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TNYKS Chat Log September 24, 2015

Professor Porterfield and his crew of Radio Sidekicks present traditional Rootwork and Conjure, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya.
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TNYKS Chat Log September 24, 2015

Unread post by Rev Ernest » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:08 pm

07:27:37 PM the LMC Radio Network enter the room
07:31:00 PM Guest2067 enter the room
07:31:44 PM the LMC Radio Network quit the room
07:31:57 PM Guest2067 quit the room
07:32:01 PM StevenRowand enter the room
07:38:04 PM the LMC Radio Network enter the room
07:40:52 PM the LMC Radio Network quit the room
07:41:55 PM the LMC Radio Network enter the room
07:52:49 PM Papa Newt enter the room
07:53:55 PM gabrielle swain enter the room
07:54:12 PM the LMC Radio Network (})
07:54:48 PM gabrielle swain Ready to learn.:)
07:55:05 PM the LMC Radio Network T-Minus 5 minutes and counting!
07:57:27 PM Ghia enter the room
07:58:07 PM the LMC Radio Network T-minus 2 minute and counting!
08:00:18 PM the LMC Radio Network LIve
08:00:24 PM Ghia (})
08:00:37 PM the LMC Radio Network (})
08:00:45 PM Troll Towelhead GMS enter the room
08:00:52 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Zoom!!
08:01:15 PM Guest2515 enter the room
08:01:26 PM the LMC Radio Network ALL ABOARD!
08:01:34 PM Ghia echoeing I will maybe have to refresh
08:01:51 PM Ghia the nigh twain
08:02:19 PM Christine Pappas enter the room
08:02:20 PM Ghia altho it sounds kinda cool with the trsin...lol
08:02:22 PM catherine yronwode enter the room
08:02:36 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Wu wu!!
08:02:48 PM Ghia quit the room
08:02:59 PM Ghia enter the room
08:04:32 PM Ghia (H)
08:04:49 PM Ghia (lol)
08:05:35 PM Christine Pappas NOOOOO ALL THE SILLY VOICES!!!!!!
08:05:46 PM Christine Pappas (})
08:05:50 PM Ghia no way
08:05:55 PM the LMC Radio Network (})
08:07:02 PM Papa Newt http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lmcradione ... -knot-weed
08:07:04 PM StevenRowand :D
08:08:28 PM Guest2676 enter the room
08:09:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yay silly voices!
08:09:40 PM catherine yronwode 277the day...
08:10:07 PM catherine yronwode today and omorrow are not auspicious for any activity -- You can say that again!
08:12:38 PM Papa Newt Sound is out.
08:12:38 PM Troll Towelhead GMS No sound.
08:12:38 PM catherine yronwode Howdy Doody Time!
08:12:44 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I hear the teletype.
08:12:48 PM catherine yronwode I used to love that theme song.
08:13:00 PM catherine yronwode Silence.....
08:13:06 PM catherine yronwode No sound?
08:13:16 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Mike is off.
08:13:19 PM Guest2515 quit the room
08:13:35 PM Guest2754 enter the room
08:13:38 PM Papa Newt There we go. Sound is back
08:13:39 PM StevenRowand There we go.
08:13:42 PM catherine yronwode Sound back!
08:14:33 PM StevenRowand She later starred in John Waters movies.
08:14:45 PM StevenRowand Patty Hearst, I mean.
08:14:46 PM Ghia Hearst?
08:14:55 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Hearst, yes.
08:15:15 PM StevenRowand Well, not starred, but had cameos.
08:15:23 PM Ghia I remember seeing her on the cover of Rolling Stone in the 70's late 70's
08:16:39 PM Papa Newt http://www.professorporterfield.com/
08:16:58 PM Papa Newt 12 - 19 - 27 - 33 - 34 - 47
08:16:59 PM Candelos Corner Radio enter the room
08:17:34 PM Papa Newt 117 - 632 - 898
08:17:44 PM catherine yronwode Came to him in a dream.
08:18:07 PM catherine yronwode 5 of Diamonds, abundance...
08:18:36 PM StevenRowand Put my trust in goofer dust...
08:19:34 PM the LMC Radio Network *nods to Candelo betting he knnnnnows this song*
08:19:38 PM catherine yronwode A song i have never head before in my life.
08:19:53 PM catherine yronwode head = heard
08:20:26 PM the LMC Radio Network part of the zoot suit revival in the late 70's early 80's catherine
08:20:40 PM the LMC Radio Network big band sound, muted horns and microphones
08:21:20 PM Ghia Manhatten Transfer?
08:21:54 PM Ghia thatat came outta cobwebs
08:23:03 PM Ghia :(
08:23:20 PM catherine yronwode No name it and claim it winner Kid Creole...
08:23:30 PM catherine yronwode Lashon hara, evil speech, gossip.
08:23:57 PM Candelos Corner Radio quit the room
08:28:02 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/stopgossip.html
08:28:14 PM catherine yronwode And how this relates to hoodoo -- many spells to stop gossip!
08:28:43 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/products-stop-gossip.html
08:30:29 PM StevenRowand Losse lips sink ships
08:30:39 PM StevenRowand lose
08:30:48 PM StevenRowand loose
08:32:47 PM ChristyXP enter the room
08:33:03 PM ChristyXP (})
08:33:15 PM Candelos Corner Radio enter the room
08:33:17 PM Ghia (})
08:33:18 PM the LMC Radio Network (})
08:39:54 PM Readings by Wen enter the room
08:40:07 PM Readings by Wen Buenas noches!
08:40:34 PM Readings by Wen Glad to make it to a live show for the first time (F)
08:43:31 PM Troll Towelhead GMS And over it!
08:45:33 PM Troll Towelhead GMS CHILL, totally.
08:46:09 PM Troll Towelhead GMS It requires a lot of people who don't mind receiving boots.
08:47:12 PM Troll Towelhead GMS "Ripoff Reports"
08:48:12 PM Troll Towelhead GMS People sometimes take it offline, calling employers.
08:50:10 PM Candelos Corner Radio (})
08:50:11 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Sticks and Stones
08:50:39 PM Ghia (})(F)(H)
08:50:41 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Expel, block, killfile
08:51:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Consider the source
08:52:05 PM catherine yronwode Slowly Wean off Masturbation Oil?!@ LOL!
08:52:31 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Is Lucky Swastika Penis Oil the *opposite* of that?
08:52:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Lucky Clover Vulva Oil too?
08:54:48 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Moderation helps, editing, etc.
08:55:22 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Codes of Ethics
08:55:44 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Mack the Knife
08:56:03 PM Ghia (F)
08:56:07 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oh jeez, Backstabbers, They Smile in Your Face
08:56:12 PM Troll Towelhead GMS That's What they Do!
08:56:22 PM the LMC Radio Network Slowly Wean Off Mastrubation style oil will be avilable later from Professor Porterfield
08:56:38 PM gabrielle swain lol
08:56:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I'd need google to figure out who is singing, however.
08:57:06 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The Oreoles or something.
08:57:15 PM ChristyXP LOL the O'Jays
08:57:21 PM Troll Towelhead GMS That's teh one.
08:57:31 PM ChristyXP You were close
08:57:58 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Thanks for saving me from google.
08:58:22 PM the LMC Radio Network excuse me I meant -Genuine- old style, Slowly Wean Off Masterbation, style oil!
08:58:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Alleged
08:58:59 PM ChristyXP Woo! Go Team Towelhead-Porterfield
08:59:08 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Signal!
08:59:14 PM Troll Towelhead GMS What's that signal?1
08:59:36 PM Troll Towelhead GMS News! Education! Information! and Entertainment to all!
08:59:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS In the Vanguard!
09:00:13 PM ChristyXP this ad is why I'm always humming the I Dream of Genie theme on Fridays at work
09:00:25 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Ah but that's Jeannie :D
09:00:34 PM Ghia brainwashing
09:00:39 PM ChristyXP Jeannie the Genie?
09:00:49 PM Troll Towelhead GMS teletype?!
09:01:10 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Wow!
09:01:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Khi to 5pm PT / 8pm ET!
09:01:31 PM ChristyXP Liquid Libations moving to Saturday nights!
09:01:38 PM Troll Towelhead GMS On Sacred Ground on Wednesdays.
09:01:44 PM ChristyXP On Sacred Ground moving to Wednesday nights!
09:01:47 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Liquid Libations? Time?
09:01:56 PM catherine yronwode Breaking News! Schedule changes! Khi Armand's "On Sacred Ground" moves to Wednesday at 8:00 PM and Andrea Weston's "Liquid Libation moves to Saturday naight!
09:02:01 PM Troll Towelhead GMS ::cheers::
09:02:08 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery!
09:02:09 PM gabrielle swain cheer
09:02:44 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Count Ghoulash?!
09:03:11 PM Troll Towelhead GMS LOL! I *knew* it!
09:03:56 PM catherine yronwode Count Goulash? A good Jewish boy? My word! (I am not surprised.)
09:04:09 PM Troll Towelhead GMS At double-you-double-you-double-you Luckee-mojo-dot-com!
09:04:25 PM catherine yronwode veeeseeet them!
09:04:32 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Around and around and around
09:04:38 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (lol)
09:04:40 PM Papa Newt ^o)
09:04:44 PM Troll Towelhead GMS 8-)
09:04:50 PM Troll Towelhead GMS (@)
09:04:52 PM Papa Newt <:o)
09:05:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Tiny people and tiny churches!
09:05:05 PM Papa Newt :D
09:05:32 PM Troll Towelhead GMS At double-you-double-you-double-you Luckee-mojo-dot-com!
09:05:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS At double-you-double-you-double-you Luckee-mojo-dot-com!
09:06:06 PM catherine yronwode in your darkened rrrrrroom..
09:06:26 PM catherine yronwode Aooooohhhh!
09:06:35 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/mojocatbooks.html#dreambooks
09:06:40 PM Ghia (lol)
09:06:50 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/auntsallys.html
09:06:54 PM catherine yronwode Sweet Dream Baby
09:07:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Chet Atkins?
09:07:05 PM gabrielle swain sweet dreams abay roy oribsn
09:07:09 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Oy Roy!
09:07:13 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/truefortuneteller.html
09:07:25 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Of course. Them glasses.
09:07:28 PM catherine yronwode Roy orbison
09:07:38 PM Ghia great subconscious dream pre song...
09:07:39 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/kansascitykitty.html
09:07:56 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/rajahsluckynumberdream.html
09:08:57 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/luckynumber.html
09:09:08 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/psychicvision.html
09:09:42 PM catherine yronwode Dream Baby (no sweet)
09:10:25 PM Troll Towelhead GMS What do they have to do with hoodoo?
09:10:41 PM gabrielle swain we were there right, catherine?
09:11:38 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Habuchuk 2:2-3
09:11:55 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Wait for it!
09:12:26 PM Troll Towelhead GMS And/or a Rundown book!
09:12:35 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Or a Look-up book!
09:13:43 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Suddenly the gambling!
09:14:06 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/masterkey.html
09:14:16 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Policy alone!
09:17:15 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Satan is so powerful.
09:17:55 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/pickemdreambook.html
09:18:02 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Rajah Rabo!
09:20:20 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/mojocatbooks.html#dreambooks
09:20:27 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Three Wise Men!
09:20:39 PM Papa Newt *nods*
09:20:47 PM catherine yronwode I love these dream books!
09:21:03 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Yah!
09:21:47 PM Papa Newt When I was in Kansas City, I had a woman come in to the shop with the Three Lucky Wise Men Dream book
09:22:56 PM Papa Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/lucky-hand-root-small.html
09:24:14 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Communications
09:25:45 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoobiblemagic.html
09:26:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The kitchen?
09:26:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Memphis Jug Band
09:26:36 PM the LMC Radio Network Very cool Papa Newt
09:26:47 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Chicken Neck Blues?
09:26:56 PM catherine yronwode Gus Cannon, Tired Chicken Blues
09:27:04 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Thanks!
09:27:10 PM catherine yronwode Cannon's Jug Stompers
09:27:21 PM catherine yronwode Play it, Mr. Cannon, play it.
09:27:29 PM the LMC Radio Network Have Mercy
09:27:34 PM catherine yronwode Play that harp, Nora (Noah Lewis)
09:27:42 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Have mercy have mercy
09:28:14 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Norah??
09:28:26 PM catherine yronwode Get on that jug, Joe (Banjo Joe, another name for Gus Cannon)
09:28:28 PM Troll Towelhead GMS I'm tired of chicken, i'm tired of steak.
09:29:16 PM catherine yronwode Norah is a common southern pronunication for Noah. "If i had wings like Norah's dove"
09:29:36 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/blackhens.html http://www.herb-magic.com/black-hen-feathers.html
09:30:25 PM Troll Towelhead GMS The Black Pullett
09:31:35 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Lucky Mojo has a bunch!
09:31:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Had 'em for years!
09:31:59 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Still selling their eggs for cleansings.
09:32:05 PM Troll Towelhead GMS And feathers.
09:32:06 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/mojocattools.html#featherwhisk
09:33:23 PM Papa Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/asafoetida-powder.html
09:33:43 PM Papa Newt http://www.herb-magic.com/black-hen-feathers.html
09:34:03 PM Troll Towelhead GMS There's that *9* again.
09:35:03 PM Papa Newt http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooherbmagic.html
09:35:08 PM Troll Towelhead GMS http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooherbandrootmagic.html
09:35:34 PM Guest2754 quit the room
09:35:35 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Was Johnny in?
09:36:17 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Seize the day!
09:37:16 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Aww isn't that sweet, she likes to have the last word.
09:37:56 PM StevenRowand I'm convinced Miss Loretta is the Baptist cousin of the church lady from SNL
09:38:10 PM Ghia (})(F)(H)
09:38:12 PM Troll Towelhead GMS OhO!
09:39:32 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Hello Springfield!
09:39:40 PM Ghia quit the room
09:40:34 PM Troll Towelhead GMS He doesn't do much changing of keys in this song.
09:40:40 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Key change!
09:40:55 PM ChristyXP (})
09:40:59 PM Papa Newt Have a great evening everyone.
09:41:08 PM ChristyXP Thank you for a wonderful show. Have a great weekend everyone!
09:41:18 PM the LMC Radio Network Thank you all for joining me here each week.
09:41:26 PM Troll Towelhead GMS Fabtabulous and fun.
09:41:28 PM Papa Newt Wonderful show. Thank you, Professor Porterfield.
09:41:31 PM Papa Newt quit the room
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