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LMHRHour CHAT LOG December 13, 2020 Spellwork with Photographs

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LMHRHour CHAT LOG December 13, 2020 Spellwork with Photographs

Unread post by nagasiva » Sun Dec 06, 2020 4:09 pm


Spellwork with Photographs with Sister Girl

You can listen here:
https://www.blogtalkradio.com/luckymojo ... irl-121320

Or here:

The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour with catherine yronwode, ConjureMan Ali, and special guest Sister Girl

We begin this show with a Discussion Panel focussed on the topic of Spellwork with Photographs.

2020-12-13 14:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hello!
2020-12-13 14:49 docmurphy1 Heyyyyyy!
2020-12-13 14:49 jeremysweiss Hello!
2020-12-13 14:49 docmurphy1 @jeremysweiss Hullo
2020-12-13 14:50 docmurphy1 Finally snow in MN, when it's supposed to be. Beautiful.
2020-12-13 14:50 catherine-yronwode Hello, Dr. Jeremy! Hello Dr. Murphy!
2020-12-13 14:51 docmurphy1 Hi miss cat!
2020-12-13 14:51 catherine-yronwode Hello Dr. Sweets
2020-12-13 14:51 catherine-yronwode It's the All Dr. Chat room!
2020-12-13 14:51 docmurphy1 Dr Howard, Dr Fine Dr Howard!...
2020-12-13 14:51 catherine-yronwode LOL!
2020-12-13 14:52 jeremysweiss Hahahah
2020-12-13 14:52 jeremysweiss I was thinking
2020-12-13 14:52 docmurphy1 Did it hurt?
2020-12-13 14:53 docmurphy1 :P
2020-12-13 14:53 jeremysweiss Of the introductions in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
2020-12-13 14:53 jeremysweiss haha
2020-12-13 14:53 docmurphy1 Ha! Yep.
2020-12-13 14:53 catherine-yronwode Well, we had a nice AIRR Board Meeting this afternoon, and i got the green light to develop some plans at the AIRR site, so i am feeling good about that. We are definitely going to be able to offer more benefits to members, and we hope that more members will join. It's going to be very nice.
2020-12-13 14:53 jeremysweiss hello, @catherine-yronwode
2020-12-13 14:54 docmurphy1 Oooh! Excited to hear.
2020-12-13 14:54 jeremysweiss WoWonderful, I can’t wait to hear about them
2020-12-13 14:54 docmurphy1 Not just wonderful...WoWonderful!
2020-12-13 14:55 jeremysweiss AIRR is a wonderful organization and there are many benefits of joining.
2020-12-13 14:55 docmurphy1 @shutter Heeyyyyy!
2020-12-13 14:55 shutter Hey!
2020-12-13 14:55 shutter Last week I was bogged down with work so glad I can catch the show live this week!
2020-12-13 14:55 jeremysweiss It is incredible and I can’t wait until my schedule settles down and I can devote more time to it again. I hope to write for the tech team again soon.
2020-12-13 14:56 dr-sweets Hello to all...had to go get hot tea.
2020-12-13 14:56 catherine-yronwode Jeremy -- AIRR will be hosting a monthly open Zoom meeting on the 6th of every month in 20121, at 6:00 PM Pacific Time. We will outline the roll-out of the new program them. These will be monthly drop0in meetings, no attendance required. Also big changes afoot with the Pro Bono Fund. All good news!
2020-12-13 14:56 catherine-yronwode Dr. Jeremy, on behalf of the Tech Team -- we miss you!
2020-12-13 14:56 docmurphy1 Salted caramel whiskey here!
2020-12-13 14:56 dr-sweets hmmm that sounds good
2020-12-13 14:57 docmurphy1 @dr-sweets It is!
2020-12-13 14:57 jeremysweiss Wow
2020-12-13 14:57 jeremysweiss That sounds a lot like what I am doing
2020-12-13 14:57 dr-sweets is that a flavor of whiskey or you add it in
2020-12-13 14:58 docmurphy1 Crown Royal puts out flavored whiskies from time to time. This is a limited run. They also have peach right now. that bottle is next. :)
2020-12-13 14:58 shutter Uhhh orange juice here
2020-12-13 14:58 dr-sweets ok I will check for it locally at 6pm tonight
2020-12-13 14:58 docmurphy1 @shutter Toss some vodka in it, all good. LOL
2020-12-13 14:58 jeremysweiss Have you seen:
2020-12-13 14:58 jeremysweiss https://www.templeofmiriam.com/blog/hol ... er-19-2020
2020-12-13 14:59 shutter @docmurphy1 LOL dry house here
2020-12-13 14:59 docmurphy1 Oh, dear. I'm sorry LOL
2020-12-13 15:00 shutter HERE WE GO
2020-12-13 15:00 catherine-yronwode MUSIC!
2020-12-13 15:00 shutter @docmurphy1 hahahaha
2020-12-13 15:00 conjuremanali Someone needs to mute their audio
2020-12-13 15:00 conjuremanali there we go!
2020-12-13 15:00 conjuremanali welcome all
2020-12-13 15:00 docmurphy1 Whoa!!!!
2020-12-13 15:01 catherine-yronwode And you know what's nice? The music is always the same except now -- when someone keeps their speaker on and we get two music streams! LOL!
2020-12-13 15:01 docmurphy1 Hi CM!
2020-12-13 15:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Weird background sound from Sister Girl.
2020-12-13 15:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Muted her.
2020-12-13 15:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Had her radio show turned up in the background?
2020-12-13 15:01 docmurphy1 Hi Evan!!
2020-12-13 15:01 catherine-yronwode She was playing the show live and it was picking up with a half-second delay.
2020-12-13 15:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour When i muted Sister Girl it went away. I'm making her live again now.
2020-12-13 15:02 jeremysweiss Feedback
2020-12-13 15:02 kbosche34 Hello
2020-12-13 15:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Right.
2020-12-13 15:02 shutter Haha well it's fixed now! Oh technology
2020-12-13 15:03 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 hey there friend!
2020-12-13 15:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Surreal!
2020-12-13 15:03 evanlionhart Hey everyone!
2020-12-13 15:03 shutter Hey Evan!
2020-12-13 15:03 docmurphy1 @evanlionhart Doing well?
2020-12-13 15:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Welcome to the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour >>> Rootwork Hour >>> Rootwork Hour!!!!!
2020-12-13 15:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The longest-running conjure hoodoo radio show in the UNIVERSE!
2020-12-13 15:03 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 very well thank you! Running to feed my dog, he knows it's dinner time!
2020-12-13 15:03 evanlionhart How are you?
2020-12-13 15:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://forum.luckymojo.com
2020-12-13 15:04 kbosche34 Not exactly sure how this show works
2020-12-13 15:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://www.facebook.com/catherine.yronwode
2020-12-13 15:04 docmurphy1 @evanlionhart My week kinda sucked all available dirt... was nursing an injury all week... and other stuff. But now I'm better!
2020-12-13 15:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour To be selected as our guest later on in our show for a free reading and rootwork advice, sign up here: forum229.html
2020-12-13 15:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lady Muse
2020-12-13 15:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ms Robin
2020-12-13 15:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Jon Saint Germain
2020-12-13 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Catherine Yronwode
2020-12-13 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Michaele Maurer
2020-12-13 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Nagasiva Yronwode
2020-12-13 15:05 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 oh goodness I'm sorry to hear!
2020-12-13 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sign up today at: forum229.html
2020-12-13 15:05 jeremysweiss Temple of Miriam the Prophetess is one of those churches
2020-12-13 15:05 jeremysweiss www.TempleOfMiriam.com
2020-12-13 15:05 docmurphy1 @evanlionhart It's ok. Things better now!
2020-12-13 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We take new clients by preference and then callbacks from back further in time.
2020-12-13 15:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2020-12-13 15:06 jeremysweiss Divine Harmony Spiritual Church is another
2020-12-13 15:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour AISC - Association of Independent Spiritual Churches
2020-12-13 15:06 docmurphy1 @missmarandatarot Neighbor!! I was thinking of you today! How are you!
2020-12-13 15:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour AIRR - Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (a committee of the AISC)
2020-12-13 15:06 missmarandatarot hi!!! i've missed you-- how are you @docmurphy1 ?!
2020-12-13 15:06 missmarandatarot glad i had time to join today!
2020-12-13 15:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thanks Dr. Jeremy
2020-12-13 15:07 docmurphy1 @missmarandatarot Me too! Crappy week, but better now. I owe you a Zoom!
2020-12-13 15:07 evanlionhart Membership tiers coming soon!
2020-12-13 15:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Tier for shops; authors, webcasters, podcasters.
2020-12-13 15:07 docmurphy1 Nice!!
2020-12-13 15:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour They operate by ethical standards!
2020-12-13 15:08 shutter totally!
2020-12-13 15:08 evanlionhart Technology and innovation-YAY!
2020-12-13 15:08 docmurphy1 very cool!!
2020-12-13 15:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.luckymojo.com/mojocourse.html
2020-12-13 15:08 docmurphy1 Promoting each other!
2020-12-13 15:08 evanlionhart Chrissy
2020-12-13 15:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.hoodoopsychics.com
2020-12-13 15:08 evanlionhart sorry type
2020-12-13 15:08 evanlionhart o*
2020-12-13 15:08 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/A ... ation_Form
2020-12-13 15:09 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Code_of_Ethics
2020-12-13 15:09 docmurphy1 Hey yay coders!!!
2020-12-13 15:10 kbosche34 Just signed up in enough time
2020-12-13 15:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Pro_Bono_Fund
2020-12-13 15:10 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Pro_Bono_Fund
2020-12-13 15:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Wonderful, kbosche34, i'll look, for it.
2020-12-13 15:10 jeremysweiss AIRR has fantastic resources and research!
2020-12-13 15:11 catherine-yronwode AIRR is more than a directory -- "it's an entire encyclopedia," says ConjureMan
2020-12-13 15:11 missmarandatarot @docmurphy1 sent you an email!
2020-12-13 15:11 docmurphy1 @missmarandatarot OK will check after show!
2020-12-13 15:11 evanlionhart https://www.conjuremanconsulting.com/
2020-12-13 15:11 cheryl1384 Hi, is the forum the only way to seek a reading today? I cannot remember my password, and the password re-set link has not arrived.
2020-12-13 15:12 catherine-yronwode Calling all readers and rootworkers -- HP and AIRR are looking for members and can offer you a lot! Check it out. Applications forms are online.
2020-12-13 15:12 evanlionhart ConjureMan has openings for readings- book him now before they're all gone!
2020-12-13 15:13 evanlionhart I love birds!
2020-12-13 15:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.birdtricks.com
2020-12-13 15:14 docmurphy1 Rootwork for birds??
2020-12-13 15:14 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour David Davinci
2020-12-13 15:14 docmurphy1 LOL
2020-12-13 15:14 jeremysweiss Hahwha
2020-12-13 15:14 jeremysweiss yeo!
2020-12-13 15:14 jeremysweiss yep!
2020-12-13 15:15 docmurphy1 I have an Italian last name!
2020-12-13 15:15 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Today's Special Guest from AIRR is Sister Girl!
2020-12-13 15:15 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Produce doves. GO!
2020-12-13 15:15 docmurphy1 HAHA!!
2020-12-13 15:15 evanlionhart Welcome Sistergirl!
2020-12-13 15:15 jeremysweiss Yay, Sister Girl!
2020-12-13 15:15 evanlionhart https://www.sistergirlconjure.com/
2020-12-13 15:16 catherine-yronwode Fostering adult cats <--- Sister Girl
2020-12-13 15:17 evanlionhart Get a reading instantly with Sister Girl here: https://www.hoodoopsychics.com/
2020-12-13 15:17 catherine-yronwode She's doing a lot of love readings -- been on Hoodoo Psychics and also pre-scheduled readings via AIRR and her site.
2020-12-13 15:17 docmurphy1 I'll be in the back of the line, but that's OK... I'm fortunate in other ways...
2020-12-13 15:18 docmurphy1 I'll take a job asap!
2020-12-13 15:18 docmurphy1 jab
2020-12-13 15:18 evanlionhart Bird brain? lol
2020-12-13 15:18 docmurphy1 That's for the birds!
2020-12-13 15:18 evanlionhart lol YES
2020-12-13 15:19 evanlionhart Today's topic: Spellwork with Photographs
2020-12-13 15:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Discussion Topic: Spellwork with Photographs
2020-12-13 15:19 docmurphy1 Daguerrotypes
2020-12-13 15:20 docmurphy1 Shadow dirt! Nice!
2020-12-13 15:21 catherine-yronwode Shadows, drawing, photos, and photo-composites (e.g. via Photoshop).
2020-12-13 15:22 dr-sweets It said that the photo is the weakest form of personal concerns.......
2020-12-13 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour And now computer photos.
2020-12-13 15:22 catherine-yronwode Sister Girl -- the rapidity of digital transmission has increased the convenience of photos as personal concerns.
2020-12-13 15:23 jeremysweiss While not exactly photographs, spells with images of people and demons have been used from 500 BCE to 800 CE by the Jews of Mesopotamia and Syria. The primary use of amulet bowls is to provide magical protection from malevolent forces for people, their families, and their property. Most of the bowls uncovered so far have an image in the center of the bowl surrounded by a spiral incantation. The figure in the center is often a drawing or image of a demon, but can be replaced with a photograph as a contemporary alternative. You can learn more about these bowls in my upcoming book, the Grimoire of Practical Jewish Magic for Everyone by clicking here: https://templeofmiriam.com/shop/p/the-g ... r-everyone
2020-12-13 15:23 evanlionhart Yep
2020-12-13 15:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Writing the person's name on paper. Weakest is not even KNOWING their name.
2020-12-13 15:23 dr-sweets ok
2020-12-13 15:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Next up is you writing their name.
2020-12-13 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Then something they produced like a business card.
2020-12-13 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Having their BIRTHDATE etc.
2020-12-13 15:24 evanlionhart Condensed name papers for least potent, body fluids for most potent
2020-12-13 15:24 jeremysweiss Sympathetic magic relies on accurate representation
2020-12-13 15:24 gr8fuldiana @evanlionhart totally Am I in.
2020-12-13 15:24 jeremysweiss so...more accuracy is better...
2020-12-13 15:24 catherine-yronwode We disagree, Dr. Sweets -- i say that if you just write a name on paper -- but a photo and name and birthdate is strong. Signature is strong -- so signed photo with b'date. is a great link.
2020-12-13 15:25 dr-sweets ok
2020-12-13 15:25 gr8fuldiana or when the clients don't even know the birthdate
2020-12-13 15:25 jeremysweiss I agree with Miss cat
2020-12-13 15:25 jeremysweiss name, bird ate, parent’s name...
2020-12-13 15:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Then the next is clothing or peripherals, then their biologicals.
2020-12-13 15:25 jeremysweiss birth date
2020-12-13 15:25 docmurphy1 How many of us have burned or ripped photos of past lovers when we get dumped?... pretty common,,,
2020-12-13 15:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Photospellshopping!
2020-12-13 15:26 jeremysweiss So and so, son or daughter of so and so, with birdcage and image...
2020-12-13 15:26 evanlionhart @luckymojohoodoorootworkhour exactly!
2020-12-13 15:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Creating fonts based on people's handwriting!
2020-12-13 15:26 evanlionhart Beware the fixed photo!
2020-12-13 15:26 jeremysweiss Birthdate not birdcage. Fukvig sutocock
2020-12-13 15:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Our client tonight will be Kayla, calling from PA, area code 570. She is kbosche34 in our chat!
2020-12-13 15:27 docmurphy1 @jeremysweiss You're going birdbrained too!
2020-12-13 15:27 gr8fuldiana yes, what about photos that are protected by flipping them? I guess make sure they're not flipped
2020-12-13 15:27 catherine-yronwode SisterGirl cautions against doing work on people you don't know very well -- you can create contact, but not always connection.
2020-12-13 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour YAH!
2020-12-13 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour C'mon!
2020-12-13 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour They were working with rudimentary foundations to start.
2020-12-13 15:27 evanlionhart @gr8fuldiana those and photos taken in mirrors
2020-12-13 15:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Long-distance romances! Uh-huh.
2020-12-13 15:28 evanlionhart Always pay attention to the photo you plan on pulling for your work
2020-12-13 15:28 docmurphy1 @cousinjoshua Hi!
2020-12-13 15:29 catherine-yronwode Aaaargh, photos taken in mirror! All messed up from the standpoint of dominant handedness if they are in separate phoos and one was NOT in a mirror.
2020-12-13 15:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thanks for typing that, Miss Cat.
2020-12-13 15:29 gr8fuldiana I've learned .. as soon as u meet someone whom you may be want to be involved with, get a photo together ASAP!
2020-12-13 15:29 evanlionhart @gr8fuldiana Very clever thinking!
2020-12-13 15:31 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes, you'd need more information.
2020-12-13 15:31 evanlionhart Dominant/passive; active/receptive
2020-12-13 15:31 gr8fuldiana after my marriage ended, I learned hard and fast to collect photos, personal concerns, etc. Even sexual fluids from a one night stand. I may turn into more than a one time thing...
2020-12-13 15:31 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Photos of the ancestors.
2020-12-13 15:31 jeremysweiss Miss cat is dead on regarding landedness...
2020-12-13 15:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Half in shadow, half in light, the latter drooping.
2020-12-13 15:32 jeremysweiss handedness
2020-12-13 15:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Oils on photos? Powders?
2020-12-13 15:32 docmurphy1 I do both...
2020-12-13 15:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Photos as petitions.
2020-12-13 15:32 evanlionhart Fixing photos to candles?
2020-12-13 15:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Frying up photos!
2020-12-13 15:33 evanlionhart Under candles? Burning them?
2020-12-13 15:33 gr8fuldiana @jeremysweiss are you Right handed or Left handed? Maybe we shouldn't tell people our handedness if we don't know them, if u can hide that info
2020-12-13 15:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes, Evan! We do that all the time at the church.
2020-12-13 15:33 docmurphy1 Boiling them to pulp, then freezing them!
2020-12-13 15:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Affixing to the outside.
2020-12-13 15:33 evanlionhart Add them to a smoothie
2020-12-13 15:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL :D :D :D Add photos to smoothies? Hm!
2020-12-13 15:33 docmurphy1 @evanlionhart LOL!
2020-12-13 15:34 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour At some point i wouldn't want to ingest the printer ink.
2020-12-13 15:34 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ash maybe.
2020-12-13 15:34 gr8fuldiana @evanlionhart good one, haha
2020-12-13 15:34 evanlionhart Ah, edible paper and inks my friend ;)
2020-12-13 15:34 catherine-yronwode ConjureMan talks about the emotions conveyed in photos -- don't try a love spell on an angry photo. Good advice.
2020-12-13 15:34 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Excellent consideration, ConjureMan.
2020-12-13 15:34 dr-sweets I had an old photo then found out the person cut their hair and dyed it pink. the spell went well after realizing that...lol
2020-12-13 15:34 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Frying pans.
2020-12-13 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Writing on back, right.
2020-12-13 15:35 conjuremanali frying up photos with some red peppers!
2020-12-13 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour "Paper in My Show," by Catherine Yronwode; "Hoodoo Return and Reconciliation Spells," by Deacon Millett
2020-12-13 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.luckymojo.com/paperinmyshoe.html
2020-12-13 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoohoneyandsugarspells.html
2020-12-13 15:35 conjuremanali boiling and freezing like our spell from last week
2020-12-13 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.luckymojo.com/freezer.html
2020-12-13 15:36 evanlionhart We also have a FANTASTIC forum where you can learn how to do Freezer Spells: general-freezer-spell-questions-and-ans ... -2340.html
2020-12-13 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour "Bottle Up and Go!," by Catherine Yronwode and Lara Rivera https://www.luckymojo.com/bottleupandgo.html
2020-12-13 15:36 docmurphy1 MMMM! Deep-fried photo! Nom!
2020-12-13 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Packet coverings
2020-12-13 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL docmurphy
2020-12-13 15:36 gr8fuldiana Now I'm getting hungry
2020-12-13 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sounds icky to smell.
2020-12-13 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Right!
2020-12-13 15:36 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 photo tempura?
2020-12-13 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lukianos
2020-12-13 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Drink Your Sins, Drink Your Prayers
2020-12-13 15:36 dr-sweets coconut oil on a picture on a white plate will cure spells that affect your mind..supposedly...but may not be hoodoo.
2020-12-13 15:36 docmurphy1 @evanlionhart LOL was gonna say, batter 'em!
2020-12-13 15:37 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 Coconuts are used by some hoodoo workers but is often used in ATRs
2020-12-13 15:37 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Edible writing liquids; edible paper; wonderful workings.
2020-12-13 15:37 evanlionhart sorry not @docmurphy1 @dr-sweets
2020-12-13 15:38 jeremysweiss I also performed sin eating at the Hoodoo Heritage Festival
2020-12-13 15:38 docmurphy1 LOL!
2020-12-13 15:38 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Just under 52 minutes remain in our show.
2020-12-13 15:38 dr-sweets yes...coconuts...ATR's Thats where I believe it came from.
2020-12-13 15:38 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour About 20 minutes before our client segment.
2020-12-13 15:38 evanlionhart I think Lukianos has more info about his Drink Your Sins working here: http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Lukianos
2020-12-13 15:38 gr8fuldiana rice paper.Yes you did, Shock Doc.
2020-12-13 15:38 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Our client today will be Kayla, calling from PA, area code 570
2020-12-13 15:38 catherine-yronwode Coconuts are definitely used in hoodoo -- i shared one in my workshop at te VHHF2020 and it also appears in the book "Bottle Up and Go!"
2020-12-13 15:39 gr8fuldiana soaking it in alum water
2020-12-13 15:39 gr8fuldiana for enemies
2020-12-13 15:39 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Xing out eyes, stitches across mouth; love with hearts.
2020-12-13 15:39 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Fingerpaints.
2020-12-13 15:40 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Prang Watercolour Paints
2020-12-13 15:40 evanlionhart Drawing two, unbroken hearts around a couple's photo
2020-12-13 15:40 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Black out his wife.
2020-12-13 15:40 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Greying, differential through time. Cut them apart.
2020-12-13 15:40 evanlionhart It's like Etch-a-sketch in reverse!
2020-12-13 15:40 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Pinking shears.
2020-12-13 15:40 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes, or use eraser on the image perhaps that might affect it.
2020-12-13 15:41 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/breakup.html
2020-12-13 15:41 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Pose a photo where you are in the position that the other rival was in before.
2020-12-13 15:41 cousinjoshua Markers, different colors of thread, different glitters, it's a whole crafting opportunity! (It's one of the joys of this work, I think). It's where so much creativity and personal power is achieved.
2020-12-13 15:41 catherine-yronwode Write a command on the forehead says ConjureMan
2020-12-13 15:41 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Influence, Domination, Controlling, Commanding, Compelling
2020-12-13 15:41 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Essence of Bend-Over.
2020-12-13 15:42 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 48 minutes remain in our show.
2020-12-13 15:42 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Confusion
2020-12-13 15:42 gr8fuldiana I blacked out my ex husbands gf and it worked. Then they got back together and I did it again. Because he was my husband I kept it up, even though we were over. She's gone for good now, I hope.
2020-12-13 15:42 evanlionhart TBUOD
2020-12-13 15:42 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Writing backwards. NICE Evan!
2020-12-13 15:42 docmurphy1 Photo box spells I've had good results with...
2020-12-13 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour T𐐒UOႧ
2020-12-13 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://www.textfixer.com/tools/reverse ... erator.php
2020-12-13 15:43 catherine-yronwode Write command backward on the photo (e.g. DOUBT) and hold it to a mirror and command that whenever they look in the mirror they see DOUBT (rightways).
2020-12-13 15:43 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/oil-influence.html
2020-12-13 15:43 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/essenceofbendover.html
2020-12-13 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Glue photos to dolls.
2020-12-13 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We have one of those in our promo images.
2020-12-13 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Burnt to a crisp.
2020-12-13 15:44 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Face, glue that on; fabric glue.
2020-12-13 15:44 catherine-yronwode Two photos -- a couple -- and put each one's name on the other's photo.
2020-12-13 15:44 gr8fuldiana My divorce work is what brought me through the doors of Lucky Mojo to begin with, so I'm grateful for that. :)
2020-12-13 15:44 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Oh how wonderful: Photo Box Spell.
2020-12-13 15:44 catherine-yronwode Photo glued to cloth doll. Use fabric grue.
2020-12-13 15:44 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Beautiful.
2020-12-13 15:44 evanlionhart @gr8fuldiana you just reminded me about Separation products!
2020-12-13 15:44 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/separation.html
2020-12-13 15:44 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Half our show has transpired.
2020-12-13 15:45 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour A Vision of You!
2020-12-13 15:45 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You can give them JESUS EVERYWHERE!
2020-12-13 15:45 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Surrounded by the Divine Presence!!
2020-12-13 15:45 evanlionhart LMAO
2020-12-13 15:46 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Or all the divinities of their pantheon.
2020-12-13 15:46 jeremysweiss BHAHhh
2020-12-13 15:46 catherine-yronwode Back-to-back photo of the loved one hung in a jar, on the outside of which are glued photos of the client.
2020-12-13 15:46 evanlionhart Want to learn more about doll-baby work and spells of influence? general-doll-baby-voodoo-doll-poppet-qu ... t8946.html
2020-12-13 15:46 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Wonderful, ConjureMan!
2020-12-13 15:46 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Photos of the objects of your desire.
2020-12-13 15:47 evanlionhart Photos of places, landmarks; everything has a spirit!
2020-12-13 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Your future boat, or your future Popeye's Chicken Sandwich.
2020-12-13 15:47 docmurphy1 @luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL
2020-12-13 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I've got ancestor photos up as our promos too.
2020-12-13 15:47 catherine-yronwode These can be done for contempt as well, with angry, accursatory photos all around and photo of your asshole, as in kiss my ass.
2020-12-13 15:47 evanlionhart @luckymojohoodoorootworkhour *puts picture of chicken sandwich in Walnut shell*
2020-12-13 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 42 minutes remain in our show. 10 minutes before our client segment.
2020-12-13 15:47 conjuremanali lol
2020-12-13 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Conventional fireplace mantlepiece!
2020-12-13 15:47 catherine-yronwode Photos of buildings to protect them or as a place where you wish to be hired.
2020-12-13 15:48 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Put them up in the hallway on the walls.
2020-12-13 15:48 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Technique of photocompositing.
2020-12-13 15:48 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ancestors Watching Over
2020-12-13 15:48 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Double-exposure photos; angel, the dead
2020-12-13 15:49 docmurphy1 I provided a free spell a while back where behind the photo of a patient, you put graveyard dirt of a medical worker to heal and protect your patient when you can;t visit them.. dirt between the photo and the backeasel...
2020-12-13 15:49 gr8fuldiana They are still in my freezer. With power outages and moving, I've had to put the jars in coolers, but always keeping their "love" on ice. I. I've made many copies of this horrible woman's face and used it for many things. I still have them.
2020-12-13 15:49 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 love that!
2020-12-13 15:49 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour ATR - African Traditional Religion
2020-12-13 15:49 gr8fuldiana yes the ATRS
2020-12-13 15:50 evanlionhart Read more about working with Ancestors here: http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/C ... pirit_Work
2020-12-13 15:50 gr8fuldiana ATR's don't include living people on ancestors altars
2020-12-13 15:50 evanlionhart @gr8fuldiana that's correct
2020-12-13 15:50 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Who favours (whom they look like)
2020-12-13 15:51 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Comped in
2020-12-13 15:51 evanlionhart Comp'd = composited
2020-12-13 15:51 gr8fuldiana or in their bedrooms either. I don't understand that one
2020-12-13 15:51 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Interesting, Sister Girl
2020-12-13 15:52 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 38 minutes remain. 6 minutes before our client segment.
2020-12-13 15:52 catherine-yronwode Compositing in ancestors as protectors very fortuitous says ConjureMan. The ATRs prohibit this, says Sister Girl.
2020-12-13 15:52 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Front door, mantlepiece; family Bible; trinkets, statue of an angel
2020-12-13 15:52 gr8fuldiana is it because of modesty and ancestors watching them in the bedroom?
2020-12-13 15:52 dr-sweets any use for photos of an ancestor at the point he died...not just in a casket?
2020-12-13 15:53 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Protector in the afterlife.
2020-12-13 15:53 evanlionhart Very similar belief to what Christians believe, miss cat
2020-12-13 15:53 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Catherine: From Catholic anti-sexuality
2020-12-13 15:54 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour There are those (of whom i am one, in part) who think that photographs actually steal from the soul.
2020-12-13 15:54 catherine-yronwode ConjureMan talks of stealing a small photo out of the house of an enemy. Stealing the actual physical photo in in cursing work.
2020-12-13 15:54 gr8fuldiana the resting thing makes sense I suppose
2020-12-13 15:55 evanlionhart LOL miss cat
2020-12-13 15:55 gr8fuldiana nothing will stop miss cat
2020-12-13 15:55 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Invocation or calling them into the working.
2020-12-13 15:55 conjuremanali can't stop a taurus when it comes to sex
2020-12-13 15:55 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Interesting conversation.
2020-12-13 15:56 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Not that one of them is right and the other is wrong.
2020-12-13 15:56 gr8fuldiana @conjuremanali yes! You included! 😉
2020-12-13 15:56 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We help one another understand by identifying the influences.
2020-12-13 15:57 docmurphy1 Cultural differences, sayeth the anthropologist. :)
2020-12-13 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 33 minutes remain in our show.
2020-12-13 15:57 docmurphy1 anthro
2020-12-13 15:57 gr8fuldiana turn them around
2020-12-13 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Portable altar!
2020-12-13 15:57 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 absolutely
2020-12-13 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour White sheet, screen.
2020-12-13 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL
2020-12-13 15:57 evanlionhart I know some people who "veil" their ancestor's photos before doing anything....explicit
2020-12-13 15:57 cousinjoshua I lived in a studio apartment and I told my ancestors that if they wanted a bigger space, they'd have to help me find a new house. And they did!!!
2020-12-13 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Our client tonight is Kayla, area code 570, from Pennsylvania.
2020-12-13 15:57 gr8fuldiana cant u turn the photo around during sex
2020-12-13 15:57 docmurphy1 @cousinjoshua Brilliant!
2020-12-13 15:58 evanlionhart @gr8fuldiana technically yes!
2020-12-13 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is coming up!
2020-12-13 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is ON!
2020-12-13 15:58 jeremysweiss Obviously it is all contextual. What would your ancestor want?
2020-12-13 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes, turn the photo around! PERFECT
2020-12-13 15:58 catherine-yronwode Turning photo around -- so awkward! You think your ancestors didn't see you naked? That they don't want great-great grandkids? LOL!
2020-12-13 15:58 jeremysweiss ancestor?
2020-12-13 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour MUSIC
2020-12-13 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Excellent!
2020-12-13 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lucky Mojo Curio Company: https://www.luckymojo.com
2020-12-13 15:59 docmurphy1 Bustin out the cards!
2020-12-13 15:59 catherine-yronwode I know some ancestors who would be totally cool with orgies of the living and the dead!
2020-12-13 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour AIRR (Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers): http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2020-12-13 15:59 gr8fuldiana @docmurphy1 thanks for the reminder!
2020-12-13 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hoodoo Psychics: http://www.hoodoopsychics.com 1-888-4-HOODOO
2020-12-13 15:59 catherine-yronwode There is no one true way.
2020-12-13 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour CSL (Crystal Silence League): http://www.crystalsilenceleague.org
2020-12-13 16:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour KAYLA: I'm going through some legal issues that have taken place for more than 5 years. What does the future have in store for me? I was wondering if there were any blocks or curses or other unseen issues I might not be aware of. What are your insights about my situation and how do you think I should proceed?
2020-12-13 16:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I wrote some of this when reading some of Kayla's inquiries.
2020-12-13 16:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Kayla is completely new to our show.
2020-12-13 16:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour She is kbosche34 in our chat!
2020-12-13 16:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour In a couple of months.
2020-12-13 16:02 evanlionhart https://www.conjuremanconsulting.com/
2020-12-13 16:02 evanlionhart Conjureman is casting a Geomantic chart
2020-12-13 16:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour ConjureMan Ali has constructed a Geomantic reading, from the ancient Middle Eastern discipline stemming from sand or earth divination, called 'Raml'.
2020-12-13 16:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Rubeus
2020-12-13 16:02 gr8fuldiana Can u put in the question nagasiva?
2020-12-13 16:02 evanlionhart Rubeus-the cup overturned
2020-12-13 16:02 evanlionhart @gr8fuldiana KAYLA: I'm going through some legal issues that have taken place for more than 5 years. What does the future have in store for me? I was wondering if there were any blocks or curses or other unseen issues I might not be aware of. What are your insights about my situation and how do you think I should proceed?
2020-12-13 16:02 evanlionhart Conjureman recommends Court Case work IMMEDIATELY
2020-12-13 16:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.luckymojo.com/courtcase.html
2020-12-13 16:03 evanlionhart Conjureman sees a reversal that looks unfavorable for the client
2020-12-13 16:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Fortuna Minor
2020-12-13 16:03 laurelwebber this is exactly the subject I need to hear/learn about ...
2020-12-13 16:03 evanlionhart He sees Fortuna Minor which shows minor victory, but the client must seek aid
2020-12-13 16:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sumac Berries
2020-12-13 16:04 docmurphy1 Already lining up... my reading, Past: The Hanged Man... Present: Justice reversed... Obstacle to Present: Magician... Future: Knight of Pentacles...
2020-12-13 16:04 catherine-yronwode There's only so much you can do here, says ConjureMan -- clemency work may be that Fortuna Minor.
2020-12-13 16:04 evanlionhart @laurelwebber you can learn more about Court Case work here! general-questions-answers-on-court-case ... t8428.html
2020-12-13 16:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Amiso
2020-12-13 16:04 evanlionhart Amiso-the figure of loss
2020-12-13 16:04 catherine-yronwode Amisso, says ConjureMan, some loss in regard to a relationship.
2020-12-13 16:05 evanlionhart ConjureMan is seeing a loss, particularly in relationships for the client
2020-12-13 16:05 docmurphy1 This liminal time is going to result in some legal diappointment... consult a professional magician, rootworker, and there will eventually, with that help, be stability and a new start.
2020-12-13 16:05 evanlionhart Find a good rootworker here! http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/A ... ootworkers
2020-12-13 16:06 docmurphy1 @evanlionhart YAAS!
2020-12-13 16:06 evanlionhart https://www.sistergirlconjure.com/
2020-12-13 16:06 evanlionhart Sister Girl is using the Visa Versa deck
2020-12-13 16:07 gr8fuldiana I see some struggles- 7 of wands, hanged man; I got 9 of cups first.
2020-12-13 16:07 evanlionhart Vice Versa deck*
2020-12-13 16:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sister Girl is reading from the Vice Versa Tarot created by Massimiliano Filador and Davide Corsi.
2020-12-13 16:07 conjuremanali 7 of Wands and Hanged Man yikes!
2020-12-13 16:07 gr8fuldiana page of cups, 8 of wands, 4 of cups
2020-12-13 16:08 evanlionhart Sister
2020-12-13 16:08 docmurphy1 I got hanged man too... liminality and transformation...
2020-12-13 16:08 evanlionhart Sister Girl sees this turning out favorably, though it may not seem so at first
2020-12-13 16:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Our sign-up thread was locked and a new one was created! If you wish to be selected to be a client on NEXT week's show, you can sign up now at the Lucky Mojo Forum at: lmhrhour-free-readings-december-20-2020 ... 93973.html
2020-12-13 16:08 docmurphy1 We're lining up here...
2020-12-13 16:08 gr8fuldiana I see the ending as ambiguous
2020-12-13 16:09 evanlionhart I see, if there's a sentence, a lighter one if she gets legal and spiritual help!
2020-12-13 16:09 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour She has a state-appointed lawyer.
2020-12-13 16:09 evanlionhart she's gotta get help though
2020-12-13 16:09 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour As soon as you can afford a paid lawyer this will be helpful.
2020-12-13 16:09 docmurphy1 Yeah, we're all seeing she needs help and assistance...
2020-12-13 16:09 gr8fuldiana if this is criminal, she's got to start working in this NOW
2020-12-13 16:09 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You can read through this and listen to the show again for the details.
2020-12-13 16:09 conjuremanali the question is, did she do it? If so, she needs to do clemency work. IF not, justice work
2020-12-13 16:10 gr8fuldiana *criminal Case, I mean
2020-12-13 16:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If there are witnesses who may speak against you, make a sugar jar or honey jar and put the witnesses names and photos in that sugar or honey.
2020-12-13 16:10 evanlionhart @conjuremanali agreed
2020-12-13 16:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.luckymojo.com/honeyjar.html
2020-12-13 16:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Vanilla flavouring.
2020-12-13 16:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Cinnamon
2020-12-13 16:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Instant Coffee
2020-12-13 16:10 evanlionhart Cocoa powder
2020-12-13 16:10 kbosche34 CONJURE i took the blame for someone else most of the charges
2020-12-13 16:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sugar
2020-12-13 16:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Put into the sweet mixture a little bit of powdered Ginger
2020-12-13 16:11 evanlionhart Powdered ginger
2020-12-13 16:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Put in the names of the prosecutors
2020-12-13 16:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Put in the judge
2020-12-13 16:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ask everyone to be good to you.
2020-12-13 16:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Call their name; treat me with favour and respect; treat me well.
2020-12-13 16:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Jar; put a candle ON it
2020-12-13 16:12 gr8fuldiana @kbosche34 can't you point them back to the main person accused?
2020-12-13 16:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sugar in your tea, or coffee
2020-12-13 16:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour May my words prevail over their words.
2020-12-13 16:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The words shall be sweet.
2020-12-13 16:12 docmurphy1 @gr8fuldiana That makes sense to me...
2020-12-13 16:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Get some Sumac Berries
2020-12-13 16:13 evanlionhart @kbosche34 You might want to check this link out: ask-us-for-conjure-help-with-courts-cri ... e-f38.html
2020-12-13 16:13 kbosche34 no the officer made VERY clear i couldn't
2020-12-13 16:13 evanlionhart http://www.herbmagic.com/sumac-berries.html
2020-12-13 16:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.herbmagic.com/sumac-berries.html
2020-12-13 16:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 9 little brown candles
2020-12-13 16:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Or IN or you can put them on the lid.
2020-12-13 16:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Court Case Oil, or Holy Oil
2020-12-13 16:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Psalms 35
2020-12-13 16:13 evanlionhart Psalms 35
2020-12-13 16:14 docmurphy1 Does anyone else hear a drill?
2020-12-13 16:14 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://www.luckymojo.com/courtcase.html
2020-12-13 16:14 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://www.luckymojo.com/oil-court-case.html
2020-12-13 16:14 evanlionhart its someone's phone buzzing...sounds like an Android
2020-12-13 16:14 docmurphy1 Oh haha!
2020-12-13 16:14 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Eloquent, fierce, who will be a champion for my cause
2020-12-13 16:14 gr8fuldiana Damned buzzing androids.
2020-12-13 16:14 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Deer's Tongue
2020-12-13 16:14 docmurphy1 Here I am thinking someone's doing carpentry
2020-12-13 16:15 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 15 minutes remain.
2020-12-13 16:15 evanlionhart @kbosche34 I'd recommend praying Isaiah 61:1
2020-12-13 16:15 kbosche34 thank you
2020-12-13 16:15 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You can find this show at this URL again in the future also.
2020-12-13 16:15 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Remember, if you want to listen to archived shows of the LM Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, you can find these via http://www.luckymojo.com/radioshow.html
2020-12-13 16:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Pro_Bono_Fund
2020-12-13 16:16 evanlionhart http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Pro_Bono_Fund
2020-12-13 16:16 evanlionhart Galangal root
2020-12-13 16:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Little John to Chew, or Court Case Root
2020-12-13 16:16 evanlionhart aka Little John to Chew
2020-12-13 16:16 evanlionhart Grains of Paradise aka Malagueta Peppers
2020-12-13 16:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.herbmagic.com/little-john-to ... owder.html
2020-12-13 16:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 13 minutes remain.
2020-12-13 16:17 evanlionhart Poppy and Mustard in your pockets!
2020-12-13 16:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.herbmagic.com/cardamom-seed.html
2020-12-13 16:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You need more help than you're getting.
2020-12-13 16:18 gr8fuldiana Too late for uncrossing
2020-12-13 16:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is coming up!
2020-12-13 16:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is ON!
2020-12-13 16:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Uncrossing is something which was prior in the process.
2020-12-13 16:18 evanlionhart She needs firepower!
2020-12-13 16:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Next up: the Network Schedule Announcement!
2020-12-13 16:19 kbosche34 thank you
2020-12-13 16:19 evanlionhart Genie time!
2020-12-13 16:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sure we are!
2020-12-13 16:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL
2020-12-13 16:19 docmurphy1 Get funky!
2020-12-13 16:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Maybe i should make it echo.
2020-12-13 16:19 docmurphy1 Add a wah-wah pedal...
2020-12-13 16:19 cousinjoshua It's your symphony, Nagasiva!
2020-12-13 16:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Next up, Evan Lionhart will bring on Sister Girl with her Free Spell!!
2020-12-13 16:19 evanlionhart You used to have some interstitial piece with your voice modulated
2020-12-13 16:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL cousinjoshua!
2020-12-13 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour <-- nagasiva on the studio board
2020-12-13 16:20 catherine-yronwode FREE SPELL!
2020-12-13 16:20 conjuremanali wishing you luck, kbosche34!
2020-12-13 16:20 gr8fuldiana @kbosche34 good luck, this stuff is scary. I've dealt with it myself and it really can knock the ground right out from under you. And I know what it feels like to be accused of something you did not do. It's unjust.
2020-12-13 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Free Photo Spell from Sister Girl 2020-12-13
2020-12-13 16:20 catherine-yronwode A photo spell by Sister Girl
2020-12-13 16:20 evanlionhart @kbosche34 wishing you all the best! hope to see you on the forum if you need help :)
2020-12-13 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Photo, straight pin.
2020-12-13 16:21 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 you make music!?
2020-12-13 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you want to influence a person's thoughts about you, get a picture of them and each morning take a straight pin and pierce the picture nine times on the person's forehead. While you are pricking the picture, you should talk to it telling the person what you want them to think of you and or do for you. Repeat this process for nine mornings in a row.
2020-12-13 16:21 docmurphy1 @evanlionhart I'm a singer. Trying to get back into guitar after a hand injury..
2020-12-13 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour To bring a person to you (to your door), take a photo of them (this can be a printed copy) and tape it above your front door inside your house. Every morning for 9 consecutive days, you stand in front of this picture looking up at it and shout the person's name three times. This will bring the person to you.
2020-12-13 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour (This spell is taken from 2 different interviews in the Hyatt Volumes.)
2020-12-13 16:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour John Jenkins Jingleheimer Smith! I heard it as John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith in kindergarten.
2020-12-13 16:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Don't be calling Brad Pitt!
2020-12-13 16:22 docmurphy1 His name is my name too!!
2020-12-13 16:22 catherine-yronwode Don't be calling Brad Pitt LOL!
2020-12-13 16:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://www.luckymojo.com/hyatt.html
2020-12-13 16:22 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 mindblown! You never cease to amaze
2020-12-13 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://www.luckymojo.com/hyattinformants.html
2020-12-13 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Just under 7 minutes remain in our show.
2020-12-13 16:23 docmurphy1 I finally got an e-book of the Hyatt volumes. Finally!
2020-12-13 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour His name is my name too.
2020-12-13 16:23 docmurphy1 Why am I posting twice?
2020-12-13 16:23 docmurphy1 Am I that nice?
2020-12-13 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 6 minutes remain.
2020-12-13 16:24 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/hyatt.html
2020-12-13 16:24 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 LOL Obviously
2020-12-13 16:24 conjuremanali they also vary in hard they are to get
2020-12-13 16:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour A Deck of Spells, by Professor Charles Porterfield
2020-12-13 16:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://www.luckymojo.com/adeckofspells.html
2020-12-13 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We talked about that LAST week with Horseshoes and Mahakala over the door.
2020-12-13 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Or bats over the door.
2020-12-13 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Photo Upside-Down!!
2020-12-13 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Oh!
2020-12-13 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Nice
2020-12-13 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Like shoes aimed inward or outward.
2020-12-13 16:25 docmurphy1 I got a shipment from LMCC that had cardboard in ot with Cast Off Evil written on it. I hung that up!! :)
2020-12-13 16:25 docmurphy1 on it
2020-12-13 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour At the 2 minute and 55 second mark i'll start the show's End Music.
2020-12-13 16:26 gr8fuldiana Did the number of rootworkers change? I thought it was like a different number if interviewees
2020-12-13 16:26 conjuremanali I mentioned that earlier!
2020-12-13 16:26 gr8fuldiana like 1623 or something. Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly
2020-12-13 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Place the photo on the headboard of your bed, facing you, pinned to or nailed to the back of the headboard.
2020-12-13 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour To send them dream thoughts.
2020-12-13 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Put their photo under the pillow.
2020-12-13 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour End music coming up!
2020-12-13 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour To reach them in dreams!
2020-12-13 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour End music is ON!
2020-12-13 16:27 gr8fuldiana thank you everyone
2020-12-13 16:27 docmurphy1 Great show... thanks all!! See you all soon!!
2020-12-13 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hey! Don't knock those virgin hairs! :D
2020-12-13 16:27 conjuremanali LOL
2020-12-13 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Glasses of water
2020-12-13 16:27 conjuremanali lovely show! thanks all!
2020-12-13 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Glasses of water
2020-12-13 16:27 evanlionhart LOL
2020-12-13 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Photo face down on top of an OPEN glass of water.
2020-12-13 16:28 docmurphy1 Hustle Evan!
2020-12-13 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Is this sound good, or should i bump it up?
2020-12-13 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Jon Saint Germain!
2020-12-13 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Healing Pets with Hoodoo!
2020-12-13 16:28 gr8fuldiana The reverend Loves Us!
2020-12-13 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumped up one!
2020-12-13 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 60
2020-12-13 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 45
2020-12-13 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 30
2020-12-13 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Corrupting weird sound.
2020-12-13 16:29 gr8fuldiana purring kitty?
2020-12-13 16:29 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 running like Roadrunner! Meep Meep!
2020-12-13 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Purring kitty
2020-12-13 16:29 docmurphy1 Night All!
2020-12-13 16:29 missmarandatarot good night everyone!
2020-12-13 16:29 cousinjoshua Thanks, beautiful people! Always good to start my week with y'all!!!
2020-12-13 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 15
2020-12-13 16:29 evanlionhart Jackhammer?
2020-12-13 16:29 missmarandatarot <3
2020-12-13 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 10
2020-12-13 16:30 evanlionhart Goodnight all!
2020-12-13 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thanks everybody for coming out to the show!
2020-12-13 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you want more information on hoodoo, (aka conjure, rootwork, witchcraft), advice about your situation, and what you can do about it, check out the Lucky Mojo forum http://forum.luckymojo.com Register and post your questions there in the appropriate subforum!Thanks
2020-12-13 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you are a guest, then you can join the chat by registering via BlogTalkRadio.com and confirming by email, or via Facebook or Twitter. You may have to refresh the page once registration is confirmed.
2020-12-13 16:30 catherine-yronwode Thanks everyone -- a very interesting show that covered a LOT of ground.
2020-12-13 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It was!
2020-12-13 16:31 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you wish to be selected to be a client on NEXT week's show, you can sign up now at the Lucky Mojo Forum at: lmhrhour-free-readings-december-20-2020 ... 93973.html then call (818) 394-8535 and press 1 to raise your hand to be on the show.
2020-12-13 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I'll be posting a link to the chat log in the aftermath of our promo posts in Facebook! It will become the first post in the sign-up thread!
2020-12-13 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The chat log will be posted at the Lucky Mojo Forum and announced in Facebook after the promotional posts.
2020-12-13 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour They're always posted at the Lucky Mojo Forum as intact as we are able, for every show, right at the top of the sign-up thread.
2020-12-13 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You can capture the chat yourself by clicking on the 'gear' icon at the bottom left next to the pushpin! Then click 'Export transcript' to get a file which includes the URLS! It's supposed to be HTML, really.
2020-12-13 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour OR you can consult our sign-up thread for the chat-log where it will appear with URLs all snug and friendly!
2020-12-13 16:34 catherine-yronwode Ready for the transcript export?
2020-12-13 16:34 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes! Exporting now.
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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG December 13, 2020 Spellwork with Photographs

Unread post by Shutter » Sun Dec 13, 2020 2:35 pm

1) Your name:
..... A) You name on the Lucky Mojo Forum: shutter
..... B) Your Blog Talk Radio caller name (if different): shutter
..... C) How do you want your name to be pronounced on the radio? Chrissy

2) Your area code and state (don't post your full phone #, but we need your area code to recognize you and your state to announce you)
..... Area Code: 224
..... State/Nation: IL

3) Your history with our radio show:
..... A) Have you ever been on the radio show before and received a reading and/or rootwork recommendations?
..... Yes/No: yes
..... B) If "Yes," are you calling back to report updates as we may have requested?
..... Yes/No: no
..... C) About when did you have that radio reading?
..... When: November 15 I believe
..... D) Have conditions changed since that reading?
..... Yes/No: no

4) Your history with our readers
..... A) Have you ever had a private reading from ConjureMan Ali or Miss cat before, either about this issue or another situation?
..... Yes/No: no
..... B) If "Yes," was it about this situation or another situation?
..... This situation/Another situation: n/a
..... C) About when did you have that private reading?
..... When?: n/a
..... D) Have conditions changed since that reading?
..... Yes/No: n/a

5) Your history with other readers
..... A) Have you gone to other readers or rootworkers about this situation?
..... Yes/No: no
..... B) If "Yes," who and when? (We don't need full details, just a general idea: at a metaphysical shop, psychic fair, phone line, from a friend, etc.)
..... Who and when: n/a

6) Please give us a brief description of your situation or question (please be brief! LIMIT TO 4 SENTENCES)
..... Situation/Question: I've been doing rootwork in exchange for energy healing with a man I met about a month ago. I've found myself attracted to him since I've been doing love work for him (isn't that funny?) and I've thrown out a little flirtation but he hasn't reciprocated, I'm wondering if it's worth doing some spellwork on him to get his eye on me romantically.

7) On what date will you be in the radio show queue?
..... Date: 12/13/2020
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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG December 13, 2020 Spellwork with Photographs

Unread post by kbosche34 » Sun Dec 13, 2020 3:01 pm

1a. Kbosche34

2.(570) 218-9424


6. Was just calling in for a general reading

From the chat in the show:

Kayla, PA, 570:
"I'm going through some legal issues that have taken place for more than 5 years. What does the future have in store for me? I was wondering if there were any blocks or curses or other unseen issues I might not be aware of. What are your insights about my situation and how do you think I should proceed?"


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