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LMHRHour CHAT LOG November 19, 2008 Obama Boss Fix

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LMHRHour CHAT LOG November 19, 2008 Obama Boss Fix

Unread post by CKioni » Tue Nov 18, 2008 10:24 pm

Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show

Scheduled Conference Date:Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Scheduled Start Time:10:00 PM Eastern Std Time
Scheduled End Time:11:00 PM Eastern Std Time
Dial-in Number:1-517-417-5000 (Midwest)
Participant Access Code:65623


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Re: Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show 11/19/08 (#15919)

Unread post by KM » Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:40 pm

thanks to the three of you for another off da chain great show

it was comforting to hear that you all agree that ouija is not always such a good thing

regarding Hanuman, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanuman_Chalisa may be of interest. my dad's side of the family are devotees of the monkey king via ram dass. they believe hanuman is a soldier for charity


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Re: Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show 11/19/08 - LIVE NOTES (#15937)

Unread post by MissMichaele » Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:47 pm




[MUSIC INTRO: Jug Band Waltz by Will Shade and the Memphis Jug Band]

[DR. KIONI introduces self, MISS CAT]

[I tuned in late; we join the program in progress.]

MISS CAT: Obama’s good luck statuettes: Hanuman. Hanuman’s implements:
same as Vishnu, Shiva, and … [connection lost momentarily] … hand
gesture of power.

I’m thinking of talking to Obama campaign to know what other charms he
carries. Anyone wanting to work for him can collect the same kinds.
Obama also has Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of Perpetual Help,
Sacajawea dollar (another woman with child!) Guardian angel coin,
looks v. femme. Pewter “affirmation” stone (New Thought charm). POW
bracelet, gambler’s chit, can’t be duplicated. Time magazine has
photo; just google “Obama lucky charms.” Double handful.

DR. KIONI: “I like the juju that boy do!”

MISS CAT and I have master candles which were blessed for Obama’s
protection. Sangomas in Africa [Kenya?] started this work. They are
sure that an attempt will be made on his life in 4th year of term.

MISS CAT: You can get a candle lit from one of these master candles.
Call Lucky Mojo; Send self-addressed padded envelope or similar plus
return postage. MISS CAT will light candle from her master candle
while praying over it for “peace, safety, harmony, and doing good for
the rest of their natural lives” (family included).

Candle put out with intention, NOT BLOWN OUT. Pinch or snuff out.
Pinching, especially witho wetting fingers, is painful but that
intensifies the work. Add, “Amen: I extinguish this candle with
intent.” When you get candle, (re)light with match. Can use the
candle you receive as a master candle to light other candles, and make
master candles of them. The one you will receive from Lucky Mojo is a
small menorah candle. It’s a Spiritual Church tradition. Make a vow to
light your own master candle from it and pass the power on in the same
way. If you have a blog, write about it. The point is to have a
million of these candles lit at any time.

Props to Najah Lightfoot Bagley. She was the first to light a candle
for Obama.

JOHNNIE, JOSHUA TX: What to do about a “Tyrannical, incompetent boss?”

MISS CAT: Is he owner of company, or does he answer to someone else?

JH: His boss not responsive.

MISS CAT: Sweetening spell on incompetent boss â€" honey jar â€" dress
with Compelling. Used similar spell for a client of mine, 5-6 yrs
standing. Her grown stepdaughter has been a thorn in her side. “We
need to make her reveal her ugly nature,” I told her. Compelling
candle series (3), twice. Stepdaughter wanted $500 jacket from dad.
Client found it at half price, had store hold it. Daughter swore at
her when she called to tell her about it â€" and dad heard it. Daughter
isn’t welcome to family dinners any more.

Compelling candles, dressed and prayed over from the heart: “Let X
reveal her ugly ways, her greed, let [whoever needs to know] see what
X has revealed.” Dressed with Calamus root, Deer’s Tongue to loosen
the culprit’s tongue, Poppy seeds so culprit doesn’t know what she’s
doing. Also Compelling oil, of course. Purple candle â€" compelling color.

Dr. K recommends Castor oil in addition, so she “runs” at the mouth.

MISS CAT: Put some poppy seeds in the honey jar, too; “this isn’t your
grandma’s nice honey jar.”

DR. KIONI: Palo has a “stick” called bobo, because it makes you
stupid. Poppy seed kicks it up. Be careful.

MISS CAT: Speaking of which â€" locoweed. We don’t carry it because it’s
seriously toxic. Any datura species will do. Don’t forget marijuana;
makes people slow, confused. Poppy *flowers* also good; a few dried
petals are sufficient.

For a doll baby to make someone stupid, blow marijuana smoke on it,
but don’t inhale.

DR. KIONI: Excuse me? Pass me that thing!


DR. KIONI: Osein [?], Nguru Findi [?], Owner of Plants, often asks for
marijuana; fairly common in old-fashioned Palo work.

NAGASIVA: Is there a specific rule for Mary as spirit of aid/help?

MISS CAT: Protestant and Catholic versions, also Jewish Miriam, there
is probably an Islamic version. Middle Eastern goddess tweaked,
mutated, reduplicated (many St. Marys), all descended from ancient
mother goddess. But Protestant conjures work with Mary & Martha,
sisters of Lazarus â€" not Virgin Mary.
The “different versions” of St. Mary are apparitions of Mary, like
different “roads” of deities in Palo. Some examples:

Maria Dolorosa, aids suffering women.
Mary of Grace, somewhat like Buddhist/Hindu Tara.
Mary Magdalene â€" whore? Wife of Jesus? [Traditions vary. â€" MCM]
Ally/face of “forbidden women of Bible,” a co-equal.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, offers brown scapular to get out of purgatory.
Virgin of Guadalupe, patron of Mexico … etc.

Some Marys are conflated with other deities such as Iemanja.
Mary-with-children overlaps cult of Isis, which spread far into Europe
during Roman times; some French cathedrals may be former sites of Isis
temples. Notre Dame may be one.

Mary represented by roses, rose petals, her particular scent.
Protestant people also call on Mary for help, especially with
children. “O Mary, Don’t You Weep!” (Check out Aretha’s version, Swan
Silvertones â€" one of earliest films ever made is of an AA group
singing this song.) Even those close to the Source of spirituality
have reason to cry.

Rosemary has nothing to do with Mary; it is “ros marinus,” “dew of the
ocean,” but also associated with female power in household â€"
associated with St. Martha.

Spinach pie…MISS CAT’s Sicilian grandmother told her that spinach pie,
made with wrung-out cooked spinach, Parmesan, 6 eggs, basil, garlic â€"
Virgin Mary’s favorite dish. Fill 2 pie plates, bake, serve one for
dinner and wrap up the rest for the menfolk to take for lunch.

DR. KIONI: Scramble eggs, garlic, watercress, in hollowed out pumpkin,
petition paper, for Mama Shola, [sp?] for 5 days; then take it to
river (you’ll be glad to; it will have stunk up the house by then).

MISS CAT: Sicilians not actually Italians; mix of Greek, North
African, Albanian. Sicilians also carry little red charm bags. Their
magic more similar to African folk magic.

DARRYL, DC: Can you tell me name of one of my guardian angels?

DR. KIONI: I usually do this with divination. Quest Tarot has
alphabetical system on them along with all the other details. I ask
“What is Darryl’s guardian angel’s name?” I lay out a card for each
word of the question. Then I note letters on cards, use pendulum to
construct name from those letters. Sometimes I hear it clairvoyantly.

MISS CAT: Oswald Worth Tarot, Atia [sp?] also have Hebrew letters.
Also numbers, if you want to use those to generate Latin alphabet
letters. Some people use Ouija for this purpose. Don’t. It’s an open
portal to “a screaming mob of spirits who no one will listen to,”
mostly tricksters and bored spirit.

DR. KIONI: Darryl, purchase little white candle â€" menorah candle,
kosher. Cleanse with Florida Water; dress with olive oil. Light at
bedside before bed, praying Ps 23, “surely goodness and mercy shall
follow me…” and ask that you want to know who guardian angel in charge
of goodness & mercy over your life, & that that angel be revealed in a
dream or by some other unmistakable sign.

MISS CAT: A gifted reader can clairvoyantly call that name.

You don’t necessarily need to find that name, though if you want to
work with that angel, it’s better to call it my name â€" more
comfortable, efficient and polite. Don’t worry if your angel is in
charge of thousands. They are powerful.

ANNIE THOMPSON: Need motivation, uplift. High blood pressure, doctors
could find nothing wrong.

MISS CAT: We know from previous work together that you’ve been under
magical attack. You can’t just say, when attacking, “I want X dead,”
you have to specify how. When you have unnatural illness, you ARE also
under phys attack; GO and seek medical help. May be difficult to find
physical cure, but GO. You have to “give both teams their chance at
bat.” Glad you’re doing better. Proper diagnosis is huge problem in
these cases. To ignore medical care is to leave a BIG hole in your
defenses. Also get spiritual protection.

DR. KIONI: Recommended specific practitioner. Did you contact him?

ANNIE THOMPSON: Yes; he sent me something & then told me to rest &
recoup strength.

DR. KIONI: Contact rootworker, let him know what’s going on, so he can
put a fire under the work.

Common problem with clients â€" poor communication. Boneset baths one of
the best things for unnatural illnesses.

[Station ID by Dr. Kioni

MUSIC OUTRO: Jug Band Waltz by Will Shade and the Memphis Jug Band]


Notes by Michaele Maurer
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