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by Mindful1
Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:05 pm
Forum: 2015 Public Forum Introductions
Topic: Greetings From Georgia
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Greetings From Georgia

Greetings To All, I have always been drawn to herbs, alternative studies and African Traditions. I have an interest in Hoodoo specifically as well as folk magic. I have done spiritual work for myself and for my loved ones seeking help and have experienced much success. I discovered the site while se...
by Mindful1
Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:14 pm
Forum: Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, Hoodoo Psychics
Topic: Thank You, Jon Saint Germain at AIRR and HP
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Re: Thank You, Jon Saint Germain at AIRR and HP

I want to say Thank You to Jon Saint Germain for his knowledge and insight. He is the go to guy for all of your spritual needs as he is an amazing spiritual worker and coach. I discovered immediate movement after he worked on things for me! Another great things is that he will actually send you pict...

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