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Corner CHAT LOG Love and Lust Find a Boo January 30th, 2017

On Mondays, Palo priest Candelo Kimbisa hosts the meeting place for all the world's spiritualities, with free Readings on the Corner for callers once a month.

Corner CHAT LOG Love and Lust Find a Boo January 30th, 2017

Unread postby nagasiva » Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:39 pm

Candelo's Corner: Let's Find a Boo for Valentines! Love and Lust on the Corner!

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/candelosco ... 8.facebook

Tonight on the Corner: Love and Lust, All Things in Between, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Valentine's Day is around the corner and we have some tips, tricks and techniques to help make it the best one ever. Be sure to check out our chat room where there's always a lot going on. Join Amorea Rocha, Madame Nadia, Michael Correll, and Candelo Kimbisa for this conversation. Things are gonna get HOT!

Tune in every Monday night on the LMC Radio Network for Candelo's Corner at 5pm PT, 8pm ET, online, call in by phone 646-478-5072 or 'Click-to-Talk' via a computer interface. Press '1' to be on the air and offer your opinions. Join in chat using a registered BlogTalkRadio account.

*** (20:00:04):Welcome to the Candelos Corner Radio Chat Room.
2017-01-30 20:00:21 Sarah Osborn "Hello, hello! (})"
2017-01-30 20:00:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Interesting i had to adjust the volume up a small bit to get sound.
2017-01-30 20:00:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti With the blue slider.
2017-01-30 20:04:17 Ghia (F)
2017-01-30 20:04:22 ethertarot good evening everyone (})(L)
2017-01-30 20:04:45 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Peace and love to you and yours!
2017-01-30 20:04:51 Ghia I hear ya!
2017-01-30 20:04:51 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "I hear you, Candelo!"
2017-01-30 20:04:54 gari farmer I can hear you.
2017-01-30 20:05:01 CoastsideConjure Yes
2017-01-30 20:05:02 EFStill We hear you.
2017-01-30 20:05:05 64784 i can hear you
2017-01-30 20:05:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I'm not looking visually. I'm in the rural zone.
2017-01-30 20:05:25 Sarah Osborn We can hear you!
2017-01-30 20:05:27 EFStill See you?
2017-01-30 20:05:35 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti He may be on Live in Fb.
2017-01-30 20:05:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Or Periscope.
2017-01-30 20:06:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh ok!
2017-01-30 20:06:20 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Thanks for scoping that out, Candelo!!"
2017-01-30 20:06:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Boo Getting!
2017-01-30 20:07:16 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Maybe it was family venting.
2017-01-30 20:07:38 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Becoming ***?
2017-01-30 20:07:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Becoming S h i t? Oh, lotus!"
2017-01-30 20:08:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti :D
2017-01-30 20:08:15 64784 lololol troll
2017-01-30 20:08:21 EFStill And we see why there is no Candelo's Greetings line of Hallmark Cards.
2017-01-30 20:08:30 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Sounds fabulous, Candelo."
2017-01-30 20:08:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Hi Michael, Lady A."
2017-01-30 20:09:07 64784 "Hey Troll, its lady A"
2017-01-30 20:09:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti You tell 'em!
2017-01-30 20:09:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Penis dancing is the ***
2017-01-30 20:09:36 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I am more likely to dance around the Great Vulva.
2017-01-30 20:09:45 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti May Pole
2017-01-30 20:10:28 64784 thats folks trying to get married or have a baby on the may pole
2017-01-30 20:10:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL! 49F!!
2017-01-30 20:10:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Funny!
2017-01-30 20:10:57 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Tells you about how things are relative. I've been hearing from folks in snow!
2017-01-30 20:11:35 Ghia post alink Lady A!!!
2017-01-30 20:11:38 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Summoning a succubus!
2017-01-30 20:12:00 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Will It Kill Me?
2017-01-30 20:12:50 64784 yes that was it
2017-01-30 20:12:53 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti https://www.youtube.com/user/LupusCreepus
2017-01-30 20:13:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Will It Kill Me?
2017-01-30 20:13:25 Ghia Hee heeeee thanks Towel
2017-01-30 20:13:50 64784 thank you troll thats him
2017-01-30 20:13:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Yay, Yw."
2017-01-30 20:14:15 EFStill That's a slogan right there.
2017-01-30 20:14:17 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Is Valentine's Day about sex or love? Both?
2017-01-30 20:14:31 64784 both
2017-01-30 20:14:33 EFStill "Candy, I believe."
2017-01-30 20:14:37 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ooo chocolates?
2017-01-30 20:14:53 64784 but im gonna help my ladies get a boo with money too
2017-01-30 20:14:59 EFStill Damn now I am gonna go open the Girl Scout Cookies.
2017-01-30 20:15:07 64784 sugar daddies whats up lolol
2017-01-30 20:15:09 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "What does ""get a boo"" mean?"
2017-01-30 20:15:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti So not with it am i.
2017-01-30 20:15:37 CoastsideConjure Boo = Boo Thang
2017-01-30 20:15:38 CoastsideConjure slang for lover
2017-01-30 20:15:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Related to 'bootie'?
2017-01-30 20:15:45 Ghia (H)(H)spliff?
2017-01-30 20:15:45 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Lover, thank you!"
2017-01-30 20:15:51 64784 get a boo..... is like your parnter for the evening or your man
2017-01-30 20:16:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I adore Bob and Co.
2017-01-30 20:17:02 Ghia (H)
2017-01-30 20:17:03 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "One Love, One Truth, One Jah"
2017-01-30 20:17:23 Ghia smokin Souls as Usual
2017-01-30 20:25:43 CoastsideConjure OLD SKOOL
2017-01-30 20:28:48 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes in the Q foxes
2017-01-30 20:29:02 Ghia (})Nadia
2017-01-30 20:29:12 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes (L)
2017-01-30 20:29:49 64784 hey nadia
2017-01-30 20:30:05 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes heya! who is 64784
2017-01-30 20:30:10 CoastsideConjure Nadia (L) (L) (L)
2017-01-30 20:30:24 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes Coastside!!! :-*
2017-01-30 20:30:48 Candelos Corner Radio (H)
2017-01-30 20:31:00 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes (6)(L)(6)
2017-01-30 20:31:15 stpeterskeys9 hello
2017-01-30 20:31:42 Lynna Albert (F)
2017-01-30 20:32:19 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes Lynna!!! (F)
2017-01-30 20:32:26 64784 blahaaaa its lady a
2017-01-30 20:32:41 Lynna Albert Nadia <3 :*
2017-01-30 20:32:49 64784 (})
2017-01-30 20:33:09 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes hey Lady A
2017-01-30 20:33:19 stpeterskeys9 hey fairy foxmother
2017-01-30 20:33:27 Sarah Osborn "Hello, Lady A! <3"
2017-01-30 20:33:40 64784 hey sarah
2017-01-30 20:36:21 AngeliqueLuna Lady A! you are so rocking the show with the men! Love the show
2017-01-30 20:37:13 64784 Hey Hey Miss Luna how are you tonight
2017-01-30 20:37:24 64784 huggggsssss
2017-01-30 20:38:00 CoastsideConjure She did say that!
2017-01-30 20:38:01 AngeliqueLuna Yes she can! She has that sexy look!
2017-01-30 20:38:29 AngeliqueLuna I am good. Going to tried to podcast with hubby tonight. LOL
2017-01-30 20:38:57 64784 "She brings all the boys to the yard, i wanna be just like her when i grow up"
2017-01-30 20:39:01 CoastsideConjure She is!
2017-01-30 20:39:14 CoastsideConjure Imade it with Nadia in mind
2017-01-30 20:39:23 stpeterskeys9 whoot shelby!!!
2017-01-30 20:39:26 CoastsideConjure She was my inspiration
2017-01-30 20:40:08 AngeliqueLuna Coastside Conjure sells out quickly! Goes to prove how awesome her products are.
2017-01-30 20:40:21 Ghia "<Hairdresser , thNKS FOR THE INFO OF AFFILIATION"
2017-01-30 20:40:23 64784 awwwww cant wait to listen to yall new podcast luna
2017-01-30 20:40:25 CoastsideConjure Im pouring more right now
2017-01-30 20:40:35 CoastsideConjure Im using this show as inspiration (L)
2017-01-30 20:40:35 Ghia oops caplock sorry
2017-01-30 20:41:53 CoastsideConjure (L) (L) (L)
2017-01-30 20:42:42 Ghia its a Cheshire cat moon smiliey face tonite :)
2017-01-30 20:44:56 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes digital signsture
2017-01-30 20:47:27 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes "Jaiye, Mr. Fit, loves the art of seduction too"
2017-01-30 20:47:50 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes :D
2017-01-30 20:47:56 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes :D
2017-01-30 20:48:04 stpeterskeys9 You both are an attractive couple
2017-01-30 20:48:14 Ghia (lol)
2017-01-30 20:48:25 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes "hehe, we are! lol"
2017-01-30 20:48:38 Ghia I'm too cray Gemini ...hahah
2017-01-30 20:48:53 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes I'm a Gemini
2017-01-30 20:49:14 Ghia yeah I know LOL
2017-01-30 20:49:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Women know how to pick fruit because of Eve?
2017-01-30 20:49:33 Ghia Women are i tune
2017-01-30 20:49:39 Ghia in tune
2017-01-30 20:49:50 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I walk around all the time with black on.
2017-01-30 20:49:53 EFStill Outside of Florida that advice may be questionable.
2017-01-30 20:50:20 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I have no shoes on.
2017-01-30 20:50:26 CoastsideConjure so will a good woman
2017-01-30 20:50:39 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti But i'm not in a position trying to find aboo.
2017-01-30 20:50:56 AngeliqueLuna YES!
2017-01-30 20:51:01 AngeliqueLuna They need style
2017-01-30 20:51:50 stpeterskeys9 hair too! i dont care if its long or short make sure its well kept
2017-01-30 20:51:53 EFStill "I'm seeing Candelo's Corner ""Lifestyle makeover"" show."
2017-01-30 20:52:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Yes! It's the intersection with Fit and Foxy!
2017-01-30 20:52:17 EFStill "And you look like a dirty Pagan, man. Cut your damn hair! :)"
2017-01-30 20:52:20 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes it is!
2017-01-30 20:53:00 stpeterskeys9 "fit, foxy, and wolfie???"
2017-01-30 20:53:12 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I'm not aware of a third.
2017-01-30 20:53:37 stpeterskeys9 candelo is the wolf
2017-01-30 20:53:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Aha!
2017-01-30 20:53:48 64784 change them shoes
2017-01-30 20:53:49 AngeliqueLuna Hungry Like the wolf!
2017-01-30 20:54:55 64784 "if he dress up, he thinks your worth it"
2017-01-30 20:55:13 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Is it a class issue? If you want to aim for low class, is no shoes ok?"
2017-01-30 20:55:18 CoastsideConjure Hautelook.com
2017-01-30 20:55:26 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes very true Lady A
2017-01-30 20:55:30 64784 payless shoes
2017-01-30 20:55:58 64784 clearance in dept stores
2017-01-30 20:56:18 64784 (L) nadia
2017-01-30 20:56:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I've been to thrift stores many many times. What a treat!
2017-01-30 20:57:00 stpeterskeys9 i got a nice part of wingtips at the thrift store
2017-01-30 20:57:02 Lynna Albert Hygeine
2017-01-30 20:57:03 Ghia "the man I really want lives on the street by choice , ND HE WAS IN PRISON, i THINK ALONG TIME AGO. i UNDERSTAND"
2017-01-30 20:57:16 Ghia OOPS CAPS SORRY
2017-01-30 20:57:26 Ghia uhhh
2017-01-30 20:57:27 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Is money a way to solve problems?
2017-01-30 20:57:37 EFStill Too fancy clothes means they waste money--I wouldn't pick them.
2017-01-30 20:57:39 CoastsideConjure YESSSSSSSSS
2017-01-30 20:57:50 CoastsideConjure I LOVE THIS SONG
2017-01-30 20:58:03 64784 this
2017-01-30 20:58:54 EFStill <:o)
2017-01-30 20:58:56 64784 lol computer told me not to speak too
2017-01-30 20:58:56 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Isn't that a lie that big corporations and capitalists tell the wage slaves?
2017-01-30 20:59:20 64784 fast*** im dead LOL
2017-01-30 20:59:24 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "To be successful you must dress well, have a high lifestyle, and consume our products.?"
2017-01-30 20:59:40 EFStill Some money is good. Too much leads to becoming an ***.
2017-01-30 21:00:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti So don't gain control of the means of production?
2017-01-30 21:00:10 Ghia "yes I shop at goodwill, and he says he does too...lol (L) he has been the best reflection of my self with self. I bless him tho I cannot be hanging out because i have responsibilities and he has none. and"
2017-01-30 21:00:13 64784 I dont know there are folks with money that are legit folks
2017-01-30 21:00:23 EFStill "Studies show happiness kicks in when you have enough money that you don't worry about it all the time. After that, though, you get no more happiness from it."
2017-01-30 21:01:09 64784 "I love pop tags at thift stores, found amazing stillettos there"
2017-01-30 21:01:13 EFStill "So I think if you were in a commune or something and didn't have to worry about rent, your happiness might be on par."
2017-01-30 21:01:20 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes "Money isn't bad or wrong, IMHO"
2017-01-30 21:01:20 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti So affecting whether worrying takes place could have a direct impact.
2017-01-30 21:01:43 64784 AMEn NADIA
2017-01-30 21:01:46 Ghia falling into happiness means a loss of my world....
2017-01-30 21:01:48 EFStill "I truly think so. I grew up poor and poor people worry too damn much. However, so do some rich people."
2017-01-30 21:01:54 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes It's exploiting others and underpaying them thats the problem
2017-01-30 21:02:15 EFStill I have yet to meet a wealthy person who is not a jerk. Maybe someday.
2017-01-30 21:02:26 64784 LOL
2017-01-30 21:02:38 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes Totally disagree with rich all being jerks
2017-01-30 21:02:38 64784 one dAY
2017-01-30 21:02:45 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Wealth is a function of attitude and awareness.
2017-01-30 21:02:55 EFStill And inheritance.
2017-01-30 21:03:06 Sarah Osborn "I have found the ""Poorest"" people economically have HUGE Hearts."
2017-01-30 21:04:00 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Live mike!
2017-01-30 21:04:03 Ghia wealth doesnt matter with this man I could hang out eternal no problem
2017-01-30 21:04:04 stpeterskeys9 people are individual and make choices rich or poor. People may share a demographic but not a moral.
2017-01-30 21:04:23 EFStill My partner's brother is friends with Trump. I'll stop there. It's shocking that world of true wealth.
2017-01-30 21:04:49 EFStill He married for money. :)
2017-01-30 21:04:49 64784 "Well im an heiress but im dont think i am jerk, my parents raise us to work like everyone else"
2017-01-30 21:05:08 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes Trump isn't a poster boy for all wealthy folks
2017-01-30 21:05:26 Ghia jezuus no
2017-01-30 21:05:28 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes and thank gods for that
2017-01-30 21:05:34 64784 our ineheritance only came once we proved we are able manage with out
2017-01-30 21:05:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I don't think it is true wealth. I think it is a inheritance class difficult to break into and somewhat unimportant to happiness.
2017-01-30 21:05:39 EFStill "I think it depends where we define wealth. People with 4 homes, live-in staff, etc.--it's different."
2017-01-30 21:06:13 Sarah Osborn "I can't even say the ""T"" word.... Facebook is too crazy for me to deal with much that isn't just jokes."
2017-01-30 21:06:27 Ghia when they are dead to this world they can go on and on about it...lol
2017-01-30 21:06:46 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Reverend Ike!!
2017-01-30 21:06:51 stpeterskeys9 Amen
2017-01-30 21:06:55 Ghia "most Dimensions , Don't care"
2017-01-30 21:06:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Bible says it's the LOVE of money.
2017-01-30 21:07:07 EFStill "Money does not interest me. Love is good, though."
2017-01-30 21:07:54 stpeterskeys9 money intrests me i want to eat
2017-01-30 21:08:13 Sarah Osborn "I must ask one question, do love spells not fall in line with mental manipulation? Serious question. I have always been against them for this reason. Again, this is just me."
2017-01-30 21:08:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Magical manipulation, sometimes of the mind."
2017-01-30 21:08:59 Sarah Osborn "Exactly, so wouldn't that mean it's essentially full of ***?!"
2017-01-30 21:09:04 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes every magical operation = manipulation
2017-01-30 21:09:14 Ghia "if the Universal Spirit does not align your wishes or Spells , they will not Work, amen"
2017-01-30 21:09:17 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Compare 'glamour' and subtle influences of other types. Scent, visuals."
2017-01-30 21:09:26 Sarah Osborn "Good point, Madame. It's all Point of View. On all magick."
2017-01-30 21:09:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "I don't know why it would, Sarah."
2017-01-30 21:09:37 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Explain?
2017-01-30 21:09:49 Ghia Spells are trying your Best manifestion
2017-01-30 21:10:31 Sarah Osborn "I personally have only wanted someone who loves me to do it on their own free will, and none of my personal will. That's just me."
2017-01-30 21:10:35 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Does someone or something condemn or forbid it?
2017-01-30 21:10:52 stpeterskeys9 Dressing well for an interview is a mundane manipulation for the job you want. So love spell is manipulation for the person you want in life
2017-01-30 21:10:59 Sarah Osborn "I have no idea your beliefs, Towelhead so I can't answer that for you."
2017-01-30 21:11:12 Ghia you are moving energy
2017-01-30 21:11:16 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "I can understand that, it's sort of like a natural food diet: wanting a love relationship that doesn't come about in part due to magical influences."
2017-01-30 21:11:42 Ghia "you can push or pull , but it goes in a stream"
2017-01-30 21:11:56 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Get into their dirty laundry!!
2017-01-30 21:11:59 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Just a sock?!
2017-01-30 21:12:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Underwear!
2017-01-30 21:12:17 Sarah Osborn "Nah, makes sense. Just wanted to ask the question to see what people think."
2017-01-30 21:12:18 EFStill It's hard to say what a magical influence is. We all meet in such odd and chance encounters. One decision would have changed it all.
2017-01-30 21:12:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I think the deliberate spellwork is pretty obvious.
2017-01-30 21:13:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Slack is sexy!
2017-01-30 21:13:58 Ghia "I have been the recipient of exactly what I asked for, no spells neede...lol"
2017-01-30 21:14:22 EFStill "If you think your ancestors are guiding the chance encounters, it's all tied together, I think."
2017-01-30 21:15:02 Sarah Osborn "That's where I'm at with it, Ghia. But then again, my Husband threw an audio sigil years before he met me that could have landed us together. ***, we still don't know! ({)"
2017-01-30 21:15:08 CoastsideConjure Hello Loreena Bobbit!
2017-01-30 21:15:17 stpeterskeys9 bdsm lol
2017-01-30 21:15:45 stpeterskeys9 its like nailing a house down. nail the man down
2017-01-30 21:16:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Or put them between the mattresses!
2017-01-30 21:16:52 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com/thesportinglife.html
2017-01-30 21:16:56 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes i have a few recipes there too
2017-01-30 21:17:11 64784 gotta get some scissors
2017-01-30 21:17:19 64784 LMAO
2017-01-30 21:17:22 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes tie his nature
2017-01-30 21:17:35 CoastsideConjure Nation Sack string
2017-01-30 21:18:47 stpeterskeys9 bye mama fox
2017-01-30 21:18:55 Sarah Osborn Gotta be careful with your body fluids!!!! Hehehehehe!
2017-01-30 21:18:59 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes thanks for having me guys
2017-01-30 21:19:04 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes (L)
2017-01-30 21:19:11 EFStill (})
2017-01-30 21:19:21 Sarah Osborn Thank you for being on the show! (L)
2017-01-30 21:19:55 stpeterskeys9 Goes for if your gay too. dont give it up right away
2017-01-30 21:19:56 Madame Nadias Boudoir of Fortunes my pleasure guys
2017-01-30 21:20:06 64784 bye mamita
2017-01-30 21:20:22 CoastsideConjure ewww
2017-01-30 21:20:26 EFStill It's funny how traditional this advice all is.
2017-01-30 21:20:34 Sarah Osborn We haven't talked about the dfference between matriarchial and patrichal societies!
2017-01-30 21:20:59 CoastsideConjure I'll stick to my Aphrodite oil lol
2017-01-30 21:21:47 Sarah Osborn I knew it was my damned question! Lmao!
2017-01-30 21:21:54 CoastsideConjure "Ihi t falls under ""unethical"" when it works against/forcing Free Will"
2017-01-30 21:22:00 CoastsideConjure I think*
2017-01-30 21:22:04 64784 Lol great question hun
2017-01-30 21:22:07 CoastsideConjure thats just my opinion
2017-01-30 21:23:07 Sarah Osborn "I think the answers that Candelo is giving is essentially the reason WHY I am against them. Most of them are over silly ***! Help me keep my man, he's sleeping with 2 other women! NO! Find another one that's GOOD for you!"
2017-01-30 21:24:13 EFStill "I would think love must be the most common work people want, though."
2017-01-30 21:24:13 CoastsideConjure Amorea... I need to send you an oil
2017-01-30 21:24:26 stpeterskeys9 Yes but love is love and sometimes you can't help who you fall for
2017-01-30 21:24:27 64784 I love to try it
2017-01-30 21:24:28 Sarah Osborn "True, as far as the most common workings."
2017-01-30 21:24:53 Sarah Osborn "And thank you, Amorea. It was a valid question. Lol."
2017-01-30 21:25:37 Ghia Love is higher Energy than payback
2017-01-30 21:25:43 Ghia amen
2017-01-30 21:25:56 Ghia you gotta let it go
2017-01-30 21:26:07 Ghia turn the other cheek
2017-01-30 21:26:14 64784 your so welcome it was great question that even our listeners were asking themselves. thank you for sharing sarah
2017-01-30 21:26:24 64784 (L)
2017-01-30 21:26:30 Sarah Osborn "I think that's why it seems like if you do love spells for others, you may want to be picky. *** I would! :)"
2017-01-30 21:27:01 Sarah Osborn Amorea (L)
2017-01-30 21:27:03 Ghia fear makes all bad things manifest and fester
2017-01-30 21:27:19 EFStill Did he just cite The Craft?
2017-01-30 21:27:27 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Craft was a Wiccan horror film.
2017-01-30 21:27:37 EFStill Indeed.
2017-01-30 21:27:47 CoastsideConjure I was working at Pan Pipes where one of the actresses owned it
2017-01-30 21:27:48 Ghia avoid all taht badness in the life by not encouraging it in any way shape or form
2017-01-30 21:28:15 gari farmer I was in the Army when that movie came out. I feel so old now.
2017-01-30 21:28:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Phase shifted lives.
2017-01-30 21:28:39 CoastsideConjure Fairuza Balk owned it
2017-01-30 21:28:44 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti She did.
2017-01-30 21:29:00 CoastsideConjure I worked there for a summer back in the day
2017-01-30 21:29:00 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti And she also owned an occult store in southern Ca.
2017-01-30 21:29:13 64784 Pan Pipes..... Really
2017-01-30 21:29:14 CoastsideConjure Pan Pipes
2017-01-30 21:29:16 CoastsideConjure Yes
2017-01-30 21:29:25 Ghia "I will keep him in my heart and mind, and he knows it....dimensional Love"
2017-01-30 21:29:27 CoastsideConjure I dont think its open anymore
2017-01-30 21:29:39 CoastsideConjure but I worked there for a brief time
2017-01-30 21:29:43 64784 Take pictures next time i love your travel pics
2017-01-30 21:29:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Did you? Did you know about the fire?
2017-01-30 21:30:14 CoastsideConjure No I didnt
2017-01-30 21:30:18 AnnIva someone knows a good rootworker in san diego?
2017-01-30 21:30:27 CoastsideConjure "Yes I worked there, did not know about the fire"
2017-01-30 21:30:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Were you there during the time the owner was helping some guy sell his soul to the Devil?
2017-01-30 21:30:39 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Owner or manager.
2017-01-30 21:30:43 CoastsideConjure LOL that was a daily occurance
2017-01-30 21:30:49 64784 i learn something new everyday
2017-01-30 21:30:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti For a movie?
2017-01-30 21:30:55 Ghia (lol)
2017-01-30 21:31:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Apparently they were filming in the store.
2017-01-30 21:31:17 64784 oh no
2017-01-30 21:31:21 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Proably during the last 8-10 years tho.
2017-01-30 21:31:30 Candelos Corner Radio Anniva look at the AIRR page
2017-01-30 21:31:37 CoastsideConjure must have been there before or after I was there
2017-01-30 21:31:49 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Michele Jackson.
2017-01-30 21:31:59 CoastsideConjure I wasnt out on the floor much.. I did a lot of inventory and stocking
2017-01-30 21:32:05 Sarah Osborn AIRR page? Yes y'all I don't know this yet. Lol.
2017-01-30 21:32:05 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti AnnIva: Michele Jackson.
2017-01-30 21:32:21 Candelos Corner Radio And please make you font the same as everyones thank you
2017-01-30 21:32:20 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2017-01-30 21:32:38 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers
2017-01-30 21:33:16 Sarah Osborn "Thank you Towelhead, darling."
2017-01-30 21:33:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Sarah, you're welcome."
2017-01-30 21:34:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.lmcradionetwork.com
2017-01-30 21:34:14 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com
2017-01-30 21:34:26 64784 I'll be there for the first time..... Im so excited
2017-01-30 21:34:26 Ghia where is your church Candelo post a pic?
2017-01-30 21:34:25 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.hoodooheritagefestival.com
2017-01-30 21:34:28 Sarah Osborn Ayeeee! You know you got all of us here!
2017-01-30 21:34:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti It's May 13 and May 14!
2017-01-30 21:34:45 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "You're right, Candelo!"
2017-01-30 21:34:53 CoastsideConjure http://www.missionaryindependent.org/workshops.html
2017-01-30 21:34:57 Ghia "I wish i could be there this year, i will have to shoot for next year"
2017-01-30 21:35:23 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Tickets on sale now Early-Bird Special
2017-01-30 21:35:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://hhf2017.eventbrite.com
2017-01-30 21:35:42 CoastsideConjure Will be there!
2017-01-30 21:35:53 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Oh no!
2017-01-30 21:36:05 Sarah Osborn Wish I could go!
2017-01-30 21:36:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Mesa Blanca
2017-01-30 21:36:26 Ghia I really wanted to this year....
2017-01-30 21:36:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti First thing on Sunday!
2017-01-30 21:36:42 CoastsideConjure There wont be many more of these events in the future!
2017-01-30 21:36:42 EFStill That sounds like a great event.
2017-01-30 21:37:29 Sarah Osborn I freestyled my Altars..... Hmmm. Lol.
2017-01-30 21:37:31 Ghia Hahah
2017-01-30 21:37:30 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Prescheduled booking reservations may purchased with a credit card or Paypal between FEBRUARY 15th, 2017 and MAY 12th, 2017."
2017-01-30 21:38:11 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Check http://www.hoodooheritagefestival.com for updates!
2017-01-30 21:39:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Presenters Banquet on Saturday Night!
2017-01-30 21:39:36 Ghia "o I wish i could go , but this year no"
2017-01-30 21:39:45 Ghia so tempting
2017-01-30 21:40:16 Ghia o crap
2017-01-30 21:40:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Tickets for the banquet are separate.
2017-01-30 21:40:26 Ghia its pulling me
2017-01-30 21:40:56 Ghia Candelo you are 30 min away
2017-01-30 21:40:59 stpeterskeys9 im getting there next year if i cant this year but im trying my hard for this year
2017-01-30 21:41:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL Ghia!
2017-01-30 21:41:18 Ghia and prof orterfield saved my life
2017-01-30 21:41:28 CoastsideConjure Yo KNOW what I ook like lol
2017-01-30 21:41:32 CoastsideConjure look*
2017-01-30 21:41:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti I think you may know what (Papa) (Eye of) Newt looks like.
2017-01-30 21:41:59 Sarah Osborn Oooh! He just called my arse OUT! Lmao! <3
2017-01-30 21:42:02 Ghia I meant to come this yea
2017-01-30 21:42:05 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "He did, Sarah!"
2017-01-30 21:42:50 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Where they CANNOT meet him? :D
2017-01-30 21:42:54 Ghia buh bye michael
2017-01-30 21:42:52 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Birch Tree // Michael Correll 913-828-2042 http://www.thesacredgrovestore.com
2017-01-30 21:43:00 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti https://www.facebook.com/Unity-of-Wicca ... 240967776/ https://www.youtube.com/user/freakphil1309
2017-01-30 21:43:04 Sarah Osborn "I'm buying you lunch, Candelo when I come down to FL to visit fam! <3"
2017-01-30 21:43:23 daughteroftituba :D zadddyyy!!!
2017-01-30 21:43:30 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti You were hidden!
2017-01-30 21:43:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Bye!
2017-01-30 21:44:00 daughteroftituba "i already tolllld you, lolll"
2017-01-30 21:44:34 64784 (lol)
2017-01-30 21:44:56 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti How to get your lover to loosen up on that money.
2017-01-30 21:45:40 Sarah Osborn "My Husband is probably paying a LOT of attention right now, lmao! I got the account info. DAYUM!"
2017-01-30 21:45:47 64784 rue plant
2017-01-30 21:45:56 64784 lot of candy
2017-01-30 21:46:03 64784 changes
2017-01-30 21:46:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Rue plant
2017-01-30 21:46:07 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Rock candy
2017-01-30 21:46:09 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Change
2017-01-30 21:46:14 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Cotton
2017-01-30 21:46:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Personal concerns
2017-01-30 21:46:28 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Siempre Vida plant
2017-01-30 21:46:34 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Sex with target
2017-01-30 21:47:03 Ghia in Target???
2017-01-30 21:47:13 Ghia (lol)
2017-01-30 21:47:19 Ghia just kidding
2017-01-30 21:47:37 RaasAlHayya lol Ghia :D
2017-01-30 21:49:51 Ghia (H)(H)
2017-01-30 21:50:03 Ghia smoke it I say
2017-01-30 21:50:18 64784 they came home fast
2017-01-30 21:50:32 Ghia smoke signals
2017-01-30 21:50:40 Sarah Osborn :D
2017-01-30 21:50:46 Ghia Air signs
2017-01-30 21:50:59 Ghia Ancient
2017-01-30 21:50:59 Sarah Osborn "Smoke signals, LAWD a whole other topic!"
2017-01-30 21:51:25 Ghia watching incense smoke etc.
2017-01-30 21:51:32 EFStill Thanks for a good show. Have a good week! Stay safe.
2017-01-30 21:51:50 gari farmer "Fun show. Thanks, y'all!!! (L)"
2017-01-30 21:51:51 Sarah Osborn "Loved the show tonight, as always!"
2017-01-30 21:51:52 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Amora / Lady A https://twitter.com/amorearocha https://www.facebook.com/amorea.singletonrocha
2017-01-30 21:51:56 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrPG8T ... dYM6uIdHiA https://www.periscope.tv/amorearocha
2017-01-30 21:52:05 64784 Loved having all of you here
2017-01-30 21:52:25 64784 thank you so much for everyone coming one tonight
2017-01-30 21:52:36 Sarah Osborn "Just sent a friend request, Amora! <3"
2017-01-30 21:52:47 Ghia :-*(L)(F)
2017-01-30 21:52:59 64784 my phone died
2017-01-30 21:53:02 Sarah Osborn Thank YOU!!!!! <3
2017-01-30 21:53:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Madame Nadia http://www.madamenadia.com https://twitter.com/Got_Fortune https://www.facebook.com/MadameNadiaFortunteller
2017-01-30 21:53:17 4freckles Awesome show!! Thanks for the magic...Good evening all!! (L)
2017-01-30 21:53:17 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Candelo Kimbisa http://www.facebook.com/candeloscornerradio http://www.kimbisa.org http://www.hoodoopsychics.com extension 1362
2017-01-30 21:53:25 Ghia Yes Good Day Good Vibes
2017-01-30 21:53:29 Lynna Albert "Thank you, Lady A and Candelo... Great show!! (L)"
2017-01-30 21:53:30 RaasAlHayya "Been listening to the LMJ network archives for a couple of months, this is the first time I could make it to a show while it's on the air. Thank you all for these programs!"
2017-01-30 21:53:36 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti May all the eguns and shadows that accompany you have all the necessary light!
2017-01-30 21:53:48 Sarah Osborn Y'all are the BEST!(L)
2017-01-30 21:53:53 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Love and peace to you and yours.
2017-01-30 21:53:57 64784 (L) thank you sarah oodnight
2017-01-30 21:54:03 Ghia :-*(F)
2017-01-30 21:54:57 RaasAlHayya Good night y'all!
2017-01-30 21:55:07 Candelos Corner Radio :-*
2017-01-30 21:56:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti FOUND the hidden show!!
2017-01-30 21:56:43 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti https://t.co/xjJbAhDMom
2017-01-30 21:57:19 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.blogtalkradio.com/candelosco ... your-magic
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