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Spell for a Mooch

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Spell for a Mooch

Unread post by Quincy » Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:40 am

I have a friend who looks to the people closest to her as her prime resources for just about everything. If I tell her I’ve read a good book she’ll ask to borrow it right away, if I learned something new she’ll ask me to teach her everything—-basically there is a tax on every good thing that happens to me (if I tell her). She also asks for money. She’s got other value, but has the MO of a parasite.

What kind of spell would you suggest to essentially put a “do not disturb” boundary so she does not come to me looking for resources/favors? Would you suggest a jar? A misdirection poppet for her to suck on? I would like her to not identify me as a resource and not to burden me with tedious favors. Thank you for your help. Q

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Evan Lionhart
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Re: Spell for a Mooch

Unread post by Evan Lionhart » Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:42 am

Hey Quincy,

For someone like this, I would start with Run Devil Run. You use primarily to keep off evil, but it can also be employed to keep moochers and other parasitic types at bay:


Someone who is constantly reaping the benefits of others could also do with some freezing work. Have you looked into working a freezer spell on this person?


Hope this helps!
Evan Lionhart

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