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TNYKS CHAT LOG Evil Spirits, Irish Moss February 16, 2017

Professor Porterfield and his crew of Radio Sidekicks present traditional Rootwork and Conjure, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya.
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TNYKS CHAT LOG Evil Spirits, Irish Moss February 16, 2017

Unread post by nagasiva » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:50 am

The Now You Know Show: Epi 88: Evil Spirits, Spiritual Cleansing, & Irish Moss

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lmcradione ... irish-moss

An exciting variety broadcast that covers all things hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure.

"From deep in the heart of Texas, where the stars at night are big and bright, comes The Now You Know Show, with Professor Charles Porterfield, here to tell it like it was and how it is, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya!"

Tune in and learn valuable lessons about the practice of hoodoo, conjure, and throwing roots with a skilled practitioner who brings a lifetime of experience to the task of teaching newbies and entertaining old-time practitioners alike. Professor Porterfield is a talented rootworker, a dedicated founding member of AIRR, a gifted reader, and one of our dearest friends. We are proud to sponsor him in this new adventure.

At Professor Porterfield's TheNowYouKnowShow.com web site, you can find updates and information on the show -- or, to access episodes directly, just go to The Now You Know Show at Blog Talk Radio.

*** (21:01:04):Welcome to the the LMC Radio Network Chat Room.

2017-02-16 21:01:16 catherine yronwode Listening from Siva's room. We are go for launce.
2017-02-16 21:01:26 Ghia HOORAYYYYY!!!
2017-02-16 21:01:19 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hobbling along on sound.
2017-02-16 21:01:46 the LMC Radio Network ALL ABOARD!
2017-02-16 21:02:03 ChristyXP Woo-woo!
2017-02-16 21:02:04 catherine yronwode And here comes the Orange Blossom Special.
2017-02-16 21:02:05 Candelos Corner Radio :D
2017-02-16 21:02:07 Ghia (H)(H)(H)<:o)
2017-02-16 21:02:40 Ghia YAYYY!!!!
2017-02-16 21:02:45 catherine yronwode DEEEEP in the heart of Texas!
2017-02-16 21:02:59 Ghia Love this Show!
2017-02-16 21:03:30 Candelos Corner Radio hola !!! (})
2017-02-16 21:04:15 ChristyXP holy moly was I sick! OMG it was insane.
2017-02-16 21:04:34 Ghia I am so lucky I didn't get anything
2017-02-16 21:04:39 the LMC Radio Network https://whatthe***justhappenedtoday.com/
2017-02-16 21:04:55 Ghia (lol)(H)
2017-02-16 21:04:55 missmichaele "craftivism, P. G. Wodehouse, and 5calls.org"
2017-02-16 21:05:09 gukky lol
2017-02-16 21:05:30 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti OrangeDay 28!
2017-02-16 21:05:44 ChristyXP we have had such nutty weather fluctuations here in Texas that nearly no one has escaped cold/flu
2017-02-16 21:06:19 Ghia I wish I could go....
2017-02-16 21:06:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.hoodooheritagefestival.com
2017-02-16 21:06:35 ChristyXP Woohoo! Already made hotel reservations! :D
2017-02-16 21:06:46 catherine yronwode "Getting ready for the Hoodoo Heitage Festival on May 13-14, 2017!"
2017-02-16 21:06:38 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti NOW registering readers at http://www.bookeo.com/hoodoopsychics
2017-02-16 21:06:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti You can book your appointments with them now!
2017-02-16 21:07:17 catherine yronwode "BOOKING for readings is now LIVE. Book in advance, as the readers do get all booked up."
2017-02-16 21:08:03 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti May 13 and 14
2017-02-16 21:08:10 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Apprenticeship precedes it!
2017-02-16 21:08:37 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti AIRR birthdays!!!
2017-02-16 21:08:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 02/04 Mama E. // 02/09/55 Miss Michaele // 02/17/78 Balthazar
2017-02-16 21:09:27 catherine yronwode "Patchy Fogg is out of retirement ""for the duration."""
2017-02-16 21:09:36 Ghia (F)
2017-02-16 21:10:00 catherine yronwode "Jar jams and jellies, plant Irish potatoes."
2017-02-16 21:10:29 missmichaele Irish? Is Mississippi Tom in the studio tonight?
2017-02-16 21:11:51 catherine yronwode The Explorer IX satellite
2017-02-16 21:12:03 catherine yronwode The 911 phone system initiated.
2017-02-16 21:12:29 catherine yronwode Ice-T is 59
2017-02-16 21:13:23 catherine yronwode The Lucky Numbers!
2017-02-16 21:14:17 ChristyXP www.professorporterfield.com
2017-02-16 21:14:27 Ghia (F)
2017-02-16 21:14:36 ChristyXP 24 - 29 - 35 - 41 - 49 - 53
2017-02-16 21:14:58 ChristyXP "If 53 too high, use 13"
2017-02-16 21:15:06 catherine yronwode "If 53 is too high for your game, use 13."
2017-02-16 21:15:21 ChristyXP 351 - 555 - 674
2017-02-16 21:15:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Three of Clubs
2017-02-16 21:15:50 ChristyXP "555 & 674 very hot right now, 351 particularly hot next Weds/Thurs"
2017-02-16 21:15:53 catherine yronwode "555 and 674 lucky now, 351 gets lucky next Wednesday"
2017-02-16 21:16:17 catherine yronwode Avoid fights and quarrels.
2017-02-16 21:16:31 catherine yronwode Miss Loretta!
2017-02-16 21:16:31 Ghia love!!!!
2017-02-16 21:16:30 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Miss Loretta!
2017-02-16 21:16:41 ChristyXP Cooking with Miss Loretta
2017-02-16 21:17:31 catherine yronwode A little kind of change...
2017-02-16 21:17:54 catherine yronwode Recipes to take along with you to protest or march or for sit-ins.
2017-02-16 21:18:33 Ghia youch!
2017-02-16 21:18:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Slow Cooker Corn and Jalapeno Dip!
2017-02-16 21:18:56 catherine yronwode A hearty and creamy dip for chips or put it in a flour tortilla.
2017-02-16 21:19:12 the LMC Radio Network "4 slices bacon, diced, 3 (15.25-ounces) cans whole kernel corn, drained, 2 jalapenos, seeded and diced, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1 cup shredded Pepper Jack cheese, 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese,"
2017-02-16 21:19:59 Ghia sounds amazing!
2017-02-16 21:20:09 Ghia Parmesian
2017-02-16 21:20:14 the LMC Radio Network "Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste, 8 ounces cream cheese, cubed, 2 tablespoons chopped chives"
2017-02-16 21:20:19 catherine yronwode Parmesian -- i like that.
2017-02-16 21:20:26 Ghia MMMMmmmmm
2017-02-16 21:20:38 the LMC Radio Network DIRECTIONS: "Heat a large skillet over medium high heat. Add bacon and cook until brown and crispy, about 6-8 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel-lined plate; set aside."
2017-02-16 21:21:01 the LMC Radio Network "Place corn, jalapenos, sour cream, Pepper Jack cheese and Parmesan into a slow cooker; season with salt and pepper, to taste. Stir until well combined. Top with cream cheese."
2017-02-16 21:21:24 the LMC Radio Network Cover and cook on low heat for 2 hours. Uncover and stir until cream cheese is well combined. Cover and cook on high heat for an additional 15 minutes.
2017-02-16 21:21:31 Ghia YUMMMM
2017-02-16 21:21:36 the LMC Radio Network "Serve immediately, garnished with bacon and chives"
2017-02-16 21:21:47 missmichaele Slide some refried beans and rice under that ... <faints>
2017-02-16 21:23:02 Ghia (F)
2017-02-16 21:23:30 catherine yronwode I like the part about wrapping it up in beach towels.
2017-02-16 21:23:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Me too.
2017-02-16 21:24:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Evil Spirits or ""Is it Really as bad as you think?"""
2017-02-16 21:24:07 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Evil Spirits
2017-02-16 21:24:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Howlin Wolf
2017-02-16 21:24:30 Ghia (F)<:o)(F)(H)
2017-02-16 21:24:52 catherine yronwode Misse it -- i was posting in FB!
2017-02-16 21:25:04 Candelos Corner Radio howling wolf
2017-02-16 21:25:21 Ghia cLIVE mCvEE
2017-02-16 21:25:22 Candelos Corner Radio watch your happy home
2017-02-16 21:25:55 Ghia :D
2017-02-16 21:26:03 catherine yronwode Back -- no one got the title yet? It's Evil (Is Going On) i have this on a 45.
2017-02-16 21:26:33 Ghia :D
2017-02-16 21:26:52 Candelos Corner Radio -6
2017-02-16 21:26:50 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Evil is Goin' On, Howlin Wolf"
2017-02-16 21:27:13 Candelos Corner Radio :S(6):S
2017-02-16 21:27:15 catherine yronwode New system!
2017-02-16 21:27:26 Ghia Sage Stick!
2017-02-16 21:27:37 ChristyXP WHAT? I want rugelach!!!
2017-02-16 21:27:38 catherine yronwode OMG Rugellach!
2017-02-16 21:27:49 Candelos Corner Radio some day i learn to type like troll
2017-02-16 21:27:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti :D :D :D
2017-02-16 21:27:57 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti ::taking bows::
2017-02-16 21:28:16 catherine yronwode Yay!
2017-02-16 21:28:18 Candelos Corner Radio fast i mean loll
2017-02-16 21:28:25 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I think i typed the whole thing after catherine gave me the whole title. :D
2017-02-16 21:28:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Shotgun Mthod.
2017-02-16 21:28:46 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Evil Spirits!
2017-02-16 21:29:05 catherine yronwode "Willie Dixon wrote a lot of the best songs for himself, Muddy Waters, and Howlin Wolf. Lots of songs about hoodoo, in fact."
2017-02-16 21:29:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti :::strapping in:::
2017-02-16 21:29:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti My second guess was Muddy Waters.
2017-02-16 21:29:56 catherine yronwode Lots of regional names for using that stuff.
2017-02-16 21:29:59 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Right or Wrong, This Way or That Way!"
2017-02-16 21:30:18 catherine yronwode "Troll, Howling Wolf has a ""strangeld"" voice."
2017-02-16 21:30:30 catherine yronwode Muddy Waters has a straight-up male boice.
2017-02-16 21:30:31 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "strangled, voice?"
2017-02-16 21:31:15 catherine yronwode Folks with an axe to grind against certain terms -- and this can be sooooo dumb.
2017-02-16 21:31:29 missmichaele "Nowadays I have to ask clients what they mean by ""witchcraft."" A lot of them mean ""curses and nasty rootwork"" and others mean ""any kind of Wiccan spell."" Those who refer to Wiccan spells aren't all white, either."
2017-02-16 21:31:30 catherine yronwode "Hoodoo, only white folks use that world. LOL!"
2017-02-16 21:31:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti How d'ya fit 10 # of Hogwash in a 5 # bag? Hm.
2017-02-16 21:31:45 catherine yronwode That word didn't exist before 1935 LOL!
2017-02-16 21:31:49 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "1942, 1956"
2017-02-16 21:32:05 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Demon Rugoola!
2017-02-16 21:32:29 catherine yronwode "Right, Miss Michaele. I had a customer today asking for ""black magic spells"" and she mean coercive love work."
2017-02-16 21:32:37 Ghia "I just tried to type I ran into a pronouncing person who only keeps to ancient african and calls ya;ll white, what do you know"
2017-02-16 21:32:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti An intelligence
2017-02-16 21:33:05 Ghia very narrow veiw for high spirit
2017-02-16 21:33:19 Ghia veiws
2017-02-16 21:34:25 Ghia "I have seen the ill walk in I told it to get someone else with the sickness, it did"
2017-02-16 21:34:35 catherine yronwode "Well, when people quibble about skin colour or language, i just smile. Okay, that's okay. Go ahead on, then. Smile."
2017-02-16 21:34:58 Ghia "yeah its all or nothing,...lol"
2017-02-16 21:35:50 catherine yronwode "To have luck stolen is not a concept found in all cultures. But the parallel to health (gaining, sustaining, losing, regaining) is a very useful concept."
2017-02-16 21:35:56 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Where's Doodles when we need him?
2017-02-16 21:36:10 Ghia yes self veiws are integral
2017-02-16 21:36:27 catherine yronwode One cause of lack of luck is evil spirits.
2017-02-16 21:37:33 catherine yronwode Carl Gustav That F u c k i n g Nazi Jung!
2017-02-16 21:37:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Well there's no substantiation to his ""archetype"" theory."
2017-02-16 21:37:42 Ghia "I think I would point to the individual and their parameters about attracting ill fated spirits, first I would look there...alot of work :)"
2017-02-16 21:38:39 Ghia and that validates a monetary charge for fee
2017-02-16 21:38:43 catherine yronwode "Cross cultural mingling between Black people and Cantonese people in California does not mean that the basic beliefs are ""universal."""
2017-02-16 21:39:30 Ghia I have bamboo growing like monsters in my work space!!!!
2017-02-16 21:39:46 catherine yronwode Luck does not equate to monetary gain. It is not the same as Greek or Southern Mediterranean fated luck.
2017-02-16 21:41:08 catherine yronwode Curses in hoodoo can affect the body and the mind (because the brain is part of the body) and can kill your luck as well.
2017-02-16 21:41:44 Ghia (F)
2017-02-16 21:42:02 catherine yronwode "And luck can be killed in a specific place, time, and during specific activities -- such as during a card game."
2017-02-16 21:43:02 catherine yronwode "Some of the African warnings about evil spirits resemble ancient Jewish beliefs -- avoiding ruined places, fallow fields, and so forth."
2017-02-16 21:43:21 Ghia "I have live spiders at the head of my bed taking care of all negative forces for me, i am grateful"
2017-02-16 21:43:39 missmichaele "It's quite possible, too, to be lucky in all aspects of life but one (or a few)."
2017-02-16 21:44:46 catherine yronwode "This is not a misguided belief or a form of mental illness -- it is a cultural belief, part of life. And it is outlandish arrogance to say that."
2017-02-16 21:45:02 ChristyXP "Victorian arrogance, even :)"
2017-02-16 21:45:10 catherine yronwode Your well-heeled sleeve LOL
2017-02-16 21:45:14 ChristyXP they were some arrogant mother***ers
2017-02-16 21:45:30 ChristyXP when it came to other cultures
2017-02-16 21:46:10 Ghia are we watching this happen at the WH
2017-02-16 21:46:16 Ghia I think
2017-02-16 21:46:38 Ghia all the Justice work is working
2017-02-16 21:47:10 Ghia finally
2017-02-16 21:47:57 catherine yronwode He's hit the nail on the head. Some fake rootworkers tell folks who are afflicted with evil spirits that it's all in their minds -- and others will FAKE a belief in evil spirits to rule and control their clients by threatening them with evil spirits.
2017-02-16 21:48:24 Ghia yes I know about that gypsies use that
2017-02-16 21:48:28 catherine yronwode This is some haeinous and dangerous bull s h i t
2017-02-16 21:48:36 catherine yronwode "It's an ""informed"" con."
2017-02-16 21:49:03 catherine yronwode It's not simple bull s h i t -- it is an intentional scam.
2017-02-16 21:49:39 catherine yronwode Ghia -- yes! And at AIRR we get a lot of these scared clients who have been threatened this way.
2017-02-16 21:49:41 Ghia Flea circus of bad spirits
2017-02-16 21:50:26 catherine yronwode Cheated for throusands of dollars and afraid to report it because the workr threatened to send evil spirits to kill teir luck.
2017-02-16 21:50:39 Ghia yup
2017-02-16 21:51:30 Ghia Prof Porterfield is the voice of reason
2017-02-16 21:51:57 catherine yronwode "Jealousy and competition are the cause of much trouble in the hoodoo community. One way it is used is to falsely accuse a competitor of fraud and then of ""putting evil spirits"" on you."
2017-02-16 21:52:42 catherine yronwode "But the illogic! First, if the worker did not deliver as promised -- how could he control evil spirits to that extent?!"
2017-02-16 21:52:56 Ghia "yeah, like Hello!"
2017-02-16 21:53:26 Ghia but mostly people are in a frantic state to get a worker...gullible
2017-02-16 21:53:45 catherine yronwode How the f u c k does that work? LOL!
2017-02-16 21:53:54 Ghia nd alot will not look at their own part in whats happenning
2017-02-16 21:53:59 ChadWillingham yea write a paper LOL
2017-02-16 21:54:02 catherine yronwode It doesn't
2017-02-16 21:54:45 catherine yronwode "So when you see this kind of illogical argument, you are looking at ANOTHER kind of con, one from INSIDE the community, against a community."
2017-02-16 21:55:26 catherine yronwode It's a technique used to split people apart and to puck up clients if things go badly for the accused.
2017-02-16 21:55:36 catherine yronwode puck = pick
2017-02-16 21:56:17 catherine yronwode "Because, otherwise, the person takes money, pretends to NOT have spiritual power and when folks complain, he uses his power. MAKES NO SENSE."
2017-02-16 21:57:10 catherine yronwode "Another possibility, there was a real enemy and the worker was actually ineffectul, and the bad luck came from a difference source, an actual enemy."
2017-02-16 21:57:32 catherine yronwode But mostly it is an intention defamation of character.
2017-02-16 21:58:41 catherine yronwode "By dismissing the concept of evil spirits entirely (""there are no evil spirits"") you are working a bait and switch on your clients."
2017-02-16 21:59:10 catherine yronwode You pretend to be a root doctor but you naysay the underlaying precepts of folk magic.
2017-02-16 21:59:43 catherine yronwode Oy. Generational Curses.
2017-02-16 22:00:07 Ghia hevy
2017-02-16 22:00:12 catherine yronwode Somebody opened the pandora's box on this and now the belief is everywhere!
2017-02-16 22:00:14 ChadWillingham your children and your children's children ...seven generations
2017-02-16 22:00:38 catherine yronwode This became SOOOOOO BIG in the 1990s - 200s. It was HUGE!
2017-02-16 22:01:08 ChadWillingham NO Miss Cat....it ws YUGE
2017-02-16 22:01:16 catherine yronwode Some belieed they were the first generation! Hahaha!
2017-02-16 22:01:30 catherine yronwode "Oh, right -- YUUUUUUUGE!"
2017-02-16 22:01:32 ChristyXP (lol)
2017-02-16 22:01:51 catherine yronwode Run! Run! It's a generationsl curse!
2017-02-16 22:02:27 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ali!
2017-02-16 22:02:40 catherine yronwode "ConjureMan Ali broke his back trying to help people with generational curses. He is good at it, but everyone thought they had one!"
2017-02-16 22:02:35 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti A Generational Shovel!
2017-02-16 22:03:10 catherine yronwode We had to dig all the people who had generation curses off of Ali and put them in folding chairs and give them numbers.
2017-02-16 22:03:20 Ghia gret show I have to crash Love Ya'll! nites!
2017-02-16 22:03:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com/theartofhoodoocandlemagic.html
2017-02-16 22:04:00 catherine yronwode "We have been talling you that not all magic is candles -- but candles are the ""thing."" now."
2017-02-16 22:04:12 Candelos Corner Radio all i can do is slap them back to that generation ! (lol)
2017-02-16 22:04:27 ChadWillingham Keep y'all's tool box full
2017-02-16 22:04:57 catherine yronwode A rel generational curse has certain signs to it -- different than c ergular curse.
2017-02-16 22:05:27 catherine yronwode I could make mony just DIAGNOSING them for folks and not even treating them. Everybody wants one.
2017-02-16 22:05:57 catherine yronwode And yet they try to dismiss the concept of evil spirits -- because it is not within their cultural paradigm.
2017-02-16 22:06:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I Am the Devil
2017-02-16 22:06:10 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Robert Johnson
2017-02-16 22:06:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Devil Sure Likes It
2017-02-16 22:06:34 catherine yronwode Mississippie Shiels / Bo Carter / Lonnie Chatmon / Sam Chatmon.
2017-02-16 22:06:47 catherine yronwode Shieks
2017-02-16 22:06:46 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Mississippi Shieks, I Am the Devil"
2017-02-16 22:06:50 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Shotgun Method
2017-02-16 22:07:14 Candelos Corner Radio i have no idea
2017-02-16 22:07:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Mississippi Shieks, Yes I am The Devil"
2017-02-16 22:07:24 Candelos Corner Radio i am the devil
2017-02-16 22:07:23 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh just type what other people type and you may share in the treats. :D
2017-02-16 22:07:57 Candelos Corner Radio yes i am the devil lol
2017-02-16 22:08:04 catherine yronwode With Walter Vincent / Vincson / Vinson on fiddle.
2017-02-16 22:08:07 Candelos Corner Radio :D
2017-02-16 22:08:10 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "You tell us, Miss cat!"
2017-02-16 22:08:33 Candelos Corner Radio (6)8-|
2017-02-16 22:08:49 Candelos Corner Radio 8-|(6)8-|
2017-02-16 22:08:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Of the family of songs which includes ""They Call That Religion"""
2017-02-16 22:09:16 catherine yronwode "You know them, siva -- ""Say, Walter, let's go get some cigarettes"" -- that is their cousin Walter Vincent / Vincson / Vinson. They are the Chatmon familly, put some took the surname Carter."
2017-02-16 22:09:15 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I do!
2017-02-16 22:09:25 catherine yronwode "YES, Siva!"
2017-02-16 22:09:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Rugelah!
2017-02-16 22:09:35 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Knishes am us!
2017-02-16 22:09:54 Christie73 Hi everyone :)
2017-02-16 22:09:59 Candelos Corner Radio missisiipp
2017-02-16 22:09:52 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hi Christie73.
2017-02-16 22:10:01 catherine yronwode A Rugelah and a knish!
2017-02-16 22:10:05 catherine yronwode Than you!
2017-02-16 22:10:08 catherine yronwode HONEY!
2017-02-16 22:10:11 Christie73 Hi Troll! (})
2017-02-16 22:10:12 catherine yronwode Yes.
2017-02-16 22:10:24 Candelos Corner Radio how bout me lol
2017-02-16 22:10:21 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Sending out a signal!
2017-02-16 22:10:36 Candelos Corner Radio i guest it lol
2017-02-16 22:10:36 catherine yronwode Throw Mama From the Train a Knish -- Don't Leave Her Hungry Behind!
2017-02-16 22:10:30 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti on the air!
2017-02-16 22:11:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Whoosh!
2017-02-16 22:12:04 catherine yronwode "(This was the slogan of a New York Knish shop when i was a kid -- based on the actuall song ""Throw Mama From the Train a Kiss, a Kiss."""
2017-02-16 22:12:07 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti More shows! More shows!
2017-02-16 22:12:30 catherine yronwode Knishes for all!
2017-02-16 22:12:23 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Knishes for the finishes!
2017-02-16 22:12:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti What We Do!
2017-02-16 22:12:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Bathtub Blues
2017-02-16 22:13:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Yorkshire Boys
2017-02-16 22:13:27 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Tennessee Roy and his Ramblers
2017-02-16 22:13:43 missmichaele Concertina and trumpet plus bluegrass fiddles - unusual
2017-02-16 22:13:46 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Jerome Mordant and the Hues
2017-02-16 22:14:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hella Vathing and the Ridicules
2017-02-16 22:14:21 the LMC Radio Network *smiles and wiggles his brows*
2017-02-16 22:14:25 missmichaele Sounds like maybe 1935 or later?
2017-02-16 22:14:46 missmichaele Sounds kinda hollywood like that one Shirley Temple movie where they were trying to bring mountain music to Broadway
2017-02-16 22:14:44 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Tyrone Plower and the Risky Business Boys
2017-02-16 22:14:59 catherine yronwode "Yes, Michaele, 1935 - 1955."
2017-02-16 22:15:06 catherine yronwode Bath Tub Bles.
2017-02-16 22:15:17 catherine yronwode Like Spade Cooley -- but not him
2017-02-16 22:15:12 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oo you may have outplayed my Shotgun.
2017-02-16 22:15:30 catherine yronwode Kinda of a radio show or tv show band.
2017-02-16 22:15:34 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ricky Terrific and the Amies.
2017-02-16 22:15:51 catherine yronwode With the Hawaiian ending.
2017-02-16 22:15:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Wills!
2017-02-16 22:16:07 catherine yronwode Live!
2017-02-16 22:16:10 missmichaele Roy Rogers?
2017-02-16 22:16:16 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Gustine TX in 1912!
2017-02-16 22:16:26 catherine yronwode 1912
2017-02-16 22:16:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Doy O'Dale!
2017-02-16 22:16:48 catherine yronwode Doy O'Dell -- All America's Cowboy.
2017-02-16 22:16:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti All America's Cowboy!
2017-02-16 22:16:55 catherine yronwode One rugelah.
2017-02-16 22:16:57 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Wuhu!
2017-02-16 22:17:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Spiritual Cleansing!
2017-02-16 22:17:22 catherine yronwode "Geez, Perfesser -- can we get a do-over on that one?"
2017-02-16 22:17:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Smuffication?
2017-02-16 22:17:55 catherine yronwode Doye O'Dell
2017-02-16 22:17:53 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Smuffigation, hm."
2017-02-16 22:18:03 catherine yronwode Snuffigation!
2017-02-16 22:18:23 catherine yronwode Snuffication!
2017-02-16 22:18:31 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "No no no, I'll get the rugelah, suffumigation"
2017-02-16 22:18:58 catherine yronwode "Yep, I was thar won the night that Doye O'Dell snufficated his wife."
2017-02-16 22:19:23 catherine yronwode You're dealing with Christians LOL
2017-02-16 22:19:28 catherine yronwode Foot washing Jesus!
2017-02-16 22:20:25 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Foot Of Sole!
2017-02-16 22:20:34 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Soulflexology!
2017-02-16 22:21:05 missmichaele "I know a nutritional chemist who calls rolfing ""punitive massage"""
2017-02-16 22:21:20 catherine yronwode by Johnny Johnson
2017-02-16 22:21:30 catherine yronwode "LOL, Miss Michaele."
2017-02-16 22:21:36 catherine yronwode I feel the same way.
2017-02-16 22:22:35 catherine yronwode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkBpvTC5jyw <-- Stepped in What? by Johnny Johnson
2017-02-16 22:23:03 catherine yronwode "Egg cleansing is associated with Latin America, but it is fairly widespread in hoodoo too,"
2017-02-16 22:23:14 catherine yronwode "But in hoodoo, baths are more common."
2017-02-16 22:23:34 catherine yronwode And it entered Christianity from Judaism.
2017-02-16 22:24:48 catherine yronwode "In other words, Black Americans may not have directly picked it up from Jews, but from certain denominations of Christianity that borrowed more from Judaism than others did (e.g. Baptists are more ""Jewish-like"" than Catholics are)."
2017-02-16 22:25:30 catherine yronwode Good old fashioned house cleaning -- with spiritual products.
2017-02-16 22:25:32 ChadWillingham reminds me of cleaning house for pesach
2017-02-16 22:25:51 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Purity
2017-02-16 22:26:03 catherine yronwode "Chad, yes, indeed."
2017-02-16 22:27:17 catherine yronwode "Why clean with Lemon and not Whiskey, when both kill microbes? GREATQUESTION! The answer lies in cultural spiritual beliefs."
2017-02-16 22:27:47 catherine yronwode "Cultural associations with certain herbs, scents, and so forth,"
2017-02-16 22:28:06 catherine yronwode "Pine, Lemon, ads reveal the target audiences."
2017-02-16 22:28:58 catherine yronwode "Yes, i know people who think ""the smell of Lemon reminds them of cleaning products."""
2017-02-16 22:29:17 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Trees!
2017-02-16 22:29:29 catherine yronwode It's like eating soap. -- And there are people who say the same thing about Rose scent -- it reminds me of Old Ladies.
2017-02-16 22:29:44 catherine yronwode Scwent associations are cultural.
2017-02-16 22:30:17 ChadWillingham Old ladies wearing Rose Water cologne and washing their Icons and statues etc with Rose Water
2017-02-16 22:30:21 catherine yronwode How does this happen?
2017-02-16 22:30:32 catherine yronwode Through the machinations of Big Business?
2017-02-16 22:30:51 catherine yronwode We've got to convince the American people that Lemon smells clean!
2017-02-16 22:30:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Who the f u ck you have cleaning your floors.
2017-02-16 22:31:18 catherine yronwode No. This comes from the history of who you have cleaning your floors.
2017-02-16 22:32:11 catherine yronwode Both Lemon and Pine are favoured cleaning scents among African Americans. Lemon is Afro-Mediterranean. Pine is Native American.
2017-02-16 22:32:33 catherine yronwode Irish people favour the scent of LYE SOAP.
2017-02-16 22:32:52 Candelos Corner Radio i like lavander fabuloso
2017-02-16 22:33:07 ChadWillingham YASS! Lavender FAbuloso!
2017-02-16 22:33:15 Candelos Corner Radio or keoline lol
2017-02-16 22:33:31 catherine yronwode Creoline! YES!
2017-02-16 22:33:37 Candelos Corner Radio kreolina oops
2017-02-16 22:33:50 catherine yronwode Creoline is a pine / turpintine / turpenol scent!
2017-02-16 22:33:58 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoospiritualbaths.html
2017-02-16 22:34:12 catherine yronwode We sell Creolina bar soap in our shop.
2017-02-16 22:34:18 Candelos Corner Radio scrares away the flies lol
2017-02-16 22:34:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooherbandrootmagic.html
2017-02-16 22:34:23 catherine yronwode It sure does.
2017-02-16 22:34:34 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "I was thinking about turpentine, yes."
2017-02-16 22:34:48 catherine yronwode You should try some of the South Asian Camphor soaps -- they LOVE that scent.
2017-02-16 22:34:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Into the Kitchen!
2017-02-16 22:34:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Irish Moss!
2017-02-16 22:35:00 catherine yronwode Fan Medicated Soap. It is HARSH!
2017-02-16 22:34:53 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Danny Boy!
2017-02-16 22:35:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Over in Kilarny
2017-02-16 22:35:35 catherine yronwode For Mississippi Tom Shilelleah (sp)
2017-02-16 22:35:51 Candelos Corner Radio danny boy lol
2017-02-16 22:35:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Turaluralura
2017-02-16 22:36:01 ChadWillingham kate smith
2017-02-16 22:35:57 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Turaluralei
2017-02-16 22:36:10 catherine yronwode Toorah Loorah Loorah. The Irish Lullaby' I have this by Bing Crosby.
2017-02-16 22:36:36 ChadWillingham Toorah Loorah Loorah by Kate Smith
2017-02-16 22:36:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Mother O'Keef Sings the Classics
2017-02-16 22:36:57 catherine yronwode Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra
2017-02-16 22:36:58 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I had the syllables right.
2017-02-16 22:37:17 catherine yronwode By Bing Crosby's red-headed step-=neice.
2017-02-16 22:37:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Joysey O'Connell
2017-02-16 22:37:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Fanny McBrien
2017-02-16 22:37:50 catherine yronwode "Okay, Charles, why the hell would anyone want to hear anyone BUT Bing Crosby sing this? Are you MAD?"
2017-02-16 22:37:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Mary Stewart the Swift
2017-02-16 22:38:02 ChadWillingham Song Bird of the South Kate smith was a popular radio songstress
2017-02-16 22:37:57 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Irish Lullaby
2017-02-16 22:38:09 catherine yronwode Joan Crawford for all i care!
2017-02-16 22:38:09 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Beautiful.
2017-02-16 22:38:19 catherine yronwode Maureen O'SUllivan
2017-02-16 22:38:33 ChadWillingham NOw drink your Ovaltine
2017-02-16 22:39:12 catherine yronwode Rugelach
2017-02-16 22:39:12 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Aha!!
2017-02-16 22:39:26 catherine yronwode Kate Smith.
2017-02-16 22:39:39 catherine yronwode He's MAD
2017-02-16 22:39:53 catherine yronwode He did it to make it touch.
2017-02-16 22:39:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh SURE! When did you ever play Bing Crosby??!
2017-02-16 22:40:12 catherine yronwode OH NO! Blashphemy! You don't like BING CROSBY?
2017-02-16 22:40:17 catherine yronwode NoOOOO!
2017-02-16 22:40:32 catherine yronwode But his VOICE!
2017-02-16 22:40:41 catherine yronwode "I know, he hit his kids with a belt."
2017-02-16 22:40:44 catherine yronwode Sigh.
2017-02-16 22:40:51 catherine yronwode But his VOICE.
2017-02-16 22:41:11 catherine yronwode Irish Moss -- not a moss.
2017-02-16 22:41:28 catherine yronwode A thickener in processed foods.
2017-02-16 22:41:23 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Not moss? Is it Irish?
2017-02-16 22:41:35 missmichaele "Play ""Dulamann Gaelach"" next so we don't have to argue about Der Bingle. :)"
2017-02-16 22:41:52 catherine yronwode "Carrageen, a seaweed, can be used with Agar Agar, another seaweed."
2017-02-16 22:42:14 catherine yronwode Makes a jelly-milk dessert.
2017-02-16 22:42:20 missmichaele "Sorry, that song title may be simply ""Dúlamán."""
2017-02-16 22:42:42 catherine yronwode VERY popular in Jamaica as a drink for aphrodesiac purposes.
2017-02-16 22:43:15 catherine yronwode "Also grows off the shores of Iceland, Baltic, Spain, etc."
2017-02-16 22:43:31 catherine yronwode Good luck in money matters and gambing.
2017-02-16 22:44:02 catherine yronwode Sprinkle. Put in a Mojo.
2017-02-16 22:44:38 catherine yronwode Candelo mentioned it on his show too.
2017-02-16 22:45:05 catherine yronwode Charles had it in a gambling hand as well.
2017-02-16 22:45:10 catherine yronwode CHECK THE ARCHIVES.
2017-02-16 22:45:37 catherine yronwode "When Irish Moss are smiling, all the world with smile with you!"
2017-02-16 22:45:47 catherine yronwode with = will
2017-02-16 22:46:41 catherine yronwode Its life stages are worth studying. It is a model species for the study of photosynthesis. Its full genomic sequence was published in 2013.
2017-02-16 22:47:18 catherine yronwode Boiled with Cinnamon and Milk to make a drink called Irish Moss.
2017-02-16 22:47:34 catherine yronwode "In Trinidad, Jamaica, and Tobago."
2017-02-16 22:47:38 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti This week's Candelo's Corner: https://t.co/abkpCxU9ZR
2017-02-16 22:47:58 Candelos Corner Radio :S
2017-02-16 22:48:17 catherine yronwode How did this happen? Cross cultural mystery!
2017-02-16 22:49:06 missmichaele Irish folks and black folks have been mixing in the US since before Revolutionary times.
2017-02-16 22:49:14 Candelos Corner Radio goodight y'all gotta catch a plain in the a.m. !
2017-02-16 22:49:32 catherine yronwode No knish for Candelo! Good night!
2017-02-16 22:49:39 missmichaele "Irish moss is actually a seaweed, right?"
2017-02-16 22:49:37 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooherbandrootmagic.html
2017-02-16 22:49:48 Lynna Albert Good night Candelo.... Rest well :)
2017-02-16 22:49:53 ChadWillingham Missmichaele....in my family....quite a bit of mixing LOL
2017-02-16 22:50:03 catherine yronwode The Professor urges his listeners to study BOTANY.
2017-02-16 22:49:56 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic
2017-02-16 22:50:07 catherine yronwode Thanks for the plug.
2017-02-16 22:50:03 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti by catherine yronwode!
2017-02-16 22:50:14 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2017-02-16 22:50:34 catherine yronwode "Yes, Micaheles. It is a seaweed. Like kelp."
2017-02-16 22:50:31 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti AIRR -- the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers
2017-02-16 22:50:48 catherine yronwode But milder and blander.
2017-02-16 22:51:18 Candelos Corner Radio NORTH CAROLINA tomorrow L.A on the 3rd
2017-02-16 22:51:45 catherine yronwode Mississippi Tom Shillelagh reads the sponsor's ad!
2017-02-16 22:52:29 catherine yronwode "Ah, the dulcet tones of Mr. Greensleeves Himself!"
2017-02-16 22:52:24 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com
2017-02-16 22:52:34 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://ww.missionaryindependent.org
2017-02-16 22:52:46 missmichaele "So, Mr. Shillelagh, did you live in Scotland before or after your sojourn in Mississipi?"
2017-02-16 22:53:15 catherine yronwode HAHA! Miss Michaele.
2017-02-16 22:54:18 catherine yronwode He's actually headquartered in Chicago!
2017-02-16 22:54:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti :D ::applause:: :D Thank you very much.
2017-02-16 22:54:21 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti End of the Beginning
2017-02-16 22:54:33 catherine yronwode Not the end! UNTIL HE'S GONE!
2017-02-16 22:54:38 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ft Worth TX
2017-02-16 22:55:01 Lynna Albert Thank you Professor :)
2017-02-16 22:55:09 the LMC Radio Network Very welcome!
2017-02-16 22:55:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Change cars on the GT
2017-02-16 22:55:37 catherine yronwode "That was a fun show, Charles! Did you check out the AIRR forum posts i made on M.B. from O.N.? If not, you should -- he is quite the type of which you were speaking tonight."
2017-02-16 22:55:50 the LMC Radio Network I will make a point
2017-02-16 22:55:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Change on the Kitty
2017-02-16 22:55:56 catherine yronwode On the KT (Katy)
2017-02-16 22:56:08 catherine yronwode As in Katy Ornaments!
2017-02-16 22:56:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yup.
2017-02-16 22:56:20 catherine yronwode the MKT
2017-02-16 22:56:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hello Springfield!
2017-02-16 22:56:29 catherine yronwode Hello Sprangfield
2017-02-16 22:56:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Bloominton
2017-02-16 22:56:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Jolly lettin' a Hi Ball pass on through!
2017-02-16 22:56:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Bran Carson
2017-02-16 22:57:09 catherine yronwode "Thanks, Charles, i think you will enjoy the reasearch i did."
2017-02-16 22:57:26 catherine yronwode BARN CARSON? You are doing this weird.
2017-02-16 22:57:20 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Polk Street Depot! Chicago!
2017-02-16 22:57:34 catherine yronwode Grand Crossing
2017-02-16 22:57:38 catherine yronwode KEY CHANGE!
2017-02-16 22:57:35 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Not Ben Carson
2017-02-16 22:57:53 catherine yronwode Ben Carson LOL
2017-02-16 22:58:04 catherine yronwode He pinched!
2017-02-16 22:58:13 Lynna Albert Good night y'all
2017-02-16 22:58:14 catherine yronwode He pinched me!
2017-02-16 22:58:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL!!LOL!
2017-02-16 22:58:17 catherine yronwode WOW!
2017-02-16 22:58:19 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti That naughty Mississippi Tom!
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