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Thank You, Lucky Mojo (Service and Product Testimonials)

Share your experiences with Lucky Mojo spiritual supplies -- and your story may appear on our Testimonials web page!
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Re: Thank You, Lucky Mojo (Service and Product Testimonials)

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:52 pm

Jimm108 --

Congratulations -- and thank you very much for the testimonial.
catherine yronwode
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Re: Thank You, Lucky Mojo (Service and Product Testimonials)

Unread post by ComeOnInMyKitchen » Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:04 pm

Evening all,

First I am always amazed at the level of quality and consistency in LM's products.

That having been said, a recent experience was so immediate and so literal, I felt called to share here and thank LM for your products.

The backstory: Ever tried to do a home repair or remodel and managed to uncover a series of things that were done wrong to begin with or haphazardly "repaired" by a previous owner so that a simple remodel job becomes a multi week nightmare? That was last year at our home in a nutshell. We were finally trying to catch up on things we wanted to do to our home only to find each supposedly simple project becoming a bigger pain and financial strain than expected. We put aside a set portion of our monthly budget for home repairs and general costs with the theory that for the most part that money pools as a small household oriented savings. Although we doubled that amount last year it still wasn't enough after all the projects/repairs gone haywire.

So, for the new year this month as I did the budget I applied a little of LM's Money Stay with Me oil on a bit of house savings related paperwork with the stated intention that we not bleed money unnecessarily over the house this year but rather start to replenish our savings in that area. Just that simple, a bit of LM oil and intention/prayer.

About 2 weeks later I wake up to a funky sound coming from the refrigerator. After a few pain in the tail hours of chasing the problem, the cost of repair will eat up about three quarters of the house budget and we have other things going on we needed those funds for. Dang it, right? Then about an hour later the the mail came - with an escrow refund check for more than twice what we need for the repairs. I was floored and gave a whole lot of thanks to say the least. A day later we received notice our monthly mortgage payment is going down substantially, freeing up funds we can roll directly back into replenishing our house funds after the hits they took last year. All completely unexpected. It was so literal to not have an unexpected windfall but rather to have house money spent directly on the house come back and Stay with Me! Definitely too precise and prompt not to share here. I cannot praise the quality of LM's products enough and I can assure you I'll be looking at other ways to apply Money Stay with Me as I sit down with next month's bills and budget!

Thank you Lucky Mojo for everything y'all do!

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Re: Thank You, Lucky Mojo (Service and Product Testimonials)

Unread post by mastersirius678 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:57 pm

I'm sure everyone heard about the coronavirus outbreak in China.

So I used my last Healing candle along with a Van Van candle, and wrote a petition to whatever spirit, saints, and cosmic being able to help with obliterating this nasty virus and heal everyone that had been infected. I also wrote a prayer request in Crystal Silence League.

I did this on Jan 25, and the candles burnt out on Jan 30th, at that point of time, there had been at least 30+ prayers on CSL, it is still going. Both candle glasses were clear and has white soot.

Right after that, information about this coronavirus having a low fatality rate came out, it is the news making it seems really scary, but in actuality it is not at all, it is actually weaker than SARS. Plus, my mother sent me an article saying they cured the US patient zero in Washington with Remdesivir, the failed drug for Ebola, which seems like it works great on this coronavirus.

Seems like the higher powers heard my request, and gave humanity hope against this virus. Lucky Mojo's stuff is powerful, so powerful that it can potentially save the entire world.

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My first visit!!!

Unread post by CarenMarie » Sat Feb 15, 2020 8:13 pm

I just wanted to thank everyone in the shop who helped me make my first purchase today. I've been trying to make it out there for two years lol.

I purchased a number of Items for my apothecary chest, a pre-made triple strength mojo bag and oils for luck and protection. Everyone was great about answering any questions I had.

Since we're from out of town we stop by the casino to play and I used my newly purchased 3 Jack's and a King oil and walked away a winner :D

It was also recommended that I stop by Beekind for beeswax sheets not sold at Lucky Mojo and they were awesome.

Thanks again for the wonderful service.
Be Blessed.

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