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Money House Blessing Bath Crystals Questions and Answers

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:55 am
by catherineyronwode
"A home and family may be blessed in many ways -- with faithful marital love and passion, with good health, with the delights of parenthood -- but if there is no money coming in, tensions tend to increase and happiness flees. The idea behind Money House Blessing is that with a good, steady income, peace and love will reign in the home."
-- The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. catalogue

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Money House Blessing Bath Crystals



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Re: Money House Blessing Bath Crystals Questions and Answers

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:44 am
by catherineyronwode

It's Facebook Fridays! for August 17, 2018, and Women's Work extends far beyond the kitchen!

The Lucky Mojo Curio Company is holding a random drawing to give away 4 copies of "Women's Work: Home-Style Hoodoo Spells for Marriage, Sex, and Motherhood" by Aura Laforest, an instruction-packed compilation that unlocks the magical secrets of female rootworkers and conjurers, along with a packet of hand-made Lucky Mojo brand Money House Blessing Bath Crystals, which is used as a floor scrub to bring cash income to your home.

All you have to do to enter is to post a comment to the contest announcement on the Lucky Mojo Facebook page, Facebook Fridays! status message.

First thing tomorrow morning, we will select FOUR winners at random, announce their names here, and ask them to message this Facebook Page with their mail