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Thank you, Dr. Bob Crowley at Hoodoo Psychics

How to contact AIRR or HP for an authentic hoodoo psychic reading, conjure consultation, or magical coaching, and how to hire a root doctor.
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Thank you, Dr. Bob Crowley at Hoodoo Psychics

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Tue May 29, 2018 11:56 am

Dr. Bob Crowley is the newest member of Hoodoo Psychics, the online phone service for readers and rootworkers, where you can call in for instant readings.

Dr. Bob is a licensed medial physician as well as a reader, rootworker, and author. His book "Vulvamancy: A Guide to Yoni Divination and Magic" is an underground classic.

He specializes in readings and spell-casting that concern alternative sexual practices including neo-tantra, sex magick, esoteric sexual practices, erotic hypnosis, erotic seances, He reads and does work regarding matters of sexual identity, kinks, and helping individuals in conventional, polyamorous, BDSM, and other alternative relationship arrangements, He works to help patients break free from dark spells involving sexual domination, sexual oppression from an intranquil spirit, sexual obsession, and the incursions of Incubi or Succubi invoked by jealous rivals. To book Dr. Bob, you must be 21 years of age and well aware that your reading may potentially include graphic sexual content.

This thread has been set up as a place where testimonials about Dr. Bob Crowley's services can be posted.
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