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Spells to Reverse Contractual Restrictions

Spells to Reverse Contractual Restrictions

Unread postby tribaby789 » Fri Nov 11, 2011 5:56 pm

I am in a contract that ends January 5,2012. I have no problems leaving but he has a non compete of 7mile radius for 2yrs on me. I built up my own practice inside his practice. We do not share anything even employess. A couple of times he has said he would compromise but then in the next breath he changes his mind. I have lit a candle to St. Expedite and it burned out in less than 7 days. I relit one immediately on Wed and hope it works. I am going to have a few attornies review the contract but his brother is a high powered District attorney and he has a few other high pwered attornies as his patients. Please help me find a quick, powerful spell to make this guy change his mind for good in my favor.
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Re: Need help to get out of contract restriction

Unread postby Jaime Banks » Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:51 pm


It seems as if your about to attend Court, I'd order some COURTCASE SUPPLIES to help favour the cause in your winninq the case. Order you a HJ or a SPELL KIT, if its qoinq to be a lonq process to deal with.

You could employ some INFLUENCE products to qet your way as well, and possibly incoprporate that as well...just petition what YOU want when usinq it.

Good Luck....

Thank You SO Much St.Jude
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Spells and Prayers for Weight Loss

Unread postby Pony2007 » Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:31 pm


I am not sure if i am on the correct thread. In 2014, i was introduced into this all new women gym, not that far from my house. So, i was told by the owner of the gym that i can try it out for free for a month so i did. Once i did that she told me that i can do my membership for month to month paying $27 a month and i can cancel at anytime. All that was indicated on the contract. So last year i got into a financial issue where i could not pay my membership. So i called the company and told them my issue but they refused to cancel. They actually said on my contract i have to pay this membership for 3 years. I was furious cause no where at the time of signing it i signed up for 3 years only month to month which i discussed with the owner. Even the owner would not help me at all. So i decided to do research (which i should have done before) i noticed i was not the only female scam by this company. After reading all the reviews i see that the owner changed everyone membership to 3 years with out their consent. Some sent their request to BBB Company about their shady practices but others still have to pay due to the fine print on the contract. The only way to get out is if i move 70 miles away from the gym or if i become disable which none applies to me. I no longer attend this gym and i am left to pay this monthly bill just like everyone else.

Please help! Is there any spell to no longer pay this gym membership? Anything to get them to cancel my membership.
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Re: Spells to Reverse Contractual Restrictions

Unread postby Miss Aida » Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:33 pm

Hello, Pony2007 ,

It sounds like you will need an attorney as well as performing magic.

Then, go to influence and court case products.

But you really need an attorney to look at this first



Wishing you the very best
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