I want him/her and their spouse (if they have one) to stay around.

Now, the bunny running up to me blows my mind. We are a little country out here and I’ve never had a rabbit act that way in the past. The rabbits out here are wild and skitterish. They don’t just hop up to people. I bought a box of bunny food to see if it will return. We also have adorable bats that live near our home. They swoop down very close to our heads. I think they are curious about who we are. Country life is amazing!

I prayed for some very specific things on the full moon. Time will tell if things start to happen. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

Now, I have another question (advice/help/suggestions/support), but it has to do with my hair. It’s a long and sad story. I’ll go find the correct thread to post it in.

Thank you again for your help with the bird questions. Peace, Love, Happiness to all.

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Re: Birds as Omens: Hawk, Crow, Dove, Wren, Owl, Sparrow, Etc.

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:56 am

LVAngel --

In asking about hosting or venerating a bird skeleton on your altar, you are starting to move away from "Omens" -- the subject of this thread -- and into questions about the construction of personal altars, which is a very different area of thought and practice.

As for myself, i would not have anything on my own altar that looks, feels, or seems "scary" to me. However, other people i know enjoy these "scary" tokens of death. To each his or her own. Your mileage may vary.

Here is a link to the forum thread where folks discuss the construction, maintenance, and dedicatory possibilities of altars:

Altars: Questions and Answers

At the end of this message i will post a link to a very good book on altars written by our friend (and Forum Moderator) Phoenix LeFae.

I agree with others that the situation in your life right now is one of opening yourself to being a helper to the animals ad plants of the natural world. The bunny reminds me of the old nursery song, "Little Cabin in the wood, old man by the window stood, saw a rabbit hopping by, knocking at the door...." If you don;t know it, look it up.

Animals are in trouble now, and so are plants, due to human overpopulation (the cause of climage change and global warming). They are asking us for mercy and for aid.

Bats are not birds, and their meaning as omens is "spooky" in European folklore, but very, very "lucky" in Chinese folklore. Please read more about the symbolic and magical meanings of mammals, such as bunnies and bats, as omens in this forum thread:

Mammals as Omens: Cat, Dog, Horse, Bat, Squirrel, Etc.
mammals-as-omens-cat-dog-horse-bat-squi ... 16316.html

Now, here is a link to purchase a very good, inexpensive book about altars in the hoodoo tradition. In addition to a tremendous amount of practical and spiritual instruction, it also contains a great selection of Frequently Asked (and ANSWERED) Questions taken right from the pages of the Lucky Mojo Forum!

Hoodoo Shrines and Altars by Miss Phoenix LeFae



You can order right here in the Forum by clicking on the blue Add To Cart button.


Dedication and Acknowledgements 4
Altars of the Ancestors
Hoodoo: A Brief Introduction 5
How Do We Know About Hoodoo Altars? 6
Altar Described by Newbell Niles Puckett 8
Altars Described by Zora Neale Hurston 9
Altars Described by Harry M. Hyatt 10
You Shall Build There an Altar
Definition of Altars 14
Basic Types of Altars 16
Altar Work or Just Work? 19
Altars for What Purpose? 20
Building the Altar 21
One Altar or Many 25
Practical Altar Tips 26
Altar Objects 27
Magical and Spiritual Correspondences 37
Preparing the Altar Space 41
Keeping Your Altar Clean 42
Altars for Ongoing Work 47
Cat Yronwode's Secrets of Altar Respect 48
Altars for Various Conditions
Altars for Love 51
Altars for Money 52
Altars for Healing 53
Altars for Protection 54
Altars for Justified Enemy Works 55
Altars for Cursing and Vengeance 56
Dedicated Shrines
Altars for Ancestors 57
Shrines for Catholic Saints 59
Making Offerings to Spirits 60
Unusual Altars
Travelling Altars 65
Pocket Shrines 63
Hidden Altars 66
Business and Office Altars 69
Candle Ministry Altars 72
Frequently Asked Questions 78

Good luck!
catherine yronwode
teacher - author - LMCCo owner - HP and AIRR member - MISC pastor - forum admin

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Re: Birds as Omens: Hawk, Crow, Dove, Wren, Owl, Sparrow, Etc.

Unread post by LVAngel » Fri Aug 23, 2019 10:29 am

Thank you, catherine. I’m learning so much. This book looks very interesting. I’ve added several items to my cart already.

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