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TNYKS Chat August 13, 2015

Professor Porterfield and his crew of Radio Sidekicks present traditional Rootwork and Conjure, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya.
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TNYKS Chat August 13, 2015

Unread post by Rev Ernest » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:17 pm

07:10:03 PM the LMC Radio Network enter the room
07:21:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS enter the room
07:24:27 PM catherine yronwode enter the room
07:26:56 PM the LMC Radio Network (})
07:42:49 PM Papa Newt enter the room
07:43:42 PM Papa Newt Hello
07:44:01 PM the LMC Radio Network Howdy
07:47:51 PM the LMC Radio Network Well got my three favorite people here, all is well with the world.
07:48:33 PM Guest4553 enter the room
07:48:33 PM Guest4553 quit the room
07:48:49 PM ChristyXP enter the room
07:49:04 PM ChristyXP (})
07:49:52 PM the LMC Radio Network T-minus 10 minutes and counting
07:54:58 PM the LMC Radio Network T-minus 5 minutes and counting.
07:57:50 PM ChristyXP :D
07:58:53 PM the LMC Radio Network T-minus 1 minute and counting.
08:00:50 PM ChristyXP I have sound!
08:01:31 PM Papa Newt Yay!
08:01:49 PM the LMC Radio Network ALL ABOARD!
08:01:54 PM ChristyXP Woo-woo!
08:03:18 PM dragon gypsee enter the room
08:03:47 PM dragon gypsee Hello Everyone!
08:04:16 PM Papa Newt Hello, dragon gypsee. Welcome!
08:04:19 PM ChristyXP hi dragon gypsee!
08:07:07 PM ButchComer enter the room
08:09:32 PM Guest5806 enter the room
08:10:09 PM Guest5806 quit the room
08:10:31 PM Ghia enter the room
08:10:46 PM Ghia (})(F)
08:11:04 PM ChristyXP (})
08:12:39 PM Candelos Corner Radio enter the room
08:13:01 PM ChristyXP Lucky Numbers!
08:13:45 PM Candelos Corner Radio nsala malecu !!!!
08:13:51 PM ChristyXP shalom!
08:13:56 PM Papa Newt 8 - 12 - 18 - 23 - 40 - 42
08:14:06 PM ChristyXP 8 - 12 - 18 - 23 - 40 - 42
08:14:28 PM Papa Newt 212 - 653 - 828
08:14:39 PM ChristyXP 212 - 653 - 828
08:14:45 PM Papa Newt Three of Hearts - Three is a crowd
08:14:51 PM Papa Newt Welcome, Candelo!
08:15:00 PM Candelos Corner Radio thats my number 828 !!!
08:16:12 PM ChristyXP isaac hayes soulsville
08:16:23 PM ChristyXP (L)
08:16:31 PM ChristyXP very cool Candelo!
08:16:33 PM the LMC Radio Network Good week for you then brother!
08:16:43 PM Ghia (L)
08:16:49 PM the LMC Radio Network and Shalom to all have come in
08:18:08 PM Guest6365 enter the room
08:18:39 PM Guest6365 quit the room
08:19:07 PM Alicia H enter the room
08:20:55 PM Candelos Corner Radio all praises too mighty whitey lol
08:21:08 PM Candelos Corner Radio oops to lol
08:21:42 PM ChristyXP LOL
08:21:48 PM ButchComer quit the room
08:21:59 PM Candelos Corner Radio tell em bro !!
08:23:22 PM ChristyXP it wasn't even so golden if you were female
08:24:27 PM missmichaele enter the room
08:24:46 PM ChristyXP ooh ennui
08:25:34 PM Candelos Corner Radio :S:o~(:S
08:26:11 PM missmichaele quit the room
08:26:23 PM missmichaele enter the room
08:27:41 PM missmichaele quit the room
08:28:27 PM Ghia great knowledge :)
08:29:07 PM missmichaele enter the room
08:29:33 PM Papa Newt arm and hammer *nods*
08:32:10 PM ChristyXP for f u c k s sake, you gave "auspicious days" from the farmer's almanac in the news at the top of the show. The farmer's almanac has been around for ages.
08:32:48 PM Ghia all ancient people knew the stars and the planets and all the universe...
08:33:01 PM Ghia as above so below
08:33:41 PM Papa Newt Cute & Exotic!
08:33:59 PM VickieTrancho enter the room
08:34:19 PM Ghia no I love to discover what i used to know ;)
08:34:40 PM VickieTrancho Good evening! (})
08:35:02 PM Ghia fells very natural and i trust
08:35:06 PM Papa Newt Good evening, Vickie Trancho.]
08:35:35 PM VickieTrancho (F)
08:36:42 PM missmichaele White people, if you want exotica, go make some of your own. Put on your broomstick skirts and tie dye.
08:40:35 PM Guest7332 enter the room
08:43:13 PM catherine yronwode LOL, Michaele ... i recall the days when every white girl dyed her hair ginger with henna to demonstrate her "Celtic roots."
08:44:00 PM catherine yronwode Sandy Koufax!
08:44:15 PM missmichaele Say, Prof, some day I'd love to hear about Mel Brooks' war hero days!
08:44:26 PM catherine yronwode The hero to oh so many weakling Jews, we were told. (Not true...)
08:45:00 PM missmichaele That's not so new, miss cat -- my grandmother did the same, and she actually had Celtic roots :)... dark brown Celtic roots :)
08:45:22 PM missmichaele "The-ness caught him in a dance; A-ness never had a chance."
08:45:46 PM catherine yronwode Dangerous stereotypes -- and so many people suffer.
08:46:09 PM ChristyXP indeed
08:47:06 PM catherine yronwode Stereotypes change over time, too. When i was young, before the rise of the Jewish American Princess stereotype (which i had never heard until the 1970s!) i was told that "Jewish girls 'do it' (have sex).
08:47:19 PM Ghia (lol)(F)
08:48:56 PM catherine yronwode But now there is a stereotype that Jewish girls are bitchy and DON'T have sex. So ... the stereotypes mutate. Now lots of black people speak of being "warriors." That is relatively new too. And the Uncle Tom stereotype had vanished!
08:49:32 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yay Firesign Theater.
08:49:40 PM catherine yronwode I love that persuasive New Age voice!
08:49:51 PM ChristyXP me too :)
08:49:53 PM Ghia (F)
08:50:12 PM Ghia Prof Porterfeild is the Bomb!'
08:50:24 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The Noble Savage
08:50:30 PM Guest7332 quit the room
08:50:52 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Tell us about the indigenous ecologists.
08:51:24 PM catherine yronwode And the indigenous sexologists!
08:51:29 PM Troll Towelhead GMS LOL
08:51:55 PM catherine yronwode Agronomy! A little-used word! 70 points!
08:52:23 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Perfect for a GOOFER DUST show!
08:52:32 PM catherine yronwode The poisoning laws.
08:53:11 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Well poisoners!!
08:53:24 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Extends before African Americans.
08:53:42 PM Troll Towelhead GMS "Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live."!
08:53:56 PM Troll Towelhead GMS La Voisin!
08:53:58 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Satanists@
08:54:31 PM catherine yronwode Good point -- a poisoner must be an educated person.
08:54:58 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Le Petite Albert!!!
08:55:12 PM catherine yronwode The Petit Albert, indeed!
08:55:26 PM catherine yronwode Or however it is spelled.
08:55:53 PM ChristyXP pastime paradise stevie wonder :D
08:56:13 PM Ghia (F)
08:56:20 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (F)
08:56:49 PM VickieTrancho (F)
08:58:38 PM ChristyXP i am really grooving on the choice of songs tonight
08:59:32 PM Troll Towelhead GMS What's that signal?1
08:59:41 PM ChristyXP in the vanguard!
09:00:06 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Whoosh!
09:00:14 PM the LMC Radio Network Whoooosh!
09:01:33 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Count Ghoulash!!!
09:01:46 PM Troll Towelhead GMS LOL!!!
09:01:48 PM Troll Towelhead GMS YES!
09:01:51 PM ChristyXP Hooray!
09:01:55 PM Troll Towelhead GMS You MUST!
09:03:06 PM Guest7938 enter the room
09:03:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The TINY people!
09:03:53 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Smallest church! There's a TINY church amongst the trains!
09:04:54 PM catherine yronwode Seeex seeex three two
09:05:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Made my day.
09:05:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I'm messaging her RIGHT NOW!
09:05:22 PM catherine yronwode I would listen too!
09:05:35 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery!
09:05:37 PM missmichaele Now I'm wondering about the tiny people depending on the tiny trains. I hope there's real food in the tiny general store...
09:05:40 PM catherine yronwode Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery....
09:06:01 PM Troll Towelhead GMS T Texas Tyler, Deck of Cards
09:06:01 PM catherine yronwode T Texas Tyler, A Deck of Cards!
09:06:08 PM Ghia (F)
09:06:08 PM catherine yronwode God, i love this!
09:06:25 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Totally inspiring.
09:06:28 PM Guest7938 quit the room
09:07:44 PM catherine yronwode Full text (transcribed by yer truly) is in the book "Hoodoo Bible Magic."
09:08:02 PM the LMC Radio Network and in A deck of Spells as well
09:08:03 PM Ghia <:o)(F)
09:08:11 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yes, i knew it was in both!
09:08:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS It was too good not to include.
09:08:20 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/adeckofspells.html
09:08:21 PM catherine yronwode Background tune is a symbiosis of "Remember Me" and "How Great Thou Art."
09:08:33 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoobiblemagic.html
09:08:40 PM ChristyXP it's neat because it ends the Bible book and begins the Card book :D
09:08:44 PM the LMC Radio Network and I was that soldier!
09:08:47 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Exactly!
09:08:55 PM catherine yronwode Or rather "How Great Thou Art" played in the style of "Remember Me." SO TEXAS!
09:09:09 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :'(
09:09:34 PM Candelos Corner Radio wow:'(
09:09:41 PM Ghia quit the room
09:09:41 PM Ghia enter the room
09:09:41 PM Ghia quit the room
09:09:41 PM Ghia enter the room
09:10:14 PM ChristyXP 1762 household ledger of Mary Bacon
09:11:21 PM ChristyXP Wink Martindale?!
09:11:37 PM catherine yronwode Wink Martindale (cousin of Wink Winkerson, i think)
09:11:45 PM ChristyXP LOL
09:12:13 PM Troll Towelhead GMS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLwQvjH7-Qw
09:12:24 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Deck of Cards by Wink Martindale (Tyler)
09:14:35 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Queen Esther i'd guess.
09:14:45 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yay! Jack or Knave the Devil!
09:15:59 PM catherine yronwode The "Queen of Heaven" is a Catholic term, not commonly found in Protestantism.
09:16:30 PM catherine yronwode "One is one and stands alone and ever more shall be it so." (Green Grow the Rushes Oh)
09:17:31 PM catherine yronwode "On the first day of Christmas..."
09:17:38 PM catherine yronwode And many other such songs.
09:18:01 PM ChristyXP that's some serious alliteration!
09:18:17 PM ChristyXP Professor Porterfield's Portable Pocket Altar
09:18:22 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Professor Porterfields Portable Pocket Altar (tm)
09:18:33 PM ChristyXP oh yes, tm
09:18:42 PM Troll Towelhead GMS oh yes, the apostrophe
09:20:31 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Jack Targets!
09:20:59 PM ChristyXP Hoodoo Shrines and Altars
09:21:02 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooshrinesandaltars.html
09:21:04 PM catherine yronwode Spoke so quickly!
09:21:23 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.missionaryindependent.org
09:21:25 PM catherine yronwode It's in "Hoodoo Shrines and Altars" by Miss Phoenix LeFae!
09:21:36 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoobiblemagic.html
09:21:43 PM VickieTrancho A great book!
09:21:50 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/gooferdust.html
09:22:09 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Kitchen?!
09:22:12 PM ChristyXP Wait, there's goofer dust in my kitchen?
09:22:25 PM Troll Towelhead GMS That's what i wanted to know!
09:22:27 PM missmichaele It must be a very well-equipped kitchen
09:23:01 PM missmichaele For some reason I want to date this song at 1934....?
09:23:02 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Goofy Dust
09:24:01 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Goofer Dust Blues?
09:24:34 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Is this on catherine yronwode's Hoodoo Jukebox?
09:24:52 PM Papa Newt I do not recall this song being on the Hoodoo Jukebox.
09:24:57 PM ChristyXP I don't know, but I like it :)
09:25:02 PM catherine yronwode Goofer Dust Swing by Lil Johnson,
09:25:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS There it is!
09:25:18 PM Papa Newt Hoodoo Jukebox Vol. 2! :D
09:25:23 PM Troll Towelhead GMS There ya go!
09:25:42 PM catherine yronwode You bet, Papa Newt!
09:26:01 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/gooferdust.html
09:27:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Nicolas Brothers!
09:27:13 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Nicholas
09:27:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS "The Black Network"
09:27:37 PM Troll Towelhead GMS {cutting out}
09:27:45 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Gotcha back.
09:28:42 PM Troll Towelhead GMS kufwe
09:28:54 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Goofy indeed.
09:29:46 PM missmichaele Those last two symptoms sound like kuru -- which isn't African, so maybe off topic.
09:30:13 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Now you can understand my question.
09:30:43 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yes! I recall Robert Johnson singing of such things.
09:31:27 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Or in your outhouse.
09:31:30 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/lovespells.html
09:31:42 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Like so many of us have such an outhouse.
09:32:22 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooherbandrootmagic.html
09:32:36 PM ChristyXP just like lucky numbers will hit?
09:32:38 PM ChristyXP ahhh
09:33:05 PM Ghia (F)
09:33:15 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Not killing your lottery adversaries.
09:33:36 PM Ghia (L)(F)
09:33:38 PM catherine yronwode A table with 13 dishes -- also unlucky!
09:33:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Hi frog!
09:34:14 PM catherine yronwode The idea is that these superstitions are real, true.
09:34:16 PM Troll Towelhead GMS He will!
09:34:27 PM the LMC Radio Network *nods*
09:34:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I can testify! I wrote to Madame Nadia!
09:34:39 PM dragon gypsee thank you for a wonderful show!!!
09:34:43 PM catherine yronwode The end? Already?
09:34:46 PM Troll Towelhead GMS You tell 'em Winston!
09:34:54 PM dragon gypsee quit the room
09:34:59 PM the LMC Radio Network there will be a last word from Ms Evens in a moment as well.
09:35:06 PM catherine yronwode And here comes Ragtime Texas Henry Thomas. MORE TRAIN SONGS.
09:35:13 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh good! We heard one last week!
09:35:15 PM catherine yronwode WE MUST HAVE MANY MORE TRAIN SONGS.
09:35:21 PM Troll Towelhead GMS LOL
09:35:22 PM Ghia I'm so Happy I found you all :)
09:35:29 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Great to have you, Ghia!
09:35:40 PM the LMC Radio Network We are so happy to have you here with us Ghia
09:35:42 PM Candelos Corner Radio whats the name of this song ?
09:36:02 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Trained Pan Pipes Go To Chicago on the Kitty
09:36:03 PM catherine yronwode "Railroadin' Some" by Henry "Ragtome Texas" Thomas.
09:36:12 PM catherine yronwode Ragtime
09:36:22 PM Ghia (lol)
09:36:33 PM Candelos Corner Radio i love it lol
09:36:36 PM Papa Newt Excellent show, Professor. Thank you as always.
09:36:36 PM catherine yronwode He plays the home-made pan pipes, called "quills" from cane on the Brazos river.
09:36:38 PM missmichaele Some day soon I ought to trace this route on a map.
09:36:47 PM Papa Newt Time to head out. Good night everyone, and be well.
09:36:51 PM catherine yronwode pan pipes = syrinx, ancient instrument.
09:36:58 PM Troll Towelhead GMS That would be swell, Miss Michaele! Catherine's been talking about that for moons.
09:37:01 PM the LMC Radio Network It's a fun thing to do Miss Michaele
09:37:17 PM Papa Newt quit the room
09:37:18 PM catherine yronwode He gives all the names of the railroads and the transfer points.
09:37:18 PM Candelos Corner Radio lets do it
09:37:31 PM catherine yronwode I would like it on a map.
09:37:31 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I think she had in mind like a photographic series or a film.
09:37:37 PM ChristyXP It was great to see everyone. Have a great night!
09:37:42 PM ChristyXP (})
09:37:43 PM Ghia (F)
09:37:43 PM missmichaele Well, I was wondering what sort of a journey it was.
09:37:44 PM Candelos Corner Radio /i love trains
09:37:44 PM catherine yronwode Oh yes, a slide show!
09:37:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Sweet dreams, Christy!!
09:37:53 PM the LMC Radio Network That would be amazing
09:37:54 PM Guest8819 enter the room
09:37:57 PM Alicia H quit the room
09:38:02 PM VickieTrancho (L)(})
09:38:02 PM ChristyXP quit the room
09:38:04 PM missmichaele I'm starting to wonder how many songs there are about the Great Migration.
09:38:21 PM VickieTrancho quit the room
09:38:22 PM Candelos Corner Radio quit the room
09:38:22 PM Ghia quit the room
09:38:36 PM catherine yronwode Great Migrtion songs are many, mostly about trains ... plus "The Northern Starvers" by Bo Carter.
09:38:47 PM catherine yronwode Okay, nighty night.
09:38:53 PM the LMC Radio Network Chat Captured on my end
09:38:59 PM catherine yronwode Bye1
09:39:00 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Capturing also.
09:39:01 PM the LMC Radio Network be well my friends
09:39:04 PM catherine yronwode quit the room
09:39:08 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Nightee night@
09:39:11 PM the LMC Radio Network nice to have you here with me
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