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by tigermoon
Sun Apr 22, 2012 2:50 pm
Forum: Ask Us for Conjure Help with Break-Ups, Hot-Footing, Separation, and Divorce
Topic: Spells to Cause Discord, Fights, Enmity
Replies: 388
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Breaking up a "couple"

I need to break-up a couple who are in the "just friends" phase. She has absolutely no idea he feels this way about her(I don't think), but I do, because he is blowing off my advances for her. I want them to fight, and hate each other. I have her in a freezer spell right now,so far it's working,I th...
by tigermoon
Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:46 pm
Forum: Ask Us for Conjure Help with Pets and Wild Animals
Topic: Spells and Prayers for Health of Ill, Injured, or Aged Pets
Replies: 113
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My kitty is ill,and I need some help!

Hello all! I Know St. Francis is th patron saint of all animals and probably would help in my situation,but St. Gertrude of Nivellles is the patron saint of cats. Has anyone petitioned her for help with sick kitties? If i wanted LM to fix a candle for me in her honor how would I order it? What would...

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