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Spells and Prayers for Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss

Posted: Mon May 10, 2010 3:24 pm
by Ntsur2002
I am hoping someone ,somewhere , has any advice...
I have met someone who i care for alot..the thing is he has had all this tragedy in his life within the last 5 months (losing a brother,sister and now his mom) leaving him the only one left of his family..
it's of course hard to start a beginning when there has been nothing but endings all around us..
what kind of comfort can i help to get him thru this grief and at the same time help hiim to see that he and i would be really great together? any suggestions working with candles and which saints would be of help?

Re: Any advice to get him through his grief?

Posted: Mon May 10, 2010 4:33 pm
by Devi Spring
I would focus on helping him through his grief first. Healing and Blessing condition products are really lovely and can help support his efforts. Hopefully he is already seeing a grief counselor to help him deal with and process all of this. Magical actions need to be backed by real-world work - so if he is not already, encouraging him to see someone who can help him, while working Healing/Blessing for him, would be very helpful.

Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss Questions and Answers

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:49 am
by Colorado_Kitsune
My 10 year old niece ( husband's brother's child) died unexpectedly due to complications from a tracheotomy removal. She was 100% the night she went to bed, with clearance and monitoring from doctors, but passed in her sleep that night. We have all had a huge shock, needless to say and as the only Seer/Worker in my family I've been doing my best to calm all and help her on her journey. I stayed up the night after we got the news she passed and held watch-did some ancestral work, spoke with her and tried to explain what was going on and get some of my own grief out....dressed a candle in rose oil( and a little bit of high John for courage/success for her) and have been keeping it lit constantly until she is buried on Tuesday afternoon. I've been leaving food ( chocolate- her favorite) and nourishment in our living room and we've been over to his brother's house every day to be with them. She will have an honored place in our home with the rest of our beloved ancestors and I've offered to clean her parents home for them- suggestions on oils or washes i can use? but can not think of much else to do for her...

is there something else I can do? Keep in mind that her family and the rest of my extended family are of a religion that wouldn't approve of open work, although explained in certain terms I was able to tell my sister in law that we had a picture and candle lit for Aspen until after the funeral.

I hope this makes sense- grief might be making my normally coherent and collected ability to communicate a little difficult to understand.
Thank you in advance for your assistance- I'm sorry that this has to be my first post to the forums.

p.s.- I know this is not something conjure generally addresses and I'm new to the formal practice. I was introduced to it in March this year by Orion Foxwood and have Cat Yronwode's book and have been reading histories, cultural anthropology studies and other reputable books on the subject and practicing making mojo bags but that's about as far as my practice goes.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:56 am
by faith2008
I'm sure that one of the more experienced workers will be on later to give the advice you are seeking but I just wanted to post and offer my deepest condolences on your loss. Your family and your niece will be in my prayers.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:00 am
by Colorado_Kitsune
Thank you faith. It is much appreciated. I'm sure your prayers and thoughts will be felt by her.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:54 am
by suzyparker
I would set up and keep an altar going for her. White candles are best. Perhaps, a Blessing Candle. Lots of prayers to and for her. Not sure if you are trying to communicate with her (if that's the case, bowl of fresh water on the altar is very helpful), flowers, chocolate is excellent, a photo of her (alone). If you are trying to help her find peace and to let go to everything earth bound, I would do Miracle/Blessing/Healing type candles. Tough call. My heart goes out to you and your family. The death of a child is an enormous loss, it's burying the future.

PS - you may want to do healing candles for her parents, siblings, etc. Lots of tranquility if you have it on hand.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:19 pm
by Colorado_Kitsune
I'm doing the altar for her with white, cream and light blue candles which are burned in a large vase with cool water in the bottom of it. They are dressed with rose oil, the water changed, the wicks are trimmed each night and morning. And the picture of her alone is there too. I'm not trying to communicate with her, as much as to communicate to her that we love her and she is safe on the other side to do what she needs to there with the ancestors and dear spirits... and that we are taking care of her family. That she won't be forgotten...etc.

I would like to do some blessing/healing candles for her family ( mother, father and sister) ...Tranquility what? candles?

I'll be ordering things from lucky mojo since i have hardly anything on hand except your standard kitchen herbs and some high john, devil's shoestring oil.- but i don't know where to start. I know that the physical and emotional comfort we are giving to my husband's brother and his family is the best magic- but i'd like to add some extra umph..yah know?

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:12 am
by Colorado_Kitsune
So I am thinking that I will buy the Tranquility Sachet Powder to sprinkle in the carpet, Plain White Glass-Encased Candle, Fixed for her family and some Peace water to mix with the water i will wash the floor/ walls with or using the tranquility bath crystals for that...I haven't decided yet.
I can't think of anything else that I can do but the real service of cleaning their home and the added bonus of some conjure work. Any other suggestions?

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:24 pm
by faith2008
Colorado_Kitsune wrote:So I am thinking that I will buy the Tranquility Sachet Powder to sprinkle in the carpet, Plain White Glass-Encased Candle, Fixed for her family and some Peace water to mix with the water i will wash the floor/ walls with or using the tranquility bath crystals for that...I haven't decided yet.
I can't think of anything else that I can do but the real service of cleaning their home and the added bonus of some conjure work. Any other suggestions?

I wish I was more experienced so that I may offer some suggestions but what you are doing sounds wonderful. Just knowing that you are there and that you are doing all that you can for them will be comfort in itself. I do not know what religion your family is but maybe one of the saints would be of some help and comfort to them in their time of need. Being a mother I think knowing that our Mother Mary looking over my family and my beloved daughter would be of comfort. Just a thought.

I will continue to keep your family in my prayers. God bless you all and may you find peace throught these difficult times.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:36 pm
by Colorado_Kitsune
Thank you Faith. The rest of my family is mormon so they don't really use saints or Mary in their iconography. Although they were not active members of the church I don't see them responding really to the Holy Mother. I myself have no issue using a saint's prayer or some litany while I'm cleaning (suggestions??) but they've already been pushed in the direction of the mormon religion by other family members and rather than add a different, loud oppinion on how I think they should heal and who they should go to for comfort...I suppose I will add my quite, calm engery with the help of my gods and spirits to add to it. They will do the work regardless of their (the grieving parents) feelings towards them (the spirits/dieties) I'm pretty sure.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:05 pm
by faith2008
I wish I knew the psalms better so that I could be of more help. When all else fails I always refer back to the Our Father. And a sincere prayer to Mary to comfort the family will always be heard. I'm sure any saint that you are familiar with or have worked with before will be more than willing to help under these circumstances if asked.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:02 pm
by Miss Tammie Lee
I am very sorry for your loss. I do not have a smart appropriate answer for this, but maybe some white candles and prayer.
SH of Jesus, but I do not know what faith you are. I saw the post and just wanted to say I am very sorry for your loss.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:52 am
by Colorado_Kitsune
Triplethreat- Thank you for your condolences. I myself am a polytheist pagan with roots in Celtic cosmology and ancestral worship. I have no issue using christian imagry or words though to accomplish a job.
What would be the best way to use SH of jesus?

Could I pour the Tranquility powder into some baking soda and use it as a carpet freshener?

Can I mix the oil with water in a spray bottle and use it to help me clean the walls?

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:06 am
by Miss Tammie Lee
I really do not know. Hopefully, you will get some good feedback from Stars, Devi, HD, Conjurman, Cleo, LitLion, Cognativediss,--and several more (just because I did not name, there are several more--list is long-- in the forum I track and follow, because they all seem to know what they are doing.) anyway, hopefully one of these "wise ones" as I call them will answer back.
I have burned SH of Jesus Candle for cleansing and purification. It is 8.50 I just checked the LM Catalog for you.
As for the powder and oil, most of the products do come with instructions. You might already know, but you can go to the inventory and search and also look in Ms. Cat's on line book.
I'm sure someone else will post who is far more knowledgable than I am to help you during this time of greef, with what else you could do.
Again, very sorry for your loss.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:43 am
by Colorado_Kitsune
Miss Tammie Lee-
I've checked Ms Cat's books, both on line and off ( i've got a hard copy of her hoodoo book). I try to check sources before asking a question but a lot of it seems like you just have to do it and see what works. lol. i will check again though to see if I'm missing anything.
I get to wait on the SH of jesus products (thanks for checking on the price btw) I just placed an order for some of the basic cleansing and blessing items..and a blessing candle but we are helping with some of the funeral and medical expenses is a little tighter than normal for us poor college kids... I'm sure I will add it to my list of things to get for continued work. It sounds like a good tool.
Thank you again for your support ( everyone). It means a lot.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:14 pm
by Mama Micki
My deepest condolences to your family. I have a ten-year-old daughter and can imagine what the child's parents are going through.

Healing and Blessing products are good. Other ideas are Guardian Angel (or Archangel Gabriel or Archangel Raphael) or Our Lady of Grace (or any other depicting the Virgin Mary). Dress a white vigil candle with oil and glue her picture to the glass. When it is done, you can get a wax refill and dress it again.

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:38 pm
by Colorado_Kitsune
Mama Micki - hug your daughter tonight and tell her you love her.... and thank you for the condelences. we are all still in shock and will be for some time.

I'm having LM dress the first candle ( a white one with no label) but I will dress that will be burned in their home the day that I clean and the rest of the time I will replace the wax, dress it and burn it at her grave site when I can..... I don't want to seem to be pushing my family too much into doing hoodoo work- they don't mind my quirkyness every now and again and if they seem to find comfort from it I have no issue showing them a few things and letting them continue it.... but like i said before they are already being pushed by other religious fronts.

I like the idea of guardian angel products too...

Re: Child's Sudden Death- how do I help her and my family?

Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:44 pm
by Colorado_Kitsune
I just got my package today and I'm so pleased. I just wanted to thank you all and the LM staff for helping me. The candle is wonderful and I'm glad I can do this for them. Thank you again. ya'll are fantastic.

My Grandmother Died This Morning

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:36 pm
by maduro01
I don't know how to feel right now. My heart is heavy. I am around my mom and her siblings. Everyone is so emotional, which is making me feel like the pain will NEVER end.

Is there a candle for any of this? I am sorry, but I can't do a search on this right now. I feel so lost.

Re: My Grandmother Died This Morning

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:17 pm
by Devi Spring
I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.

I would recommend Blessing candles be set for yourself and your family; you could also consider setting some Healing &/or Tranquility candles as well to help with that. It would actually make a lovely trinity of candles for your loved ones.

You can have the MISC do it so you do not have anything else to worry about.

Re: My Grandmother Died This Morning

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:44 pm
by Jaime Banks
I also am very sorry for your loss, and as for what Devi described above, you can order some Healing and Blessing candles and do them weekly. I would also look into House Blessing for your loved ones. Also, I would also think of getting O.L. of GRACE OIL, for peace and warmth for you and your family. Many blessings.

I'll forward you the links:

Re: My Grandmother Died This Morning

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:33 pm
by Miss Tammie Lee
I am very sorry for your loss and condolences for you and for your family.

Re: My Grandmother Died This Morning

Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:03 am
by maduro01
Thank you guys! The togetherness of family and friends are helping me get through this.

Re: My Grandmother Died This Morning

Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 7:17 am
by hlisa81734
I am so sorry for your loss. Much love, hugs and blessings. Please be gentle with yourself and take care of yourself. My 21 year old son, Nic, died in August and it's been a process going through all the grief.
I find it very mportant for me to rest, pray and grieve at my own pace. There is no right or wrong way.
LM candles and oil will help. I wish i knew about them after my son died.


Healing guilt from a passed loved one

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:24 pm
by Conjuremoon
What is the best spell for Healing guilt from a passed loved one?

Family Loss

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:04 pm
by BerthaB
I just found out that my cousin died from a 4 wheeler accident today :( I feel sad for his family but I want To stay Positive for everyone.I just feel the need to ask that he is forgiven for his sins and I want to help the family during this time by setting a light .Can someone lead me in the right direction :cry: Thanks in advance.

Re: Family Loss

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:09 pm
by JayDee
Sorry for your loss, My prayers are with you! as for setting a candle you can contact to set candles for him and the family, also any AIRR worker will set candles as well, if you are looking for free their is a fund and ull have to check with them specifically for that cause. Otherwise you can have catholic churches do a mass in his name as well.

Re: Family Loss

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:27 pm
by nvme
I am so sorry for your loss BerthaB. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time. As far as leading you in the right direction I agree with j82 (very good advice in my humble opinion)

Re: Family Loss

Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:09 am
by Miss Ida Lundin
I am sorry for your loss.
Here are the candleservice link, where you can order candle set at missionary independent church.

If you are looking for candles to burn on your home altar, you can find them here:

If you were wondering over what types of candles to buy, I think blessing candles are a good choice for your situation.


Re: Healing guilt from a passed loved one

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:25 am
by starsinthesky7
I actually would think that cut and clear would be a good to cut anything off from the past along with some healing products.

It will help you or a loved one move on.

Re: Healing guilt from a passed loved one

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:27 am
by catherineyronwode
You might wish to light a candle for blessing or healing.

Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss Questions and Answers

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:02 am
by Maitthew
want to ask how you set lights to help people during the mourning process, to heal them, and to get rid of negative energies.

What are some different ways of doing this? I've read up on it but now I'm just trying to get an idea of how different people go about doing it.

Re: How would *you* set lights to aid the mourning process?

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:39 pm
by aura
Hi Maitthew,

Having the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church (MISC) set a light on behalf of the mourner can work well, particularly if you aren't used to setting lights yourself. The Healing Miracle light is a good choice: ... racle.html.

If you want to set the light yourself, there's a lot of useful information about doing that in the following forum thread: candles-trim,-carve,-load,-petition,-pr ... t9108.html

In addition, on a mundane level, a grief support group can also be a welcome place for those in crisis. If they are open to such a service, just the gift of giving them the coordinates is great one.

Blessings and best of luck.

addressing negative energy associated with genocide/war?

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:33 pm
by duende
I am not quite sure where to post this, nor even if I have a specific question, more just wondering about how the hoodoo tradition might address large scale, political or historical suffering, not just death as regards individuals dying in accidents or personally-motivated murders, etc. (I haven't read through every post on here regarding the dead, but many seem to address individual spirits; also I have not exhaustively read through all of the historical pages here about hoodoo, but I have read through a lot of it—I very much want to have a solid context for this work. I try to avoid information in a vacuum.)

Some context for my wondering: the past few years I worked on a project about the Rwandan genocide, which required working in Rwanda. While there I visited all of the genocide sites around the country. Walking into the first site was like being hit in the solar plexus with a heavy board of grief & hurt. A physical sensation of being hit, or having walked straight into a wall of massive pain. Just terrible. I sat for awhile with some of the skulls in one of the crypts we also visited and asked for forgiveness. Then there were the rooms and rooms of bodies that are laid out in an elementary school... Anyway. I fell into a pretty deep & sustained depression while working on this project, made worse by studying war and conflict studies in my political science courses; I had tons of terrible nightmares that were particularly historical/political feeling in nature (for example, israel/palestine violence, attacks on farmers in indonesia-- one of the most frightening nightmares I've ever had, african-american suffering in the US, genocide-themed dreams, latin american political prisoners being executed by firing squad, etc.).

The intensity of the grief I felt while thinking about genocide, wars, and other awful events would shock me, though it all felt right to grieve it in many ways. I would feel utterly powerless to control it; on a number of occasions it didn't even feel like "my" grief, or that it was my feelings attaching to...something else. It's taken me years, and being baptised a Christian, to shake off a lot of the darkness I gathered around me while working on this project, and only in the last year finding my way back into some kind of daily existence where I don't feel physically & paralyzingly aware of how much awfulness is experienced in the world on a regular basis. I don't want to *not* be aware of these things, mind you, but I don't want the feeling of danger & violence lodged in my bones.

Any thoughts on addressing the suffering that happens because of political power abuses, political violence, history, etc.? Is there any difference in the tenor of the energy it leaves behind; does scale matter? Is this even a meaningful question? I have worked on this stuff in therapy, at church, and have good resources I can turn to. It feels right to involve hoodoo, however, & I'm planning some cleansing/healing work with LM products, yet I also want to know what I can do spiritually to make the positive energy I work with not be all about my own well-being/healing, but also that of others who experienced the real suffering. I am thinking working with many of the Saints is a good plan, so many of them associated with helping the powerless and abused. Also I will get a reading done at some point to see if something from my experience in Rwanda has been lingering with me in a way I can render more manageable (with some help). Thoughts/advice very, very appreciated! Also if this is not an appropriate question for these boards, I apologize; also for the length of the post, sigh.

Re: addressing negative energy associated with genocide/war?

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:56 pm
by Mama Micki
Lucky Mojo has a World Peace candle you can light while you pray for an end to violence in the world. In light of recent events, maybe more of us should be working toward this goal.

Re: addressing negative energy associated with genocide/war?

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:15 pm
by duende
Thank you for your reply, Mama Micki; I appreciate it. I will add a world peace candle to one of my future orders.

Re: addressing negative energy associated with genocide/war?

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:52 am
by MissMichaele
Me too.

I have an entire altar dedicated to justice. Dr. Martin Luther King, Bayard Rustin, Frederick Douglass and Santisima Muerte preside there.

Good luck and good magic,

Miss Michaele

Advice on healing herbs

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:07 am
by Littlestar
What are the best herbs for healing grief and anger and COOL down the anger? Can Lemon leaf be used to cleanse and clear past anger issues?
Also besides master of the woods to give this person the strength and courage to deal with the healing process and face the issues that need to be dealt with?

Re: Advice on healing herbs

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:28 am
by SweetLady
Hello Little Star:

Love your forum name by the way! That is the Indian name of my first neice and she is just my favorite girl!
Anyhoo, to get to your question. Althea is considered a great "soother" also Lavender comes to mind as does self-heal
But as for the strengthening work you are thinking on...I feel that those are kind of "opposing energies" and you should choose only one of them to work on this situation. Do you want to strengthen them so that they are able to overcome, or do you want to ease and soothe their pain so that they can you see what I am saying? there is the idea of working "hot and cold" but that is usually for love situations when you are working to bring one person to you as well as send the other away. I am sensing intuitively that for this particular situation you should choose one way that you want to accomplish this goal and then concentrate on that. Hope this helps!

Re: Advice on healing herbs

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:16 am
by jwmcclin
There are a variety of herbs designed for health and healing. I have listed a few here for her reading.

Althaea Leaf and Root
Self Heal
Comfrey Root
Lemon Mint
Peony Root

I recommend that you purchase a copy of cat's book Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic that includes 500 herbs, roots, minerals, and rare zoological curios. An excellent read!

Helping Close Friend Heal from Separation

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:28 am
by KrystalK
Hi again lol...

Well this is the same guy I have done the Cut & Clear for the wife to move on. (They have been separated and was supposed to start a business together but now I'm hearing that she is spending the start up money on a trip. Wow.)

I had a looong talk with him and he seemed to be down after sharing with me the full details ( I did a Compelling Spell to get him to open up more lol..he's a Scorpio & we know how secretive they can be). ..anywhoo..the wife has claimed the kids and isn't using the money as well as he'd hoped. He currently has no job but he find ways to make money . Sleeps on the floor at a friends house and is currently looking forward to getting to work at the company where his wife works to help increase his finances for him & his kids. (He loves them to death that is all he talks about).

I would very much like to help him which was my intention before getting physically involved and I have stepped back (as a friend) to clearly see the picture

BUT he's very independent and I'm not trying to step on his toes or make him feel like less of a man. I have plans to help nuture him back to health..he's lost to much weight in the past couple of months. He's chugging energy drinks and smoking weed (Cast Off Evil should helps since is not a REALLY bad habit of his ). Burning calories and stressing a lot. I told him he's going through anxiety and he needs to slow down. I have anxiety myself so I know the outcome. He's depressed.

Yesterday he expressed to me that his is broken and feel like he cant give himself to me (he's not mine anyways they aren't divorced) he talks about hanging out with me all the time calls me several times a day and we have looong chats ..upbeat ...always talking about future plans how things would be if he had money and a car. Ugh.

I want to help him find activities to do. Healthy, motivational, possitive activites. We've discussed working out several times but I think he needs to be nurished then bulk up later lol.

He tells me I can come over anytime but since he lives with a guy friend of ours I have to be considerate of the situation of coming to someone else house even though he's paying room and board. I also think that he wants me to come over so that he can see if I'm really serious/interested in him but in reality I'm letting him be him. Not trying to be clingy or pushy at all. He even admits he's all over the place, physically and mentally. He wants to slow down but he doesn't know what it is. I had the same issues last year and I'm just now slowing down helps with anxiety to keep moving.

We get along great and he and I being business partners would be a possibility he is very much on the same page as me . We have talked about doing a lot of activities together . He wants a job also. But if he's smoking that going to hinder him getting one because of the urine test ...

We both love and is interested in doing music. Something along those lines to keep him occupied and motivated is what he really wants...and I am interested in the same thing. We share the same friends with the same interest but its hard to trust people these days with your time and effort to get anything done but i can tell he's just as passionate about this as I am.

What do you suggest to do to help him calm down or possibly rest for a while he really needs it . He hope in next two months he will move out of the friend's house and have a job.

I am willing to do some Road Opener he has a lot of blockage. I think most of it is insecurity in the long run ...

Re: Helping Close Friend Heal from Separation

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:06 am
by aura
Hi KrystalK,

Road Opening will definitely help over the long run, but until he's calmed down a bit, do keep in mind that it's the kind of work that can usher in a whirlwind: it isn't called ''block-buster'' work for nothing. Thus keeping it all tempered with King Solomon Wisdom, Tranquility, Healing and Clarity can help a lot. You probably want to do some of the Healing, Clarity and Tranquility work prior to opening those roads. Baths are particularly helpful in this type of situation. If your friend won't use bath salts that you've repackaged for him, then you could also bathe a doll baby in his name. A good combo to mix up for him could look like this:
-1 part Healing Bath Crystals
-1 part Tranquility Bath Crystals
-1/2 part Clarity Bath Crystals
-1/2 part King Solomon Wisdom Bath Crystals
-1/2 part Nature Bath Crystals (not only sexual vitality is improved, this formula is also helpful for improving physical vigour and health)
-1/8 part Cast Off Evil Bath Crystals
-1/8 part Cut and Clear Bath Crystals
Combine all the crystals, mix well while calling for help for your friend and praying. Package in a nice jar or bottle and give it to him as a ''de-stressing'' bath blend. Tell him to relax at least 20 minutes in the bath while reading a good book - you could even get him a good book on music or music business along with the crystals.

Later on, in conjunction with the Road Opening proper, some John the Conqueror and Crucible of Courage can help bring it the qualities needed to see change through to its end.

Blessings and success in your work with your friend.

Advice: Friend is Grieving and Hoarding

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:32 pm
by magicmurphy
Hi All -

If there's a better thread to post this in, please feel free to move felt like this was the right spot...

I'll try to keep this as brief as I can, but it's complicated, and it's pretty clear it's hoodoo help that's needed here... I have a friend who has been awash in and denying her grief since the death of her wife 8 years ago. Her late wife had lived with a chronic illness, and 12 years prior to her wife's death, my friend had to put her into a nursing home for care. The last half of their marriage was daily visits to the nursing home until her death.

My friend has not cleaned her home -- both physically and spiritually -- since committing her wife to the home. That's 20 years of not cleaning her house. It's so filthy no one can enter without getting sick (I can't breathe in her house), and it is affecting her health on all levels too. She has been hoarding, depressed, and while we all know she needs professional help and have encouraged her to get it year after year, she always resists to say she's fine...

...Until two weeks ago, when she broke down in front of me over dinner and said she had no reason to live. I immediately hauled her in to a local spiritual healer and a reader. Helped for a bit, but the pattern is recurring. The sad thing is that her other friends are just throwing up their hands & giving up on her. I can't do that.

I'm thinking -- since we eat together a lot -- of slipping something hoodooed into her food or drink that would give her the courage/healing she needs to finally realize she needs to clean her home and embrace her life again. Everyone always says people have to want to help themselves.. well yeah... but sometimes they need a magical push. :)

I'd be grateful for recommendations for hoodooing her food/beverage to bless, heal, and help empower my friend toward cleaning up her life so she can be happy. If there are other suggestions besides food tricks that folks have, I'd be much obliged, too. (I do have a prayer in to the Crystal Silence League for her.)

St. Paul

Re: Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss Questions and Answers

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 4:43 am
by Turnsteel
Hi magicmurphy

Your friend needs to see an actual therapist or at the very least a councilor along side any magical work you might do. You can not magic away 20 years of grief, neglect and mental stress, nor can you hoodoo her into suddenly being able to get over it. Do your work, but if she doesn't see a psychiatric professional, well, you will have at the very least a much harder fight, if you can do it at all.

Re: Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss Questions and Answers

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:06 am
by catherineyronwode

i agree with Turnsteel. There are serotonin-mediated brain-chemistry factors with respect to hoarding and disorderly living that are best addressed through psychiatric medical means in tandem with talk-therapy.

Hoodoo can be supportive and even transformational, but it is not a cure for a medical condition.

Re: Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss Questions and Answers

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:44 pm
by magicmurphy
Thanks, Turnsteel and Ms Cat, for your responses.

Oh, yes, I and all her friends are fully aware that she needs professional help; we have been working on her to pursue it for years, and she simply won't do it. I simply wondered if a hoodoo kick-start might have been one way to reach her where handing her grief resources and encouraging her to stay in therapy hasn't.

I do respect the perspective and experience of the experts here on the forum, though; if you agree that this issue is not really one hoodoo can or should address, I get it, and won't pursue it. But I will be online soon to order up a candle for MISC to burn for her.

I am grateful for the feedback. :)

Much obliged,
St. Paul

Re: Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss Questions and Answers

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:58 pm
by catherineyronwode

As long as you are getting her medical help and are working on cleaning up her living situation, i am free to prescribe hoodoo work.

i would employ any of the following spiritual supplies: Van Van / Chinese Wash, Clarity, Tranquility, Healing, and Blessing.

For instance, since there will be a lot of physical cleanup to do, you will need cleaning supplies.

One 4-ounce bottle of Chinese Wash
One 4-ounce bottle of Peace Water
One 4-ounce Rootworker's Special Oil (Clarity, Tranquility, Healing, and Blessing)

Make up scrub water with the Chinese Wash, adding a few drops of the other two.

Use the Peace Water as a room spray.

Add the blended Rootworker's Special Oil to the person's bath products, lotions, and other personal toiletries, and also add it to any cleaning supplies that are used to wipe down wooden furniture.

Good luck.

Re: Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss Questions and Answers

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:01 pm
by magicmurphy
Much, much obliged, Ms. Cat.

St. Paul, MN

Helping a Spouse Deal With a Parental Passing

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:37 pm
by jpbollma
I apologize if I am starting a new thread if there is one about this subject already. I have been purchasing products for several months, however, I have only started posting within the past few weeks. My partner's father recently passed away very young (54) and unexpectedly. He is having a rather hard time with this, naturally. He is having a hard time feeling emotions at this point in time and has been wishing to dream of his father. Now, I am not even sure actual spirit contact is necessary , I feel he just needs comfort. Perhaps contact would make him feel better, but I don't know if I should intervene in such a matter. I have been purchasing supplies from the shop and with the limited means available, here is what I did.

I asked him to lay down and relax focusing on that which he wants to dream about. I lit a Lucky Mojo blue candle, anointed him with Peace Water and "Cast Away Evil" powder because he was feeling negativity towards other family members. After he fell asleep I took the leaf off of a plant from the funeral that he had saved. I anointed it and made the sign of the cross over him as he slept. I read the 23rd Psalm as he slept. While I read this, he continued to sleep deeply, however, jerked around a lot. The second I stopped he stopped. Did I do something wrong? What can I do to help him with the dream he is seeking? Thank you!

Re: Helping a Spouse Deal With a Parental Passing

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:39 am
by Mary Bee
People twitch in their sleep; it's normal as part of the dreaming process. I'd do a reading to see if your work affected him in that way, but your work sounds solid and compassionate.

Good luck,
Mary Bee

Re: Helping a Spouse Deal With a Parental Passing

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:10 am
by greeneyes2
I remember reading about doing a bath with Balm of Gilead and Marjoram for Family Tragedy ..
This might help

Help with home wake and family burial

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:42 pm
by Jennifer B
Hi everyone! My mom is dying of cancer, and we are in the process of making arrangements for her burial. When she passes, we are going to keep her body here at our house until it is time for us to transport her body to a natural cemetery where she will be buried in a simple shroud. After she passes, we will need to wash and prepare her body. I would like to use some conjure products in the process, but would like some ideas regarding what to use to help keep the energy clear in our home during the wake and also to help her on her journey. After bathing her (maybe with Florida Water, Vinegar, Hyssop, and Salt? ... or maybe a 9 or 13 day herbal bath?) , I would like to anoint her body with oil and set a light in her room. I would also like to burn incense, both during the wake and during burial.

I am thinking about products such as 7-11 Holy Oil, Abramelin, Spirit Guide, Blessing... I really am not sure about this. When a close friend died who was cremated several years ago, we held the vigil in the funeral home where her family had taken her so we couldn't burn anything. At the crematorium, we anointed her body with Frankincense Oil, and placed Frankincense and Myrrh resin around her body before lighting the retort. That had a very nice energy to it, but I am wondering if perhaps some of the LM products might better fit our purpose here. I really appreciate any ideas that anyone might have to my rather unusual request. Thank you!

Jennifer B.

Re: Help with home wake and family burial

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:58 am
by aura
Hi Jennifer B,

Using spiritual products to prepare the body and keep the house cleansed during the process are excellent ideas.

To bathe the body, a Hyssop wash or 13-herb bath are both really nice choices. If you want to go with prepared bath crystals, equal parts of Tranquility, Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel and Van Van can be mixed and diluted to prepare a wash water:

The anointing oils you've suggested are all appropriate. A combination of 7-11 oil and either Jesus the King or Holy Trinity oil would be really nice (or Moses or Abramelin oil in the case of the Jewish Faith):

For the incense, Frankincense and Myrrh are both very appropriate resins. You could also compliment those with 7-11 Holy incense and/or any of the incense lines for the anointing oils used.

Finally, sprinkling Peace Water around the house during the wake can help ensure a harmonious atmosphere amongst the living in order to better pay respects to the dead.


Re: Help with home wake and family burial

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:41 am
by Jennifer B
Thanks, Aura! I really like the idea of using Peace Water in the house.

Mourning the loss of an unborn child

Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 2:07 pm
by DreamCatcher
My friend lost her baby 6 months into her pregnancy. She almost lost her life also. I want to prepare a mojo hand to provide her with comfort and strength. I would like to place it inside a stuffed animal she can hug or a holy statue (Mother Mary or Guardian). I have experience in making mojo hands but I would love some ideas on what curios and herbs to include. Thank you.

Re: Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss Questions and Answers

Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 10:26 pm
by Miss Aida
Hello, DreamCatcher,
Try this page for healing and strength herbs:
I don't know what Religion you are but I like to add religious amulets
Along with amulets associated with healing.
Feed the bag with healing oil
Wishing your friend the best and so happy that you are helping her in her time of need.
You're a good person

Spells and Prayers to Heal Heartache Sorrow Sad Emotions

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:28 am
by Santiago
Hello, I have an old friend who just lost her son of 21 years. He was recently married, and had a young son of his own. I remember teaching him karate when he was 4. I'd like to offer her a type of blessing oil or blend perhaps. She's Catholic I believe, but not for sure. I feel very bad for her, and I don't know why. It's not like we corresponded much; just some online here and there. I can't help but get very upset and emotional feeling for her. I can only think possibly because my son is around the same age. But I digress. I'm sorry.

It doesn't have to necessarily be an oil either. I thought of a type of gift basket with some oils, maybe candles, i don't know. If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated. I'm at a loss because I get emotional every time I think of her.

Re: Spells and Prayers for Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:47 pm
by Miss Aida
Hello, Santiago ,

I am so very sorry.

This is so sad and her son was so young. I feel so bad for the both of you.

Please accept our condolences from everybody at Lucky Mojo.

Santiago, I have moved your post over to the subforum that deals with this.

Please read through the posts (although the major consensus is healing and blessing products).

I pray that the emotional pain subsides. Remember that he is in a happier place.

Re: Spells and Prayers for Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:28 pm
by Santiago
Thank you for moving my post. This is exactly the thread I was looking for.

and Thank you for your Condolences

Spells and Prayers for Healing Work for Grief Mourning Loss

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:44 pm
by Sis Rukiyah
I am a birth worker. I work with women/families during their per-conception, pregnancy, labor/birth. postpartum, and I am open to work with women whom may have had stillbirths, miscarriages, and/or abortions. I offer postpartum closing rituals which I feel is basic and I want to be able to do more as far as helping women heal regardless of the outcome of their pregnancy.

What types of spells, herbs, and other materials should I incorporate?

Guiding spirits to this physical realm as well as guiding the energy back to the unseen, is what I've been called to do but just recently acknowledged this.

Guidance Please.