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St. Michael medal/protection amulet keeps turning around?

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St. Michael medal/protection amulet keeps turning around?

Unread post by pixie » Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:30 pm

I have a silver St. Michael medal that I wear around my neck on a silver chain. I have anointed it with oil, smoked it in incense, and prayed over it in order to consecrate it as a protection amulet with the grace of St. Michael. Every Sunday I burn a St. Michael candle for one hour and give him my thanks for the honors he has paid me (as well as making a donation to a battered women's shelter in his name). One interesting note about this medal and chain is, right before I consecrated the medal and began wearing it, I had started a 13 day course of the thirteen herb bath in order to remove some negative spiritual detritus from my family that I was being oppressed by. I still had a few days left when I started wearing the medal. Within a week of first wearing it, the medal and the chain turned nearly black with tarnish. I dipped them both in a baking soda/boiling water/aluminum foil bath to antioxidize the silver, spiritually cleansed it and reconsecrated. It hasn't tarnished again, but I wear it constantly (except in the shower). I digress...

My question is, my medal keeps turning around so that St. Michael is facing me instead of outward as it's always done before. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with some minor revenge work I did recently on a family member (one of the ones who was creating the unbearable environment I mentioned in the paragraph above). When I was finally able to escape their immediate surroundings, I prayed to St. Michael to protect me and give me justice. St. Michael came through in a fairly big way, and I got a little carried away trying to keep that ball rolling. I wonder if he might be a teeny bit upset that I passed justice and entered revenge territory? Or am I reading too much into this? If not, what would you all suggest I do?


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Re: St. Michael medal/protection amulet keeps turning around?

Unread post by Jibrael » Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:47 pm

I've always been told that after doing any sort of so-called "negative" work, you should cleanse as soon as possible. The tradition I've been taught is to use Hyssop in the bath and recite the 51st Psalm (I think that's the right one, where it actually talks about having one's sins cleaned away by hyssop).

You said you worked aggressively to cleanse yourself of the negativity from your family, but did you cleanse from the energy of the revenge work? I don't know what kind of work you did, but perhaps the tarnishing of the medallion was an indication of that (showing you the 'gunk' you need to take off?). He is looking to you, inside of you, because maybe that's what you need to protect or take care of before you can expect him to take care of the outside (facing outward).

Just a thought.

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