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Which AIRR Workers Do $10.00 Ten-Minute Readings?

How to contact AIRR or HP for an authentic hoodoo psychic reading, conjure consultation, or magical coaching, and how to hire a root doctor.

Which AIRR Workers Do $10.00 Ten-Minute Readings?

Unread post by Leena8 » Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:23 am

:D Hi all, I am Leena and new to the Occult arts. I am inexperienced and even so I really want to do a spell on someone that have a particular need. Though I can't do it myself can someone or does anyone know a friend who can do one spell for me for free who is experienced and serious in helping me and if so how can I get in touch with this person?

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Re: Which AIRR Workers Do $10.00 Ten-Minute Readings?

Unread post by jwmcclin » Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:19 pm

Welcome to the forum Leena80. AIRR has a list of readers and rootworkers that covers many areas of life. At the least you can request a 10 minute reading to discuss your situation. (http://www.readersandrootworkers.org) As for free, you will need to discuss that further with the person you contact.
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Re: Which AIRR Workers Do $10.00 Ten-Minute Readings?

Unread post by Leena8 » Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:35 pm

Thanks so very much for that information.

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Which AIRR Workers Do $10.00 Ten-Minute Readings?

Unread post by miziluvhoodoo » Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:28 pm

Hello! I apologize for posting this here. I couldn't find where I could post this at. Is there a reader on here that still do 10 minute readings?
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Re: AIRR Worker Who Does $10.00 Ten-Minute Readings

Unread post by angelael » Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:43 pm

Cat has a list here:

1 Yes/No Question $10.00 Elvyra Cucuruto-Love
http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/el ... -love.html

10 Minute Reading or Yes/No Question $10.00. Miss cat yronwode
http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/ca ... nwode.html

Yes-No Email Reading $10.00 ConjureMan Ali
http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/co ... n-ali.html

Yes/No Tarot Reading $10 Devi Spring

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if I need a quick $10 reading.....

Unread post by ariela » Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:06 am

I'm wondering if there's a way to get a fast reading on something or what the best way to go about this is.....? thanks

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Re: if I need a quick $10 reading.....

Unread post by Devi Spring » Sat Apr 07, 2012 6:30 am

Well the best way to get a reading immediately is to use the Hoodoo Psychics line, however it carries a premium price.

To get the reading for $10, you'll need to book in the regular way with the AIRR worker of you choice. You can always email them to find out their waiting times. Generally speaking a short yes/no reading won't have as long a wait time as the longer, full readings - so you may very well be able to get in with someone fairly quickly.
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What is a "quick divination"?

Unread post by Temont » Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:12 am

I've been reading through the threads daily and I have noticed a few moderators recommend that people do a quick divination-- what does this mean exactly? Is this in reference to different forms of divination or one in particular?

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Re: Divination question?

Unread post by j82 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:17 am

Meaning watch how the candles burning, or the wax melts in patterns is quick, pullingo ut a tarot deck and asking pulling 1-3 cards, using a pendulum, pray over a bible then open it up and read the first verse that also is a form.. Really depends on your preference, talent and ability.

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Re: Divination question?

Unread post by aura » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:15 pm

j82 is right on the money.

It can also be a recommendation to get a quick Yes/No divination from a 10 or 15 minute reading with an AIRR worker.
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Re: Divination question?

Unread post by Joseph Magnuson » Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:14 am

I will usually do a quick pendulum divination of yes/no or pull one tarot card to give me an idea of how things are/should be going.
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Re: Divination question?

Unread post by Temont » Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:14 pm

Thank you all so much!

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Reading costs

Unread post by MoonSunStar » Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:05 am

Hi. I would like to know how much a 10 min reading costs? Thanks

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Re: Reading costs

Unread post by MissMichaele » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:46 am

I can only speak for the workers of AIRR -- which is an outreach of the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, and not Lucky Mojo. Members of AIRR tend to charge $10 for ten-minute readings -- but they don't all offer that service.

You can go to the AIRR website (http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/) and see who does ten-minute readings. Pick the one whose page most appeals to you.

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Re: Reading costs

Unread post by MoonSunStar » Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:31 am

Miss Michaele, what a coincidence! I actually emailed u a few hours ago to request a 10 min reading! :D Please reply!

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Re: Reading costs

Unread post by Dragonfly72 » Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:47 pm

Can we send an e-mail for a reading, who does that, how much it costs?

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Re: Reading costs

Unread post by Miss Aida » Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:53 pm

Hello, Dragonfly72 ,
Just go to the AIRR page and see which AIRR members do e-mail readings.
Most of them have their costs listed right on their pages
Hops this helps

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Unread post by lynni » Thu Aug 14, 2014 4:31 pm

Hi everyone,
I am from Northern California. I am a newbie. I was wondering which rootworker does a 10 minute reading. I checked at the AIRR website but I didnt see any for $10.00, ten minute reading. Thank you. :)

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Re: Reading costs

Unread post by J-Mo » Thu Aug 14, 2014 5:46 pm

Hi lynni,

Please look more closely, quite a few readers at AIRR do 10-minute / $10.00 readings.

I merged your topic with the "reading cost" thread. Please check out the previous post in this thread, i think you will find them useful.

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