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TNYKS Chat Log October 29, 2015

Professor Porterfield and his crew of Radio Sidekicks present traditional Rootwork and Conjure, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya.
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TNYKS Chat Log October 29, 2015

Unread post by Rev Ernest » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:06 pm

07:24:22 PM the LMC Radio Network enter the room
07:28:20 PM gabrielle swain enter the room
07:33:42 PM PaigeZaferiou enter the room
07:38:16 PM Ghia enter the room
07:38:29 PM Ghia (})(F)(H)
07:38:29 PM the LMC Radio Network *runs by carrying props, stops and stares* Hello! *runs off to get show ready*
07:39:27 PM gabrielle swain :P
07:39:32 PM the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 20 minutes and counting
07:49:53 PM the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 10 minutes and counting
07:49:56 PM Ghia quit the room
07:50:06 PM Ghia enter the room
07:51:44 PM Guest2783 enter the room
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07:52:03 PM Alicia H enter the room
07:52:16 PM ChristyXP enter the room
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07:52:58 PM ChristyXP Hi everyone! (})
07:53:17 PM the LMC Radio Network *runs past adjusting curtains and lights* (})
07:53:17 PM Candelos Corner Radio enter the room
07:54:31 PM ChristyXP I'm so excited about the show! :D
07:54:56 PM the LMC Radio Network T-minus 5 minutes and counting
07:58:04 PM Ghia (H)
07:58:51 PM the LMC Radio Network T-minus 1 minute and counting
07:59:17 PM Alicia H quit the room
07:59:28 PM catherine yronwode enter the room
07:59:38 PM catherine yronwode Hello!
07:59:43 PM Alicia H enter the room
07:59:45 PM the LMC Radio Network (})
07:59:53 PM ChristyXP Hello! Welcome!
07:59:53 PM Ghia (})
08:00:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS enter the room
08:00:28 PM PaigeZaferiou enter the room
08:00:28 PM PaigeZaferiou quit the room
08:00:28 PM PaigeZaferiou enter the room
08:00:28 PM Ghia Sound!!!!
08:00:32 PM Candelos Corner Radio quit the room
08:00:32 PM the LMC Radio Network Houston we are go!
08:00:39 PM ChristyXP Woot!
08:00:48 PM Candelos Corner Radio enter the room
08:01:03 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yiha!!
08:01:52 PM Candelos Corner Radio nsala malecu all(F)
08:02:01 PM the LMC Radio Network Shalom brother
08:02:01 PM Ghia (H)
08:02:09 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (6)
08:02:18 PM PaigeZaferiou quit the room
08:02:24 PM Guest2928 enter the room
08:02:31 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Assalam alaykum
08:02:31 PM PaigeZaferiou enter the room
08:02:39 PM Papa Newt enter the room
08:03:06 PM catherine yronwode quit the room
08:03:17 PM catherine yronwode enter the room
08:04:09 PM Ghia quit the room
08:04:13 PM Liquid Libations Radio enter the room
08:04:14 PM Troll Towelhead GMS A situation!!
08:04:19 PM Ghia enter the room
08:04:24 PM Alicia H quit the room
08:04:30 PM Alicia H enter the room
08:04:33 PM Guest2928 quit the room
08:04:44 PM catherine yronwode Oh no ... emergency personnel? What happened?
08:04:54 PM Troll Towelhead GMS With bread and cattle feed?
08:05:00 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh dear, power!
08:05:13 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Back generator, whew! Running on tuna fish oil?
08:05:31 PM catherine yronwode Is Christy okay?
08:05:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yes, did Christy fall in?
08:05:52 PM ChristyXP I'm fine. Everything is ok here. Just some power flickers
08:05:54 PM catherine yronwode How about the grandkids?
08:06:01 PM gabrielle swain I kI know what you are doing here.
08:06:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Hopefully not interrupting one of your excellent jokes.
08:06:09 PM Liquid Libations Radio Glad everyone is ok!
08:07:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Here it's a time when we WEAR COSTUMES!
08:07:11 PM Troll Towelhead GMS And feast a bit.
08:07:53 PM catherine yronwode A live report!
08:08:09 PM catherine yronwode Wink Winkerson ... at the Water Plant in Denton, TX
08:08:57 PM catherine yronwode A series of small explosions.... cause not yet determined
08:09:10 PM catherine yronwode Attacked!?
08:09:20 PM catherine yronwode A rocket being launched?
08:09:24 PM catherine yronwode ***!
08:09:39 PM catherine yronwode Internal explosion....
08:10:03 PM ChristyXP meh, they said that when the fertilizer place in West blew up, too. Everyone always thinks it's an attack.
08:10:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Done.
08:10:31 PM catherine yronwode Oh, yes, i remember he explosions in West. That was scary...
08:10:38 PM Papa Newt quit the room
08:10:41 PM ChristyXP Yes it was!
08:10:50 PM Papa Newt enter the room
08:11:14 PM ChristyXP Lucky Numbers!
08:11:23 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yah!
08:12:27 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.professorporterfield.com
08:12:31 PM Papa Newt 4 - 9 - 13 - 17 - 26 - 50
08:12:33 PM Troll Towelhead GMS 4-9-13-17-26-50
08:12:33 PM ChristyXP 4 - 9 - 13 - 17 - 26 - 50
08:12:39 PM catherine yronwode 4 - 9 - 13 - 17 - 26 - 50
08:12:47 PM Papa Newt 250 - 444 - 999
08:12:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS We're all hearing the same broadcast!
08:12:53 PM catherine yronwode 250 - 444 - 999
08:12:55 PM Papa Newt Good evening everyone.
08:12:58 PM ChristyXP 250 - 444 - 999
08:13:01 PM Troll Towelhead GMS 250-444-999; not 666?! Feh
08:13:03 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Hi Papa Newt!
08:13:04 PM ChristyXP Hi Papa Newt!
08:13:09 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Ace of Spades!!
08:13:10 PM ChristyXP Ace of Spades
08:13:10 PM catherine yronwode Ace of Spades -- the Death card!
08:13:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Wow!
08:13:22 PM ChristyXP ouch
08:13:38 PM catherine yronwode Weird. That's a hit, for sure. Hope folks at the plant are only injured....
08:13:54 PM catherine yronwode Ancestor Veneration
08:14:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Ancestor Veneration - OR How do you are if you don't know where you came from?
08:14:22 PM ChristyXP haha I know this one! :D
08:14:48 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Screamin Jay Hawkins?
08:14:54 PM ChristyXP yes indeed!
08:15:14 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I will guess 'Whistlin' Past the Graveyard'.
08:15:14 PM catherine yronwode Don't know the title, though....
08:15:20 PM ChristyXP Whistlin' past the graveyard
08:15:26 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oo, i'm hot.
08:15:41 PM ChristyXP you are!
08:15:57 PM Ghia I usually walk in the graveyard, as arule
08:16:00 PM ChristyXP the artist is usually the tough part for you Troll
08:16:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Indeed.
08:16:26 PM Alicia H 30251000008825
08:16:29 PM Alicia H oops sorry!
08:16:35 PM ChristyXP we used to hold our breath when we drove past a graveyard
08:16:37 PM Papa Newt Whistlin'past the graveyard... hmm
08:16:42 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Your credit cart number, Alicia?
08:17:06 PM ChristyXP nah, not enough digits
08:17:10 PM Liquid Libations Radio I did that too as a kid Christy, until I realized that air was a little more important to me. lol
08:17:20 PM Papa Newt Was that screaming Jay?
08:17:25 PM ChristyXP LOL
08:17:27 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I can be terrible with names. First thought: "Spike Jones? No! That bone-through-the-nose guy!")
08:17:30 PM Papa Newt *screamin
08:17:31 PM ChristyXP Yes, Papa Newt
08:17:37 PM Papa Newt Ok
08:17:50 PM BeyondtheSunAstrology enter the room
08:17:51 PM catherine yronwode A former boxer, too.
08:18:03 PM Alicia H I'm at work, it's a library book barcode :)
08:18:05 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Middleweight Champion of the state of Alaska!
08:18:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS LOL Alicia!!
08:18:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS What title?
08:18:36 PM Alicia H Irving Wallace "The Almighty"
08:18:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Or squid!!
08:19:35 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Samhain (Sow-un for some reason it is pronounced).
08:19:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I once undertook to take up a fictional character amongst them called 'Sam Hane', naturally.
08:20:18 PM Troll Towelhead GMS LMHR Hour!
08:20:18 PM Papa Newt http://www.blogtalkradio.com/luckymojoh ... otworkhour
08:20:33 PM catherine yronwode Halloween, All Saints, All Souls, Day of the Dead ... association to the ancestors.
08:20:53 PM catherine yronwode Skull-duggery (pun!)
08:21:42 PM catherine yronwode The use of the word "ancestors" as a quick script-flip for God or the Devil (the ancestors made me do it).
08:22:06 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Chet Hunt, right?
08:22:08 PM catherine yronwode Chet Hunt is now live from the Denton Regional Medical Center.
08:22:21 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Hutt or Hunt?
08:22:42 PM catherine yronwode Patients being brought into the hospital. Not all from the Water Plant?!
08:22:56 PM TanyaRondon enter the room
08:23:03 PM catherine yronwode Patients ... 20 people being brought in.
08:23:17 PM ChristyXP wow, that's quite a lot for Denton
08:23:30 PM Ghia omg I made an early thankgiving dinner and that turkey is making me get sleepy! i will listen to the archive tomorrow! Love ya! Great stuff :)(H)(L)(F)
08:23:41 PM Ghia quit the room
08:24:08 PM catherine yronwode Currently 55 patients in the hospital, and not all from the Power and Water Center.
08:25:11 PM ChristyXP ok, locking the door
08:25:18 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Me too.
08:25:33 PM catherine yronwode Explosion!
08:25:38 PM catherine yronwode I heard that!!!!
08:25:51 PM ChristyXP holy cow!
08:25:52 PM catherine yronwode I did hear it!
08:25:52 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Me too!
08:26:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS We could hear it in California!
08:26:50 PM catherine yronwode La Paloma!!!!!
08:26:55 PM Troll Towelhead GMS LOL
08:27:00 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Ah but who is it ?
08:27:00 PM catherine yronwode Oh i love this sng! THANK YOU!
08:27:37 PM catherine yronwode So lovely....
08:27:43 PM Troll Towelhead GMS No dancing emoticon!!
08:27:48 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (lol)
08:27:51 PM Candelos Corner Radio may i have this dance ? (H)<:o)(H)
08:28:29 PM Candelos Corner Radio :'(
08:28:36 PM catherine yronwode What a pretty voice she has.
08:28:42 PM Troll Towelhead GMS A bird-like opera star.
08:28:50 PM catherine yronwode Yes, a bit of coloratura.
08:29:05 PM Candelos Corner Radio (@)
08:29:22 PM catherine yronwode Dang! A gas station on fire... an abulance swerved into the station on Upper Locut.
08:29:30 PM catherine yronwode Locust...
08:29:31 PM ChristyXP the Shell?!
08:30:46 PM catherine yronwode If you are in Denton, Louisville, or Denton County Texas .... severe emergency situations.
08:31:29 PM catherine yronwode Wink ... live ...
08:31:40 PM Candelos Corner Radio is it alians? zombies?
08:31:44 PM Troll Towelhead GMS He's so DEDICATED!
08:32:11 PM Candelos Corner Radio im on the edge of my seat!8-|
08:32:14 PM catherine yronwode Series of explosions at Water and Power plant, not a rocket. The explosion came from above -- a meteor.
08:32:25 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh no!! Death from above!
08:32:32 PM catherine yronwode Bright blue streak hit the Treatment Center.
08:32:41 PM Candelos Corner Radio war of the worlds ?
08:32:45 PM catherine yronwode Similar meteorite strike in an around North Texas.
08:32:46 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I'm getting the chainsaw.
08:32:50 PM Candelos Corner Radio 8-|
08:32:55 PM catherine yronwode Lake Ray Hubbard and Lake Louisville.
08:33:34 PM ChristyXP well, at least they hit the lake
08:33:42 PM catherine yronwode and other areas... the fire in the power plant is not yet under control.
08:33:42 PM Troll Towelhead GMS 6 meteors!!
08:33:45 PM Liquid Libations Radio OMG! There are meteor sitings up here in the north!
08:34:15 PM catherine yronwode Some sort of activity ... a crowd of people.... police barricades....
08:34:20 PM catherine yronwode OH MY GOD!
08:34:25 PM Candelos Corner Radio arent you glad we didnt visit this week liquid libations radio?
08:34:31 PM catherine yronwode Breaking through the police barricades.
08:34:47 PM Guest3363 enter the room
08:34:50 PM catherine yronwode Back to the studio. Open mike!
08:34:55 PM catherine yronwode Wink, are you there?
08:35:04 PM Candelos Corner Radio you bet get to moving !:@
08:35:14 PM TanyaRondon Good thing I live in the Pacific Northwest.
08:35:36 PM catherine yronwode Charles sounds scared....
08:35:56 PM catherine yronwode Christy, stay in the house.
08:36:25 PM ChristyXP I am. Doors are locked.
08:36:25 PM the LMC Radio Network quit the room
08:36:29 PM catherine yronwode Power flickers at the atation.
08:36:35 PM catherine yronwode Switching to the back-up generators.
08:36:37 PM the LMC Radio Network enter the room
08:36:47 PM catherine yronwode Yes, we can hear you!
08:36:58 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yes.
08:36:58 PM catherine yronwode Yes, BTR is still on
08:37:08 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I can log in if you need me to.
08:37:21 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Just let me know.
08:37:35 PM catherine yronwode Siva, if he does go off, then log in, okay -- in the meantime, he's got the board.
08:37:55 PM catherine yronwode Miss Loretta Evens of the 1st and 2nd Baptists churches of Quimby...
08:38:05 PM catherine yronwode Evans
08:38:20 PM catherine yronwode The mayor will be making a public announcement.
08:38:46 PM catherine yronwode The Mayor of Denton.
08:39:15 PM Liquid Libations Radio I'm switching to my phone, Christy, Prof. P. y'all be safe. Please check in with me.
08:39:26 PM catherine yronwode "As of 9:00 PM city of Denton is under martial law." says the Mayor.
08:39:37 PM Liquid Libations Radio quit the room
08:40:01 PM catherine yronwode Units of the National Guard have been mobilized.
08:41:11 PM ChristyXP that's in 20 minutes. how will you get home from the studio?
08:41:30 PM catherine yronwode She did that very well, considering her main experience is on the church cooking show.
08:41:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Indeed.
08:42:47 PM catherine yronwode He's reading from a book -- he's reading the martial law law of Texas!
08:43:19 PM catherine yronwode LMC Radion station in Denton Texas is now under state of Texas government
08:43:26 PM catherine yronwode Test alarm noise!
08:43:35 PM catherine yronwode The Civil Defense code.
08:44:18 PM catherine yronwode Holy CRAP. The ficking alient voice of General Auto Tune!
08:44:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS What a weird mechanized voice!
08:44:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Or until BlogTalkRadio kicks you out.
08:47:10 PM PaigeZaferiou quit the room
08:47:24 PM Candelos Corner Radio quit the room
08:47:24 PM Troll Towelhead GMS ::cough:: ::cough:: brainstem ::cough:: ::ahem, gurgle::
08:47:25 PM Candelos Corner Radio enter the room
08:48:22 PM catherine yronwode Wink is off the air. Miss Loretta Evans is not on the air, either....
08:48:27 PM catherine yronwode Is the wifi down?
08:48:38 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Ours or his?
08:48:51 PM catherine yronwode Calling Phil "Patchy" Fogg i Sanger, Texas.
08:49:04 PM catherine yronwode HIS -- they are not able to phone in!
08:49:04 PM ChristyXP mine wifi is still working
08:49:08 PM ChristyXP but we are FIOS
08:49:12 PM catherine yronwode Good, Christy.
08:49:12 PM Troll Towelhead GMS This one is still working so far.
08:49:18 PM ChristyXP so it's underground
08:49:25 PM catherine yronwode Music....
08:49:46 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I Put a Spell On You?
08:49:54 PM catherine yronwode Oh, i see.... but Miss Loretta was using a cell phone, i think.
08:50:01 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Louis Armstrong?
08:50:22 PM ChristyXP I can't tell because my phone gets the house wifi
08:50:24 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yes, i think so.
08:50:27 PM ChristyXP and I'm not going outside
08:50:30 PM catherine yronwode No idea who this music is by. Could be the old Johnny Otis big band.... from long ago...
08:50:44 PM catherine yronwode No, stay inside, Christy, for Pete sake!
08:50:56 PM ChristyXP I am
08:51:10 PM ChristyXP Is this Harlem Nocturne?
08:51:13 PM catherine yronwode Too twirly sounding for Artie Shaw.
08:51:25 PM catherine yronwode Nelson Riddle type strings in the bkg.
08:51:32 PM catherine yronwode Major chord ending.....
08:51:32 PM Troll Towelhead GMS At first i thought it might be Harlem Nocturne but i didn't think it sounded right.
08:51:56 PM catherine yronwode That's why i thought it was Johnny Otis...
08:52:08 PM catherine yronwode Chet Hutt. at the medical cnter....
08:52:27 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I just heard something scratching on the wall outside the house.
08:52:32 PM catherine yronwode with other reporters, Denton Record-Chronicle reporters and TV reporters too.
08:52:41 PM catherine yronwode "The hospital is at capacity."
08:52:57 PM catherine yronwode Sending patients to the Presbyterian Hospital.
08:52:58 PM ChristyXP hundreds?!
08:53:08 PM Guest3363 quit the room
08:53:12 PM catherine yronwode Yes, he said "hundreds."
08:53:13 PM Mia Marie enter the room
08:53:21 PM catherine yronwode Bitten and mauled, and attacked
08:53:26 PM catherine yronwode Burn victims.
08:53:34 PM catherine yronwode And unresponsive individuals.
08:54:40 PM catherine yronwode Uh oh ...
08:54:56 PM Papa Newt 8-|
08:55:08 PM Troll Towelhead GMS What?!!
08:55:09 PM Papa Newt :'(
08:55:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh NO@!!
08:55:23 PM catherine yronwode Just been informed by Dr. Anders that the body of Wink Winkerson veteran reporter of the LMC radio network had arrived at the morgue.
08:55:34 PM catherine yronwode Oh now. that's terrible.
08:55:43 PM Troll Towelhead GMS 8-|
08:55:59 PM catherine yronwode Treatment centers have been established.
08:56:14 PM catherine yronwode National Guard has set up a triage center.
08:56:19 PM catherine yronwode Around the courthouse.
08:56:35 PM catherine yronwode The historic courthouse on the square.
08:56:46 PM Guest3575 enter the room
08:57:02 PM catherine yronwode Johnny is very upset. Wink is dead.
08:57:38 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Me too, he was so DEDICATED!
08:57:49 PM catherine yronwode Presbyterian Hospital now full, no longer taking patients either.
08:57:55 PM catherine yronwode Go to the courthouse.
08:58:35 PM Alicia H quit the room
08:59:01 PM catherine yronwode Aww.... so sad.....
08:59:06 PM Candelos Corner Radio quit the room
08:59:14 PM catherine yronwode When the lights go on againall over the world!
08:59:41 PM catherine yronwode Vera Lynn
08:59:46 PM Candelos Corner Radio enter the room
09:00:14 PM Troll Towelhead GMS How do you *remember* these names?!!
09:01:56 PM catherine yronwode Oh, Vera Lynn is famous for this song....
09:02:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Okee.
09:02:25 PM catherine yronwode It was a favourite in World War Two.
09:02:45 PM catherine yronwode Miss Loretta Evans is okay and she is at the courthouse at the triage center.
09:03:51 PM catherine yronwode She seems near tears....
09:04:03 PM catherine yronwode "A large number of wounded and injured people..."
09:04:21 PM catherine yronwode "A bright blue streak!"
09:04:46 PM catherine yronwode "out of nowhere! Another one, Oh my goodness! A shower of meterors!"
09:04:54 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Take cover!!
09:05:18 PM catherine yronwode "These flashes of blue light, like shooting stars...."
09:05:25 PM catherine yronwode Lorretta, run! Run!
09:05:29 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Run!!
09:05:38 PM catherine yronwode Loretta! Hundreds of them!
09:05:54 PM catherine yronwode These people soft blue light Oh my GOD!
09:05:57 PM Troll Towelhead GMS RUN!!!
09:06:14 PM catherine yronwode No, not Miss Loretta!
09:06:46 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Harlem Nocturne
09:06:48 PM gabrielle swain Harlem Nocturne
09:06:49 PM catherine yronwode Harlem Nocturne by martin Denny?
09:07:06 PM Troll Towelhead GMS With all this mayhem we're still guessing at the songs.
09:07:11 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :'(
09:07:17 PM catherine yronwode Well, i guess so.
09:07:27 PM catherine yronwode More like Martin Denny than Johnny Otis....
09:07:35 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Should we hop a plane there right away to help>???
09:07:43 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Christy do you need us there?
09:08:19 PM catherine yronwode Poor Miss Loretta! I feel bad guessing at song titles while she is probably gravely injured or, worse... dead.
09:08:24 PM ChristyXP Gareth has the house barricaded, and we put out all the lights
09:08:28 PM ChristyXP babies in the back bedroom
09:08:33 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Excellent.
09:08:57 PM Guest3727 enter the room
09:09:05 PM catherine yronwode Christy, fill some containers with water in case the water goes off -- the first explosions were at the water plant, after all.
09:09:10 PM Guest3727 quit the room
09:09:11 PM catherine yronwode Fill the bathtub...
09:09:21 PM Troll Towelhead GMS What?!!
09:09:23 PM Guest3730 enter the room
09:09:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Stepping outside!!?!
09:09:38 PM catherine yronwode Charles -- don't go outside!
09:09:42 PM catherine yronwode Jeez, man!
09:09:58 PM catherine yronwode Up on the hill, looking down at Denton.
09:10:03 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Dedication to his job despite dangers!
09:10:04 PM catherine yronwode The couthouse is ablaze...
09:10:18 PM catherine yronwode More bright blue streaks.
09:10:29 PM catherine yronwode Falling all around.
09:10:50 PM catherine yronwode Tendrils of smoke or steam rising from where some of the meteroites have hit.
09:10:58 PM catherine yronwode Looks like steam.
09:11:14 PM catherine yronwode National Guard forces wer overrun.
09:11:34 PM catherine yronwode Trucks moving ou from the armoury, three troop carrying trucks and a tank.
09:11:48 PM catherine yronwode Johnny sees....
09:11:56 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Get inside!!!
09:11:59 PM catherine yronwode People... at the edge of the paking lot...
09:12:05 PM catherine yronwode Charles offering to help.
09:12:10 PM catherine yronwode They are retreating!
09:12:13 PM catherine yronwode RUN!
09:12:22 PM catherine yronwode Door clams!
09:12:26 PM catherine yronwode slams!
09:12:34 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh no!1
09:12:43 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I can hear them banging to get in.
09:12:49 PM catherine yronwode They made it. Music -- sounds of attack!
09:12:57 PM catherine yronwode The Carioca!
09:13:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Doris Day?
09:13:47 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :$
09:14:11 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The New Tapioca?
09:14:14 PM catherine yronwode What version is this? So weird!
09:15:00 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh it's the New Cary Tapioca.
09:15:15 PM catherine yronwode Oh! This is the Jo Stafford parody! Darlene Edwards!
09:15:19 PM catherine yronwode I think!
09:15:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :::shields his ...... internal ........ organs::::
09:15:36 PM catherine yronwode "Darlene Edwards" was this persona she had tha sang off-key.
09:15:52 PM catherine yronwode Yay for Jo Stafford!
09:16:11 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Should Gareth go down to the studio with some weapons?
09:16:12 PM Guest3575 quit the room
09:16:29 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Maybe some torches and shotguns?
09:16:41 PM catherine yronwode Barricaded in the studio ... orange lighs all over town
09:16:44 PM Troll Towelhead GMS You are, Professor!
09:16:59 PM catherine yronwode We can hear you, Professor, BTR is still picking you up....
09:17:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yes, i'm running back-up on the studio board to make sure it doesn't go down.
09:17:25 PM catherine yronwode Thanks, siva.
09:17:34 PM Troll Towelhead GMS We're hanging on with you, Charles!!
09:18:22 PM catherine yronwode Massive chaos in North Texas, some reports in from Louisville, Ponder, and other outlaying areas.
09:18:36 PM catherine yronwode Everything is fine in Sanger, according to Phil Fogg.
09:19:02 PM catherine yronwode The streets are full of deranged individuals who are out for blood.
09:19:05 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh no! Good thng you could barracade yoruself in.
09:19:20 PM catherine yronwode He's sounding weird... drinking water on air...
09:19:28 PM catherine yronwode Oh no, the water treatment plant!
09:19:45 PM catherine yronwode From the sink, not the water cooler.
09:19:51 PM catherine yronwode Oh, no!
09:19:54 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh no!! The treatment plant!!! Your'e right!!
09:19:58 PM catherine yronwode It's the water!
09:20:12 PM catherine yronwode They ... that's how they're gittin it....
09:20:21 PM catherine yronwode Oh, no!
09:20:28 PM catherine yronwode Johnny, he is NOT okay!
09:20:37 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Hey! We should call someone near to him right now to go over ahnd help!
09:20:49 PM catherine yronwode Johnny, calling for help...
09:20:51 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I'm calling Valentina!!
09:20:58 PM catherine yronwode No longer able to braodcast...
09:21:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS ::dialing up Valentina and Major Tom::
09:21:19 PM catherine yronwode We can hear johnny's live mike....
09:21:29 PM catherine yronwode Oh, *** -- he's attacking Johnny!
09:21:40 PM catherine yronwode Angel of Death!
09:21:56 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh no!!! this is terrible!! Christy, You've gotta get someone down there to help him.
09:22:00 PM catherine yronwode I think Johnny is hurt ... or worse.
09:22:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS He was growling!
09:22:34 PM catherine yronwode It's a Hank Williams song, in case it matters.
09:22:44 PM catherine yronwode No more name it and claim it....
09:22:45 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh...... thank you.
09:23:03 PM catherine yronwode The repeater... Is anyone there?
09:23:06 PM Troll Towelhead GMS We can hear you!
09:23:29 PM catherine yronwode Weird voive!
09:23:33 PM catherine yronwode vocie!
09:23:39 PM Troll Towelhead GMS WHAT?! Who is that!
09:23:50 PM catherine yronwode This is creepy!
09:24:07 PM catherine yronwode No one left but me .... BUT WHO ARE YOU?
09:24:15 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Horrible jokes! I think this may be Count Ghoulash's cousin.
09:24:23 PM catherine yronwode "As the screams are dying ... down..."
09:24:29 PM the LMC Radio Network *Throws the house lights ON*
09:24:41 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Someone's there!
09:24:44 PM Troll Towelhead GMS You're alive!!
09:24:54 PM catherine yronwode Professor, a holiday offering!
09:24:54 PM gabrielle swain Concerto number 1 in Bflat minor
09:24:56 PM Papa Newt *claps and cheers*
09:25:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS WHAT?! You were JOKEING?!
09:25:07 PM catherine yronwode "Saying 'boo'"
09:25:10 PM ChristyXP (L) That was fun! *claps*
09:25:18 PM Papa Newt Herbert would be so proud.
09:25:19 PM gabrielle swain well done, Orson. 8-)
09:25:25 PM catherine yronwode So good!
09:25:29 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Mwahahahahahaha
09:25:51 PM ChristyXP Look to the skies folks! :P
09:26:02 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Grinning glowing globular inhabitant
09:26:03 PM the LMC Radio Network follow up from Count Goulash after the end music
09:26:04 PM catherine yronwode WOW!
09:26:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS LOL!
09:26:17 PM the LMC Radio Network *steps out and takes a bow*
09:26:21 PM catherine yronwode That was f u c k i n g spectacular!
09:26:28 PM gabrielle swain applause, applause
09:26:30 PM ChristyXP Yay! *claps*
09:26:36 PM catherine yronwode Dang, even down to "La Paloma!"
09:26:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :::applause with hoots:::
09:26:43 PM catherine yronwode YAYAYAYAYAY!
09:26:46 PM the LMC Radio Network *smiles wide and nods*
09:26:48 PM BeyondtheSunAstrology Fabulous.
09:26:54 PM Papa Newt (lol)
09:27:01 PM Troll Towelhead GMS ::puts away the chainsaw::
09:27:04 PM BeyondtheSunAstrology quit the room
09:27:30 PM catherine yronwode Charles, you are a real treasure.
09:27:39 PM the LMC Radio Network I hope you all enjoyed a little Old Time Radio for Halloween, and the one year anniversary of the LMC Radio Network!
09:27:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS A treat and a trick to be sure.
09:28:03 PM the LMC Radio Network Last words from Count Goulash coming up!
09:28:03 PM Guest3730 quit the room
09:28:14 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Naturally, Miss Loretta went to pieces.
09:28:24 PM the LMC Radio Network *laughs*
09:28:29 PM Troll Towelhead GMS :)
09:28:40 PM the LMC Radio Network I hope Orson would be proud.
09:28:47 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Did he say "Johnny, letting the High Ball on through!"?
09:28:49 PM gabrielle swain He would
09:28:53 PM catherine yronwode I really, really admired your Chet impression That was spot-on.
09:28:55 PM ChristyXP I'm sure proud :-*
09:28:59 PM catherine yronwode REALLY GOOD!
09:29:30 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Chat log capture.
09:29:43 PM Guest3862 enter the room
09:29:51 PM catherine yronwode With just the right moment of Walter Cronkite!
09:30:00 PM catherine yronwode Nice close!
09:30:00 PM Troll Towelhead GMS double-you-double-you-double-you luckymojo.com!
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