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Peaceful Home Bath Crystals Questions and Answers

How to use Lucky Mojo herb baths, crystal salt baths, and floor washes for cleansing, protection, love, health, and luck.
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Peaceful Home Bath Crystals Questions and Answers

Unread post by Shany » Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:14 pm

I bought a LM's peaceful home bath crystal last year to add to me and my ex's laundry and mix it with water and sumac berries to spray around the house. Me and my ex ended up fought like dog and cat and broke up.

Now that I am in a new relationship with a wonderful guy, we argue sometimes (like most couples would) but I want to bring more peace between us and prevent any future argument.

Since I still have some sumac berries and the bath crystal left, I wonder if I should use it again?

Sorry, I am still very paranoid about the last result the product brought and I do not want the same to happen...

I don't know why it happened in my previous relationship. I hope to hear any thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.

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Re: About peaceful home bath crystal

Unread post by MissMichaele » Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:23 pm

Well, it looks like, last time, you used Peaceful Home on someone who wasn't interested in peaceful home. And these are Lucky Mojo products -- you know they're not going to put red pepper or sulphur in there.

So use your Peaceful Home on Mr. Right! And get some Clarity or King Solomon Wisdom into the mix, so that when you do fight it turns into a problem-solving session.

That's what an argument should be -- an opportunity to solve a problem.

Hope this helps,

Miss Michaele
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Re: About peaceful home bath crystal

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:48 pm

Wise words, Miss Michaele!

Peaceful Home Bath Crystals


catherine yronwode
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Re: Peaceful Home Bath Crystals Questions and Answers

Unread post by Joann Lee » Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:53 pm

In the first place, men are not rational beings. They are deeply emotional. They see the world completely differently, hear whatever you say through the most incredible filters that you cannot imagine, watch what you do and forget most of what you say, and live for your love. The thing they fear most is being laughed at.

Every man needs to be a hero, a gallant lover, a wise teacher--no matter what his actual capabilities, or yours.

They need praise, positive reinforcement, no harsh "attack style" criticism, calm constructive suggestions (if you are to criticize).

If you reinforce the positive and praise them, the good ones will eventually begin to do things to please you, because they like to be heroes. Over the long haul, Mr. Right will grow into the person who is your perfect fit, your soul mate, your best friend.

If you want a peaceful home, be positive in every situation that you can.

The hardest thing is housework. You can reward him for every little bit of housework he does with lots of love, and if you two can afford it, having a maid come in once a month to do the heavy lifting will ease troubles (for about $100). The maid needs the money--you need a break. If your man understood that for $100 he could get conjugal bliss, he would skip his night out at the bar once in a while to do this for the home.

I would recommend cleansing the entire house with something like Chinese Wash to get rid of the bad old vibe, and then re-apply the Peaceful Home products. Peace Water is also very, very nice.

I like to use something a little more fiery in the bedroom, and something more business-oriented in my office, but the rest of the house gets House Blessing.

Good luck!
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Re: Peaceful Home Bath Crystals Questions and Answers

Unread post by bedatcheeky80 » Mon Mar 26, 2012 6:18 am

I totally agree with you Joan. I don't always understand my husband but this I know, he needs to feel he is in control and no matter what you do, you have to acknowledge that he has tried his best. There are days I wish he didn't do the dishes and laundry because he makes an absolute mess but he tries and I find that when I laugh it out and look at it in a positive way my husband actually 'appreciates' all the work I have done although there are times I mumble curses (not to harm him, just a figure of speech everyone :P ) under my breath but in all it makes everything he had done so 'bearable' hahaha :lol:

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