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FIT AND FOXY CHAT LOG Setting Attainable Goals Dec 28, 2017

The magical lifestyle show starring Jaiye Dania and Madame Nadia that motivates you spiritually, emotionally, and physically to become your most magnificent self.
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FIT AND FOXY CHAT LOG Setting Attainable Goals Dec 28, 2017

Unread post by nagasiva » Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:32 pm

Fit+Foxy, Setting Attainable Goals, December 28, 2016

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lmcradione ... er-28-2016

Tune in to the 12th episode of Fit+Foxy! A magical-lifestyle podcast for creating an exquisite, first-class life, with a rocking body + attitude + soul. Today, with our fabulous guests, Theresa Reed, Ambrozine LeGare, and Mark Grimm, we will be suggesting techniques for Setting Attainable Goals for 2017.

Theresa Reed (aka “The Tarot Lady”) has been a full-time Tarot card reader for close to 30 years. She is the author of The Tarot Coloring Book (release date: Nov 1, 2016), an illustrated tour through the world of Tarot with coloring sheets for every card in the deck. In addition to doing private Tarot readings, Theresa also teaches Tarot classes, and speaks at Tarot conferences.

Ambrozine LeGare is an Actress, Writer, Medium, Rootworker, and the host of LMC’s Liquid Libations podcast. When she is not traveling as a performer or to work with clients, she spends her time with family, friends and immersed in poetry.

Mark Grimm is a Weightlifting coach out of Long Island New York. He took the First Place at the War of Westchester 2016 Competition. Mark is focused on using weightlifting to get his clients to their fitness goals. He emphasizes that weightlifting is much more than just lifting big weights, and truly can benefit everyone.

Fit+Foxy is a magical lifestyle show, brought to you by a real-life couple, who is committed motivating you spiritually, emotionally, and physically to create an exquisite and passionate, first-class life. �
In our discussions we examine the possibilities of personal development, and offer tools to reframe priorities, reshape perspectives, and balance habits. We freely share anecdotes from intimate journeys, reveal delicious bits of professional advice, and spice up the atmosphere with generous doses of inspiration, laughter, and honesty.

To participate in a live broadcast, join your hosts, — Madame Nadia, The Gloss Fox priestess, an exquisite-life coach, a celebrity psychic, and a glamour activist + Jaiye Dania (https://www.facebook.com/muscleandbody1/?fref=ts), a celebrity coach, a physical spirituality expert, and an exercise nutrition advisor — every Wednesday, at 8 pm CST, on the LMC Radio Network.
Call in via phone (323) 642-1214, 'Click-to-Talk' via a computer interface, or join in chat with a registered BlogTalkRadio account.

*** (21:08:17):Welcome to the the LMC Radio Network Chat Room.
2016-12-28 21:08:44 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Liquid Libations!
2016-12-28 21:09:32 Christie73 carrie fischer wahh
2016-12-28 21:09:41 CoastsideConjure Her mom passed too
2016-12-28 21:09:55 Christie73 omg really?
2016-12-28 21:09:59 CoastsideConjure yep
2016-12-28 21:09:59 Christie73 today?
2016-12-28 21:10:05 CoastsideConjure was just announced
2016-12-28 21:10:21 Christie73 omg that poor woman probably couldn't deal :/
2016-12-28 21:11:28 CoastsideConjure "We need to get ""un-stuck"""
2016-12-28 21:11:54 Christie73 yes bust out those scooters lol
2016-12-28 21:12:23 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Block Buster / Road Opener
2016-12-28 21:12:37 CoastsideConjure Yes Christie! **beep beep**
2016-12-28 21:13:12 Christie73 :D
2016-12-28 21:13:27 CoastsideConjure My FAVORITE: http://www.luckymojo.com/blockbuster.html
2016-12-28 21:13:28 Jaiye Dania yes Troll
2016-12-28 21:13:27 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Needs food right now, eating dinner. :D"
2016-12-28 21:13:43 Christie73 i need to eat more greens :/
2016-12-28 21:13:52 CoastsideConjure http://www.luckymojo.com/roadopener.html
2016-12-28 21:13:55 Jaiye Dania lol i dont eat greens
2016-12-28 21:14:03 Christie73 no???
2016-12-28 21:14:12 Christie73 bet you don't eat carbs like I do LOL
2016-12-28 21:14:20 Jaiye Dania nope not even a little bit
2016-12-28 21:14:25 Liquid Libations Radio (F)
2016-12-28 21:14:26 Jaiye Dania lol
2016-12-28 21:14:28 Christie73 wah
2016-12-28 21:14:34 CoastsideConjure Ambrozine (L) (L) (L)
2016-12-28 21:14:47 Liquid Libations Radio Hey CC!
2016-12-28 21:14:46 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Theresa Reed
2016-12-28 21:15:02 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti The Tarot Coloring Book
2016-12-28 21:15:10 CoastsideConjure OMG I LOVE that book!!!
2016-12-28 21:15:27 CoastsideConjure can we get her links?
2016-12-28 21:15:50 Jaiye Dania TheTarotLady.com
2016-12-28 21:15:57 CoastsideConjure Thank you!
2016-12-28 21:16:03 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "TaoZen, and Monkey? HM."
2016-12-28 21:16:25 Christie73 hi :)
2016-12-28 21:16:28 Christie73 lol
2016-12-28 21:16:27 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Hi Theresa!
2016-12-28 21:16:58 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Which audio book?
2016-12-28 21:17:33 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti You can do it!!
2016-12-28 21:18:06 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Yes, abundance!!"
2016-12-28 21:18:44 the LMC Radio Network TheTarotLady.com
2016-12-28 21:19:00 the LMC Radio Network The Tarot Coloring Book
2016-12-28 21:19:53 Christie73 just bought it...love coloring
2016-12-28 21:19:53 the LMC Radio Network http://www.daniellelaporte.com/
2016-12-28 21:20:42 the LMC Radio Network "Monday, admin"
2016-12-28 21:20:53 the LMC Radio Network "Wednesday, happy writing"
2016-12-28 21:21:21 CoastsideConjure I was inspired by Nadia to get a planner too :)
2016-12-28 21:22:55 Christie73 i need to get one :/
2016-12-28 21:22:57 the LMC Radio Network be aware of how long things take to do
2016-12-28 21:23:30 CoastsideConjure I ALWAYS over extend myself
2016-12-28 21:23:52 Lynna Albert I've been looking at this planner... Have any of you used it? Thoughts?
2016-12-28 21:23:58 Lynna Albert https://dragontreeapothecary.com/produc ... 17-version
2016-12-28 21:24:02 the LMC Radio Network hey Lynna
2016-12-28 21:24:11 Lynna Albert Hiya :)
2016-12-28 21:24:47 CoastsideConjure I have not heard of it Lynna
2016-12-28 21:24:56 CoastsideConjure I bought mine off etsy
2016-12-28 21:25:12 the LMC Radio Network yoga nidra
2016-12-28 21:25:23 Christie73 Hi Lynna
2016-12-28 21:25:31 Christie73 that's a beautiful planner
2016-12-28 21:25:54 Jaiye Dania Shes a Machine
2016-12-28 21:25:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Are her master minds physical people?
2016-12-28 21:26:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "She's dedicated, yes."
2016-12-28 21:26:11 the LMC Radio Network wall calendar + auspicious days + mercograde
2016-12-28 21:26:13 Lynna Albert Hi Christie :)
2016-12-28 21:26:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Spirituality integrated so more than machie.
2016-12-28 21:26:24 the LMC Radio Network "yes, master mind groups"
2016-12-28 21:26:44 Christie73 I need a calendar too lmao any suggestions? Does Lucky Mojo have one
2016-12-28 21:27:07 the LMC Radio Network fit+foxy should have one
2016-12-28 21:27:14 Christie73 seriously
2016-12-28 21:27:24 Christie73 with glossfox rituals every month
2016-12-28 21:27:25 Jaiye Dania yes Troll Spiritually interrated intelligence
2016-12-28 21:27:41 Jaiye Dania integrated lol
2016-12-28 21:27:58 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti So she has an 'ejection' mechanism.
2016-12-28 21:28:16 Jaiye Dania lol
2016-12-28 21:29:39 Jaiye Dania http://www.thetarotlady.com/blog/
2016-12-28 21:30:25 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Thanks for being on the show, Theresa!"
2016-12-28 21:30:41 CoastsideConjure "I pull a Lenormand card daily to get an ""idea"" of how things may be going"
2016-12-28 21:30:48 Liquid Libations Radio Thank you Theresa!
2016-12-28 21:30:49 CoastsideConjure what I could expect
2016-12-28 21:31:41 Lynna Albert "Love the ""I Dream of Jenie"" interlude.. :)"
2016-12-28 21:33:01 CoastsideConjure Ambrozine (L) (L) (L) YES... she is living breathing poetry
2016-12-28 21:33:09 Christie73 I did that today Coastside :)
2016-12-28 21:33:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Liquid Libations, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Pacific� 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM Eastern."
2016-12-28 21:34:20 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Achievement!
2016-12-28 21:34:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Spontaneous brain cells!
2016-12-28 21:34:52 the LMC Radio Network do what you are passionate about
2016-12-28 21:35:14 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Wants, Needs, Nice to Haves"
2016-12-28 21:35:28 the LMC Radio Network "wants, needs, what would be nice have"
2016-12-28 21:35:39 the LMC Radio Network Needs on top of list
2016-12-28 21:35:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Needs at the TOP of the list.
2016-12-28 21:35:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "So Needs, Wants, Nice to Haves"
2016-12-28 21:36:11 Christie73 thats a great way to plan
2016-12-28 21:36:22 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti What was Theresa Reed's audio book that inspired you?
2016-12-28 21:37:04 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Totally makes sense. The two of them have excellent diverse emphases and are complimentary.
2016-12-28 21:37:46 the LMC Radio Network she was the first to treat tarot as biz and write about it
2016-12-28 21:39:22 the LMC Radio Network she is a superwoman
2016-12-28 21:40:18 Christie73 wow
2016-12-28 21:40:26 Jaiye Dania wow she is amazing
2016-12-28 21:40:29 Jaiye Dania lol
2016-12-28 21:40:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Does she attribute her success to being assisted by God or Spirit or a particular deity or spirit?
2016-12-28 21:41:20 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "See it, Believe it, Do the Spiritual Work to Actualize it"
2016-12-28 21:42:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Compare the advocation of PBRandolph:
2016-12-28 21:42:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "1) Volantia, 2) Decretism, 3) Posism"
2016-12-28 21:42:36 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Cinnamon, Sugar, Alkanet, Sassafrass"
2016-12-28 21:42:41 CoastsideConjure YES MA'AM!
2016-12-28 21:42:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti File Powder
2016-12-28 21:42:47 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Frankincense and High John
2016-12-28 21:42:53 CoastsideConjure I LOVE Gravel Root
2016-12-28 21:43:01 CoastsideConjure 5 Finger Grass too
2016-12-28 21:43:16 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, by catherine yronwode"
2016-12-28 21:43:25 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodooherbandrootmagic.html
2016-12-28 21:43:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Olive Oil
2016-12-28 21:43:45 CoastsideConjure omg LOL I LOVE YOU
2016-12-28 21:43:53 Christie73 its sold out wahhh
2016-12-28 21:44:11 CoastsideConjure "She unlocked the ""other side"" of that oil ;)"
2016-12-28 21:44:21 CoastsideConjure No its not Christie!
2016-12-28 21:44:30 Christie73 its not! :)
2016-12-28 21:44:42 Christie73 girl send over that link lol
2016-12-28 21:44:43 CoastsideConjure only on Dr. E's site
2016-12-28 21:44:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Communication
2016-12-28 21:44:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Putting yourself out there.
2016-12-28 21:47:35 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Andrea Weston
2016-12-28 21:47:53 CoastsideConjure Ambrozine Legare's Readings are SPOT ON TOO! I had one last week and WOW... Talented! and Accurate!
2016-12-28 21:48:27 Liquid Libations Radio Thank you!
2016-12-28 21:48:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Poetry, ficton, and nonfiction writers!"
2016-12-28 21:49:15 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Thanks for being on the air, Ambrozine! You're the greatest!"
2016-12-28 21:49:30 CoastsideConjure Ambrozine (L) (L) (L)
2016-12-28 21:49:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Keeping you in the gym when you're traveling!
2016-12-28 21:49:59 CoastsideConjure cue the tears
2016-12-28 21:50:25 Liquid Libations Radio (L) (L)
2016-12-28 21:50:27 the LMC Radio Network lol
2016-12-28 21:50:37 the LMC Radio Network Love you Ambrozine!
2016-12-28 21:50:43 the LMC Radio Network (L)
2016-12-28 21:50:55 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti (L)(F)(L)(F)(lol)
2016-12-28 21:51:25 the LMC Radio Network "traveling is on my Dream Board... better make that box, baby"
2016-12-28 21:51:58 CoastsideConjure <~~~ singing
2016-12-28 21:52:12 Liquid Libations Radio I'll post instructions on making a manifestation box on the fit and foxy page for your listeners.
2016-12-28 21:52:18 the LMC Radio Network Jaiye suggested george should be played... I agreed
2016-12-28 21:52:25 CoastsideConjure #scary-oke LOL
2016-12-28 21:52:30 CoastsideConjure Good choice
2016-12-28 21:52:33 the LMC Radio Network that would be bomb! thanks
2016-12-28 21:53:39 the LMC Radio Network "we're gonna go a few minutes longer, you guys, how you can stay tunes in"
2016-12-28 21:53:53 CoastsideConjure keep playing George
2016-12-28 21:53:58 the LMC Radio Network we still have the fabulous Mark to introduce
2016-12-28 21:53:59 CoastsideConjure (L)
2016-12-28 21:54:35 Lynna Albert Just sitting here knitting.... Keep talking... I've got all night... :*
2016-12-28 21:54:43 Jaiye Dania Shalom is missing
2016-12-28 21:54:49 the LMC Radio Network "epic! love it, foxes!"
2016-12-28 21:54:55 the LMC Radio Network "Yup, where's shalom?"
2016-12-28 21:55:28 arcadia73 I've been singing tiss song for the last couple of days - dancing in my kitchen now whlle washing dishes
2016-12-28 21:55:43 the LMC Radio Network "Arcadia, IKR?"
2016-12-28 21:55:58 arcadia73 (L)
2016-12-28 21:56:02 arcadia73 (L)
2016-12-28 21:56:42 Christie73 RIP George Michael :/
2016-12-28 21:56:48 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Mark Grimm
2016-12-28 21:57:07 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ben Grimm? :D
2016-12-28 21:57:23 the LMC Radio Network http://gutsoverfearweight.wixsite.com/weightlifting
2016-12-28 21:57:26 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti GNC?
2016-12-28 21:57:30 the LMC Radio Network he's a beast!
2016-12-28 21:58:00 Jaiye Dania yes
2016-12-28 21:58:00 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Congratulations, Mark!"
2016-12-28 21:58:07 Jaiye Dania mark Grimm
2016-12-28 21:58:16 CoastsideConjure I have a Nutrition question?? How much Protein is allowable daily to where you arent blowing your kidney's out??
2016-12-28 21:58:22 the LMC Radio Network olympic weight lifting
2016-12-28 21:58:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Snatch, clean-and-jerk"
2016-12-28 21:58:39 the LMC Radio Network Only you Coastside.. :D
2016-12-28 21:58:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Back squat, dead lift, fitness"
2016-12-28 21:58:52 CoastsideConjure And what excercises are recommended for individuals with blown discs in their lower back?
2016-12-28 21:58:54 Jaiye Dania lol we'll talk about that after the show
2016-12-28 21:59:06 the LMC Radio Network his passion is olympic weight lifting
2016-12-28 21:59:07 CoastsideConjure Yes Coach!
2016-12-28 21:59:58 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Strength, and body awareness"
2016-12-28 22:00:37 the LMC Radio Network lifting weight vs. benefits in real life
2016-12-28 22:00:50 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Puffing up ego in the gym
2016-12-28 22:01:15 the LMC Radio Network don't want athletes looking ugly... this is how you can get hurt in real life
2016-12-28 22:01:27 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Lifting ugly can lead to injuries.
2016-12-28 22:01:31 arcadia73 "I have hernias in my cervical vertebrae, already had one surgery, terrified I will blow the remaining 3 hernias if I push it too hard :("
2016-12-28 22:01:32 Lynna Albert No showing off by lifting cars..
2016-12-28 22:01:41 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Ben Grimm does that.
2016-12-28 22:01:51 CoastsideConjure Poor posture at work... Guilty
2016-12-28 22:01:58 the LMC Radio Network Oh my... Arcadia you must be careful!
2016-12-28 22:02:03 CoastsideConjure It is a pattern. I will admit
2016-12-28 22:02:18 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thing_(comics)
2016-12-28 22:02:24 the LMC Radio Network Pattern repeat from gym at home
2016-12-28 22:02:43 the LMC Radio Network lol @Troll
2016-12-28 22:03:10 the LMC Radio Network keep core stable
2016-12-28 22:03:23 CoastsideConjure I swim alot
2016-12-28 22:03:35 the LMC Radio Network push and pull
2016-12-28 22:03:49 CoastsideConjure It is
2016-12-28 22:04:05 CoastsideConjure From sitting hunched over repetitively
2016-12-28 22:04:12 arcadia73 "Lol, what is the opposite for the neck? Ugh"
2016-12-28 22:04:15 CoastsideConjure very arced
2016-12-28 22:04:31 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti 'Good morning' sounds like an exercise.
2016-12-28 22:05:16 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Back squat, front squat"
2016-12-28 22:05:22 Jaiye Dania lol lee hurt himlllf doing that
2016-12-28 22:05:27 Jaiye Dania bruce
2016-12-28 22:05:59 CoastsideConjure Mines crap (Abs)
2016-12-28 22:06:08 Christie73 My posture is terrible and my core too lol
2016-12-28 22:06:12 the LMC Radio Network work in proggres!
2016-12-28 22:06:19 Christie73 yes work in progress
2016-12-28 22:06:24 the LMC Radio Network always be positive + sense of relativity
2016-12-28 22:06:44 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Be positive and have a sense of one's limits and realism.
2016-12-28 22:07:07 the LMC Radio Network focus on what you are improving... where are you getting better
2016-12-28 22:07:29 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Attention to what success is happening.
2016-12-28 22:07:42 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Goals and micro-goals.
2016-12-28 22:07:50 the LMC Radio Network "Just like The Tarot Lady..... micro goals and ""walking backward"""
2016-12-28 22:08:09 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Moving along the stepping stones to Great Success.
2016-12-28 22:08:45 the LMC Radio Network micro goals keep the motivation go
2016-12-28 22:09:30 the LMC Radio Network people always want to try new things
2016-12-28 22:09:40 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Perspective to retain orientation, enthusiasm and maintain motivation."
2016-12-28 22:09:56 CoastsideConjure omg I bought a $600.00 Weight Loss System and lost only money
2016-12-28 22:09:59 the LMC Radio Network when someting sounds too good to be true.... there's a reason for it
2016-12-28 22:10:04 CoastsideConjure the weight stayed
2016-12-28 22:10:21 the LMC Radio Network "don't take it to the deep end, foxes!"
2016-12-28 22:10:36 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Might we agree that staying natural is essential?
2016-12-28 22:10:40 the LMC Radio Network balanced diet is key
2016-12-28 22:10:41 Christie73 I did Shakeology and I was thin for a while but eating those shakes as a meal replacement was not realistic in the long run
2016-12-28 22:10:45 Christie73 for me anyway
2016-12-28 22:11:01 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Everyone has a diet. :D
2016-12-28 22:11:12 CoastsideConjure I did something similar Christy
2016-12-28 22:11:13 Christie73 I know troll wth
2016-12-28 22:11:15 Christie73 lol
2016-12-28 22:11:16 Marsha Goldberg "The thing that is helping me the most is an app to track everything I eat, and track my goals."
2016-12-28 22:11:23 CoastsideConjure I ended up too unfocused and passed out at work
2016-12-28 22:11:32 CoastsideConjure I had to stop
2016-12-28 22:11:33 Christie73 omg
2016-12-28 22:11:40 Christie73 is it myfitnesspal?
2016-12-28 22:11:40 Lynna Albert I'm trying to cut back to only one Dr. Pepper per day...
2016-12-28 22:11:43 the LMC Radio Network "apps are great MArsha, and thanks for hoping over on BTR tonight"
2016-12-28 22:11:50 Marsha Goldberg "No, it is called Lose It!"
2016-12-28 22:11:49 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti LOL Lynna
2016-12-28 22:12:39 the LMC Radio Network everything you consume is numbers
2016-12-28 22:12:47 Lynna Albert I was drinking around six Dr Peppers per day... 0.0
2016-12-28 22:12:47 the LMC Radio Network always a trade off
2016-12-28 22:12:50 Marsha Goldberg "I used the free version of it for a week and a half, and then decided to spring for the pro version, because I am tracking blood sugar and blood pressure as well."
2016-12-28 22:13:03 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Numbers consumed, numbers burned."
2016-12-28 22:13:11 Liquid Libations Radio Does this apply to whiskey?? LOL
2016-12-28 22:13:12 Christie73 Are you happy with the purchase Marsha?
2016-12-28 22:13:29 Christie73 HAHAH @liquidlibations
2016-12-28 22:13:32 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "Balance sheet sustain, enduring to keep diet."
2016-12-28 22:13:34 Jaiye Dania lol yes whiskey too
2016-12-28 22:13:37 the LMC Radio Network if you listen to The Daily Draw Show today... it's all about balance
2016-12-28 22:13:41 Marsha Goldberg "Yes, it is the ONLY thing that is keeping me off the diet drugs"
2016-12-28 22:13:47 Liquid Libations Radio Asking for a friend. :D
2016-12-28 22:13:59 Lynna Albert My goal was to gain 15 pounds in 2016.... I acheived that goal and then some... Ended up gaining 30 pounds...
2016-12-28 22:14:12 Marsha Goldberg "I have to lose about 100 lbs, because I need a hip replacement"
2016-12-28 22:14:12 Christie73 that's a nice goal Lynna
2016-12-28 22:14:14 Christie73 lol
2016-12-28 22:14:31 Christie73 You can do it Marsha
2016-12-28 22:14:49 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti "That's why i asked about staying natural. Else we'll head down the road to pharmaceuticals, doping, and steroids."
2016-12-28 22:15:07 the LMC Radio Network http://gutsoverfearweight.wixsite.com/weightlifting
2016-12-28 22:15:10 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Where that 'natural' line is is agreed helful to note.
2016-12-28 22:15:24 Marsha Goldberg "They denied me surgery after the joint degraded for two years, so now I cannot really excercise like I want to. I am resisting the drugs, and using the app for motivation."
2016-12-28 22:15:29 CoastsideConjure Ive done the Phen/Fen and HOLY CHRIST I thought I was going to have a heart attack
2016-12-28 22:15:30 Lynna Albert "Yes, I try to only buy Organic..."
2016-12-28 22:15:32 the LMC Radio Network https://www.facebook.com/mark.grimm.925?fref=ts
2016-12-28 22:15:42 CoastsideConjure Thankfully they took it off the market
2016-12-28 22:15:50 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti https://www.facebook.com/mark.grimm.925
2016-12-28 22:16:23 Marsha Goldberg Bariatric doc issued me Phentermine...but I don't dig the idea of speed.
2016-12-28 22:16:27 CoastsideConjure (})
2016-12-28 22:16:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti Foxes and Fitties? :D
2016-12-28 22:17:15 CoastsideConjure #teamGlossFox
2016-12-28 22:17:29 arcadia73 (F)
2016-12-28 22:17:31 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti http://www.madamenadia.com
2016-12-28 22:17:32 Marsha Goldberg I thought you just said Foxes and FIFTIES. LOL
2016-12-28 22:17:46 CoastsideConjure (L) (L) (L)
2016-12-28 22:17:48 arcadia73 (L)
2016-12-28 22:17:50 Liquid Libations Radio Vision board and manifestation box write up has been posted.
2016-12-28 22:17:54 Marsha Goldberg Thanks!!!
2016-12-28 22:17:54 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti https://www.facebook.com/jaiye.dania
2016-12-28 22:17:59 Christie73 Happy New Year loves!
2016-12-28 22:18:01 Liquid Libations Radio Happy New Year!!!
2016-12-28 22:18:07 the LMC Radio Network thank you Ambrozine!
2016-12-28 22:18:08 Troll Towelhead Grand Mufti <3 Nightee night.
2016-12-28 22:18:19 the LMC Radio Network Happy New Year! Many blessings for 2017
2016-12-28 22:18:20 Jaiye Dania omode meta se re
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