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symptoms while uncrossing?

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symptoms while uncrossing?

Unread postby butterfly » Sun May 17, 2009 6:57 pm

hi friends. currently i am doing the uncrossing on me & my beau. since i've been doing the uncrossing i've began to have sick like feelings. some of the symptoms have been headaches, nausea, tired & sleepy ALL THE TIME, hot or sweat spells, occassional chills, feet constantly tingling, burning, or feeling hot? even now, as im typing this my feet are buring (hot) & i feel so tired. also, the remains of the candle wax cover my beaus name & not mine & shapes into a heart. im curious if anyone else has experienced physical changes while doing an uncrossing or not or if any advice could be given on the significance of this?

also, before dawn i modified my request for hard times to end. i made it more powerful than the first one because my gut was telling me i didnt include getting rid of the source of my hard times.

this morning (6 hours after my more potent prayer) my sweetheart called me & said that he had a bad dream about me. he said that he dreamed that i was cheating on him with someone he knows but he wouldnt tell me who. he said that the dream was so real & he saw everything. he said that me & this mystery person were seeing each other, texting a lot, we kissed, we were emailing each other & i left my beau on hold a long time on the phone for this mystery man. needless to say i was so upset that my ears got steaming hot. the person that began this ill will in the 1st place set a foundation before my beau & others we know of slander, lies, accusations about my true character. i cannot someone to lie on me & its funny because as i was modifying the prayer for the bad luck to end, i felt inside that my enemy was gonna make it seem like im the bad person & doing the things she is actually in fact doing.

my boyfriend was like he doesnt dream very often so when he does he believes the dream or takes heed strongly to it. i told him these things were not true & that the dream was operated by wicked spirits. he didnt respond, he simply restated that it felt very real & the dream was detailed to the point that he saw the words i was texting & emailing to this mystery man. i replied to him by saying "that i renounce the demon over dreams & the spirits over falsehood. i will not accept these lies in the name of Jesus! "
i explained to my boyfriend that i loved him & would never cheat on him, etc. he said ok but he just wanted me to know what he dreamed. inside i was ready to explode but i kept my composure while on the phone with him. we got off the phone & i went to the bathroom. suddenly i heard a verse by the gospel choir from john p kee singing "we walk by faith & not by sight" loudly then an exclamation point came before my eyes.

later today he seemed to be ok (thank God), but im wondering if i should stop doing the uncrossing? i mean what should happen if these lying spirits keep sending these false dreams to him - he will no longer believe my stories & all the while im trying to protect him & me. also, what is the significance of my beau's dream to the work i've done with the spell? do you think i should do a clarity spell on him (which i planned on doing on him anyway but not yet)?

i appreciate any help & suggestions.

Re: symptoms while uncrossing?

Unread postby Ginger777 » Sun May 17, 2009 8:03 pm

Personally, when I do an uncrossing or any kind of cleansing, issues and fears rise to the surface that were deep inside myself and I sometimes become a little depressed, guilty, or even manifest a cold. Crazy things happen either at work or on a personal level, but go away after I consciously work on releasing my fears or other icky feelings or thoughts. After a few weeks I feel like a new woman, but it depends on how much crap is built up in me. This is only MY thought:
Your boyfriend's fears are coming to surface from his subconscious and he needs to evaluate his fears in order to consciously release them and be cleansed. As for your sickly symptoms, we sometimes manifest sickness when our bodies are trying to get rid of certain emotions that are suppressed in the body (even those feelings being projected to you from your enemy)....once again it's another way of the ickies rising to the surface to be released. Personally, I would hang in there....I've been in a similiar boat a few times. Just remember, in order to move forward or even cleanse yourself, you sometimes have to face some "demons" or old issues in order to receive what it is you want. And as for your enemy, it may just be your fear amplified at this point so you can release it, and not that she is exactly projecting MORE negativity than she already has. Your fear will give her power, so have faith! Again, these are just my thoughts.

And I apologize if I'm not making sense, considering I do not know the whole situation that is going on.

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