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Deacon Millett Author's Special (2 Books) Questions and Answers

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Deacon Millett Author's Special (2 Books) Questions and Answers

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Fri Jan 10, 2020 7:45 pm

Deacon Millett Author's Special (2 Books)
by Deacon Millett

Use in Magic:
The Deacon Millett Author's Special features two great titles from the keeper of Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary: "Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells: Sweet Love Magic in the Conjure Tradition" and "Hoodoo Return and Reconciliation Spells: True Love Magic in the Conjure Tradition." Deacon's books have it covered, from sweetening friends, lovers, and those in positions of influence; to bringing back and reconciling with family, friends, and marital partners after a quarrel or a break-up. Each book contains dozens of traditional African-American hoodoo spells, including many that are disguised as foods to be served at table.

Spell Methods:
Lucky Mojo Books are filled with authentic and easy to follow instructions for practical spells of magic and fortune-telling. Enhance your success in love, luck, happiness, and wealth by learning time-tested folkloric traditions of hoodoo, rootwork, psychic reading, spiritual sorcery, and herbalism.

Product Details:
In this two-volume set -- a total of 192 pages! -- Deacon Millett reveals hundreds of spells for sweetening your romantic partners and business associates and re-establishing broken love connections. These two books regularly sell for $9.00 each (a total of $18.00). Pay only $8.00 each when you buy both as a package deal -- a total of only $16.00 (a savings of $2.00). Order the "Deacon Millett Author's Special" and you will receive one copy each of these 96-page books:

• Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells by Deacon Millett
• Hoodoo Return and Reconciliation Spells by Deacon Millett

Format: Two 96-page books (192 pages), trade paperbacks, illustrated
Publisher: LMCCo
Publication dates: 2013, 2015
ISBNs: Various
Tagged: Spells and Magic, Specials

Deacon Millett Author's Special (2 Books)



You can order right here in the Forum by clicking on the blue Add To Cart button.

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