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Spells for Landlord or Zoning Laws to Allow Pets

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Spells for Landlord or Zoning Laws to Allow Pets

Unread post by SweetLady » Wed May 11, 2011 6:29 am

Hello forum members :)

I am a hopeless cat-lover, and I have been living without my much needed animal-spirit-guides-companions-friends for two years now. I was forced to give away my two treasured cats because we had to move to an apartment that would not accept them. I have always had a cat as a pet since girl-hood. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find an apartment that will allow pets....Is there any way I can use hoodoo to convince my landlord to allow pets? This might sound silly, but I want results! --feeling lonely and deprived of animal comeraderie with my truest animal familiar/guide! please help!

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Mama Micki
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Re: Need landlord to allow pets

Unread post by Mama Micki » Wed May 11, 2011 8:04 am

Petition St. Martin de Porres, who sheltered, healed, and conversed with domestic animals. You can also try Black Cat products, which are primarily used for gambling, but also can be used for cat-related issues. I burned a black candle one day dressed with Black Cat oil and some Black Cat incense and ended up adopting a beautiful black cat that day.

Since you consider the cat to be your spirit guide, you might try Spirit Guide products also.
Gracias, Jesus Malverde!
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Re: Need landlord to allow pets

Unread post by Siren » Wed May 11, 2011 8:24 am

Maybe a honey jar might work to sweeten him up to you.

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Zoning help for giant breed dogs

Unread post by jsb595 » Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:35 pm

I wasn't sure if I should post this under Pets or Court so hopefully the moderator will decide what would be best. I am asking for advice for a large/giant breed dog rescue. They have been rescuing giant breed dogs for 12 years and last month a neighbor complained and the zoning board made the decision to shut down their rescue because the township zoning does not allow for a kennel. There are no other kennels or rescue groups that are equipped to take in the large breeds and any future rescues will have to be turned away and euthanized. They are appealing the decision and I would like to know if the court case spell kit would be helpful in this situation and does anyone have any other advice to help.

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Re: Zoning help for giant breed dogs

Unread post by MissMichaele » Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:09 pm

A court case spell would be perfect. If you are comfortable working with saints, you might appeal to St. Martin de Porres (http://www.luckymojo.com/saintmartindeporres.html)

Best of luck,

Miss Michaele

water tiger
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Re: Spells for Landlord or Zoning Laws to Allow Pets

Unread post by water tiger » Fri Nov 15, 2013 9:37 pm

I am new to this forum and could use some tangible help as we have no friends nearby. We (my brother and myself) are in a similar situation as the posts above. We are animal lovers, and although we did not start out as "cat-lovers" (because we grew up with dogs), we moved to a city with a terrible stray cat population and as we moved into our home here 10 years ago, we started (reluctantly at first) taking in cats off the street who adopted us (and rescued quite a few including a dog bleeding from the street that we took to the hospital and couldn't adopt out so we decided to just give him a home). Long story short, we just found out last week, because animal control came to our home because they received a complaint that some neighbor told that we had "40 cats" (which we do not), that we can't leave food out for strays which we leave food on our porch, and because one neighbor did not like that and told us not to do it, we know that neighbor complained. Animal control told us not to leave food for strays anymore and told us we can't have more than 9 cats- according to city ordinance. We have more than 9 so they want us to get rid of our cats.....

We need some guidance. We need protection from both hostile neighbors or anyone speaking ill against us who don't like us or complain to the city to get us in trouble (and BTW- we talk to our other neighbors nearby who all seem to like us and would never complain- according to them, but for one or possibly two who do not like us and may have complained or as we suspect maybe just one neighbor perhaps claiming to be different people complaining about the same 'nuisance' issue which we don't understand. So on the one hand, we need protection from complaining neighbors hostile to us to get us in trouble (btw, not just the animal issue, but other issues), and on the other hand, an unfair and unjust city ordinance and law that is against us and can't offer us any solutions other than to get rid of the cats, get them all fixed and micro-chipped (which we try to do but because we've fallen on hard times, we can't realistically get them all done immediately)......

I am aware of the patronage of San Alejo (St Alexius) known in Hispano culture to protect against bad or hostile neighbors or enemies, and even as I type, I have a candle lit for him, and I also know of San Martin de Porres as he is my patron saint and have known of his life and care for stray animals since I was a boy. Other than this, I have also prayed to San Ramon (para tapar la boca- to keep someone's mouth shut) from speaking ill of us, or getting us in trouble.....but we also need protection from the laws that we are worried about. I have been dealing with health issues and been to the doctors more times than I can recall in my life and the stress has not helped me one bit, in fact has been detrimental to my health.......I have also considered using a Bagua mirror to face hostile neighbors next door, but have read somewhere that may cause more problems as they can channel any negativity or evil to your home if not all 'burned' or sent back to where it comes from and the last thing we need is more problems....
Can someone offer some advice or guidance? ....even if it's just a simply spell or prayer, or if we're on the right track......(I've also heard of some people using an old Indian-Head penny/coin to keep away the law.....we're not criminals, we're good people but we take care of stray animals, both at our home and in their feral colonies....if someone here loves cats or cares about animals, please help us.) Thank you and God bless....

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Miss Aida
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Re: Spells for Landlord or Zoning Laws to Allow Pets

Unread post by Miss Aida » Sat Nov 16, 2013 8:46 pm

Hello, WaterTiger,
While it is commendable to help those darling fur-babies, please be careful with your health. You have no idea what these strays are bringing in. I am especially concerned when you say that you have health issues (which automatically immunosuppresses you and makes you more susceptible to infectious bacteria and virus'). And, of course, these city ordinances do indeed protect both you and the precious kitties.
But, I think you are praying to the right Saints. Here's the page on Law keep Away (which includes your Indian Penny that you had mentioned): www.luckymojo.com/lawkeepaway.html
To stop gossip. here are more ideas: www.luckymojo.com/stopgossip.html
Last, but not least, the Fiery Wall of Protection: www.luckymojo.com/fierywall.html
I wish you and the beautiful cats the very best. But also hope that you make the right decisions regarding your health safety and what's best for the kitties.
Take care

water tiger
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Re: Spells for Landlord or Zoning Laws to Allow Pets

Unread post by water tiger » Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:51 am

I appreciate your concerns for my health, but I don't have any specific immune system issues (except for the occasional seasonal cold or allergies and generally I find remedies and cures for them); they are mostly related to digestive ailments and possible anxiety, regardless, most of my health issues are directly related to the stress of dealing with our 'opposition'- those who either do not like stray cats (or hate them), either from the colonies we take care of around the area, or the ones we feed and look after on our street. In fact, this is why I bring up the health issue. I feel healthiest and my health improving when things are going well with our animals we take care of, when life is going better and we have no enemies, I am so very stressed out because of the imposition of these ordinances against stray cats and the ban on feeding them, as well as someone maliciously calling animal control on us, and as we are finding out, it seems to be nothing more than pure malice, because if it were genuinely a "nuisance" issue, our next door neighbors would have told us and we've checked and asked around and it has not turned out to be anyone nearby.....so it's clearly an issue of us being used as a scape-goat for their hostility against cats and the call was malicious......we have no way to prove this, but trust me, having lived in this neighborhood for about ten years now, there are some hostile people here......so all the tips and advice seems to be appropriate, St Martin de Porres for sure, given his life story about stray animals, St Alexius (San Alejo) given his patronage for bad neighbors and hostile enemies, and the Fiery Wall of Protection (i have the powder, I hope that can be used for the candle instead of the oil?).... Also, does anyone think that three horseshoe nails with the image and prayer to the "Just Judge" (Justo Juez) would be appropriate and useful, given that the local law (ordinances) are against us and we need a favorable outcome from the law? I also feel it might be useful to invoke Justo Juez since we feel we are being accused and misjudged unjustly and unfairly....(I also, do plan to use the Indian Head penny.....you place that above the door, correct?)

Thank you very much for the kind concern and the advice.....I will definitely take it to heart and into consideration.....and don't worry, as much as I do love the "fur-babies", my health concerns are never forgotten..... :-)
much love~

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