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LMHRHour CHAT LOG May 30, 2021 How to Find a Good Reader

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LMHRHour CHAT LOG May 30, 2021 How to Find a Good Reader

Unread post by nagasiva » Sun May 23, 2021 3:05 pm


How to Find a Good Reader with Ramona Scott

You can listen here:
https://www.blogtalkradio.com/luckymojo ... cott-53021

Or here:

The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour with catherine yronwode, ConjureMan Ali, and special guest Ramona Scott

We begin this show with a Discussion Panel focussed on the topic of How to Find a Good Reader.

2021-05-30 14:48 tony-eye I'm sorry I was not here last week, I was at an event with Dr. West and Mr. Stetson.
2021-05-30 14:49 catherine-yronwode Tony -- that sounds like fun! Dr. West and Mr. Stetson are good people!
2021-05-30 14:49 catherine-yronwode And so are you!
2021-05-30 14:49 tony-eye Yes, they are. :)
2021-05-30 14:51 docmurphy1 Hiya!
2021-05-30 14:51 tony-eye Hello
2021-05-30 14:51 docmurphy1 @tony-eye Been ok?
2021-05-30 14:52 catherine-yronwode Tony, tday's topic will, i hope, be of interest to you, as you yourself are a reader. Which brings to mind the idea that we would sure like to have you on the show as a guest -- either for one of our Oracle Hour presentations on divination or as a guest with a topic.
2021-05-30 14:52 docmurphy1 YEAH!!!
2021-05-30 14:52 docmurphy1 @catherine-yronwode Been alright yourself?
2021-05-30 14:53 catherine-yronwode I am doing great!.
2021-05-30 14:54 docmurphy1 Yay!
2021-05-30 14:54 catherine-yronwode I am picking up speed and enthusiasm on finishing the three books in progress. Papa Gee and Dr. Jeremy are wonderfully cooperative collaborators.
2021-05-30 14:54 docmurphy1 Good to hear. I'm excited about getting the books in the goodie box!
2021-05-30 14:55 tony-eye Thank you!
2021-05-30 14:55 docmurphy1 @jzahmay Hiya!
2021-05-30 14:56 jzahmay @docmurphy1 hello! Hope all of you are well!
2021-05-30 14:56 docmurphy1 @conjuremanali Hi there!
2021-05-30 14:56 catherine-yronwode Meanwhile, in the background, we are havin tech issues with BTR -- which is why we always start early. The whole connection crackled and broke up, and i am back in the host queue.
2021-05-30 14:56 catherine-yronwode All is repaired now.
2021-05-30 14:57 docmurphy1 Ok!
2021-05-30 14:58 evanlionhart Hello everyone!
2021-05-30 14:59 docmurphy1 @evanlionhart Hi Evan! :FL:
2021-05-30 14:59 tony-eye Jon calls it Blog Talk Roulette
2021-05-30 14:59 evanlionhart Hey @docmurphy1 !
2021-05-30 14:59 docmurphy1 Been ok?
2021-05-30 14:59 tony-eye hi Evan
2021-05-30 14:59 evanlionhart @tony-eye hello sir!
2021-05-30 15:00 catherine-yronwode MUSIC!
2021-05-30 15:00 docmurphy1 lalalalaaaaaaaa...
2021-05-30 15:00 theothertruth Hello all from Ramona
2021-05-30 15:00 docmurphy1 Hi Ramona!
2021-05-30 15:00 conjuremanali dulcet tones of Evan Lionhart
2021-05-30 15:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Welcome once again!
2021-05-30 15:00 docmurphy1 Looking forward to the show today!
2021-05-30 15:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It's the LUCKY MOJO HOODOO ROOTWORK HOUR!
2021-05-30 15:01 docmurphy1 @luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hi siva!
2021-05-30 15:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The longest-running hoodoo conjure rootwork radio show in the UNIVERSE!
2021-05-30 15:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hi docmurphy1!
2021-05-30 15:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thanks for coming out to the show!
2021-05-30 15:01 docmurphy1 @cousinjoshua Hi!
2021-05-30 15:02 jzahmay The archives are a blessing. Love listening.😊
2021-05-30 15:02 evanlionhart gathering links!
2021-05-30 15:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour December of 2008
2021-05-30 15:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Website live in 2009
2021-05-30 15:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour AIRR -- Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers
2021-05-30 15:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Board of AISC
2021-05-30 15:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The Association of Independent Spiritual Churches -- http://www.independentspiritualchurches.com
2021-05-30 15:03 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/C ... e_Yronwode
2021-05-30 15:03 catherine-yronwode In other news, today the AISC Board accepted my resignation (which had been planned for 2 years to occur on my birthday this year) and Papa Gee is taking my place on the board!
2021-05-30 15:03 catherine-yronwode Deacon Millett remains as Board President, and the board now consists of Deacon Millett, Miss Michaele, Ms. Robin, Mama E., Lady Muse, and Papa Gee, and nagasiva. Vicky will be resigning in June and Jon will be returning (he had stepped down during his heart and shoulder surgery issues last year.)
2021-05-30 15:03 catherine-yronwode I will continue as editor-in-chief of the AIRR web site and leader of the Tech Team.
2021-05-30 15:03 catherine-yronwode AIRR is running very smoothly, and i am glad to have the extra two hours per month that i used to spend on Board duties to file postcards in albums. :-)
2021-05-30 15:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://readersandrootworkers.org/index. ... on_Millett
2021-05-30 15:03 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/index. ... e=Papa_Gee
2021-05-30 15:03 docmurphy1 Yay!
2021-05-30 15:04 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/index. ... nt_Germain
2021-05-30 15:04 conjuremanali Mama E and Miss cat retiring from the board
2021-05-30 15:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Deacon Millett, Ms. Robin, Lady Muse, Papa Gee, Miss Michaele, Nagasiva, and temporarily Mama E. until June when Jon Saint Germain returns!
2021-05-30 15:04 jzahmay Wahoo!
2021-05-30 15:05 evanlionhart Sign up for "It's All Ephemera" today! https://www.patreon.com/catherineyronwode
2021-05-30 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Miss Michaele is the Secretary, i am the Treasurer, Ms. Robin is now the Vice President and Deacon Millett is the President on the Board of Directors of AISC
2021-05-30 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.patreon.com/catherineyronwode
2021-05-30 15:05 conjuremanali Cat's cool kids club!
2021-05-30 15:05 docmurphy1 LOL
2021-05-30 15:06 jzahmay 😝
2021-05-30 15:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It's All Ephemera! With Catherine Yronwode!
2021-05-30 15:06 docmurphy1 Neeeeeeeat
2021-05-30 15:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour That ain't so!
2021-05-30 15:06 evanlionhart It ain't necessarily so
2021-05-30 15:06 docmurphy1 HA!
2021-05-30 15:06 jzahmay Woah
2021-05-30 15:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Part of our COMMON KNOWLEDGE.
2021-05-30 15:07 docmurphy1 @missmarandatarot Heyyyy girl!
2021-05-30 15:07 missmarandatarot @docmurphy1 hello!
2021-05-30 15:07 docmurphy1 I love it
2021-05-30 15:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Um, life used to be a lot more fun before the Right Wing took over the Baptists.
2021-05-30 15:08 docmurphy1 LET'S BRING IT BACK!
2021-05-30 15:08 cousinjoshua It's so interesting that all of it came from commercial products. Like the back of cereal boxes used to have games to play prior to the advent of cellphones.
2021-05-30 15:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Cooking and Divination and Magic, OH MY!
2021-05-30 15:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The Eternal Present
2021-05-30 15:08 cousinjoshua Ooh, "the eternal present." Yes. Yes.
2021-05-30 15:08 missmarandatarot i agree with @docmurphy1 I want this stuff on cereal boxes!
2021-05-30 15:09 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It factors also into the negative of "Oh yes, my Grandmother taught that to me!" when in fact it was only recently popularized.
2021-05-30 15:09 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Golden Dawn, Paschal Beverly Randolph
2021-05-30 15:09 cousinjoshua Darn the socks of history!
2021-05-30 15:09 evanlionhart Darn the socks of history!
2021-05-30 15:09 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour They got MEDIA POWER and seem more realistic as historical and moral sources than they are.
2021-05-30 15:10 docmurphy1 YES!
2021-05-30 15:10 conjuremanali That phrase is going to stick in my head all day! love it
2021-05-30 15:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You're our institutional and resident knowledge! Thank you for still remaining available for consult.
2021-05-30 15:11 docmurphy1 The we gotta wear the socks!
2021-05-30 15:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I know you're still doing books and these are debuting at the VHHF2
2021-05-30 15:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.hoodooheritagefestival.com
2021-05-30 15:11 catherine-yronwode THREE NEW BOOKS!
2021-05-30 15:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Right!
2021-05-30 15:12 catherine-yronwode Terrors of the Evil Eye Exposed by Henri Gamache, restored and revised by catherine yronwode and Dr. Jeremy Weiss.
2021-05-30 15:12 docmurphy1 Mercury is retrograde...!
2021-05-30 15:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes! "How to Use Amulets, Charms, and Talismans in the Hoodoo and Conjure Tradition" by Catherine Yronwode and Gregory Lee White
2021-05-30 15:13 jzahmay Def! I thought Miss Cat misspelled Gris Gris when I saw it on the cover of mojo book... then I learn I spell it the way I do bc I’m creole or French etc. I love those wow moments of learning.
2021-05-30 15:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Down-Home Sex Magic, by Catherine Yronwode
2021-05-30 15:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour And you covered the other one, thank you!
2021-05-30 15:14 evanlionhart https://www.conjuremanconsulting.com/
2021-05-30 15:14 catherine-yronwode jzahmay -- Yep -- you are showing your Creole family background!
2021-05-30 15:15 docmurphy1 LOL arts and crafts hoodoo.. love it
2021-05-30 15:15 jzahmay I had no idea! Lol so cool
2021-05-30 15:16 conjuremanali Speaking of talismans
2021-05-30 15:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ramona Scott of Ramona Speaks the Other Truth in Houston Texas!
2021-05-30 15:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The Land of the Hot and Humid!
2021-05-30 15:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Beam her up!
2021-05-30 15:16 jzahmay It’s hot in Texas!!
2021-05-30 15:17 docmurphy1 SEnd it up here to MN!
2021-05-30 15:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour What's your NORMAL weather like?
2021-05-30 15:17 tony-eye 40 degrees and freezing here
2021-05-30 15:17 conjuremanali humidity is a killer
2021-05-30 15:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 82 is a Spring Day in California (dry heat)
2021-05-30 15:17 jzahmay this humidity semi resembles louisiana
2021-05-30 15:17 docmurphy1 82 is darn nice in MN
2021-05-30 15:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Today's Discussion Panel Topic is How to Find a Good Reader
2021-05-30 15:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Fortune Tellers, Diviners, Prophets, and Seers
2021-05-30 15:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Spirit medium: contacts the dead on your behalf
2021-05-30 15:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Seer sees the future
2021-05-30 15:18 jzahmay I’ll send it to ya in energy @docmurphy1 😝
2021-05-30 15:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Prophet prophesies
2021-05-30 15:18 docmurphy1 Don't stand in the middle of the street and yell, "I NEED A READER! AAAAHHHH!"
2021-05-30 15:18 jzahmay Lol
2021-05-30 15:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Fortune Teller is someone who is a street busker or has an office on the street.
2021-05-30 15:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The Fortune Teller's Guide to Success -- https://www.luckymojo.com/thefortunetel ... ccess.html
2021-05-30 15:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Diviner is someone who puts you in touch with the divine.
2021-05-30 15:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Connecting you in with spirits or the Spirit in some way.
2021-05-30 15:19 cousinjoshua I do think "fortune teller" needs to be reclaimed! It have more practical, accessible connotations.
2021-05-30 15:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Psychic reader covers all the various types of readers.
2021-05-30 15:20 jzahmay Card throwers I thought May have aligned w “fortune tellers”
2021-05-30 15:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Card reader, bone, ornithomancy, etc.
2021-05-30 15:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour How to find a good one??!
2021-05-30 15:20 conjuremanali Fortune tellers are respectable in some cultures.
2021-05-30 15:20 jzahmay Heard that term ...didn’t know if specific
2021-05-30 15:20 docmurphy1 At the shop i used to work at, the manager din't like the word "psychic", she called her readers "intuitive".
2021-05-30 15:20 docmurphy1 ...not sure why...
2021-05-30 15:20 andyww are you doing readings tonight? first time here.
2021-05-30 15:21 conjuremanali I remember the first time I tuned into a Japanese cooking show and one of the judges was identified as a fortuneteller alongside a chef and author judge
2021-05-30 15:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Very true!
2021-05-30 15:21 docmurphy1 Neeeeeeeat
2021-05-30 15:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour <-- nagasiva on the studio board.
2021-05-30 15:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour <-- does not speak with the dead.
2021-05-30 15:21 docmurphy1 Sometimes the dead talk to me...
2021-05-30 15:21 catherine-yronwode I affirm reclaiming the term Fortune Teller!
2021-05-30 15:22 andyww when do they take readings on this show?
2021-05-30 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I have no trek with 'em at all, none speak to me (no ghosts), i haven't attempted to find connection. OTHER types of spirits, gods, etc., yes.
2021-05-30 15:22 catherine-yronwode Oh yes, DocMurphy -- the substitution of "intuive" for "psychic."
2021-05-30 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you wish to be selected to be a client on THIS WEEK's show, sign up NOW at:
2021-05-30 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour lmhrhour-free-readings-may-30-2021-how- ... 94474.html
2021-05-30 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour then call (818) 394-8535 and press 1 to raise your hand to be on the show.
2021-05-30 15:22 jzahmay dunno if I really get messages. Just chills and pics in my head but I figure that’s just my brain being used to fuller extent sometimes
2021-05-30 15:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We have a sign-up already and they are in the queue and we are taking one client tonight, so it may be all booked up.
2021-05-30 15:23 cousinjoshua How they handle being a reader.
2021-05-30 15:23 catherine-yronwode Ramona suggests interviewing readers.
2021-05-30 15:23 andyww do i have to go to that site? Or can I just call in like regular
2021-05-30 15:23 andyww ok
2021-05-30 15:23 docmurphy1 I know... I think intuitives and psychics are different, but not sure why the manager didn't like the word psychic.. they had psychic fairs, after all...
2021-05-30 15:23 jzahmay Maybe to maintain a broader “audience”
2021-05-30 15:24 docmurphy1 Many spirits and gods chat here, too... some f them are realy yappity lol
2021-05-30 15:24 docmurphy1 of
2021-05-30 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Replay reading
2021-05-30 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Echo-lallia! :D
2021-05-30 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour That's a sound mirror!
2021-05-30 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Or they provide a psychological evaluation.
2021-05-30 15:24 docmurphy1 LOL
2021-05-30 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The Spirit of NUIT!
2021-05-30 15:25 jzahmay Readers I’ve gone to have never offered a direct answer
2021-05-30 15:25 cousinjoshua I think a really good test (for me) is to ask "How helpful was/is this information? Can I really act on it in a way that will improve my life?"
2021-05-30 15:25 jzahmay besides you gys
2021-05-30 15:25 jzahmay guys*
2021-05-30 15:25 docmurphy1 At the shop, the managers would audition readers -- not only to see how well they read, but how they were with people...
2021-05-30 15:25 catherine-yronwode cousinjosgua -- great evaluation.
2021-05-30 15:26 docmurphy1 @jzahmay Oh, many of us are painfully direct lol
2021-05-30 15:26 jzahmay I love the direct
2021-05-30 15:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We've selected our client tonight! It's going to be MsMoody, calling from NY at area code 631.
2021-05-30 15:26 docmurphy1 Good readers need to be good with people, too...
2021-05-30 15:26 jzahmay i want to hear what I can’t tell myself.
2021-05-30 15:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Later on i'll post a link to sign up for NEXT week's show to be a client on the air.
2021-05-30 15:26 missmarandatarot @docmurphy1 set me straight twice this week with her readings! quite direct-- and the insight i needed to adjust my approaches in relationships :)
2021-05-30 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL
2021-05-30 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Type matters!!!
2021-05-30 15:27 docmurphy1 I want to hear what I can't figure out myself.
2021-05-30 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour What their SPECIALTY IS.
2021-05-30 15:27 dr-sweets I look for someone that demonstrates claircognizant information. Information they have no way of actually knowing about my situation and could not "cold read" me first to get that information.
2021-05-30 15:27 docmurphy1 @missmarandatarot <3
2021-05-30 15:27 jzahmay Exactly @docmurphy1
2021-05-30 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Next week's TOPIC!!!
2021-05-30 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL
2021-05-30 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour (I Ching)
2021-05-30 15:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes, method steers outcomes!
2021-05-30 15:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Palmistry is about the individual and what life choices they will have, because hands change so slowly.
2021-05-30 15:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Astrology integrates the changing planets and their intersection with the Natal Chart.
2021-05-30 15:29 docmurphy1 I find Lenormand cards to be direct and grounded, practical answers.. tarot can go symbolic and big picture.
2021-05-30 15:29 catherine-yronwode This new page at AIRR http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/O ... d_Rootwork
2021-05-30 15:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Read the Fortune Teller's bio and personal reflection of skills!
2021-05-30 15:29 conjuremanali I was teasing a preview of next week, nagasiva lol
2021-05-30 15:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thank you, Miss Cat!
2021-05-30 15:30 cousinjoshua And some clients will prever/need in-person readings versus phone versus e-mail. Some folks will want to ask questions as the reading occurs and others will want to mull it over and e-mail questions as the situation starts to unfold in their lives.
2021-05-30 15:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes it was, ConjureMan!
2021-05-30 15:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL
2021-05-30 15:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour So a "good reader" depends in great part on who the client is!
2021-05-30 15:31 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour After that, it IS about the skills of the readers being sifted and evaluated.
2021-05-30 15:31 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Can the reader give a PRESCRIPTION?!?!
2021-05-30 15:31 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Asking very good questions yields better outcomes!
2021-05-30 15:31 jzahmay When I say my question and rootworker comes back w clarifier that’s when I realize what I really want to know
2021-05-30 15:31 missmarandatarot hope its their husband... could be someone elses! HAHA!
2021-05-30 15:32 jzahmay And/or reader*
2021-05-30 15:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ramona is "theothertruth" in our chat, thanks for being here too!
2021-05-30 15:32 missmarandatarot I do agree-- the question is as important as the method.
2021-05-30 15:32 docmurphy1 Yeah... its like conducting an interview, and askinf a client to elaborate...
2021-05-30 15:32 docmurphy1 Though a PhD doesn't hurt LOL...
2021-05-30 15:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Reaching into the unknown to find answers
2021-05-30 15:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 57 minutes remain in our show.
2021-05-30 15:33 catherine-yronwode new page = new page on Outcome Times in Reading and Rootwork
2021-05-30 15:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour About 25 minutes before our client segment.
2021-05-30 15:33 jzahmay How many pages now miss cat!? Lol
2021-05-30 15:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We'll be welcoming MsMoody, calling from NY, area code 631
2021-05-30 15:34 catherine-yronwode Good point, Doc Murphy -- collegial standing versus unknown solo act.
2021-05-30 15:34 catherine-yronwode One page per week, Jhamay -- slow and steady.
2021-05-30 15:34 cousinjoshua I do think some folx want soothsayers and some folx want "tougher" readers. There's a lot to be said for the style and approach of a reader.
2021-05-30 15:35 jzahmay 👌🤩
2021-05-30 15:35 catherine-yronwode #NAME?
2021-05-30 15:35 docmurphy1 True that, @cousinjoshua
2021-05-30 15:35 docmurphy1 Some clients need solace, some need challenge...
2021-05-30 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Coming to readers with proper expectations is helpful in finding the right reader too.
2021-05-30 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Another one of our sponsors: Hoodoo Psychics http://www.hoodoopsychics.com
2021-05-30 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour A *collegial group*; a reader-run directory.
2021-05-30 15:37 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Peer-selected.
2021-05-30 15:37 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour AND there's a Ethical Code.
2021-05-30 15:37 docmurphy1 A network of colleagues and peers, yes...
2021-05-30 15:37 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Affirmation of an Ethnical Code is no small potatoes!
2021-05-30 15:37 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Code_of_Ethics
2021-05-30 15:38 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 52 minutes remain in our show.
2021-05-30 15:38 cousinjoshua I do think a reader that will assist the querent in framing the question, is attempting to see the present clearly and this is a first step in (I think) a good reading. To see the future clearly, we must start with the present.
2021-05-30 15:38 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour About 20 minutes before our client segment.
2021-05-30 15:38 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour They will provide one another REFERRALS.
2021-05-30 15:39 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Part of a professional practice.
2021-05-30 15:39 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour They DO share the standard of ethics and conduct.
2021-05-30 15:39 docmurphy1 A department in a school of peers, but different areas of expertise...
2021-05-30 15:39 jzahmay Ha no one has ever turned down money if I wanted a reader. And it was dry. I was amazed when I heard y’all’s readings and for free! If you call in etc.
2021-05-30 15:40 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/O ... of_Service
2021-05-30 15:40 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour There ARE scam-revealer sites, but they aren't always reliable!
2021-05-30 15:40 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Directories don't always enable the same playing field of attention.
2021-05-30 15:41 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It may prioritize those who initially put it together.
2021-05-30 15:41 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes, it can become a terrible competition and zone of parasitism.
2021-05-30 15:41 jzahmay That makes sense
2021-05-30 15:42 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Some of that level of competition depends upon a view of scarce resources (people thinking that there are limited actual available resources).
2021-05-30 15:42 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour AIRR -- http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2021-05-30 15:42 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR), a committee of the AISC
2021-05-30 15:42 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yearly listing fee: $100
2021-05-30 15:43 jzahmay Oh wow
2021-05-30 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.bookeo.com/miss-cat
2021-05-30 15:43 docmurphy1 And that's a dard reasonable fee
2021-05-30 15:43 docmurphy1 darn
2021-05-30 15:43 docmurphy1 like socks
2021-05-30 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://readersandrootworkers.org/index. ... e_Yronwode
2021-05-30 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Goes against their Terms of Service agreement.
2021-05-30 15:44 jzahmay I’ve paid so much for non worthwhile readings.. perhaps it was somewhat me dunno.
2021-05-30 15:44 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It helps to get referrals from friends whose standards are alike to yours.
2021-05-30 15:44 docmurphy1 Indeed.
2021-05-30 15:44 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Non-prescribing reader is rare in the African-American community.
2021-05-30 15:44 docmurphy1 @ipatricia Hi!
2021-05-30 15:45 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 45 minutes remain in our show. We will have 1 client gonight in about 13 minutes.
2021-05-30 15:45 docmurphy1 THAT is interestting! That divide! Hmmmm! (Anthropologist ponders...)
2021-05-30 15:45 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Tradition matters too!
2021-05-30 15:45 jzahmay Lol I’m the only one I knew ... for referrals.. till this community really.
2021-05-30 15:46 ipatricia @docmurphy1 HI... i'M having tech. difficulities .. sorry I'm late
2021-05-30 15:46 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour docmurphy, It's something covered in part by Miss Cat in her writing and in part by Carolyn Morrow Long in "Spiritual Merchants"! "Transactional Culture"!
2021-05-30 15:46 docmurphy1 All ok! Good to see you!
2021-05-30 15:46 catherine-yronwode Yes, DocMurphy -- it IS interesting, and has been true all the decades of my life, even as general social integration has replaced enforced segregation. In other words, it is a cultural pattern.
2021-05-30 15:46 docmurphy1 Oh, for heavens sake, that book is on my shelf!
2021-05-30 15:46 docmurphy1 LOL
2021-05-30 15:46 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Some of the Neopagan culture has come to us with condemnation of that type of transactional character.
2021-05-30 15:46 ipatricia Oh... here I go...
2021-05-30 15:47 cousinjoshua You might also look for a reader who has already found success in the same circumstances/issues you are working on. Like a married reader to help you find a spouse. A published author to help you find success in finishing that book.
2021-05-30 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Through time it has come along and accepted it, along with negative, justified, revenge work.
2021-05-30 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sleep on it!
2021-05-30 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It's an important check-in with Spirit!
2021-05-30 15:47 catherine-yronwode So true, Cousin Joshua!
2021-05-30 15:47 jzahmay Super advice
2021-05-30 15:48 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Dream work!
2021-05-30 15:48 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour So true, cousinjoshua!
2021-05-30 15:48 ipatricia agreed!!!
2021-05-30 15:48 docmurphy1 Oh dear... still working on my own success...
2021-05-30 15:48 missmarandatarot @cousinjoshua exactly!
2021-05-30 15:49 jzahmay Fa real
2021-05-30 15:49 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour They will have insights into the process and character of the phenomenon!
2021-05-30 15:49 ipatricia yes!!!!
2021-05-30 15:49 docmurphy1 @papagee Hiya!
2021-05-30 15:49 papagee hiya, Doc!
2021-05-30 15:49 jzahmay Sounds like my ex husband lol
2021-05-30 15:49 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL Oh my goodness.
2021-05-30 15:49 jzahmay 😂😜
2021-05-30 15:49 papagee Johnny's got a boyfriend
2021-05-30 15:50 ipatricia :D
2021-05-30 15:50 tony-eye Hahah
2021-05-30 15:50 onyx_rose Lol!
2021-05-30 15:50 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you feel that right now your health is bad, or money, etc., don't read on those topics! You may need to take a step back!
2021-05-30 15:50 conjuremanali healer heal thyself
2021-05-30 15:50 docmurphy1 @onyx_rose Hey!
2021-05-30 15:50 jzahmay Hell no absolutely I don’t read on love right now
2021-05-30 15:50 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL!
2021-05-30 15:50 missmarandatarot i usually give insight on sex/love, and money/career. but health? meh... maybe not the best person. 'breaking off the luck' is real!
2021-05-30 15:51 docmurphy1 Reading on money and job success when you are unemployed... um... maybe i oughta wait.
2021-05-30 15:51 jzahmay Siva!!!
2021-05-30 15:51 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You didn't hear about all the other relationships you went through first!
2021-05-30 15:51 papagee I heard it!
2021-05-30 15:51 ipatricia :-:*
2021-05-30 15:51 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Pray to the right god! :D
2021-05-30 15:51 catherine-yronwode Oh, Papa Gee, you know all of our font-squabbling secrets!
2021-05-30 15:51 papagee ROFL
2021-05-30 15:51 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL
2021-05-30 15:51 onyx_rose @docmurphy1 Hey. Trying to lay low today. 'Not doing a good job. right?
2021-05-30 15:51 docmurphy1 Health and spirtual work, and study and mastery, I do ok.
2021-05-30 15:52 docmurphy1 @onyx_rose LOL all ok!
2021-05-30 15:52 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL 38 minutes remain.
2021-05-30 15:52 onyx_rose :)
2021-05-30 15:52 jzahmay I’m terrible at not chatting.
2021-05-30 15:52 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You may need them to have a PERSONAL CONNECTION with you too. Their skills and insights which don't involve you are one thing, but the MESH is also an important thing to test.
2021-05-30 15:52 evanlionhart lol
2021-05-30 15:53 catherine-yronwode Breaking off a piece of luck from you reader is a wonderful way to improve your situation.
2021-05-30 15:53 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Communication methods, compatability of life experience, etc.
2021-05-30 15:53 ipatricia (y)
2021-05-30 15:53 jzahmay All points I’ve never thought of.
2021-05-30 15:53 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Life in shambles is a bad sign!
2021-05-30 15:53 docmurphy1 It's like any client/specialist relationship. It becomes close. I have been seeing a reader here in the Cities for over a decade, and he's a friend now,
2021-05-30 15:54 catherine-yronwode Some folks only want to go to readers of certain gender / orientation / presentation -- others don't care.
2021-05-30 15:54 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thank you!
2021-05-30 15:54 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour That's OK too!
2021-05-30 15:54 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I LOVE exotic accents in my readers!
2021-05-30 15:54 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour YES!
2021-05-30 15:54 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Exclusion is a more difficult process.
2021-05-30 15:54 jzahmay I just want someone who gives it to me blunt! Lol
2021-05-30 15:54 jzahmay oh jeez
2021-05-30 15:55 conjuremanali Resonate rather than exclude
2021-05-30 15:55 docmurphy1 Watch out for those blue eyes
2021-05-30 15:55 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes! Orientation of a comparable type.
2021-05-30 15:55 papagee the dreaded blue-eyes Cuban lesbian fortune teller!
2021-05-30 15:55 docmurphy1 @papagee LOL!
2021-05-30 15:55 onyx_rose A blue-eyed lesbian Cuban!
2021-05-30 15:55 ipatricia right...
2021-05-30 15:55 jzahmay I’ve looked into all the readers I’ve heard on show lol
2021-05-30 15:56 docmurphy1 New perspectives always help...
2021-05-30 15:56 jzahmay open to em all
2021-05-30 15:56 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 34 minutes remain in our show. About 2 minutes before our client segment, who will be MsMoody
2021-05-30 15:56 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour She's calling from NY, area code 631
2021-05-30 15:56 papagee I don't wanna read for only a bunch of queens
2021-05-30 15:57 docmurphy1 LOL
2021-05-30 15:57 ipatricia ok...
2021-05-30 15:57 catherine-yronwode I do know pone reader who ONLY reads for gay men -- his exclusion -- but a specialty is legitimate, and his clients feel entirely comfortable with him.
2021-05-30 15:57 catherine-yronwode pone = one
2021-05-30 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Women's issues! LGBTQ issues!
2021-05-30 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Culture issues!
2021-05-30 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour These are important to accommodate!
2021-05-30 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You may wish to try them out!
2021-05-30 15:57 catherine-yronwode Papa Gee -- You're so silly!
2021-05-30 15:58 ipatricia isn't that something... but true...
2021-05-30 15:58 papagee some people only want someone who uses cards....no pure psychic readings
2021-05-30 15:58 jzahmay Professor porterfield would be an interesting reading I bet
2021-05-30 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is coming up!
2021-05-30 15:58 ipatricia :D
2021-05-30 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is ON!
2021-05-30 15:58 docmurphy1 Knowledge of cultural differences, and religious differences, is really important.
2021-05-30 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour YES!
2021-05-30 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I have absolutely done that!
2021-05-30 15:58 catherine-yronwode The search for the culturally exotic is real too -- looking for a reader OUTSIDE of your culture is a long tradition among many.
2021-05-30 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Magicians AND Diviners!
2021-05-30 15:59 jzahmay Yes!
2021-05-30 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Absolutely.
2021-05-30 15:59 docmurphy1 Bustin out the cards!
2021-05-30 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Our client tonight is MsMoody, calling from area code 631 in NY!
2021-05-30 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lucky Mojo Curio Company: https://www.luckymojo.com
2021-05-30 15:59 conjuremanali Question of the hour: are cat's tarot cards dry from their tea soak?
2021-05-30 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour AIRR (Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers): http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2021-05-30 15:59 docmurphy1 Oooh?
2021-05-30 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hoodoo Psychics (http://www.hoodoopsychics.com 1-888-4-HOODOO)
2021-05-30 16:00 catherine-yronwode This was such a COMPLEX topic. Thank you, Ramona!
2021-05-30 16:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour CSL (Crystal Silence League): http://www.crystalsilenceleague.org
2021-05-30 16:00 ipatricia ok...ok... ok... :)
2021-05-30 16:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour MsMoody
2021-05-30 16:00 onyx_rose @conjuremanali Yeah, huh?
2021-05-30 16:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour MSMOODY:
2021-05-30 16:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour {Most of the original:}
2021-05-30 16:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The situation is my ex of three years ago has been estranged and he has been in my thoughts constantly. I want to know why does he keep popping in my thoughts even though i have moved on and we both are with other people. My question is would there be a reconciliation in future with this ex
2021-05-30 16:01 evanlionhart [revised edition]
2021-05-30 16:01 evanlionhart My ex of three years ago has been estranged yet he’s been in my thoughts constantly. I want to know why he keeps popping in my thoughts even though i have moved on and we both are with other people. Is future reconciliation with this ex possible?
2021-05-30 16:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Right!
2021-05-30 16:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thank you, Evan!
2021-05-30 16:02 evanlionhart @conjuremanali lol
2021-05-30 16:02 evanlionhart @luckymojohoodoorootworkhour sure thing!
2021-05-30 16:02 jzahmay Seeee! The clarifier!
2021-05-30 16:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Excellent example for our show's Discussion Panel Topic!
2021-05-30 16:02 ginaerickson I have a card reader in my home town that I've seen for years. Recently, I've started seeking out different readers whenever I travel and so far I have been very pleased with where I've found myself. Variety is the spice of life!
2021-05-30 16:02 conjuremanali A really really good demo of how a reader can help clarify what you really want to know
2021-05-30 16:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour She is a Gemini
2021-05-30 16:03 evanlionhart Client is a Gemini, love interest is a Pisces
2021-05-30 16:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour He is an Aquarius
2021-05-30 16:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL
2021-05-30 16:03 jzahmay It’s like she’s a pro or something 😜
2021-05-30 16:03 papagee if you entertain the chance of a reconciliation, you haven't truly moved on
2021-05-30 16:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Oh my!
2021-05-30 16:03 evanlionhart Feb 28th?
2021-05-30 16:03 ipatricia that's funny...
2021-05-30 16:03 jzahmay My bday is 2/28!
2021-05-30 16:03 conjuremanali Mutable Air + Fixed Air
2021-05-30 16:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour #NAME?
2021-05-30 16:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Aquariuses never give up.
2021-05-30 16:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Geminis move on relatively easily.
2021-05-30 16:05 onyx_rose He's broadcasting?
2021-05-30 16:05 ipatricia lol
2021-05-30 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Miss Cat is using a 'Smith-Waite' or 'Rider-Waite' Tarot deck created by Pamela Colman Smith in coordination with Arthur E. Waite and published by the Rider Company.
2021-05-30 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sound in bg.
2021-05-30 16:05 conjuremanali How long has she been thinking about him?
2021-05-30 16:05 docmurphy1 Hoo boy my reading is interesting too.
2021-05-30 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour As if he is NOW sending it.
2021-05-30 16:05 missmarandatarot when miss cat goes 'ooooh' it important!
2021-05-30 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 25 minutes remain.
2021-05-30 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 1st Card: Magician
2021-05-30 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour He may be using some prayer or rootwork
2021-05-30 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour He's doing something to get into your head.
2021-05-30 16:05 cousinjoshua (Also, a reader who is versed in multiple divinatory systems can do what Miss Cat just did with astrology and tarot - different avenues for information to move through).
2021-05-30 16:05 jzahmay Hmmmmm
2021-05-30 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 2nd Card: The World
2021-05-30 16:05 docmurphy1 Past: The Star... Present: Page of Cups... Obstacle to Present: Magician reversed... Future: Death...
2021-05-30 16:05 ipatricia :D
2021-05-30 16:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour He may have something artificial interfering.
2021-05-30 16:06 conjuremanali He's doing erotic replay in his head
2021-05-30 16:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 3rd Card: 3 of Wands
2021-05-30 16:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour He will do this for a certain amount of time.
2021-05-30 16:07 onyx_rose Makes sense...
2021-05-30 16:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour After that time he may give up.
2021-05-30 16:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour He needs a new love interest.
2021-05-30 16:07 evanlionhart 3 years
2021-05-30 16:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 3 years or 2 years?
2021-05-30 16:07 evanlionhart she said 3
2021-05-30 16:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour That's what i heard.
2021-05-30 16:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour So time is now UP.
2021-05-30 16:07 evanlionhart (client also wrote love interest's birthday is 2/28: Pisces)
2021-05-30 16:07 jzahmay Target sounds like me oh man
2021-05-30 16:07 docmurphy1 Hope and communication from the deep, but manipulative magic is being used, and it's looking like a huge change down the line.. some decisions need to be made...
2021-05-30 16:08 conjuremanali Not Aquarius!
2021-05-30 16:08 evanlionhart Mercury retrograde at work lol
2021-05-30 16:08 jzahmay True dat
2021-05-30 16:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Another show: How Can We Find Good Clients!
2021-05-30 16:08 docmurphy1 LOL!
2021-05-30 16:08 ipatricia :PP:
2021-05-30 16:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ramona Scott is reading from the Egyptian Tarot by Silvana Alasia and distributed by Lo Scarabeo.
2021-05-30 16:09 evanlionhart Miss Ramona's first card: 10 of Swords(?)
2021-05-30 16:09 onyx_rose So 1/28 then.
2021-05-30 16:09 evanlionhart @onyx_rose true possibly a typo on the month
2021-05-30 16:09 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sound breaking up for m.e
2021-05-30 16:09 evanlionhart Uh oh, bad connection
2021-05-30 16:09 docmurphy1 Sound fading
2021-05-30 16:09 catherine-yronwode No, client affirms Aquarius and says she had the date wrong. Mercury retrograde.
2021-05-30 16:09 evanlionhart The work the client's target is sending is working on her, however the Lover's card shows she made the right decision
2021-05-30 16:10 cousinjoshua I'm curious if the questioner ever did work on her Aquarian ex...
2021-05-30 16:10 evanlionhart Learning how to be independent and accept the circumstances as they are will be important, says Ramona
2021-05-30 16:11 docmurphy1 @cousinjoshua Good question.. I got the Magician too, upside down... some magical work been getting in the way.
2021-05-30 16:11 catherine-yronwode 10 of Swords, the Lovers, says Ramona. Learn to accept the decisions that have been made.
2021-05-30 16:11 evanlionhart @cousinjoshua like a spell buried and forgotten
2021-05-30 16:11 ipatricia @cousinjoshua I'm curious too...
2021-05-30 16:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Good point, ConjureMan!
2021-05-30 16:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sound in bg.
2021-05-30 16:11 jzahmay Oooh never thought of that
2021-05-30 16:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Initiating momentum!
2021-05-30 16:12 docmurphy1 Hmmmmmm
2021-05-30 16:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Love Uncrossing Bath!
2021-05-30 16:12 onyx_rose It's not easy to tell the difference between your thoughts and somebody else's. You got to notice the difference.
2021-05-30 16:12 catherine-yronwode She has a new partner, and so does he, she says -- and ConjureMan says that wondering about a reconciliation signifies that something is working below the surface.
2021-05-30 16:12 evanlionhart *THE* Love Uncrossing bath!
2021-05-30 16:12 ipatricia nice...
2021-05-30 16:13 ipatricia yes
2021-05-30 16:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You're totally right, ConjureMan!
2021-05-30 16:13 catherine-yronwode The Magician signifies that he is sending the vibes to you.
2021-05-30 16:13 docmurphy1 LOLOLOL
2021-05-30 16:13 jzahmay I love how. It’s multi purpose
2021-05-30 16:15 ipatricia please do... oh my ... sounds great...I'm ready to take one myself!!!
2021-05-30 16:15 jzahmay Unsure if that’s the correct term for conjure mans work.
2021-05-30 16:15 docmurphy1 Tea is...?
2021-05-30 16:15 catherine-yronwode Herb tea, milk, rose petals, red and white. Uncrossing Oil, Love Me Oil, or Van Van Oil. Soak in the bath. Dispose of a symbolic cup of the bath water and don't look back.
2021-05-30 16:15 ipatricia ty
2021-05-30 16:15 catherine-yronwode A list of what you love in the relationship.
2021-05-30 16:16 ipatricia yes...yes ...yes!!!
2021-05-30 16:16 evanlionhart (sound in client's bg)
2021-05-30 16:16 catherine-yronwode Under a bowl, turn over, pink candle, "Love Me Fairfully" w/ Love Me Oil. Three days.
2021-05-30 16:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Is it client? I can mute them if it continues.
2021-05-30 16:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I've locked today's sign-up thread and created one for NEXT week's show!
2021-05-30 16:17 evanlionhart Pretty sure but sounds ok now
2021-05-30 16:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You can sign up NOW for next week's ORACLE HOUR SHOW - we will be taking 2 clients!
2021-05-30 16:17 catherine-yronwode At the end of the three days you will realize if you are happy wih your current partner or want to seek out the ex.
2021-05-30 16:17 catherine-yronwode Rue, Milk and Honey.
2021-05-30 16:17 docmurphy1 Rue. Got it.
2021-05-30 16:17 ipatricia ty
2021-05-30 16:18 jzahmay Ahhhhh
2021-05-30 16:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is coming up!
2021-05-30 16:18 cousinjoshua The magician with the World screams "Scrying Mirror" to me in this context.
2021-05-30 16:18 ipatricia that's right!!!
2021-05-30 16:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is ON!
2021-05-30 16:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Next up will be our Network Schedule Announcement!
2021-05-30 16:19 conjuremanali lol
2021-05-30 16:19 papagee not to be rude, but I'm wondering if the guys has something that connects you a certain way...did you ever do videos together?
2021-05-30 16:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Fully satisfied!
2021-05-30 16:19 catherine-yronwode Scrying mirror or photo!
2021-05-30 16:19 docmurphy1 Let's dance!!
2021-05-30 16:19 ipatricia <-^
2021-05-30 16:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Next up: the Free Spell from Ramona Scott of Ramona Speaks the Other Truth, introduced by our Announcer, Evan Lionhart!!
2021-05-30 16:19 jzahmay Social media can be such pain
2021-05-30 16:20 catherine-yronwode Fully Technologically Satisfied Scheduled Network Announcement.
2021-05-30 16:20 catherine-yronwode FREE SPELL!
2021-05-30 16:20 jzahmay Constant reference if wanted
2021-05-30 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The Spell of Money Green
2021-05-30 16:20 catherine-yronwode Spell to sell a piece of writing.
2021-05-30 16:20 ipatricia ok
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Candle green, burning bright,
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hear my chant to you tonight.
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Money, money is what I need,
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I have growing lads to feed.
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Rent is due, car payment too,
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Credit card people trying to sue.
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour But with the power that you'll bring,
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Soon, I'll not want for anything.
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Candle green burning bright
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Let me finish my script tonight;
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Then find its way to powerful men,
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour And let me be rich again.
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour By the time your flame burns out
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour (In three days, I no doubt)
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour This magic spell will be cast.
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour And I will be rich at last
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Before the end of thirty days
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Before the moon completes its phase
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour A check for more than I ever dreamed
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Will come to me from one so esteemed.
2021-05-30 16:21 docmurphy1 Oh I am so using this...
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour This is a spell I created for writers
2021-05-30 16:21 jzahmay Oooh I love that
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour especially but it can be adjusted for just money needed
2021-05-30 16:21 cousinjoshua Love that rhyming! Making that is where the magic lives!!!
2021-05-30 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour and the candle green no metal and annointed in attraction oil I use olive oil personally.
2021-05-30 16:22 papagee I used to use rhyming spells before I found Hoodoo. I may return to them!
2021-05-30 16:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour An English enchantment
2021-05-30 16:22 ipatricia ...stop my husband from spending my money ...that's what I need!!!
2021-05-30 16:22 jzahmay Oooh she’s good!
2021-05-30 16:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We don't get these very often!
2021-05-30 16:22 evanlionhart Metrical cadence!
2021-05-30 16:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL
2021-05-30 16:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour That's it!
2021-05-30 16:23 docmurphy1 Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight...
2021-05-30 16:23 onyx_rose Scotch-Irish.
2021-05-30 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Shakespeare
2021-05-30 16:23 jzahmay Wish I may wish I might
2021-05-30 16:23 cousinjoshua Ancestral word-rhythms!
2021-05-30 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Tea leaf readers from the tea cups1
2021-05-30 16:23 docmurphy1 Have the wish I wish tonight
2021-05-30 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I ran into it repeatedly amongst Neopagans!
2021-05-30 16:23 docmurphy1 By the pricking of my thumbs, someone stupid this way comes.
2021-05-30 16:23 papagee yes!
2021-05-30 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bardic!
2021-05-30 16:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes, it was BEAUTIFUL!
2021-05-30 16:24 cousinjoshua I love how the work cited actual circumstances surrounding the need, not just the need itself.
2021-05-30 16:24 onyx_rose I should write a few things just for practice.
2021-05-30 16:24 papagee yes, we talked about the 'rain, rain, go away....." in Appalachian radio show
2021-05-30 16:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lyricism!
2021-05-30 16:24 onyx_rose That's exciting.
2021-05-30 16:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour German enchantments
2021-05-30 16:24 ipatricia your right!
2021-05-30 16:24 onyx_rose That's cool.
2021-05-30 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour At the 2 minute and 55 second mark i'll start the show's End Music.
2021-05-30 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It DOES!
2021-05-30 16:25 docmurphy1 We do a lot of enchantments, and singing enchantments as well.
2021-05-30 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Mine is always far more lyrical and like the songs i have heard.
2021-05-30 16:25 jzahmay This time flies
2021-05-30 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour There you go!
2021-05-30 16:25 ginaerickson I liked that very much. Thank you for sharing Miss Ramona. rhyming helps me remember
2021-05-30 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Anna Riva
2021-05-30 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lady Sheba??
2021-05-30 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hm.
2021-05-30 16:26 theothertruth thank you ginaerickson it helps me too
2021-05-30 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Doroth Spencer
2021-05-30 16:26 cousinjoshua I love seeing and encountering this personal work. It's just such a gift to see how other workers work. Just shows how diverse and different folx work and how beautiful these different ways are.
2021-05-30 16:26 docmurphy1 YAS!!
2021-05-30 16:26 jzahmay Dorothy
2021-05-30 16:26 jzahmay Oops
2021-05-30 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour End music coming up!
2021-05-30 16:27 papagee rhyming spells used in Appalachia because many couldn't read. Helped to remember.
2021-05-30 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour End music is ON!
2021-05-30 16:27 onyx_rose Musical-lyrical-sounding magic.
2021-05-30 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Spoken/sung into manifestation!
2021-05-30 16:27 jzahmay The amt of knowledge in this one space is amazing
2021-05-30 16:28 docmurphy1 Thanks for a good show tonight!!
2021-05-30 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.hoodooheritagefestival.com
2021-05-30 16:28 evanlionhart Goodnight all!
2021-05-30 16:28 ipatricia Sorry I've been late but let me tell you all I appreciate you all!!!
2021-05-30 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour September 11-12, 2021
2021-05-30 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Early-Bird Special until the 21st of June!
2021-05-30 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 90
2021-05-30 16:28 theothertruth thank you to my gracious hosts and their listeners Have a wonderful evening!
2021-05-30 16:28 docmurphy1 GOODIES!!!!
2021-05-30 16:28 jzahmay Have a great week everyone!
2021-05-30 16:28 docmurphy1 I was one of the early birdies!
2021-05-30 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour YES WE DO!
2021-05-30 16:29 cousinjoshua Fabulous work, @theothertruth Miss Ramona! Thanks for sharing!
2021-05-30 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour DEACON MILLET
2021-05-30 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour ORACLE HOUR
2021-05-30 16:29 missmarandatarot good evening! great show!
2021-05-30 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour ORACLE HOUR
2021-05-30 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I CHING
2021-05-30 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Tell 'em Miss Cat!!
2021-05-30 16:29 ginaerickson thank youi
2021-05-30 16:29 tony-eye thank you for another fantastic show. Have a great week
2021-05-30 16:29 ipatricia (y)
2021-05-30 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 20
2021-05-30 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour DEACON MILLETT
2021-05-30 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I CHING
2021-05-30 16:30 cousinjoshua What a great start to the week! Thanks for a great show!!!
2021-05-30 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour ORACLE HOUR!
2021-05-30 16:30 conjuremanali LOL
2021-05-30 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thank you very much for coming out to the show!
2021-05-30 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you wish to be selected to be a client on NEXT WEEK's Oracle Hour show, sign up NOW at:
2021-05-30 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://forum.luckymojo.com/lmhrhour-fr ... 94484.html
2021-05-30 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour then call (818) 394-8535 and press 1 to raise your hand to be on the show.
2021-05-30 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We'll be selecting 2 clients next week!
2021-05-30 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you want more information on hoodoo, (aka conjure, rootwork, witchcraft), advice about your situation, and what you can do about it, you can check out the Lucky Mojo forum http://forum.luckymojo.com Look for the proper thread in the forum you visit and post your questions there.
2021-05-30 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Remember, if you want to listen to archived shows of the LM Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, you can find these via http://www.luckymojo.com/radioshow.html
2021-05-30 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I'll be posting a link to the chat log in the aftermath of our promo posts in Facebook! It will become the first post in the sign-up thread!
2021-05-30 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The chat log will be posted at the Lucky Mojo Forum and announced in Facebook after the promotional posts.
2021-05-30 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour They're always posted at the Lucky Mojo Forum as intact as we are able, for every show, right at the top of the sign-up thread.
2021-05-30 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You can capture the chat yourself by clicking on the 'gear' icon at the bottom left next to the pushpin! Then click 'Export transcript' to get a file which includes the URLS! It's supposed to be HTML, really.
2021-05-30 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour OR you can consult our sign-up thread for the chat-log where it will appear with URLs all snug and friendly!
2021-05-30 16:33 catherine-yronwode Ready to export the transcript?!
2021-05-30 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I am!! Doing so now!
2021-05-30 16:33 papagee back to the pixel mines...
2021-05-30 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour (Back to the pixel mines!)
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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG May 30, 2021 How to Find a Good Reader

Unread post by Msmoody » Sun May 30, 2021 1:14 pm

HI my name is Rebecca Moody I am from New York. My user name is Msmoody and I have been a lucky mojo fan for last four to five years.
My phone number is 001 631 943 0149
I have never been on the radio show before
I have never done a reading with any one about the situation before

The situation is my ex of three years ago has been estranged and he has been in my thoughts constantly. I want to know why does he keep popping in my thoughts even though i have moved on and we both are with other people
my question is would there be a reconciliation in future with this ex
His name is Jason and DOB is Feb 28 1975 My DOB is May 27 1984

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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG May 30, 2021 How to Find a Good Reader

Unread post by nagasiva » Sun May 30, 2021 3:16 pm

We've taken our client for today's show, but you can sign up NOW for next week's show at:

https://forum.luckymojo.com/lmhrhour-fr ... 94484.html
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