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Hello Everyone!!

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Hello Everyone!!

Unread post by HidingInSight » Thu May 10, 2018 12:06 am

Hello and pleased to meet you!

I wanted to introduce myself because I feel that I might be on the verge of being rude by posting without having introduced myself.

As much as I'd love to be an open book my life has taught me not to lol. So, I will try to make this as fruitful as possible while remaining anonymous in myself and in some details, unfortunately.

After all, knowledge is power, and we are in a sense, strangers to each other, as harsh as I feel that sounds.

Anyway, onward!

Like most of us who have been raised in the states and I'd imagine on this site, I seemed to have always been an odd duck. Even my birth was not normal. I have always been attracted to the unseen and to nature and the belief that natural objects contained power and spirit. Even at my youngest I held this belief. I did many things as a 6 year old that mirror Hoodoo in practice and I never knew the why or what I was doing, but I was always so overwhelmed with the urge that i had to do "something". Especially in auspicious times, such as lightning storms or Halloween night. My "mojo" as a child was a Ziploc bag full of anything from minerals, magnets, poker cards, crystals, pieces of metal, sigils I drew, seasonings from our kitchen, and dimes, I LOVED dimes! I would bury these in the back yard. Why? I honestly have NO IDEA. I just honestly felt SUPER compelled to do this stuff. I was lucky my kitchen never had a shortage of poker cards and ALL kinds of stuff in my moms "junk" drawer.

As a preteen and a teenager I became fascinated with dream books, Edgar Cayce, crystals, and meditating with them.

As a teenager I hung out with my first spiritual teacher who was in his 70's then and who is still my friend. I was directed to befriend him by a powerful spiritual woman who owned a metaphysical bookstore.

I hung out with him always at the shop and started to attend their invitation only discussions and meditations in my late teens. I was the only one there under 65 and I knew then, I was lucky.

They were a rare, magical, gifted, and fascinating bunch and I dearly miss those times.

In my mid 20's when I finally went off to college I met and befriended a slightly younger African American man who not only became my best friend but who introduced me to his Afro-Cuban spirituality that he had been raised in. I became of member of his spiritual family as well. He was a priest in Santeria.

I later initiated into some Priesthoods within that system.

My friend and his family and I have gone our separate ways.

I have a Shivite Hindu Swami who is a master ruin reader who isn't actually my Swami but my friend. He is in his early 70's. He was/is a great teacher to me.

He is VERY eclectic, VERY. He is also, no doubt, a Holy Man.

In 2013 I baptized in the Roman Catholic Church and some of or a lot of my (to quote someone else) "magic" was vested in that religious system.

I connect with "energies" from Hinduism, African Traditional Religion, Catholicism, Mainline Protestant and Baptist Christianity, and what I consider my Roots, pun intended hehe. I was raised in a non denominational Baptist leaning Church until about the age of ten. And, I believe it to be wise and perhaps even my destiny to eventually enroll in Catherine's HRCC. PS, my Great Grandmother on my Mom's side's name was Catherine Althea. I know, simple things fascinate me.

I LOVE every single angel, saint, being, entity, energy, god, deva, and orisha that I have connected with. I believe we are all a reflection of each other and that when we decide to leave this world we will go home where all the things we fight and claw and wish for will be beyond abundant and the norm.

I try to keep my heart always open, even if it hurts, and I try to be of service to others when I can.

I am a male 37 year old Cancer Sign who lives Near Chicago, where I grew up. My Mom's family is from Gary, by way of Appalachia Kentucky (Great Grandparents (Mother side). I am mostly, Irish, Scots Irish, 19% Swiss German, and 13% Polish. I have a total of 4% North African and Sub Saharan African as well and 0.1% Native American. Ashe ALL Ancestors!!

May God's Grace Bless us ALL,


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Re: Hello Everyone!!

Unread post by Sister Jean » Fri May 11, 2018 8:19 am

Hello HidingInSight,

Thank you very much for introducing yourself. Welcome to the Lucky Mojo forum; we're glad to have you! I hope you find your experiences here on the forum helpful and useful. Let us know if there is anything you need!
Thank you saints and spirits!
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Re: Hello Everyone!!

Unread post by HidingInSight » Fri May 11, 2018 10:41 am

Thanks Sister Jean!

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