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Spell-Casting to Learn a New Language

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:35 am
by Faithfully
I am a big fan of the Latin/Hispanic culture and I was wondering if there is a spell I could use that will help me not only learn Spanish quicker but also be able to speak it fluently and have a good grasp on it.

Thank you!


Re: Something to learn Spanish and be able to speak it fluently?

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:19 am
by jwmcclin
Consider Crown of Success and King Solomon Wisdom lines.

Crown of Success:
King Solomon Wisdom:

Re: Something to learn Spanish and be able to speak it fluently?

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:39 am
by Devi Spring
Remember Annette, magic won't do any work for you. You won't magically be able to speak and understand Spanish all of a sudden, or magically become a virtuoso singer instantly. It will help back up your physical efforts, help smooth and open roads for you, and can help you get lucky breaks so that your goals are expedited. But you still have to do all the grunt work, all the study, all the practice, etc.

Crown of Success and King Solomon Wisdom are nice choices for aiding your efforts to learn something new.

Re: Something to learn Spanish and be able to speak it fluently?

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:50 am
by catherineyronwode
Annette, you are asking for rather fantastical results.

In another thread you wanted "a spell" to make your singing voice sound "exactly like" a popular professional singer's voice, and here you want "a spell" to help you learn Spanish.

But you don't even tell us if you are STUDYING Spansish -- merely that you are "a big fan of the Latin/Hispanic culture."

Being a fan of a culture or of a singer's voice plus working "a pell" will not result in your having that singer's voice or speaking the language of that culture.

The suggestion to use Crown of Success and King Solomon Wisdom supplies given by jwmcclin was accurate -- but only as an aid to study, not as a transformation of yourself.

We are not selling fake pixie dust "spells" that turn people into singing Spaniards.

LM products, curios, etc. for learning a new language

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:18 am
by QematetSau

I need to learn Arabic for graduate studies in the Middle East, which will also qualify me for a fellowship. I would like to know which products and curios would be suitable for the job. I already use Crown of Success, King Solomon, and Mastery products in my studies with amazing results. I was thinking of using Clarity for understanding the language. Perhaps, a deer's tongue spell? Any ideas?

Thank you!

Re: LM products, curios, etc. for learning a new language

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:08 am
by aura
Hi QematetSau,

you're on the right track with the added Clarity and Deer's Tongue for your studies. John the Conqueror is also a nice root to work with.

One great way to work that ConjureMan Ali has often suggested is to place a few drops of each of the oils into an essential oil diffuser or burner while you're studying. For the Deer's Tongue, you can burn candles rolled in the herb - purple or yellow ones would work well.

A simple hand you can make in a purple or red bag to take with you for tests would include:
Peach Tree Leaves:
John the Conqueror root: ... small.html
Deer's Tongue:
Master Root:
Master of the Woods:
You could dress the bag with Mercury oil every Wednesday or a combo your study oils every Thursday.

Blessings and let us know how your studies are going!

Help with methods of studying

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:06 pm
by libralovemoon
I am currently trying to 'master' Spanish. I study, go over words and try to use it in my everyday activities whenever possible but I'm still having the 'translation lag' moment. Whereas I would rather hear someone speak Spanish, think in Spanish then speak back to them in Spanish, I go through the lag of hearing Spanish, translating it into English in my head, thinking of answer in English then translating that into Spanish in order to respond. I would rather Spanish came to me without the lag so I can become truly bilingual, to process the language the same way I process English.

I thought meditating would help open my mind to Spanish. I was thinking that it might get my mind more comfortable with hearing and understand Spanish and more open to 'thinking' in Spanish. I'm not uncomfortable with speaking and I don't second guess what I say, I just have this bothersome lag when speaking Spanish. I know my last teacher used to say that dreaming in a language that you're trying to learn is a good way to tell whether or not your overcoming the lag. So taking that advice I thought meditating or working with clarity oils would help me.

Here is what I was thinking of doing:
Dressing a blue candle with clarity & psychic vision (just to open my mind) and some star anise and mugwort.
write a petition for opening my mind to the Spanish language
Also after (or during) my meditation to have my Spanish conversations tape (basically just random conversations in Spanish) play (on low volume, just enough to hear) and continue to play all night even while I sleep.

Any suggestions about this?

Re: Spell-Casting to Learn a New Language

Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:38 pm
by aura
Hi libralovemoon,

Those are some good ideas - another good combination for the blue candle would be Master oil and King Solomon Wisdom oil. It isn't the ''traditional'' use for Master oil, but it can work well to help with the mastery you're seeking. It might also help to work with a white skull candle and appropriate incense.

In addition, consider making yourself a hand (mojo) with your petition for mastery of the Spanish language, a small John the Conqueror root, some master root, some deer's tongue, a pinch of sage and a pinch of flax. Sew an owl charm to the outside of the bag and dress it with the same oils you do your candle work with. Keep in under your pillow at night and on your person when you're speaking Spanish.

Blessings and success to you.